Way Of Unification - Part 2

by Rev. Sun Myung Moon

Section 5. Unification Of South And North With True Love

1. The Reason Why We Must Love Our Enemies

What is Satan targeting now? It is targeting God precisely. God must be the existence that keeps the ideal standard forever. God will accept the fact if you ask that. If Satan asks, "God, did you position the Archangel with temporary love or eternal love?" how will God answer the question?

God will answer that he positioned him with eternal love. If He acts with temporary love, God becomes a temporary existence. If He can't hold the standard of eternal love, someday He will loose his authority to enforce it. Therefore, no matter how Satan opposes Him, God only has to build the standard to love him. Satan will say to God, "Even though I fell and have become a bad existence, you and good people can't use the same method. I like to fight but you shouldn't like it; even if you are hit, you must persevere."

God is non-resistant. Why is that so? God has to love under any circumstances until Heaven on Earth, God's fervent desire, is established. No matter how enraged and lost Satan can be, God can't punish him. God has to set a standard that, no matter where Satan is, He loves him, and unless Satan says, "Oh, truly God is God. I can be happy," God can't have a complete victory. It is a problem. Because of this problem, God is tied up by Satan. If God goes such a way to overcome Satan with love, then we, God's children, should go that way, too.

If God treats Satan as his enemy and foe, and has a mind for revenge, God can never take the place of the winner. For that reason, God has proceeded with the strategy of "love your enemy." The conclusion of Jesus' teaching was "love your enemy." (Apr. 3, 1983)

It is a great deed that God's only son, Jesus, prayed for Satan while his enemy was trying to kill him. If Jesus had resentment against his enemy for being killed, the history would have been reversed. Because he overcame his death with love, Satan had to surrender to him.

It is the way to remain as God's son forever. Satan approves it and gives his signature for it. If you ask Satan, "Satan, am I truly a son of God?," he should answer "Yes, that is correct." You will say, "people living like me expand the relative realm of God, isn't that so?," to Satan and Satan should answer, "yes, since it's the Principle, it should be so." You have to act that way.

In this way, the providence has developed centering on the realm of Christian culture, depending on this criteria. You have to keep going for the movement of love even if you are on the way to sacrifice, in the position of a martyr or in the position to shed your blood. Romans who persecuted Christians severely were overcome by the love of Christians that loved the enemy. Christianity has became a world religion that way. (Apr. 3, 1983)

2. The Starting Point For Heaven Is The Enemy Nation

Until now, Christians have considered only individual enemies. But that isn't right. The Unification Church must love the enemy nation and the enemy world. That is the starting point for Heaven in the enemy nation. Because the starting point for Heaven is in the center of the enemy nation, if you don't build the tradition there to start with, Heaven on Earth will never be realized. If such a tradition is established, any ideology that surpasses it or principle that takes it over will not be seen in the future.

Building a world level foundation in the four largest enemy nations, building the foundation of tradition, we will start Heaven on that foundation. When it has happened, Heaven on Earth starts there. (Apr. 3 1983)

God's Will isn't to love individual enemies. In the highest dimension, we must love the enemy of the nation. For example, the Japanese and I, a Korean, can be considered enemies because I was in the underground anti-Japanese movement under the Japanese rule. But I saved the people secretly who had imprisoned me and gave me a hard time. At that time, Japan and Korea were enemies, Japan and America were enemies and America and Germany were enemies. I practiced the Heavenly law of love by bringing Japanese and German people to America to save a dying nation. I have emphasized to Germans and Japanese to love America, which had been their enemy, more than their motherland, otherwise a new ideology couldn't be raised to lead the world that God desired. That way I have established the tradition. Do you think it was easy?

Unless we establish a tradition to love enemy nations more than the motherland, we can't realize Heaven on Earth. It's the only possible way to establish such an historical tradition within the love of God. For that reason, I who know the law of God poured out my efforts establishing The Washington Times and a radio station to save America while America persecuted me and imprisoned me. Now I have gathered strategists from all over the world to put China in order. I will do anything with my organizations and people that God desires. Even if you have abilities, you will be taken over unless you have certain results. We are working hard to accumulate the result. The fact is well-known and the movement is emerging as a generally accepted new movement. Without practicing it, we can't realize the world of the love of God which overcomes nations. (March. 14, 1986)

You have to remember this. In my position, Japan is my enemy. It is my national enemy, and my individual enemy. But after they lost the war, I loved the Japanese. I even saved a Japanese policeman who was chased. Do you know why the Japanese young people are pledging their lives for Father? Because of the law of cause and effect, they have to repay me, because I have planted love in the world according to the heart of God's Will transcending nations and because I planted a heartistic foundation that leads people to the way of living by loving national enemies.

Those Japanese policemen who arrested and tortured me for underground independent activities could have been executed if I accused them. But instead of my doing so, I helped them escape. Today, Japanese people are sinners in front of me. They are following Heavenly order unconsciously. England is in the realm of Christian culture. If God selects England over Japan, what will happen? Nevertheless, the Unification Church was started centering on the worst enemy nation. (April 3, 1983)

Father has resentment even to the Japanese emperor, however, I cannot get revenge by barging into the palace and stabbing him. It doesn't make him pay everything back. He's already a loser. God never hits the perished. God gives mercy to those who accept their own sin and repent. Because we have God, if we take revenge on the loser our descendants will perish. For that reason, we pray for them and we give them guidance. We have to do the same to the communists. (25-333)

America is Rev. Moon's enemy. In order to save the enemy country, I am working for this country even though my own country has so many problems, including my parents. In order to save the satanic world, I have given everything; family, relatives and my nation. Currently the Korean situation is much more difficult than America's, then why don't I go back to Korea? Because I have to save the enemy nation more than anything. I will go back to my country after saving this nation. It is the Principle. It is the traditional view. You must know that. Because it is not a satanic view but a heavenly view. If you live according to that and create such circumstances, Satan cannot invade it or control it. (161-249)

The established churches fought against us, didn't they? They became our enemies. But from now on, we must not fight our enemy. We have to unite with the enemy. What do we do after uniting with them? We have to save Korea according to God's will. After uniting with them, the two of us have to take over North Korea. If it had happened right after the liberation, if the established churches had united with the Unification Church. At that time there was no government. Things could be solved in an instant. However, it didn't happen and the circumstances got more complicated. For that reason we have gone through enormous sacrifices to overcome our enemies without attacking individual enemies, family enemies, racial enemies, or national enemies. (65-221)

If we go to North Korea, you will see all communists are armed with their ideology. So, we have to arm ourselves with the ideology of love. The North Korean culture is still in the ice age. That civilization came from the USSR. We have to be in the realm of the warm climate civilization to be able to melt them down. Unless we can do it, both of us will perish. We have to arm ourselves completely with our ideology.

The ideology shouldn't be only for individual good, but for saving the whole world. It shouldn't be self-centered. Communists are always centered on a few leaders. They don't accept anyone but Kim Il Sung. They don't accept anyone but Mao. If they see the enemy, they will chop their head off.

We are different from that. Our ideology is to unite with the relative circumstances and set the higher dimensional standard. It means to serve the higher parents by uniting Cain and Abel. (63-53)

South Korea will not overcome North Korea violently. We must have a strong foundation of our ideology. We have to love our nation more than they love their nation. And we have to love God more than they love Communism. We have to be superior in character so that we can overcome them naturally. Otherwise we cannot absorb North Korea.

In other words, we have to be the people who can overcome the North Korean People armed with their ideology by a higher characteristic standard in real life. Unless we create the circumstances where we can influence them, we cannot restore a Cain nation. If we can't restore a Cain nation, we cannot establish a restored nation which leads to the Heavenly nation. (46-123)

Even though Korea is separated, we have to liberate North Korea without fighting them. We have to overcome Kim Il Sung naturally. (Nov. 19, 1981)

3. Measures To Unite North And South Korea

Now we are hoping for the unification of the South and the North. What can be the measure to unite them? Unless you show the higher purpose of the Unification Church, the unification will not be realized. If North Koreans go to the South, and South Koreans go to the North, emphasizing their own way, it won't be realized. If anyone loses, the unification will not be realized. It's only possible if both of them gain a benefit. Isn't that reasonable? When a man and woman get married, they don't unite to have a loss. Therefore we have to find a way to gain a benefit for both of them. (61-73)

Now Korea is separated into South and North. They are going in different directions, one is South and one is North. They have different purposes. When we consider the unification it is a serious problem. Who can fulfill this subjective mission? If South Korea volunteers for that, North Korea will oppose, and if North Korea volunteers for that South Korea will oppose. If each of them are stubborn about their own claim, they will never unite.

It is a problem how we handle this. It is essential to have someone in North Korea who loves North Korea more than anyone. He should love North Korea more than North Koreans love North Korea. There is not any other way to solve the problem. If there are patriots in South Korea, and in North Korea going in the same direction, a measure for unification can be made. Do you think there is any other way? No matter how you think about it, you will not find any other way.

Then what will happen to this nation? This nation is divided by the 38th parallel and the Unification Church members are on it. What shall we do? That is a problem. It is a problem to find a solution. We have to work harder than North Koreans and harder that South Koreans. How can we present our supranational patriotism which was established by such hard work? That is the solution to save Korea. We have to think that way. It is the same as uniting the evil world and the world of goodness.

In this light, Jesus was great. It's not good if one loses by fighting. Jesus said that the only way to live for God and the Israelites is by dying. That was the reason for the cross. Because he loved mankind more than anyone, and he loved God more than anyone, history took a turn into a new direction. That is the start of the Christian culture, it is an historical truth. (61-125)

God is the only way to survive. In front of God's will. . . It is Jesus' teaching that you should sacrifice for the Will of God. It is the traditional way, there is no other way to survive. There is no other measure for unification. There is no other way to unite the South and North unless you become the people who can die for it. There is no other way for the unification. (61-136)

4. You Should Have The Heart That You Truly Desire To Live Together

When we think about how humans should live or how we should decide the direction of our lives, the outline should be the way of filial sons, the way of loyal people, the way of saints, and the way of holy people. It means the heart which desires to be together and to live together forever. It is the life filled with the heart that desires to live together regardless of the person's position. That is the conclusion. (Oct. 11, 1986)

When you say you'd like to live with a person, what makes you say that? It is not power. Power cannot win over history. Power is a temporary thing. Knowledge, the world of knowledge makes development, doesn't it? When you are in the academic world, do you feel like living with academics forever? It is clear that what we want forever is not knowledge or money.

In this light, what is the element which transcends time and position? It is love. Therefore, the filial son means he's the person who loves his parents. Also patriots are people who love their nation. Saints are the people who love mankind. Holy people are the people who love God. If you have a patriot's heart, which wants to live in the nation forever and feels pain when the nation is in pain, it is not a temporary thing. It is important to have such a true heartistic foundation. (Oct. 11,1987)

The people who have love and make a connection of heart are allowed to be in the realm of unification. Even if a woman is ignorant when she marries a professor yet makes the connection of love, she becomes the wife of a professor in an instant. So if you make a connection of heart, you are allowed to be in the realm of unification because God has such an existence. If you have an element to be united with Him, God will give you the permission to be there, automatically. (Oct. 11,1986)

Where can we start unification? Where and what can we start the unification of the South and North with? With fists or power? If we overcome the opposite side by force, another fight will occur when the opposite side's power gets bigger. Therefore we cannot unite that way. Even though we live in South Korea, we should have the heart that we want to live with North Koreans and be united with North Koreans to open the way of unification. North Korea has a hard time because, Kim Il Sung's dictatorship created a closed society. If you know the history more and more, we understand the misery of the people underground. Our enemy is Communism, not the people. If South Koreans sympathize with North Koreans and cry for them, saying that they are thinking about the difficulties of North Korea and they prepare for the liberation of North Korea, the day will come soon when South Koreans enter North Korea. (Oct. 11, 1986)

You started a local folk school not so long ago, didn't you? The professors of universities, how much do they think about the homeland? We have to think about how to live with our homeland. If you don't want to live with your parents and live in your homeland, you cannot be a patriot. If such people said that they loved their nation, it's a lie. If you live in your homeland, you will live with the world. If you live with the world, you will live with God. Therefore, if you don't love your homeland and the local society, you cannot love your nation.

Well, do politicians love our nation? They don't know what's going on with the nation and they're busy fighting over the presidency between the DJP and the New Democrat Party. Let them try. if they don't have the heart to live with the people sincerely, they will all be taken away. No matter how capable they are they will be gone like bubbles. If the leader doesn't love the people, he will be judged by the people and the history in the future. (Oct. 11, 1986)

We cannot unite the separated South and North without effort. In the fight of patriots, it is necessary to have determination and practice to overcome difficult circumstances. Truly wanting to live with and die with. . . We would like to live with our ancestors and other spirits, too. . . We have to start unification right here by your being such professors and students.

When the South and North are united, the democratic world and the communist world will be united. You have to be able to see the future of the world and the nation as the representatives of mankind, Asians, your school, and your disciples. And you have to pledge that you will be involved in the movement in order to live with them together. It relates to the duty of saints and you will be like saints. Because I know that if you practice a holy person's acts you'll become the successor of God, I'm telling you this. (Oct. 11, 1986)

5. The Unification Of The South And North By True Love

The Unification Church should kick out Kim Il Sung. Because communists deny God and have killed people mercilessly, we recognize them as the enemy Satan and work on the mission to crush them. South Koreans also should be on the front line according to God's will. Why do they have to do that? If Korea is united, the world will be united automatically. Do you think that unification can be realized by military force? It is impossible. If it were possible, I would create any kind of device, but it can't be done by military force (I am speaking about this). (March 14,1986)

Human society has been deteriorating since the Fall of Man. All philosophers pursue their own good. We should clean them away. Is it possible to clear out a philosophy which has been rotted by military force, economic power, or knowledge? No it's not. Only true love can do the job. This love means the love from God. If you have a connection of love with God you will possess the subjectivity, independence and right to inherit. In the world of dynamics the output is smaller than the input. But in the world of love, the output is larger than the input. It is our limitless. . .

What is true love? It is a love you give without limit, but you forget about it. You don't remember about giving it. Also, no matter how much you give, it will never run out. When the 90 year old parents of a 70 year old son say, "Be careful with the car" it is still natural. No matter how many times the parents repeat the phrase, the son will never tire of it. Even such parental love of the fallen world is so great, that there is no way that we could bored by the love of God in the original world. When we expand the subjective realm of God and realize that the glory of love is forever we can rationalize the ethics of spiritual world centering on human love. Who knows such a truth?

When I was laying down in the prison bed in America, God visited me and told me that I should solve the problem of Nicaragua since I was the only one he could trust. How come I am the only whom God seeks? In America, which is the representative of the leading nations, there are 240 million people, including countless educated people. How pitiful God is, that He cannot relate with them, but only me. It is fortunate that at least God knows how to find love. For that reason, if I didn't work on South America it would have already been devastated. (March 14,1986)

In our time, what we want is the Unification of the South and North. God wants to establish the foundation in our family and our church. Where can God rest? Through the unification of North and South Korea. How can we do this? How can we wash out the dirt? What can we wash it with to make God say it's clean. It's simple. You should create circumstances and offerings with the love which surpasses the love for your parents, for your spouse, or for your children. The ideal unification, ideal integration of culture and the unification of physical world and spiritual world will be realized. And the liberation of hell and heaven can be realized. You cannot open it without love. You need the key of love. (Nov. 8, 1987)

The unification resulting from my mind and body's love can always relate to the unification of family love. The couple who creates harmony with love can reach not only their family but their nation. If the couple becomes one with love who can destroy them? Harmonious family, harmonious nation, harmonious government, harmonious world, harmonious heaven and earth and harmonious love, if they can be one with God, I think that is the Utopia of Love. There would not be any separation there. Where God knows. . .

As all kinds of plants absorb sunlight for their lives, our love is our source of living for human beings. Our eternal hope and desire is to build heaven on earth and heaven in heaven where we can live with love forever. Is there any value of life and the subject or object of love with authority.

How much can we see the value of life, or the subject or object of love, that can emerge as the subject of this world?

All of you professors who participated today, please don't forget, and I hope that you can be the people whose body and mind are united to love your wives, families, race, nation and world.

If you become such people, the unification of South and North will be done. Do you think that commercial trade can realize unification? No way. Even the communist ideology has no power against God's love and is absorbed and evaporated because of it. We just didn't know it. Only if we have the heart to love, then there will be no problem for unification. Not only that, also the problems of East and West, and South and North will be completely resolved by God's love.

Centering on God's love, when the peaceful, limitless border is created which can connect races, families and individuals by absorbing the world ideal and the national ideal, a Utopia will be built on earth for certain. (March 14, 1896)

You must confront communists and fight against them. I can't fight them as a parent. Also you can't fight them with violence. You should fight with love. Communists try to kill the democratic world, but we must create a world by saving the democratic world and the communist world. (April 15,1980)

Korea is separated into two isn't it? We have to integrate them. We have to integrate the South and North. With what? Not with violence. If God can integrate them with love, it will be the deepest point of the final destination. Where? The 38th parallel.

If Kim Il Sung says, "I have to go for it," and the USSR says, "I have to go for it," and China says, "I have to go for it' and the ruling party and the opposing parties all say, "we have to go for it," when the 38th parallel is connected, everything will be done. Then, will everything perish, or be prosperous? Everything will be over and a new start will take place. (164-58)

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