The Way of the Spiritual Leader

by Rev. Sun Myung Moon

Section 2: The Significance of Today and the Major Church Holidays [Part 5]

2. The Establishment, Ritual, and Proclamation of Holidays

35) The Universal Transitional Period

December 31, 1983, second floor of the Saint Francis hospital, with the participation of couples of each blessing as well as representatives of Korea, America, Japan, Germany, and first, second, and third Israel

When we view with the historical and dispensational perspective, there is a high probability that the Abel figure will be offered as the sacrifice. In other words, when we consider Adam as the individual ancestor of mankind in dispensational history, Jesus was the Abel figure. Accordingly, Jesus had to go as the sacrifice on the cross. Similarly, in True Parents' family, with Sung Jin as the Cain figure, Hui Jin (Abel) had to pass away. With Ye Jin as the Cain figure Hae Jin (Abel) had to go. This time, in this way, with Hyo Jin as the Cain figure, Heung Jin (Abel) had to go.

We are performing this ceremony before the New Year. Now the universal transitional period will come. In other words, the sovereignty will be transferred. The 72 nations proclaimed recently in Korea are the number of representative nations of the world. Moreover, Korea, Japan, America, and Germany, these four nations are the horizontal representative nations. In other words, we are restoring the historical Adam family.

On account of Heung Jin's passing away, communist invasion will be prevented. By establishing the 72 nations as the representatives, Eastern culture and the Western culture are to become synthesized. People is the Cain figure and the sovereign is the Cain figure. The fact that this hospital has cooperated with enthusiasm and all the doctors were moved to tears has set the condition on behalf of the Catholic church of having helped greatly. Also, among the representatives of the 72 nations, there were many Jewish people. This has become the opportunity for the religions, politics, arts of the East and the West to become one.

Because of Heung Jin's passing away, from now on the spirit world can be traveled to and from freely. Through this, the time will come when the whole world can receive the blessing of the Unification Church. On the basis of Heung Jin's passing away, the world, both spiritual and physical can turn around and come back. The opposition of the government will become support. Viewing it from the dispensational perspective, this is the same as how in 1984 the thirty years of individual private life came to an end and from 1985 we are to enter the time of public life of common fate.

Please let Heung Jin go alive. Let him build the Kingdom of Heaven centering on the 24 elders.

Please receive the spiritual and physical self of Heung Jin by stamping the seal of victory through the unity of the True Parents and the True Children.

Please receive the unification of Judaism, Christianity, and the Unification Church. Let it become the world of God. True Parents and God, please grant the blessing so that from now on we can take an offensive position in the seven-year period until 1990 so that it can become a unified world.

The reason that the Abels are passing away is because the (blessed) families have not completed their responsibilities. Accordingly, please let the families become one.

Through the offering of Heung Jin as the sacrifice, let the relationship between Song Jin and Hyo Jin become completely resolved in harmony, and let them become restored Esau and Jacob. Through the sacrifice of Heung Jin parents have to try to become one. All that True Mother has to do is obey me. (130-93)

36) The Day of Victory of Love

January 3, 1984

The term used today, the Day of Victory of Love, this phrase that the victory was won centering on love recognizes the existence of Satan. It is not the day of victory of love but the day of celebration of love. It should be the day of celebration of love. These wicked words, you have to know that these abundant traces of side affects have been left behind as the presents of the fall. The term Second Coming itself is the same, and the name Blessed Families has also taken the undesired form due to the fall and according to the laws of the fall.

In the original world of the Principle, there is no such a thing as a Blessed Family restored from the fall. Originally a child is supposed to be born several months and years after the parents -- to reach the completion stage, and then the indirect dominion, having become one with the direct dominion they consummate their marriage based on the true parentship of love. This is the child. Does a child just pop up right after they make love? It has become the opposite, even your parents have until now. You have to step backwards and move up, and drag it up like this. Do you understand? (137-254)

37) Proclamation of the Founding of One World

April 1, 1984 (lunar calendar, March 1)

In my prayer today, I have conducted the ceremony of proclamation, "Based on the fortune of the Unification Church centering on the unification of the heaven and the unification of the earth, by the command of God please institute the mainstream ideology and allow us to march forward toward the founding of the one world." Do you understand? We are to advance forward for one nation! Amen!

Now, you should have such conviction, and you have to claim the nation and the world based on your family foundation. You have to further the national foundation to move out toward the world. I believe that such a time will come in the near future. (131-61)

38) The Proclamation of the Day of Love of Heaven

May 16, 1984, 0:45 a.m., Belvedere, America, the transfer of the candle of the love of heaven, and the initiation of the Il-Jeung prayer.

We have to hammer in the stakes centering on parental love. We have to hammer the stakes in. The day that the stake is hammered in securely -- when is the day that the stake is clearly hammered in before Satan and God? This is the Day of the Love of Heaven. We are to cross over to the era when centering on the love of God we can pass through. Why? Because hell on earth has been decimated. Hell, even prisons have been destroyed. We are to drive even hell and prison into the domain of heaven. Do you understand? (Applause)

For this reason, in this era you have created the Il-Jeung meeting, and the Il-Jeung prayer meeting, but what is the meaning of the word, "Il-Jeung-Hui?' It has a historical meaning that can make the connection with the realm of heart that I have been speaking about up to now. (Speaks while writing on the blackboard) The Il-Jeung prayer meeting is the movement to become one centering on the True Parents and with the heart that loves them more than anything else. It is a pledge. The time that you pray is the time of pledge. This is the meaning behind the movement of Il-Jeung-Hui. You should understand that such content lies underneath it.

Centering on that, we have to exert ourselves with a united heart to carry on the movement to become one with God and True Parents. Accordingly, we are to synchronize it with this kind of field. This is international, heaven and earth; it was carried out worldwide. For this reason, it is possible only through love. Only love can transcend the world in this way. (132-125)

Here, this whole body has gathered here representing all the nations, the world, and the 120 missionary countries, yet do you pledge, "We will become completely one centering on the words of the Teacher and cross over the realm of domain of love"? [Yes, Father] Thank you. From now on, there is liberation. I am to move forward into the position of liberation, from now on. The period of transition into a new era will come. (Applause)

Therefore, through this kind of occasion today, the Day of Love of Heaven, I have prayed that we can digest with love even the fear of death, as well as the fear of prison. You have to understand that I have just performed the ceremony that signifies that centering on the Unification Church death has been digested with love and the legal, earthly hell of today has been digested with love.

The creation of the Day of Victory of Love and the Day of Love of Heaven is not possible without the True Parents, so the True Parents have appeared; by completing all this in this historical era they have built the highway through which the future generations can travel. Because you should know that the Day of Love of Heaven and the Day of Victory of Love are important days that must be praised and loved forever in history, I am making the proclamation at this moment. (132-100)

Beloved Heavenly Father! Although today's date is May 20th, 1984, because today can substitute the moment of the declaration of love of heaven at May 16, 0:45 a.m. in connecting to the historical day of proclamation on the standard of the East Garden family, father, please allow your presence in this place.

The True Parents of the earth are seated here and the parents in heaven are present here, and the whole of the unified spirit world of the 120 nations centering on Heung Jin and Jesus is present here, and the symbolical substantial beings of the domain of resurrection of the 120 nations of the earth are here, so based on this hour please let the sovereignty and possessive rights of heaven lost because of the evil love . . .

Now, at the pinnacle of this worldwide indemnity, we now stand in this incredible summit of history where we can proclaim the Day of Love of Heaven that can, centering on the love of True Parents and the love of God, while restoring the historical right of inheritance lost simultaneously establish the sovereignty of love.

Heaven! Earth! Since this was the day that the universe has longed for, I hope that you can stand in the heartistic realm of one heart and one will to welcome and receive the grand proclamation of the True Parents! I declare that we are going to march toward the era of inheriting the realm of love of the heavenly kingdom where God and the True Parents being present, the children of the True Family centering on the parental love, all of the blessed couples can become one, so I hope that the whole universe can solemnly accept it at this hour!

I proclaim the Day of Love of Heaven in the name of God and the True Parents. Amen, [Amen] Amen. [Amen] Amen. [Amen] (Three cheers of "Mansei," and applause) (132-102)

39) The Day of the Opening of the Door of Heaven

February 1, 1985, 3 O'clock, Danbury

Today is February 1. It is the day that I have declared the Day of the Opening of the Door of Heaven. What is the meaning of the opening of the door of heaven? As it says literally, it means the day that the door of heaven is opened.

Last year on this date, I in Danbury and mother in East Garden have finally opened the door through which heaven and earth can be connected. So the good ancestors of the world in heaven are to come to their descendants on the earth by passing through hell. Only those who overcome hell can go to heaven. (1986.2.1)

What I did after I entered Danbury, is that on February 1 of 1985, I opened the door to the pathway between the spirit world and the physical world which had been previously blocked off. I in Danbury and Mother in East Garden offered a special prayer. Since it was the fallen parents who had closed the door, opening this door is the mission of the parents who can bring restoration. It must be opened. So we opened it up. Because we have opened up the door, even if evil ancestors are in hell, now a way has opened up for the good descendants to go there to witness to their ancestors in their lineage.

In the past, there have been constant efforts to make connection to the tribal spheres in which Abraham or someone can conduct the dispensation of restoration centering on religion, or where True Parents can be born, where True Parents can come and carry on the dispensation of restoration. When you take that perspective, the lineage starting from Adam and passing through Abel, Noah, Abraham, Moses, John the Baptist and reach to the era of Jesus is the genealogy that can make the link from heaven down to the earth. There is only one lineage that corresponds to this lineage. All the rest have no relationship what so ever. Only after this is completed, can True Parents come to dismantle all the things that block the path. Without the appearance of True Parents, there is no way to bring them down. (114-262)

On February 1, at three in the afternoon, in the prison together with mother I had the final conference in which the highway was laid between hell and heaven. Although the highway is laid, preparations must be made. There have to be cars, and we must learn how to drive, and you need to have gas. These things cannot be found within yourselves. Your ancestors are to bring them along. Do you understand? Your ancestors have brought the car, put in the gasoline, and taught you to start the movement of pulling you up to the spirit world. Do you believe these words? If you don't want to believe then, don't. It is the hard reality. You should go and see for yourself.

Recently spiritual mediums revealed, "Wow! All the flags in the heavenly kingdom have gathered in one place, and deciding on one direction, they have started to move. From February of this year the door to hell and the door to heaven have been opened up." But, they do not even understand who has caused this to happen. Heaven and earth became like this when I made the proclamation, "The resurrection of the new era, the present era has passed behind us and the new era has come, and the period of persecution for the Unification Church has passed and the time has come for the liberating sound of the trumpet to reverberate all throughout." (137-190)

40) The Proclamation of the Day of One Victory

August 20, 1985, 3:15 a.m., Belvedere, U.S.A. The holy water ceremony.

The blessed couples living in the vicinities of New York gathered in the training center of Belvedere on August 20, 1985 at 3:15 a.m. right after the Teacher's release from prison to listen to the Teacher's heartfelt explanation of the significance, and participated the holy water ceremony conducted by Mr. Hyo Jin Moon.

This was based on the Day of One Victory that took place in East Garden on August 16 at 7:00 a.m., and this was meant to inherit the significance and meaning of that ceremony.

This day of one victory was proclaimed at the welcoming ceremony for Mr. Hyo Jin Moon who came back after a successful conclusion of the forty-day workshop of the blessed children held in Korea (Night of the 15th).

This also was the ceremony of triumph that celebrated the new beginning on the 16th, the day after the 40th anniversary of the conclusion of World War II on August 15, 1945. In the proclamation ceremony of the Day of One Victory that begun at seven a.m. Father spoke until 10:35, and by giving a prayer of blessing and conducting the holy water ceremony, he declared the confirmation of the right of the oldest son.

In the holy water ceremony, the True Parents and all of the true children participated, and twelve people who represented the membership and the twelve tribes participated, and all the participants drank the newly created holy water. Using four bottles of the Il-Hwa spring water as the seed water, after placing them on the table in the living room of East Garden and praying over them, they were poured into small cups and given to the True Children and the representative blessed couples to drink in an orderly manner. (Sa-Bo, #46, p6)

41) When the Unification Church Emerges Before the World

January 1, 1986

Now 1985 has passed by and 1986 has begun, and through the prayer offered moments ago, what would happen is that the world will turn upside down. Where would it turn toward? If it was turning like the needles on the clock, then after having made a full circle, they are starting to turn counter-clock wise. Until now, the Unification Church has been trampled upon by the world, but from now on, it is time for the Unification Church to emerge above the world. (137-37)

What I prayed about in this celebration ceremony today is the unification with the Christian churches and . . . Centering on the saints in the Christian cultural sphere they became loyal to the era of Roman Empire. We are to tie all these together. So, centering on the kingship of good kings who are in the spirit world, we are to bring all the patriots and heroes to the earth, to have them order presidents, kings, and all of them to follow Rev. Moon within the ideal domain centered on the kingship of the True Parents. They will hear all about Rev. Moon. From now on, good news will also be heard, and they will all say that I am famous. Derogatory rumors will abate and as the positive wind blows, their ancestors in the spirit world will ceaselessly come to them and teach them. Good ancestors in the spirit world even go down to hell to educate.

I have opened this door in Danbury. (137-190)

42) The Founding of the Federation for the Unification of the North and South

May 15, 1987, in the main hall of the Little Angels Arts Center.

Why do I push so hard to have this founding convention before May 15 was over? It is because if we were to compare this time to a season, it is the time right before the coming of the summer season. This is the time when all the things of creations are gaining new life. Moreover, when we look at the fortune of the whole . . . When did the May 16 even take place? [In 1961] Yes, centering on the fortune of May 16, the new sovereignty came into being. So, it has to be done before that. You cannot go over that date.

For this reason, at this time the situation of Korea has become the way it is now. This was not somehow synchronized cleverly. Because the timetable of the dispensation in Korea is fixed this way, all are thrown into chaos. The rival party as well as the governing parties are in a chaotic state, the people have lost the direction to move toward, religions cannot deal with the problems, and no one can take care of the situation. Here, we have synchronized it. We are to kick and climb over it. By doing so, concentrating all the fortunes that had caused the spirit world and physical world to divide, the east and west to divide, and north and south to divide, we are to gather them in this way.

Here, the fortune of the whole world centered on the Blessed Couples is linked together, and the fortunes of Korea are all connect to it. What shall we call this fortune? Centering on the end point that is like the end of a needle, we are to dig it in.

By doing so, from now on we are to declare to the spirit world. When this convention is over, all will be on the world level. All these are the fortunes that represent mankind. Through these, we are to create one sphere of whirlpool in a great ocean. Just as how as soon as the whirlpool begins to turn the whole ocean gets dragged in, although we are having it in Korea, this will move not just Korea but the whole world.

Accordingly, the problem is what kind of conviction does the leader have when he makes the move. (164-169)

43) The Ceremony of Dispensational Unified Transition

September 27, 1988, at the Han Nam Dong mansion

At this point in time when an incredible new era is being ushered in, together with the huge victory of the Olympic games we proclaimed the World Cultural Festival, isn't that so? [Yes] By doing so, I have given rise to various problems. The one central axis around which all of these can eventually be tied together and cause the world to make a new turn is in its formation. When all are wrapped around here and begin to turn, then the whole world will not fall into the satanic world but fall into the heavenly world. Thus, the cultural festival is the means to be used as a catalyst to hasten the advancement toward the one world. You have to understand that this is what it is. Do you understand? [Yes] (1988.10.3)

Thinking about it, I did a good job in conducting the transition ceremony on 27th (The day of proclamation of the World Cultural Festival). Things started to turn around from that ceremony of transition. You should watch closely. All those that had been previously divided have been matched together within the two Cain and Abel-type systems centering on the sphere of unification. The two worlds based on Cain and Abel, the communist world and the democratic world, that would bring unity have come face to face, glued to other at their foreheads. Do you understand?

Where? [In Seoul] In Seoul. Then, what happened to Kim Il-Sung? Kim Il Sung is glued to the end of the tail. Kim Il Sung is the most miserable one. (1988. 10. 3)

All the ceremonies of transition in the dispensational history are always centered on Cain and Abel. Because they could not even reach the parental position, this refers to the vertical and horizontal indemnity conditions and the center of love. Because we have become one even centering on the Parents, we can declare the founding day of the unified nation. (1988.10.3)

First: The division and unification of the north and south

Second: The Seoul Olympic Games and the dispensational point of congruence

Third: Leading the battlefront of the unification of the federation

Fourth: Formalizing the ideals of the unified one body

What is the fifth? When we look at it centering on the Seoul Olympic Games, the Soviet Union and East Germany are on the Cain side, and what about America and Korea? They are the Abel side. For this reason, in the world perspective of Cain and Abel, it refers to the alliance of Cain and Abel in the Soviet Union, and also refers to the alliance of the democratic world. Cain and Abel finally joined their hands at the time of the Olympics, so who is the one that will ultimately bring the two worlds together? Here, we have the emergence of the influencing powers of the True Parents. We have to grab on to it and hammer in the stakes. We are to return to the new world.

What comes next? Since we have done the Ceremony of Unified Transition, what is the sixth? Because the time has come when the connection can be made with both the horizontal and the vertical domains of heart from the family to the world level, we are to return to our homeland. Next, there will be the appearance of the ancestors centered on God. Do you understand what this means? We are to first return to the homeland, emerge as the new ancestors, and then connect with the national foundation. Do you understand? In this manner, the transitional point in the dispensational history has to be established. Only when you build the foundation based on your efforts reaching out to the national level, will you not face the accusations of Satan. (1988.10.3)

44) Founding Day of the Unified Nation of the World

October 3, 1988, at Yong-In, Kyung-Gi province.

Seizing this rare opportunity when heaven is opening up to open up further the door, which had been opened from the individual to the national level, on the world level is the way that the fortune of Korea will roll out to the world both internally and externally.

So, what is today? World what? [The Founding Day of the Unified Nation of the World] Yes. Because the point of congruence is perfectly in line with the theory behind the dispensation that can proclaim the unified nation of the world, the unified world, and the founding day of the unified nation of the world, because this day is in accordance with the historical perspective of our Unification Church both in theory and in experience, even if we refer to this day and say that our day of hope has been founded, no one can raise objections. (1988.10.3)

First is the beginning of the unification of Korea and Japan, second is the beginning of the unification of America, Korea, Germany, and the Soviet Union.

Through American Christianity and the Korean Unification Church, the unified world will unfold. This is the third.

Fourth, the Christian cultural sphere will become the Abel figure and the material world the Cain figure, and the materialism of the communist world and the world of spiritualism will be unified.

What is the fifth? It is the unification of the world in heaven and the earthly world. When they become linked together, the unification of the world in heaven and the world on earth will finally begin to take place.

Sixth is the completion of the responsibility of the dispensational historical indemnity. What I mean is that the dispensational historical responsibility has been completed. When the responsibility is completed, the perfect family can begin.

As the perfect structure of the family, not only of the family but also of the tribe, people, nation, and world, appears on the foundation of the satanic world, Satan's existence will no longer have any value. What it means is that it will become the world of liberation.

On that basis, the seventh is the beginning of the heavenly world on earth, and the eighth is the promise of the realization of the heaven in the family, nation, world, the whole earth, and in heaven. Finally, in heaven and on earth, the one ideal world of love will be unfolded.

I have explained that based on the pledge of unification, this kind of Founding Day of the Unified Nation can be declared. Do you understand? [Yes] What comes next? As we proceed to do this kind of works, the problem is how to educate our second generation in the future. Therefore, inheriting the ideological tradition of the Olympic Games, you have to be healthy externally. Internally, you have to be overflowing with love. When you are filled with love, then you can represent for the parental love as well as for the children's love. You have to become individuals of mature character full of love, which can represent love toward the nation, world and heaven. (1988.10.3)

45) The Ceremony of One Heart

June 23, 1989, at the main hall of the Little Angels Arts Center.

Right before the recognition ceremony for the chairman of the Korean Federation for the pursuit of the roots, from 10:30 a.m. to 11:10 a.m. in the third floor VIP room of the main hall of the Little Angels Arts Center, honoring the presence of the Teacher and his wife, twelve representatives of our church and the twelve representatives of the clans and kinsmen, thirty people in all participating, the historical Ceremony of One Heart was conducted.

The Ceremony of One Heart in which the Cain realm and the Abel realm are to come together as one centering on God and the True Parents was conducted by Rev. Chung Hwan Kwak (President of the Sae Gye Daily), the emcee. First, Hyo Jin Nim and Hoon Sook Nim bowed before the True Parents as the representatives of the True Family, and right after that everyone stood in three lines representing Cain and three lines representing Abel and bowed; then each representative bowed, and the golden crown was offered to the Teacher and his wife, and one more bow was offered representing all the clans in Korea. Then there was the recitation of the fifth section of the Pledge, and there was Teacher's prayer of blessing (prayer offering the ceremony of one heart); then there was the cutting of the cake; and the ceremony ended with the three cheers of Mansei led by chairman Young Whi Kim. (Sa-Bo, # 92, P92)

I have already told you all this. I have told you that the time of settling down for the spirit world will come. Haven't you learned that based on returning resurrection the work of unification will be accomplished? Unification will take place through the return of spirits. You have to be grateful toward heaven that is at work trying to be in harmony with the era of transition into the new history. (170-286)

"Holy Spirit" here is not the same as the Holy Spirit who is part of the trinity of God. A more accurate translation would have been "divine spirit" because the first of the two Chinese characters that make up the term, "Shin" means divinity or god, while the second character, "Ryeng," means ghost or spirit. Moreover, divine spirit is the way that the dictionaries translate the word. However, because the official translation has always been "Holy Spirit," it will be left as it is despite the obvious confusion. But keep in mind that "Holy Spirit" in this section refers not to the third member of the trinity of God and that it is identical to the term, "Divine Spirit," which is used interchangeably here to convey more accurate meaning.

46) Declaration Day of the Providential Age of Restoration through Love

August 20, 1989, at Belvedere in America

The purpose of the providence of salvation is to save man and woman. Then, the words "the providence of restoration through love" or "the providence of perfection" is how can we unite these two people with love. The purpose of these is the same as the providence of salvation.

God's purpose is to return to the age of the original love where no Satan exists after re-creating Adam and re-creating Eve. Since the love is lost, the creation must be done centering on love. This is why God is perfecting Adam and perfecting Eve.

This is why providence of salvation or providence of restoration through the love of God cannot be done without man and woman, also without love. (193-52)

The Providential Age of Restoration through Love is the age God dominates directly. (193-55)

From now on, it is the providential age of love in the view of the providence. Do you understand? The providential age that the Messiah will occupy the four comers of this world will come. That is the conclusion of everything. At that time, everything finishes. Then, the providential age of salvation ends completely and the providential age of love begins.

When I say based on the Principle, the realm of the dominion of result is the completion of the portion of responsibility based on the restoration of the Elder Sonship. The first child and the second child born after the restoration of the Elder Sonship are children of Adam and Eve. They are God's children. Therefore, since we came to the providential age that can connect children centering on parents to family or blood lineage centering on God, we call the age the providential age of restoration through love.

God's providential age has entered the age of parents, the age of love. When we do our best, simply following the way of the Principle, perfection of our spiritual character and the perfection of our physical character will be done, and the age that we will be connected to the nation will come. This is why the age is changing to the providential age of restoration through love. (19, 30, 69, 84, 100)

47) Day of the Settlement of Eight Stages

August 31, 1989, at Kodiak Alaska in America

The order of restoration is vertical from the servant of servant, servant, adopted son, stepson, real son, and Eve. Without the real son, mother cannot be restored. This is why, if there is no victorious foundation of original Abel, unless Elder Sonship is completely restored, there is no place for father and mother to stand.

Eve gave birth to two sons. She bore the first son, thus the son of Satan, as the elder son. This is why, without any choice, God has been tracing out the way of the restoration through indemnity centering on the second son. Whose responsibility is that? It is Eve's. Therefore, by connecting the worldwide foundation with the real son's victorious foundation, and on the foundation of the unity between mother and son, Adam can stand. Also, on the foundation where Adam became one, God can stand. This is the way of vertical indemnity. Do you understand what I am saying?

You learned from the Divine Principle, haven't you? From servant of servant, servant, adopted son, stepson, real son, Eve, Adam, and God, we return to the world of love. The way is to go up. It is to connect the foundation that is going up. We connect all these and make it as a pyramid. (193-92)

48) Declaration Day of Heavenly Parentism

September 1, 1989, in Kodiak, Alaska

God has been working until now since the fall of humankind in order to restore the Elder Sonship. However, through Abel making Cain surrender completely, fallen man can attend parents. Therefore, the age of parentism, heavenly parentism came; so that parents can love both Cain and Abel. Until now, God loved Abel and Satan loved Cain. Thought of Cain and Abel = Communism, and Democracy = Brotherism.

Also, God's providence has ended the age of the indemnity, and proclaims the Heavenly Parentism (True Parentism), restoration of kingship, so that God is working directly with love, God is becoming the parent of the world of the entire creation. (Sabo 96, p. 38)

49) Proclamation of Parents of Heaven and Earth

February 27, 1990, at Han Nam Dong in Seoul, Korea

The welcoming that Korea made for True Parents at this time does not end as the welcoming that only Korea made. This period was the period of proclamation of announcing the liberation of the physical world along with the liberation of the spiritual world with the authority of parents special position by standing on the top of the position that transcends America and the world.

(Prays) Within this, please proclaim that the eternal Kingship that can represent Heaven and earth to land in a direct line from this earth to Heaven. Please, also proclaim that we can go forward to the age that You can exercise Your sovereign power for the sake of love and peace centering on Your Ideal Creation standing above the entire power of satanic world.

Please accept this foundation that True Parents have paved. As I am proclaiming the settlement of the new Kingship on earth and in Heaven by becoming one with parents in Heaven, please let the entire cosmos to transcend the hill of lamentation and sorrow and to return joy, praise, and glow.

Please allow God's love, liberation, True Parents' liberation to be established centering on God's love, centering on God's Kingship, centering on God's people and earth, and centering on the Kingdom of Heaven in Heaven.

All these I proclaim in front of the entire cosmos in the name of True Parents. (Sabo 101, p. 7)

50) Declaration Day of God's Eternal Blessing (7.1 Celebration Day)

July 1, 1991, at Han Nam Dong House

(Prays) Beloved Heavenly Father! Today is July 1, 1991. I know that the year 1991 is the year that is positioned for the final crisis in the providential historical turning point. After transcending all kinds of complicated circumstance from January to June, now we newly face July.

Father! I am truly grateful that, beginning today I can set down the day of victory, liberation and glory as I hold the Ceremony of Declaration Day of God's Eternal Blessing after liquidating entire conditions that represent providential history and You have established.

I pray that God will observe, and all good spirits, saints and sages, and ancestors of the entire spiritual world will observe all of these. Also, Satan will observe everything that is being proclaimed centering on the benefit that Satan can also follow, even standing in the very final situation of humankind, in the realm of the liberation of freedom by furnishing the element of circumstance that Satan can confess all his shameful betrayal that he did to Heaven until now and surrender on his own in front of love, in front of Heavenly Father's power. I pray that with everyone's observation, they will support everything that I am offering during the victorious ceremony of proclamation, ceremony of liberation, ceremony of unification that we can go forward toward the Kingdom of Heaven attending True Parents and attending Father's Will. I proclaim all these in front of Heaven in the name of True Parents. Amen, Amen, Amen. (Tong Il Sae Gye, July 1991)

(Benediction) We know that You have now liquidated the sorrowful historical indemnity course centering on July First of 1991 with God's protection for every course until today.

And, we know that every declaration is needed in order to find the realm of liberation of the original world by newly attending God, the Creator and horizontal True Parents who will become the original parents. We know that these are to be done with the unification of left and right, with the unification of north and south, with the unification of every realm of religion and realm of politics and inheritance of Elder Sonship, and inheritance of Parentship, and inheritance of Kingship.

I liquidate all evil activities and bury all these with history and proclaim to the physical world and spiritual world the coming of the Kingdom of Heaven of liberation and victory on earth in the name of True Parents. I proclaim in the name of True Parents today, on July First, at this moment that You will lead us by using the proclamation as the shield forever. (Amen) I proclaim these in the name of True Parents. (Amen) I proclaim these in the name of True Parents. (Amen) (Tong Il Sae Gye, July 1991)

With today's July First Ceremony that we have just had, the time when Parents can act as they wish has come. Until now, I could not do as I wished. If I could have done as I wished, why should I have suffered? Why do you think I did all unacceptable things against the world? Everything has a right time. Unless you complete the responsibility for the time, you cannot command with your head up. (Tong Il Sae Gye, July 1991)

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