The Way of the Spiritual Leader

by Rev. Sun Myung Moon

Section 2: The Significance of Today and the Major Church Holidays [Part 4]

2. The Establishment, Ritual, and Proclamation of Holidays

26) The Ceremony of Total Liberation

May 1, 1975, Chung-Pyung workshop site

What is the thing that I, the teacher of the Unification Church, have to do today? I have to win a complete victory on the individual level. Then this must be connected. In order to do that, all the complex issues must be solved. Shouldn't everything be taken care of like that? Shouldn't all the complex problems starting from the individual level be solved? This is the most difficult thing. The beginning is what is difficult.

Similarly, the beginning of family in the Unification Church was difficult. Then, we are to climb up. When you look at this, the higher you go up, the smaller this becomes. Isn't this true? As you climb higher, this gradually becomes smaller. Until this point! When you move up until this point, the more you climb . . . So, you are to climb up through this course centering on my family. What is important is the fact that we have paved the road through which we can go any direction horizontally centering on this nation. Until now, people could not cross over this hole. Here, everyone met their ruin. Do you understand? (Spoken while writing on the blackboard)

Therefore, when our families cross over this line, the indemnity course will no longer exist. When you exert yourself, all your merit will be inherited fully by your descendants. They will inherit it all. In the past, because there was an indemnity course, if we made a mistake we would have been doomed and moved elsewhere, but now the time has come when your accomplishments can be secured as your own.

Your accomplishments so far are not yours. It is in the middle. We are to pile them up in the middle. Who is to become their owner? Just because one collected wealth, it does not always become his own. Although we have been making contributions in the position of still fighting over their ownership, now is no longer such a time. We have entered the era when we can decisively claim them as our own.

So, as long as we exceed the national standard there is no need for concern. It is our Principle perspective that from now on, we will enter the era when we can make leaps. Do you understand? [Yes] Because such times are coming, what are we to do after ushering in such times? If we did not face this era, then we cannot just jump over it. So, in order to exceed that standard we have to liberate everything centering on the original standard that had not fallen. They must be liberated.

For this reason, I conducted the ceremony of total liberation on May 1, according to solar calendar, in Chung Pyung. However, do you know why I conducted it in Chung Pyung? This is because I consider Chung Pyung to be the center of the international foundation. When you consider it on the level of Korea of course this is the headquarters, but I bought Chung Pyung in order to make it an international workshop site in the future, and it is the place that I have offered such prayer. Accordingly, whenever I have time I go to Chung Pyung. Do you understand why I go there? [Yes]

Because I knew that that is the place where spiritually all fortunes will concentrate and where all important problems must be solved, I have formulated all the important ideas there such as the May 16 rally. This is how it should be. Why? Because it is an international place. Because that place is located far apart from the headquarters and at a place where the river is crossed. Because it is in the position of reciprocity that can connect to all the oceans of the world and at the same time has the significance that I can connect that object to me who is in the subject position. I consider Chung-Pyung very important and whenever I have time I go there. Do you understand? [Yes] Because there is a Principle content in everything, I have been doing that kind of things. Sol I have conducted the ceremony of total liberation centering on May first. You all have heard about it, right? [Yes]

What was the result to the fall of man? God could not become a liberated God. In other words, He became a restrained God. Next, the first ancestors of men became restrained. Because of sin . . . Next, even the angelic world fell under the yoke. No only that, countless religious people in history are suffering under the yoke. Humanity is experiencing the same thing.

Next, Satan came into being. The evil spirit world came into being. The substantial object of the evil spirit world also emerged on the earth. All of them have formed boundaries centering on one nucleus. In order to jump over this barrier, men must walk a course called the course of indemnity. For this reason, in order to create the situation in which this can be crossed in the proper manner, heaven and earth have to be placed on a flat plane. In order to be able to walk the life course following the proper path in the middle of that, the road from earth to heaven must be prepared in advance.

This is the time, leading up to now, when centering on our Unification Church the foundation on which we can enter the national realm as individuals is being laid down. For this reason, even in the spirit world, the way through which we can enter the national realm as individuals must be opened. Such a ceremony is the ceremony of the total liberation. God is bound by grief and resentment and so are True Patents, the angelic world, and then next, so are the countless religious people centering on Jesus, patriots centering on the sages, and saintly men and women, or heroines. Wouldn't this be true? Although they became patriots or saints of the nation, because there was no way that they could become the people who can be connected to the dispensation of God, they hold this great grief and resentment in their hearts. Next, all the evil spirits under the dominion of Satan ultimately have become like that because the fall brought such results . . . They also do not want to be Satans. As much as possible, they wish to return to the good side of God.

Then whose fault is it those things have become like this? That is not because of God's wrongdoing, nor the mistake of the angelic world, but because of the mistake of Adam. It has become like this because of the wrong doings of the ancestors of mankind. Then, who is to bring resolution to this? The ancestor of mankind must solve this.

When we look at the Korea of today from that perspective, Teacher Moon of the Unification Church has come in order to carry out that mission. However, I have been receiving opposition for decades in Korea, centering on the Unification Church. This could not be solved yet. It has not been resolved yet. So, because of me, God who knows me is feeling sorrow in His heart.

So, what has to be done? What are the wishes of Teacher Moon of the Unification Church? It is the liberation of the nation. The day that we can win the victory on the national level is the day that marks liberation. Isn't this true? We have to free Jesus from grief and resentment. For this reason, without laying the foundation for the liberation centering on the nation, there is no way that Teacher Moon of the Unification Church can liquidate sources of sorrow and realize long-cherished wishes. If I cannot do this, there is no way for God to be freed of His sorrow and resentment. When God cannot get rid the sources of his resentment, then it is more impossible to free the angelic world of their fetters of grief and bitterness. Without bringing solution to the angelic world, there is no way for humanity to find the path of life on earth centering on the True Parents and as their objects. Isn't this true?

For this reason, through the liberation of God in the spirit world, the liberation of True Parents, and the liberation of the angelic world, on the earth the liberation of the heads of religions . . . All this must be accomplished. Next, the liberation of the sages, patriots, heroes must be undertaken, and next even Lucifer, Judas, and Emperor Nero . . .

Until now, we have been living in the Satanic realm of the evil world, but in the name of True Parents and not of Satan . . . When we examine the principles of the liberation ceremony, as the proper path of the liberation of God and the angelic world becomes linked to the earth. God's original will is not to punish or judge people, but to save their lives, bestow the ideals and bring happiness and blessing. The way will open up for you to advance toward the good world, which corresponds with the sphere of life that each of you works in. (79-24)

What is the spirit world like right now? Since God can come down freely, there is nothing that opposes the whole spirit world from coming straight to the earth. Until now, everyone was blocked from coming based on the reason that each denomination was different from the others. Only when there is an agreement at the top and it is enforced, will all the doors be opened for people to travel both horizontally and vertically. Until now, this has not been the case.

However, now, by conducting of the liberation ceremony, at the same time that God descends, True Parents also come, and then the good sages and heads of religions in the spirit world are to come. Next, even evil Satan . . . Until now, Satan has been on the side of evil, but such is no longer the case. Since all that oppose go to hell, everyone is trying to go to the spirit world. All should hold the gun facing backwards; even in respect to Satan, we should liberate him. Therefore, we will enter the era when without anyone being aware of it, the evil forces will collapse. When three years pass from now, this will fully raise its head and appear on the earth. Do you understand what this means? [Yes]

So, in my third seven-year course, I have roamed all over America, and gathering the fortune of Christianity in the spirit world, I have returned to Korea. Because I have exceeded the national standard spiritually and after having reached the world level, drove the fortunes here, by connecting to the national foundation physically and by securing the basis for the physical world on the spiritual world victory, we can create a new beginning point on the world level that can completely indemnify the spiritual and the physical and step up to a new level. (78-224)

27) The Gu-Guk World Rally

June 7, 1975, at the Yoido square
The proclamation ceremony of the unification of the south and north and the unification of the world

Because the Yoido square is a special square, this rally is the time of receiving historical judgment before God. Do you understand? [Yes] Is the Unification Church truly a group that stands on the side of God with respect to world history, a group that can save the people, or is it not? Do the families in the Unification Church possess the subjective nature that can represent the family of the people and lead them? Have the members of the Unification Church become individuals who can fully bring out their subjectivity before the people? This rally is a great chance to receive a fair judgment on these questions from God. Not only that, it is a time when we can assert our dignity through the fair verdict to be given before the world, bringing an end to all the historical causes of resentment and sorrows of the people, and be able to give the benefits and merits as the new compensation for the suffering and accomplishment. For this reason, you have to understand that this moment is a very serious time.

Then, what kind of time is this? Until now, in the dispensation, we have been losing. Until now, centering on America which, is a democratic world in the thirty-year period since the World War II, we have been losing. What I am saying, is that from the perspective of the Unification Church we have not really been losing, but we have been keeping silence with the external appearance of a losing party.

However, we, the Unification Church, have made preparations on the individual level, family level, tribal level, people level, and national level, and no matter where an individual, tribe, people, or the world drag us, no matter how much the communists mock us and try to liquidate us, we will not perish. Because we had prepared the subjective departing point on such a high level, you have to understand that this is a ceremony in which we, moved by the will of heaven and possessing the right to victory in the name of God, proclaim the new beginning.

Therefore, we have to eliminate the sources of grief and sorrow of God. Then we have to remove the grief of True Parents, then of the countless religious leaders, and then of the followers of religions, next, of the saints and good kings of the patriots and heroes, and then even of the people in the Satanic world. (78-223)

Isn't Christianity the front line of the satanic world? Based on the foundation of having subjugated Cain, wasn't the Yoido rally held on July 6? Was it on May 7th? [June 7th] Was it on June 7th? Forty days after the Yoido rally took place on June 7th, on the fortieth day, I wrote a letter to the President. I wrote him at great length what he should not do. (1988.10.3)

28) The Unification Ceremony

January 1st, 1976, at the former church headquarters in the first district of Chung Pa Dong

Why did I return to Korea this time? I returned in order to pay indemnity for all of history. To do this, I have conducted the Unification Ceremony. What I did after returning here was conduct the Unification Ceremony. On the first of January, the Unification Ceremony took place. Until now, centering on the spiritual and physical worlds we have been unable to have a unified originating point from which we can begin this on the foundation of the nation having won the victory. I came in order to perform this ceremony.

What comes next is that today we talk about the citizens of the heavenly kingdom, and children of the heavenly kingdom, but we could not celebrate the birthday of parents. We do not have the qualifications to celebrate a birthday centering on parents. Spirits who have gone to the spirit world went before being able to celebrate the birthday of parents. Under these circumstances, people cannot function as citizens of the Heavenly Kingdom. Even if there is an angelic world in the heavenly kingdom, if they were able to celebrate the parents' birthday, then they would have obtained the right to participate in the domain where Adam attained perfection, but such is not the case for the countless spirits in the angelic world. Do you understand? If the birthday were celebrated, then wouldn't perfection have been achieved?

Therefore, I have conducted a ceremony, which provides the special opportunity for mankind in the spirit world and the physical world to celebrate the birthday centering on the True Parents. Providing that opportunity was done at the time of the parents' birthday. Do you understand? (84-152)

29) The Day of Victory of Heaven

October 4th, 1976

You have to understand how difficult a task lies behind the concept, the Day of Victory of Heaven. What is the essential factor, the origin, based on which heaven and the spirit world can be triumphant? True love, without the love of God it cannot be done. Where there is the love of God, the world of Satan's love must retreat. Satan will dominate what is not centered on God's love, and where the love of God is the foundation, God will have the dominion. The fact that Satan is giving love means that Satan is dominating already. The question is how to take it back, how to restore it. You have to understand that because the standard that can make the links based on love has been shattered, the question of how to teach this, how to deal with it is a grave problem for God. Do you understand? (135-123)

In our Unification Church, we celebrate many days that are not known to the world. Among them, one is the Day of Victory of Heaven. So, where actually is the origin of the concept, "God won the victory. It is the day to celebrate the victory of heaven"? If this universe had an absolute beginning from God, then all affairs should take place on the victorious foundation. Moreover, all the things that have come into being should belong to the one center that all things can praise and be harmonized with. This is a conclusion based on common sense.

Then, what is the origin of the word the Day of Victory of Heaven? This came to exist because of the fall. You can see it as a present given by the fall. Within the words that heaven won the victory, there must be the individual realm of victory, family realm of victory, tribe, people, nation, world, and furthermore the spirit world and universal realms of victory must be formed. No matter how triumphant an individual is, unless the family realm of victory is established, there is no place for the individual realm of victory to settle down.

An individual must stand on the foundation of a family. On top of a family, an individual can stand. No matter how firm the family realm of victory is, that realm of victory will emerge as the center only on the foundation of a tribe. The tribe on top of the people, the people on top of the nation, and on top of heaven and earth, God is to dwell. This is how I see it. (148-9)

What kind of day is the Day of Victory of Heaven? You have to understand that the Day of Victory of Heaven could be found because in history, finally, a day when the original plus and original minus can completely dwell in the realm of God's love has been established on the earth. Do you understand what this means? You should realize that the period of special blessing when you can enter the same place as the one I occupy, based on my triumph after a lifelong battle is the three-year course. What I intend for you is that by concentrating in one place the fighting efforts that had been dispersed all over the world, I wish that you can lay the foundation. (129-36)

What the Day of Victory of Heaven brought to us is that, in contrast to how God and the angelic world were involved mainly in the spiritual affairs and undertook the affairs on the earth indirectly, the spirit world has begun to do things directly centering on the earth, and is conducting spiritual affairs indirectly. You should know that this is one result that the Day of Victory of Heaven has brought. Do you understand? [Yes]

What is the present that the Day of Victory of Heaven has brought us? [Home Church] Home Church. What kind of background has Home Church come to possess? God and the direction that God has been working until now has switched from the spirit world to the physical world. In other words, a new era has dawned upon us. Accordingly, a new age has begun. Do you understand? You must understand clearly. (?5-143)

Today, while reflecting on that day when God felt joy centering on the Day of Victory of Love, I am grateful for the fact that from now on, with this day as the turning point, we can separate the world into God's side and expand the territory of victory through which we can march toward one Kingdom of Heaven. I hope that the glory and joy of each day can perpetuate the life in which we can sing and dance in the midst of father's love so that the domain of brotherhood can take shape to reach all mankind, and that you can reside in the position of parents, able to govern over the people, to receive glory and honor. (148-60)

Now, should we move forward centering on this new dispensation? [Yes] You have to become those who say, "I will become someone who will not be ashamed of the Day of Victory of Heaven." Now, those who are determined to do so, raise your hand. Please put it down. Next, in response to the change of the direction of God's work, which has shifted from the spirit world to the physical world, we should work harder than spirits and God. You should have the mindset that you will become responsible leaders of heaven and earth who will not become shameful in undertaking these tasks. (105-145)

30) The Day of Victory on Earth

February 23, 1977 (lunar calendar, January 6th), San Francisco, the proclamation of the first year of heaven

On October 4, 1976, I was able to make the proclamation that heaven has won the victory. You have to understand that that day was the same day as today four years ago. Because that day was instituted, we have entered a new era centering on February 23, 1977. From now on, no matter how much persecution we receive . . . Through persecution, those who persecute will be punished. They have to pay hundreds of times of indemnity. (109-77)

From 1977, we proclaimed the new era. We made the proclamation that history has entered a new era. We have been doing Home Church for three years since then. In accordance with that, without making the proclamation on the world level that the first stage of the dispensation of restoration, the first stage of history that God has been working with must come to an end, we cannot move into the new era. This has always remained inside the dispensation of God. (114-111)

On February 23, 1977, I proclaimed the new era, in three years time. On the standard of having set the condition of having loved the oldest son centering on the tradition of God's love all over the world, we are to cross over on the level of the whole world. Is that true or not? [It is true] In this way, the history has been making progress. It has been overcoming, jumping over the principle. So, the Unification Church is trying to establish the tradition of heavenly kingdom in the enemy nation. You have to understand how difficult that is. This tradition is also the tradition of true love. (124-143)

Centering on February 23, 1977, officially, the Unification Church has firmly secured, on this earth, the historical transitional era when heaven can enter the offensive position toward the satanic world. This is the course that I have accomplished. Officially, I have already laid the foundation that can replace the Christian Cultural Sphere of the world. So, in the historical era, the battle in court, fought out with the mask of religion, can begin to take place. Until that time, this was not feasible. (129-221)

Why do people call it New Year? What New Year means is that the direction of God's work has changed. From now on, there will be direct dominion, He will go very directly. So, we are to take over the best and highest places in the satanic world. (105-145)

31) Liberation of the Moon Tribe and the Tribes of the World

November 2, 1978, Chung Pyung

I have a mother and a father, but I could not witness to them even once. I could not share with my mother even once the words of the Principle. I have many relatives, but I could not give them one lecture on the Principle. I am to return only after setting the condition of having loved you more. I am to come here in pursuit and then return. So, finally on November 2, 1978, I performed a ceremony centering on my ancestors, and mother and father. I performed the ceremony that will bring heaven and earth into one and then returned here.

What did I do recently? Because in the spirit world, all the relationships from the earth remain as is, the spirit world is made up of numerous clubs and cliques. Just as how walls exist everywhere that is how it is there. Do you understand? This is how the spirit world is structured, just like the earth.

In that way, having done so, the religious domains gather according to the categories. What I have to do is that, centering on the central and peripheral religions, carry on a movement to make them all one, make them one based on the subject and object relationships. On the earth, I must set all the conditions to make them one. By doing so, the whole spirit world becomes connected. This is the first thing. The next is the tribes and kinsmen; the central clans and peripheral clans, as soon as they become one, the spirit world will become one. In order to do this, the central religions and the peripheral religions must be united as one. Only after that, can the task begin. Do you understand?

What I did during my visit this time was perform a ceremony in which, centering on my tribe, my clan, I brought unity with all the peripheral clans of the world, and I performed the ceremony through which all peripheral religions can become one centering on the Unification Church. What date was that on? [November 2, 1978] Yes, I performed such a ceremony in Chung Pyung. After completing the ceremony I had the intuitive feeling that there would be some indemnity condition within the church, and within three weeks, there was an accident at Chung Pyung Lake. Moreover, there was another accident in New Zealand. Do you understand what this means? On account of this, all of the spirit world, the spirit world of these two worlds have been connected and made into one. All the barriers will crumble. Therefore, your ancestors can come down from the spirit world freely anywhere without encountering any barrier. In the past, it was so difficult to come down from the spirit world that they could not come down. However, now since the spirit world and the earth have formed a domain of unity, those who oppose the Unification Church from now on will perish. From now on, more and more . . . After the third seven-year course is over, I am not afraid of opposition. Do you understand what this means?

Then, why are things unfolding that way? The earth is Adam and the spirit world is the archangel. (Writes on the blackboard) So, we have to create the position of Adam who represents the whole earth and the position of the archangel who represents the whole spirit world. Before the fall, the whole spirit world had helped Adam. So, from now on, the whole spirit world will help you, the whole spirit world will. (102-95)

Today, what are True Parents to do centering on the mission for the restoration of the world of the three-stage domain? All is to indemnifying the restorational history. After moving out while paying the indemnity, we must return. This is the reason that I have been doing this kind of work centering on Korea. I have to match them together. So, what did I do in Korea this time? What I did on November 2, 1978 was that I connected all of these. By doing so, these barriers are being dismantled. We will be able to go anywhere. Without any boundaries, we can go anywhere freely. In this way, all will develop reciprocal relationships.

Therefore, it is up to you to mobilize the spirit world. Who is it up to, to mobilize on the earth? It is up to you. Accordingly, people on the earth are like Adam and spirits in the spirit world are like the archangels. Since you now understand that the good ancestors in your lineage have the responsibility of archangels, you should command them. The ancestors of those ancestors are none other than you. This is all a part of the restoration of the ancestors. It begins with you. Since you are the ancestors, you have to take responsibility. You are the leaders of the future. You have to take responsibility for the past, the present, and also the future. You are the leaders of the three eras. Do you understand what I am talking about? [Yes]

Therefore, from now on this main stream, where do all the streams of dispensation flow? Passing through the course of tribal messiah, and passing the course on the level of the people, nation, world, and the spirit world, we are to return to God. Do you understand what this means? [Yes] That is the path that you must walk. This is the main stream for you, so that all of you have to go this way. This is where the stream of the dispensation flows through.

In order to do that, you have to attain mind and body unity. Then, you have to meet an object to become one with, and next, you have to become united with your clan, and in this manner, you are to expand outwards gradually. You are to become such central figures. This central figure must do things centering on love. You must do everything based on love. All of these resonate centering on love, and nothing else. (10-231)

What have I been doing so far? I have been dismantling all the countless barriers in the spirit world. Based on God's love, I have taken down barriers that have separated numerous peoples and races on the earth. This is the work that I have been doing.

So, coming into last year what I have done on November 2 is that I have opened all the doors of the denominations and religions in the spirit world. We are entering the time when all the doors between the nations must be opened. I have already opened the doors between religions, but what still remains to be done are the doors between tribes. We have not yet opened up the doors of tribes. Do you understand? So, I had no choice but to make the proclamation of the liberation of the Moon tribe as well as the tribes of the world. On November 2 in Chung Pyung I made the declaration. Do you understand what I am saying? [Yes] By doing so, I opened countless doors of the religious world, and the realm of countless tribes on the earth . . . When the doors of tribes are opened, then the national door will open automatically. Do you understand? [Yes] Such times will come.

Because the door has been opened, faithful people of the past, those spirits who had believed in religions can be in the same position as the archangels in the dispensation of restoration of the earth to help in the realm of Adam on earth. Such things took place only within certain religions, but as the walls on the earth have been dismantled and the scope has been enlarged. The way has opened for everyone, regardless of whether or not he or she believed in a religion and all the spirits who were filial before the ancestors, and those who were patriots and heroes can all come down to the earth to lead their descendants toward the path of goodness. Do you understand what I am saying? [Yes] This is the path that leads to the new era.

The work to dismantle all the walls in the spirit world was undertaken on the earth, and because now, everything has been fulfilled on the earth, what happened to the works that used to be done in the spirit world is that they were transferred to the earth. Do you understand? The mission undertaken by all the heads of religions, enlightened people and spirits to lay the foundation to expand the spirit world has been reoriented as the mission on the earth. This is the departing point for the proclamation of the new era. Do you understand what this means? [Yes]

For this reason, in the Unification Church, there is no national boundary. There is no boundary at all. We have to shrink all the national boundaries in the world. (105-264)

32) The Transitional Period

December 31, 1978, January 1, 1979

This moment today, on December 31, 1978 is the turning point. You did not know when this turning point is, right? Although you did not know, now that you have learned of it, you have to undergo a fundamental change from tomorrow. Starting from tomorrow is my era. We are to enter my era. What day is tomorrow? [My day] My era, my day, my birthday, all of them are fine.

We as a whole have to display a new appearance. We should not wake up late, and our behavior has to improve. (102-221)

33) Unity of Spirit World

June 21, 1982

You are Tribal Messiahs. You can save your ancestors as well as those who live on the earth; for example, say the Smith family and the descendants will automatically receive salvation. This is the type of messiah you are. Although the Jewish people have come down for two thousand years, two thousand years, and two thousand years, six thousand years all together, we in the Unification Church can inherit the equal value of this six thousand years in just six years. If you look here, this is three stages, and this has the content that corresponds to the two thousand years, this to another two thousand years, and this to another two thousand years. Through this, by doing this, your ancestors will be connected to this, as well as this and without a limit in the future. (Speaks while writing on the blackboard)

In other words, those who do not know religion can enter the domain of the benefit of the religion. People who could not establish the ideology of the chosen people can cross over to the ideology of the chosen people. Do you understand what this means? So, within the Tribal Messiah, all the vertical and horizontal contents are contained within. You must understand this fact.

Therefore, on June 21 of 1982, I conducted "the ceremony of the proclamation of the synthesis of the spirit world." This is the date on which I had entered prison in the past. In 1948, in other words, this is the 34th year. This is the 34th year. Because it is the 34th year, it is the time when 33 years have come to an end and the 34th year has begun. What this means is that in the Unification Church, we have restored through indemnity the whole of the thirty-three years of the life course of Jesus. This is the time that I have fought with America. The Unification Church spearheads America. So, all your ancestors who belong to the spirit world will return to the earth through your Home Church foundation, the whole will come down.

Now then, those ancestors of yours who are in the spirit world are much like the angels in the angelic world. Your ancestors correspond to the angels of the angelic world. Moreover, your world corresponds to the world of Adam and Eve. Furthermore, your descendants who are to come correspond to the future. Because the spirit world is in the same position as that in which it has to help Adam, your ancestors in the spirit world will come and help you fulfilling the mission of the angelic world. If they become one with you by helping you, then liberation will take place. This is the principle. (Speaks while writing on the blackboard) (19-44)

34) Pledge of Declaration

To the team of chairmen of the PWPA (Professors of the World Peace Academy), December 18, 1983, noon, at the main hall of the Little Angels Arts Center

It is a historical event to hold the first world conference with the team of chairmen of the PWPA coming to Seoul, Korea from all over the world. That while all of humanity and the Korean people are watching closely, the fact that in such a short time they could gather from all over the world is an amazing event. This stands as the proof that we as a whole have become one in heart and mind and deeply long for world peace.

We know that today, humanity faces a great new crisis in which freedom and survival are threatened. Moreover, while communism is revealing itself as a merciless tyrant, even in the democratic world, they have failed to present some solution that can bring hope and courage to the world.

We believe that Unification Thought, which is a new perspective on values that originate from Godism introduced by the Rev. Moon, is truly pointing to the bold new solution for the ideal world. This solution has already demonstrated its power to induce the conscientious people of all nations throughout the whole world to offer their lives and sacrifice for the sake of the world peace, so we express a deep gratitude for this.

We, the chairmen of different nations in the world who have participated in the first world conference, pledge as follows:

We solemnly pledge that crossing over the walls of history, culture, national boundary, and race, in order to build the ideal world according to the will of God we are proud of the following that are centered on God:
1) We are proud of the one sovereignty of goodness
2) Proud of the one people
3) Proud of the one national territory
4) Proud of the one language and culture
5) Proud of the fact that we have become unified children centering on God
6) Proud of being able to inherit the one tradition
7) And we pledge to build one world of the heart

We solemnly pledge before the whole world and the humanity that we will march forward with full force toward these goals.

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