The Way of the Spiritual Leader

by Rev. Sun Myung Moon

Section 2: The Significance of Today and the Major Church Holidays [Part 3]

2. The Establishment, Ritual, and Proclamation of Holidays

15) The Ceremony Conducted for Christians

July 15, 1964 (lunar calendar, June 17) 8 a.m., at the former church headquarters in the first district of the Chung Pa Dong.

The number 144 is the number of the whole Israel and the number of the second world-level Israel. The direction of the whole Christianity is to be changed around. Through this ceremony, all of the Christian churches stand in the position of Abel while the rest of the humanity stands in the position of Cain. Our 144 people have to remain loyal as an exchange. Then, we will be able to do, with concentration, all the works performed at the time of Jesus.

The whole body of 144 people (12 times 12) is the representative of the 144-thousand, and although it appears a bit miserable, it has a tremendously large significance. (Notes of Rev. Hyo Won Eu)

16) The Ceremony of Striking Spiritual Satan

August 14, 1964 (lunar calendar, July 7) 7 a.m., at the former church headquarters in the first district of Chung Pa Dong.

17) The Ceremony of Striking Physical Satan

August 21, 1964 (lunar calendar July 14) 11 p.m., at the former church headquarters in the first district of Chung Pa Dong.

18) The Ceremony of Multiplying the Shim Jung Candles

January 5, 1966 10 o'clock, at the former church headquarters in the first district of Chung Pa Dong.

Since Father has selected holy grounds at 120 places all over the world and here blessed children stand, now we have to become one with God.

The significance of this Shim Jung candle is to inherit the heart of Father and restore the position of Adam and Eve before the fall. The meaning behind it is that one must melt oneself in order to light up the world. He prayed that this be the source of our pride and have the power to light our spirit. (Notes of Rev. Hyo Won Eu)

19) The Dedication Ceremony of the Stones

January 27, 1968 1 a.m., at the former church headquarters in the first district of Chung Pa Dong.

I now dedicate the stones and dirt brought from the 120 holy grounds of the 40 nations that symbolize the whole of heaven and earth, so please let this stand as the condition of dedicating the whole of that nation. By performing this ceremony, please allow all the power and authority to gather on heaven's side and cause the power and authority of the Satanic world to crumble.

20) The Proclamation of God's Day

January 1, 1968.

Main points:

(1) The victorious foundation has been prepared, on which God can freely work centering on the tribe or family.

(2) Now, we can achieve the standard that God wished for in the Garden of Eden centering on Adam and Eve.

(3) As this day is being instituted, the march toward the developmental stage on a new dimension has become more feasible. Moreover, because the history until now has been the history of indemnity, all the efforts, sweat and tears, and all our accomplishments were solely for the sake of indemnity, and it could not produce results that God could really be happy about.

(4) However, from now on, all the achievements that we make through our blood, sweat, and tears will no longer vanish as conditions of indemnity in the satanic world.

(5) Our toil from now on will be connected to your own, and you will be able to reap them as your own accomplishments. We have entered such an era. In other words, the time has come when all of our efforts will be consolidated as God's victory. This is a glorious time, a time when God can be happy:

(a) Era when God can intervene
(b) It has become an era when God can coordinate directly centering on the family of heaven

(6) The realm of time has been established when your hard work can bear fruit.

(7) This has become the unlimited source of pride before God. Before Satan, it constitutes a cause of limitless grief.

(8) Due to the institution of God's Day, the time has become ripe for countless spirits of the spirit world to come down to the earth and revolving around the wishes of God launch a full-scale attack.

(9) Until now, the fortune of the world was invisible. Now we have entered the era when you can reap the blessings.

Points to remember at the time of the proclamation of God's Day:

(1) You have to understand the profound significance and value of this day.

(2) You have to pioneer your lifestyle and attitude with this date as a guiding index, and going one step further, you must seek to fulfill your responsibility as the unified tribe to complete the responsibility on the tribal level.

(3) You have to do things that I wanted to do.

(4) You have to equip yourself with all the necessary qualities as a true patriot.

(5) You have the responsibility to teach your descendants about the significance of God's day and leave it behind for them to hold it up as your will.

(6) You have to be dignified filial sons and daughters, and be able to boast before Satan your imposing and intrepid appearance, and complete your responsibility as the embodiment of goodness. (From Rev, Hyo Won Eu's notes)

By proclaiming God's Day on January first of 1968, I restored the position of parents who have not fallen. Through this, Satan will be completely decimated and man will be restored fully. (21-23)

January 1, 1968 is the first joyous day in history. God has been longing for the realization of the ideals of creation when He can finally become one body with Adam and Eve centering on His love and settle down. You have to understand that such a day is God's Day. (Applause) No matter how much the world opposes, and heaven and earth all put up opposition, this date, to God, will still be a happy and fulfilling day, for the first time in history, since the creation of the world. (161-46)

The significance of God's Day is that it is the day when we have entered the direct dominion of God. Moreover, Parents' Day is the day that symbolizes the restoration by the fallen parents of their position before the fall. Furthermore, we have instituted not only God's Day and Parents' Day, but also Children's Day and the Day of All Things. (34-103)

Only on the first day of January 1968 were we able to establish God's Day. Isn't this so? [Yes] Why so? We had to cross over the seven-year course. So, after entering the realm of the direct dominion of God, we can establish God's Day.

Through the institution of God's Day, all the sorrowful days lost in history as well as Parents' Day, Children's Day, and the Day of All Things were indemnified, and we have launched a full-fledged departure on the world level. Do you understand? So, Mother had to go through the seven-year course. It was Adam who was supposed to protect her through all that. (122-105)

Although you have been ignorant -- like an immature child, being carried around on the back while crying and doing all sorts of childish things -- the mission of parents is enormous. They have to decide upon the road that they would take, climb over the mountains that they must climb over, and cross the oceans that they have to cross; this is how they have come so far. So, the fact that through such a course, passing the year 1967 and greeting God's Day centering on 1968 is . . . From there, light finally began to be shed upon the earth.

Next, we have to usher in the era of living a symbiotic life of common fate. 1977 is the physical symbiotic life. From this moment we are to cross over to the era of spiritual symbiotic life. Therefore, the Unification Church is making progress. The holy matrimony conducted in Korea is the basis through which we were able to stand in the position of accomplishing things that Jesus could not accomplish in his lifetime. Even if Jesus were to have gone through the ceremony of holy matrimony, the seven-year course would have still remained. That is the seven years of great calamities. Because we have paid indemnity for it and instituted God's Day in 1968, after that great changes were made possible. (122-107)

21) The Ceremony of the Perfection of the Growth Stage

February 8, 1968

Based on this day, by performing the ceremony in which we climb over the perfection of the completion stage centering on the family, we have entered the position of Adam and Eve before the fall in the Garden of Eden. (23-251)

22) The Seven Months after the Proclamation of God's Day

July 31, 1968 (lunar calendar, July 7) 7 o'clock

23) The Birthday of Jesus

January 3, 1971

Father! In the name of True Parents, this one person here has been connected as the spouse of Jesus, so that they can form a family. Please let the spirit world and the physical world, which could not become one until now, be one through this. Let Cain and Abel, who were divided, join as one. I earnestly pray before you, Father that through the authority, love, life and the power of the omnipotence of the Father, based on this moment, you would allow the authority of the angelic world and the world of Adam to make a new start in the world of restoration. (38-95)

As we perform this ceremony and pass this day, the spirit world will help to move world Christianity. (38-128)

24) The Day of Celebration of Victory

July 1, 1973

This is the joyous day that can represent the liberation of Jesus. This is a day that has historical significance in the dispensation.

On July 1 of 1973, I instituted the historical day of celebration, "The Day of Celebration of Victory," in America. Until now, I have set up all kinds of days of celebration in Korea, but this is the first time in the world I have established the Day of Celebration of Victory. Do you understand? In the history of the Unification Church, this is the day that will mark the new beginning.

The day of celebration of victory could be established because in the second seven-year course we have successfully passed through the difficult era of three years. Because we have passed through it well, we are celebrating the victory. No matter how much Satan opposes, the more he opposes, the more he will lose the ground to stand on. Do you understand what this means? It is going to be very different from the past. The more Satan opposes, the more he will decline. For this reason, the Christian churches have now become exhausted. Even in churches in America, they do not have the strength to put up opposition.

In the near future, we the Unification Church will give rise to a hurricane all throughout the nation. "Oh no, the Chung Pa Dong church headquarters . . . I thought that they were so insignificant and weak that they will disappear the moment Christian churches shout loudly, but . . ." You have to understand that we have established the foundation that cannot be destroyed by any power holder in America. We have established a strong enough base, that even if the American people oppose us, they cannot get rid of us. I have come back after making miraculous accomplishments in about eight month's time. In truth, when I entered here, the voices from the spirit world tell me congratulatory words over our victory. We came out after establishing the Day of Celebration of Victory. I left America on July 7. (Writes on the blackboard) July 7 is a historical day. July 7 of 1973 is a historical day.

I left America on July 7 after deciding upon the Day of Celebration of Victory, and I left Japan on July 8. That is the day of new beginning. At that time, I thought, "Such and such events will take place in Japan. When I go to Japan, I will hear some good reports." just as I had thought, that is what happened. (68-159)

I came back after establishing the Day of Celebration of Victory on the first day of July on the solar calendar, because I entered the position identical to having completed the three-year courses of Jesus' course. All the celebration days of the Unification Church had been established in Korea, but this time, I came back to Asia after setting up the day of celebrating the victory on American soil. (68-271)

25) The Liberation Ceremony of the Moon Tribe Site

August 5, 1973 (lunar calendar, July 7), at Chung Pyung workshop

As you have probably learned from the prayer that I just offered, I prayed for the liberation of the tribal family of the Unification Church. Until now, I have never once prayed for the sake of my own family. I have never offered a word of prayer to God in public, "Please help my mother, father, or my ancestors in the spirit world." I have never formerly made such a prayer. How my parents have become and how my brothers have become . . . From now on, we are not to do that but place emphasis on our tribes and kinsmen. I have loved you more than my family whom I have abandoned. I have loved you more than my mother. I have loved you more than my children. You should pray and see if I have really done so or not. Now is the time to reap that love. I am going to harvest it and love the children. I will love them almost to the extent of insanity. If this is not done on the earth, then I will do it in the spirit world.

By doing so, the spiritual standard of the Moon tribe and the standard of liberation will be fulfilled and what will unfold there in the spirit world is a unified domain of benefit. This relationship will be extended to the countless kinsmen, cousins and distant relatives. Do you understand what this means? When you examine our ancestors, because everyone has been married centering on the Moon tribe or their kinship, the people of the Korean peninsula are linked to this. This event cannot take place when Korea is facing decline. So, my conviction is to depart after opening the door to spiritual salvation. You have to understand that I have been praying and thinking about these things for a long time. Do you understand what I am saying? [Yes]

You have not been attending me on the spiritual standard satisfactorily, but as you connect to your spiritual tribal foundation and become one centering on the dispensation, through the internal spiritual standard the external tribes will become linked. (68-271)

For my kinsmen, this is the day that they are receiving blessing. I believe that through this, a way will open for the ancestors of the Moon tribe to return to the earth from now on and cause the Moon tribe members to work for the sake of the dispensation. At the same time, together with them all the people of Korea who are related to them through blood ties can also become connected. When we consider the fact that in this way every tribe will become connected, this will become the beginning of the opening of the door of the spirit world. Therefore, I hope that you can remember in your hearts this historical day.

You should understand that this day of 1973 is the day when the spirit world can also reconfirm the victory, and we on the earth can also confirm the victory.

The meaning of the term, the unfolding of the fortune of the earth, is that the time has come when the foundation that I have laid externally until now can now be linked all the way to America internally. If Jesus and his disciples could become united then the door would have opened through which they could receive all the blessings of the world.

Although there is a quite a distance in between, just because you are in the land of Korea you should not think of America as another country but a part of the same nation. Although the earth is big, all you have to do is think that it is one nation. You have to think that the Teacher is working in the place where he can serve a greater and more urgent cause for the sake of our nation. You have to understand that I am in the same desperate and earnest position as Jesus who offered the prayer as he ascended to heaven. "Just as the father is in me and I am in father, let them also all become one and be inside us," (John 17:21). I hope that when I return, you will have become those that I can be proud of.

In order to do that, before you live for the sake of the nation, your family has to first become one. When we talk about Abel, the Abel is those who have become united. In a family, they are people who have become one as a whole family. In this way, on the foundation of the unity of the tribe, the tribe will be liberated. So, the fact that trusting you, and knowing that you can become like that, I perform the work of opening the door to the spirit world, a movement to liberate the spirit world, this will bring blessing to you in the future. I know that today is a good day when such things can take place. (69-289)

I performed the ceremony of liberating the Moon tribe in July of last year. Wasn't that so? Without liberating the Moon tribe, just as the path was blocked for Jesus because he could not liberate the relatives of John the Baptist and Joseph, the way will not open up. Accordingly, I also have to liberate my tribes. What caused the deep resentment and sorrow of Jesus was that while the families of Zachariah and Joseph should have united and fulfilled their responsibility on the tribal level, because they did not, Jesus took the ramifications. For this reason, in the age of restoration, unless some tribe brings liberation to it in respect to the dispensational will of God, there is no path for Jesus to take. Therefore, we have to conduct the liberation ceremony. (71-237, 1974.5.1)

The reason that I have chosen my relative, Mr. Moon to be the president:

(1) When you look at the history of dispensation that the Will of God desires,

(2) When you look at it from the perspective of how the Moon tribe has to bring the benefit of the opening of the spirit world on this land, because both of these internal and external aspects are good when you examine them,

(3) If such a path is paved on the earth with the significance of opening the Moon tribe spiritually, then while it is good for you in the Unification Church, it is also good for our people. I should not say more about this. I have laid the foundation for them to be accepted positively as the only ones acceptable.

(4) For this reason, from me, there can be a beginning of the fortune of restoration based on both the physical and the spiritual in this land of Korea. (68-295)

26) The Day of Victory Over Resentment

May 1, 1974

What kind of time is the fight now? Although Satan has been attacking until now, from now on it will be the opposite. Until now, Abel has been making sacrifices because of Cain. But from now on, it is the time when, because the victorious foundation has been laid centering on the national standard. Because the time has come when we can restore the failure of Jesus on the national level and make the connection, Abel is not to sacrifice. It is Cain who will be sacrificed in order to realize the will of Abel. Do you understand what this means? [Yes]

Since such a time has dawned upon us, your hard work from now on will become your asset. If America lives for the sake of the Will, then it will become the property of America, and if we, the Unification Church, toil, then we will have a monopoly over all the blessings in the world. You will see the change in the times in the coming years.

If there had been no fall, originally God was to be at the top and the archangel, Satan, would have been below Him, but it is just the opposite. Accordingly, God has to restore it through Abel and rise up to here. In order to do that, Satan has to be pulled down. The intersection is made here. (Speaks while writing on the blackboard) In order for the intersection to take place, there must be a time of intersection. Isn't it true that there should be such time of intersection? There should come the time when Cain and Abel are crossed over.

The restoration through indemnity . . . When this is changed here there will be indemnity to be received. (While pointing to the writings on the blackboard) It is the same thing. Here, even if it is indemnified down there, when this goes down, indemnity has to be paid here. It is the same. The blessing is received here in this way. So, if indemnity is paid here, one will rise like this. Here, because it is on the side of God, there is no indemnity. Because this is going up, the more Satan goes down, the more indemnity will have been paid. From here, as you extend out from the individual and family and so forth, indemnity will increase accordingly. In other words, here indemnity decreases the bigger it is. When you look at this, all will fall down. Look at it. This is how far apart they will become. Here, indemnity will gradually disappear. Do you understand? For this reason, one has to go past twelve o'clock, midnight, when the day is changing. (Speaks while writing on the board)

This is on May 1 of 1974. That day is the Day of Victory over Resentment. So when I was going to Korea after the meeting in Hawaii, I fulfilled this responsibility and conducted a proclamation ceremony toward God and the satanic world. I have conducted the declaration ceremony that Satan and God are publicly recognizing, "From now on history will be intersected." That day is May first of 1974. From 1954, the time that the Unification Church begun, twenty years have passed until 1974.

God is truly a scientific God. I was not aware of the fact that the first day of May was the day that our church had been founded. God is a scientific person. He planned it and matched it on this day on the 21st year, and gave me a special order to proclaim this day. Only in this way, will it completely be in accordance with the Principle. It is in complete accordance with our Principle.

You have to understand that the day of intersection has come. From now on as long as you have the confidence and attack on the individual level, you will be able to push through. If you launch an attack on the family level, then you will also be able to push over. Although you might have been frightened in the past, from now on, those on the other side will feel afraid. Our situation will improve continuously. The membership will continue to increase. This is how it will become more and more.

Eventually, we have entered the age when we can claim back the spiritual and physical that Adam lost, and having found the original self of Adam, be able to command the Satanic world. For this reason, now you can mobilize the angelic world that has not fallen to attack the satanic world. Do you understand? [Yes] Because your ancestors are considered part of the angelic world, you can mobilize your ancestors to have them help your works. Such a time has come.

From now on, those who oppose the Unification Church will be punished. The attack will come from the spirit world. From now on, such phenomena will take place frequently. You just wait and see. As soon as we cross over to the national era, the spirit world will take away the leaders of the communist world. (72-92)

Recently, I have been restoring and liberating the ancestors. Centering on the standard on which the countless heads of religions, and the entire spirit world can be unified, I have cleared the way for the heads of religions to gather in one place.

On this first day of May, the thing that we have to do is -- although until now Cain has sacrificed Abel and Abel has been paying the indemnity, this must be turned around just like the reverse image on the mirror. The same holds true for the spirit world. I hear that Non San grandmother is going to liberate your ancestors; let her do it. Let her do it all over the peninsula. Especially, let her do all our leaders who have been blessed. I am granting a special favor at this one time.

Until now, by the Principle of the restoration through indemnity, one who is loved by God is erected to the position and by sacrificing him the benefits were obtained. This is how Cain attains salvation through Abel. Isn't it so? [Yes] Similarly for the followers of the Unification Church, because you are also in the same position as Cain, who received the blessing by sacrificing Abel, today spirits of the spirit world attach themselves even to the followers of the Unification Church. This causes them to suffer through pain and making ill those who are faithful. Such things will take place. It is annoying because it is like this constantly. You are to turn them around, telling them, "Now you should not do this, but if you want to obtain benefits then you should go to the satanic world and contribute toward the destruction of the foundation of the satanic world." You have to turn them around. Do you understand what I am saying? [Yes] Until now, no matter what they did to oppose the Unification Church, people went unharmed, but from now on, if they oppose us now, the spirit world will counter the opposition and bring a total destruction. When this is recognized publicly, from there new benefits can be received. We have to turn the path around like this. If I failed to do this on the earth, then for eternity . . . Because you do not understand these things, this is a cause for deep concern.

Some spirits even come and bother my children. Why? It is because there remains the course of dispensational history through indemnity in which God has to even sacrifice his children to save all of humanity. This is annoying. Moreover, because the time is coming when the times will be intersected, because it is the time when we have to go over centering on the era of the world level, and because this era of the world is the era of perfection, although inside the domain of the era of perfection is spiritual, spirits who are in the growth stage are not free to do as they will. For this reason, those in the growth stage must follow and those in the perfection stage must guide. This is how it is going to be. In order to do so, even if it means that we have to give directives here and sacrifice the spirits in the growth level, we the Unificationists in the perfection stage must not be put through suffering. Do you understand what I am saying? [Yes] (72-40)

The God you are seeking makes programs for the dispensation based on formulas and matches everything to the historical plan. When oneness is attained by abiding by the Cain-Abel Principle and according to the environmental conditions, Korea will not be ruined. If this is done, then Korea will not decline. No matter how great the strength of the communists, if it walks the path through which it can become one with the will of God . . . Isn't this true? Because Cain and Abel are becoming one, because they are returning to the side of God, the time to strike is nearing. Based on such principles, we can make the conclusion that Korea will not be doomed. It is not a blind and haphazard thing. Do you understand? [Yes]

Now, what I did during my visit this time is that I have switched this around. I have done the work of turning around what we have suffered through in order to indemnify fully Cain and Abel's history of restoration through indemnity. Now the time has come when I can pray to God with respect to the enemy, "God! Please on the basis of the things that have caused you grief, please liquidate the enemy." Do you understand?

Until now, when I prayed, there was something that hindered me. An offering that is being sacrificed cannot make accusations. Do you understand? So, even while shedding blood and having the leg amputated, what should be done? I have to just keep to the path busily. I was not in a situation where I could speak in my defense, or demand protection from it. For this reason . . . Did I ever publish some protesting words in the newspaper?

Although the Christian churches have opposed me for twenty years until now, posing like a tiger whose back is broken, I have been just trying to understand them. Now, my back is cured. Such a time will come now. Isn't this so? [Yes] Because a mistake was committed at one time in history, there must appear someone who can correct the situation. In turning the situation around, it won't be enough to just use the old-fashioned way with bare fists and simply agree to bring the change. (71-256)

For this reason, you must offer this kind of prayer; "Father, through the ceremony of victory over resentments today, the Cain and Abel history of restoration through indemnity has been turned around, right side up." Until now, the communists have been at the forefront in everything. Evil always takes the first steps. From now on, the good side has to be in the front. Although the evil side has been playing the leading role, from now on, the good side must take its place. Until now, even as the Unification Church was being persecuted, God remained silent as if he was dead. However, from now on, He will embrace the Unification Church as a living God, liquidating the opposing forces for the sake of the Unification Church and demanding many times greater indemnity conditions from them, He will march forward.

What you have to understand here is that I have prayed with the condition, "Here, ancestors in the spirit world have come, and they are not willing to receive indemnity before us; as they help us to subjugate all those who oppose our dispensation, three times the benefit are to be bestowed." So you should pray in this general direction.

Accordingly, from now on, you will see that many who oppose the Unification Church will pass away to the spirit world, and in the near future many of the major figures in the communist party, nations, and the world will continue to be taken away by them. They will keep taking away those who stand opposed to heaven.

When you look at it from the Principle point of view, shouldn't there be a time when such things must take place? There should be such day of proclamation. Just like the saying, "If it is tied up on earth, then it will also be tied up in heaven, and if it is untied on earth, then it will also be untied in heaven." I have special rights as the parent, and as I bring the resolution, centering on the starting point of victory based on these principles and laws where the direction of restoration is secured, here we can celebrate the Day of Victory over Resentment where the sources of Cain and Abel's grief are disposed of. The fact that this can take place is a glorious thing for the Unification Church.

Now, the problems in the nation have become very complicated and even in the church there was this event concerning the meeting of the alumni, isn't this so? These are all unavoidable. They are not some coincidence. In this way, all must come together and meet at one point.

So, I have come on the 25th, and 26th, 27th, 28th . . . on the seventh day . . . You should understand this and I hope that you pray centering on this condition. Moreover, for those ancestors who want to be benefited through us, as they help us in our missions, they can receive the benefit three times greater than if they were to pay indemnity through us. Three times the blessing. Why? You have to understand the Principle that because we have passed through the formation, growth and completion stage, the way will open up for God to have them go through the indemnity three times for our sake so that God can help. Do you understand?

Therefore, this is the day when history, that has been taking such a course, will cross over to the side of God. This moment is that time. (71-239)

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