The Way of the Spiritual Leader

by Rev. Sun Myung Moon

Section 2: The Significance of Today and the Major Church Holidays [Part 2]

2. The Establishment, Ritual, and Proclamation of Holidays

1) The Teacher's Engagement

Four o'clock on March 27 of 1960 (lunar calendar: March 1), at the former church headquarters in first district of Chung Pa Dong, Father conducted the formal engagement ceremony with True Mother (Hak Ja Han) and from the year after this he established this date as Parents Day. (From the notes of Rev. Hyo Won Eu)

2) The Holy Marriage of the Teacher

On April 11 of 1960 -- March 16 in lunar calendar -- the holy matrimony of our Teacher and Ms. Hak Ja Han took place.

The holy ceremony began at ten o'clock. Teacher holy salted the ceremonial hall. The first ceremony was the "Ceremony of the parents of the restoration through indemnity," and was conducted with 700 men and women who were chosen from each church congregation.

After walking out and stepping up to the platform, they offered a brief prayer to Heavenly Father and made a proclamation. Following that there were speeches by Won Pil Kim and Dal Ok Chung and poetry by Kwang Ryol Eu.

Following this was the second ceremony, "The ceremony of the True Parents." The two of them entered again and, after offering their pledge and four bows to God, they bowed to each other three times, and then exchanged gifts. The main body of the ceremony concluded with another bow to each other. Then they stood together facing the members.

According to the order of events, there was an offering of gifts, and as representatives Jun Yeong Lee, Young Whi Kim, and Dae Hwa Chung offered the gifts, and two high school students, Ju Jin Eu and Myung Ae Kim, read the eulogy. The ceremony ended with the pledge of the Teacher and the prayer of blessing. (Sa-Bo, No. 1, page 3)

This is the day that holy salt was used for the first time. (9-79)

In order to liquidate the persecution on the world level, we have to pay indemnity for the physical and spiritual condition of indemnity that Jesus could not fulfill on the world level. Establishing in Korea the foundation for indemnity on which Jesus . . . What is the long cherished wish of Jesus? Isn't it marriage? Isn't this true? [Yes] What is the undying hope of Jesus? Isn't it marrying? What else would the wish of a man be? Isn't Jesus also a man? [Yes] Whose wish is it to marry before God centering on God's love? [The wish of Jesus] It is the long cherished hope of Jesus.

However, since due to his death he could not fulfill his wishes, it is his desire to return again and realize that dream. Therefore, today we have to bring to pass in Korea the wishes of Jesus not fulfilled in Israel and Judaism centering on the Unification Church. What is this? [Marriage] What marriage! It is holy matrimony. I married in the 1960s. By doing so, I established the standard on which the indemnity can be paid. (122-106)

Because I built the foundation of family in 1960, we will not perish now. If I could not build the foundation of family, then we would have been doomed. How historical was the Holy Wedding in the year 1960! The fact that Adam could prepare a foundation on the earth and receive Eve, as perfect Eve, on the basis of the efforts that have been made for six thousand years of history and to find one Adam, signifies that the separation that took place between the spirit world and the physical world is being reunited on the earth.

Man is the representative of heaven, and woman is the representative of the earth. The spirit world and the physical world that had been previously separated are being brought together. The wall, which showed that Adam and Eve were enemies, is being dismantled. This wall that prevented Adam and Eve from meeting God is being brought down. Satan will fade away. In this way, God, Adam and Eve will become one. (122-97)

You do not understand how amazing it was to offer the ceremony of holy matrimony in 1960, after Adam, whom God had longed for six thousand years, came and paid the indemnity on the earth. When God was watching this event, how nervous a moment it must have been, just like walking on a sheet of thin ice that can determine one's life and death. Because I understood the whole picture of the Will, I was able to make appropriate decisions and overcome it. Do you understand? (122-102)

Is the year 1960 a year that we should be grateful for? [Yes] You have to understand how grateful you have to be. Therefore, from 1960, there took place great earthquakes in the satanic world. Historians talk about it too, but why are there such earth-shattering shake-ups? Why are such great changes taking place in the forty-year-period from 1960 to 2000? In order to restore it, it must be dismantled and dispersed and swept away. For this reason, such things will happen in the internal forty years and the external forty years. (122-103)

Centering on 1960, I received Mother, conducted the ceremony of holy matrimony, and centering on the family of True Parents, I have been creating a tribe. (135-178)

After selecting mother in this way, the age of women came to the Unification Church. The age of women is the time of troubles. (122-105)

3) The Ceremony of Blessing the Three Children

Ceremony of the restoration of the creation and the ceremony of the restoration of children. April 16 of 1960, March 21 on the lunar calendar.

Today is the date that we conducted the ceremony of holy matrimony in which three couples of sons and daughters of heaven come together.

At ten in the morning, the first ceremony, "the ceremony of the restoration of the all things," took place.

After the Teacher sat in a chair on the stage he received the bows and gifts of many representatives of members, and following the eulogy read by Mr. Won Pil Kim, the True Parents raised their hands and gave a prayer of blessing. And with the prayer the ceremony came to its conclusion, and there were 21 people besides the Teacher and his wife who were called to take part in the ceremony directly.

Immediately following, the second ceremony began, and this is none other than the ceremony of blessing that ties together eternally the three couples, Won Pil Kim and Dal Ok Chung, Hyo Won Eu and Kit Ja Sa, and Young Whi Kim and Dae Hwa Chung.

With them, the first ceremony conducted was "the ceremony of the restoration of the children." According to the order written above, the three couples spaced evenly apart marched toward the stage where the Teacher was sitting, and stopping in front of the stage they stood in a neat line. While the spirit of the thousands of years dwelt on this place, a nervous and breath-taking question and answer ritual took place between the Teacher and the couples. After that, the Teacher offered a prayer of blessing in resonance with the heart of God, which consummates the history, seeks the beginning of history, and bring the sorrowful historical moments and vicissitudes of the restoration. (Sa-Bo, no. 1, p. 3)

When I give Blessing to families, I should do so revolving around the three families. Do you understand what this means? So even when I was giving blessing to my own children, I did it centering on the three families. There was also that kind of historical significance. Do you understand? Only when you tie together on the earth what had been divided in the spirit world can it also be tied together in the spirit world. Only when the indemnity is paid completely on the earth, will also begin to break down in the spirit world. The satanic world will be driven out. (122-101)

4) The Proclamation of the Day of the Resurrection of the Heart

The primary purpose of the course of restoration that we face today is meeting the Lord of the Second Advent. The mission of the Lord of the Second Advent is restoration of the heart that was lost due to the fall. Therefore, we have to receive him who has conquered the heart to give rise to the resurrection of our generation. (9-89)

The saints and sages up to now have been extremely sorrowful in their mind and body. However, there has been none that felt sorrow in their heart. The lamentation of the world of heart is still a realm just being pioneered. We are called upon to be the vanguard who has to pioneer this realm. Accordingly, we have to pass through the three doors of the plea of the body, urge of the mind, and the pressing by the heart.

You have been called by God to be the vanguard of history that can turn the history around. This is not just in words. Only after the door to the heart is opened can the bridegroom appear and can God freely come and go. Therefore, what comes first is the heart and the second is also the heart.

No matter what, we have to pass through the door of heart. Without setting the condition of having passed through the door of the heart, we cannot be resurrected. Jesus could not enter the kingdom of heaven because he could not solve the question of the heart. So, what comes first is the heart, and what comes thousandth or ten-thousandth is also the heart. Only when this door to the heart is opened can one enter the kingdom of heaven. When the door to the kingdom of heaven opens, only those people who do not have scars on their body, mind, and heart can enter. The one who does the work of Jesus on his behalf without being wounded in their body, mind, and heart is the brother of Jesus.

They can call Jesus older brother. This is a privilege among all privileges. The history of the past was the history of conflict over seizing external land and assets. However, this is the time when the struggle is internally to seize people and ideologies. Because this internal conflict did not come to a conclusion, the door to the heaven remains shut tightly. Only when something perfect emerges will this conflict be resolved and the door to the Kingdom of Heaven open. This is none other than the liberation of the heart. Therefore, heaven and earth have to be liberated freely in respect to the realm of the heart. Heaven and earth at this moment are also lamenting in an attempt to build a relationship of heart.

God created all creation through the relationship of heart. For this reason the heart is even connected to a handful of grass. However, due to the fall of man, this relationship has been severed. If there is someone who can connect the relationship of the heart of heaven and the relationship of the heart of the earth, then he can solve any problem in heaven and earth. (9-88)

In today's celebration of Easter, our heart is the problem. We have to become people who can bring out the original flavor in our practical life, in just the way that God desires. There has not been one person in heaven or earth who claimed to have perfected resurrection. The fact that in this peninsula, where our people live, resurrection is taking place merits our humble gratitude, with our head bowed down. If there is someone who has met this standard, then he is someone that cannot be traded, even for billions upon billions of dollars. Although it may seem that he has lost everything, he is actually someone who possesses everything. They are the son or daughter who return happiness, joy, and fulfillment to father who is coming with the sovereignty of the heart held in his hands. So, we have to engraft ourselves to the world of his heart.

God is our father, and the lord savior is our bridegroom. God helped us be awakened to the longing heart, as well as Godism and loyalty. From now on, we have to march forward while possessing the heart of the parent-child, husband-wife, and king-minister relationships and unifying all ideologies. Under the name of that father, there is nothing that cannot be forgiven and no sorrowful vicissitudes that cannot be solved. In the name of the bridegroom, there is nothing that one cannot yield to. When we become loyal to one king, there is no way that we won't become one. This is the final conclusion of the resurrection of the heart.

During the forty years of my life, I have longed for a chance to say these words. Now that I finally had a chance to say them, you have to keep in your heart that it is an immeasurable honor for you to be able to listen to them. (8-91)

5) Children's Day

November 9, 1960 (lunar calendar October 1), in the former church headquarters in the first district of Chung Pa Dong.

6) The Restoration of the Four Position Foundation

January 27,1961 (lunar calendar, December 11), the birth of Ye Jin Nim, in the former church headquarters in the first district of Chung Pa Dong.

7) The Dedication Ceremony for Women

February 2, 1961 was the dedication ceremony of Ye Jin Nim (seventh day after the birth -- daughters are dedicated on the seventh day and sons are dedicated on the eighth day) in the former Church Headquarters in the first district of Chung Pa Dong.

8) Proclamation of the Day of Substantial Resurrection

April 17, 1961, on the back of the mountain where the Dong Jak Dong public cemetery is located, the Easter service.

This is the day that Jesus resurrected. How great is this day? When you receive the blessing of Jesus you will be able to stand on the foundation of Jesus who has won victory in the spirit world. You have to come with the appearance of the brave soldier who can fight and win over the great enemy of the heaven and earth.

When you go past this road smoothly, then going to the kingdom of heaven is not a problem. Since the resurrection of Jesus is a spiritual resurrection, you should congratulate only after fulfilling the substantial resurrection and reaching the purpose. Only after resurrecting completely can you relate to Jesus as a brother. God greeted this day with tears and lamentation. What is the perfect resurrection? It is the substantial resurrection, which fulfills the purpose of creation. (11- 145)

In order to be a being who can resurrect substantially from now on, one has to indemnify the historical standard and in the real life battle win the victory without falling down. This is the only way to resurrect substantially. The day that this can be achieved is the day of substantial resurrection. Only when this standard is set can one say, "Good bye, world of sorrow, good bye. We are going back," and the substantial world will come. Only by completing the standard of bridegroom and bride, the wish of Jesus, through the course of historical conflict can we finally build the kingdom of heaven on the earth that we long for. (11-337)

In order to usher in the day of the Second Coming, we have to perfect all the historical standards and be confident that we can safeguard anything. Now, if someone who can inherit the mission of Jesus and the heart of God comes, then he is the main character of this world. The substantial resurrection must even reach inside the heart. That is the time when the heaven and earth will turn around.

In order for the day of substantial resurrection to come, there have to be substantial parents and substantial children. Through the substantial resurrection, you have to march to the position of glory. In order to do that, you have to carry on a fierce battle. By doing so, you have to establish the sovereignty of glory. This road must be traveled, regardless if we are dead or alive. (11-338)

9) Ceremony of Victory

February 21, 1963, at the Kang-Won province, Myung-Ju County, Wang-San Myen, Gu-Jel Li, No-In Bong.

10) The Launching of the Ship, Chen-Seung

June 26, 1963, 8:35 a.m., at the port of In-Chun city, Man-Sek Dong.

11) The Day of All Things

The ceremony held July 26, 1963 (lunar calendar, June 6), at the former church headquarters in the district 1 of Chung Pa Dong.

After True Father explained "The Day of All Things" as the day of hope that God has been longing for as he was managing the long history, he conducted the "Hen-Gong" ceremony, when the all things of heaven and earth are offered in the name of heaven's children. The Hen-Gong ceremony was the time that the Day of All Things was instituted. He proclaimed at this time that from the following year the lunar calendar date of May 1 would be decided as the Day of All Things. (Seng-Hwa magazine, no. 29)

12) The Offering for the Indemnity Fund

May 12, 1964, morning, in the former church headquarters in the first district of Chung Pa Dong.

I establish this day as the day when the value of the blood of Abel and Jesus is indemnified. The four years of the seven-year course so far was consumed by the indemnity condition, but the remaining three years will be the time when we come together as one on the foundation of individual victory to climb over the standard of indemnity on the national and world level. (14-69)

Originally, the Day of All Things should have been instituted first, and then Children's Day and Parents' Day should have been established, but the Unification Church has taken the opposite course. I, on the individual level, claimed the Day of All Things and Children's Day, and on that foundation I instituted Parents' Day.

Parents who came with true love cannot establish Parents' Day from the position of true parents unless they first experience the feeling of having been abandoned by the children.

Judas bought a tomb with the money that he bartered for Jesus. Thus we have to use the indemnity fund to prepare a house where the saints can stay. The indemnity fund is the most precious of all moneys. There are many untold stories in the background of this fund. There are many miserable events. (14-70)

13) The Proclamation of the Symbolic Temple

May 23, 1964 (lunar calendar, April 12), at the former church headquarters in the first district of Chung Pa Dong.

The condition that is supposed to be set symbolically and in image is from the individual to the family . . . Its purpose is to expand. The condition is set symbolically, in image, and substantially. In the internal and external conflicts they have to pass through the symbolic and image stages. Nations, religions, and everything are all split apart.

Taking the opposite direction, we are to bring these together. Had Christianity served the savior all would have been fulfilled instantly, but because it failed to do so, this has to be claimed back through the course of symbolic, image, and substance stages.

In this ceremony the Garden of Eden is established, the people are established and by securing them on the earth we are to move forward in accordance with the standard of heaven.

We have to fight with the conviction and attitude that we are the owners of this world and nation.

This is the ceremony in which the heavenly palace, heavenly sovereignty, and the people of heaven are established, crossing over to the new era. Moreover, it is the water of life. You should drink this water together with holy salt whenever your heart is troubled. When the water is about to run out, you should fill it up before six o'clock before someone drinks it up.

Holy salt has the power to separate externally while the water of life has the power to divide internally. Water of life connects to the heart. (From the notes of Rev. Hyo Won Eu)

14) The Ceremony of Subjugation of Substantial Satan

June 9, 1964, at the former church headquarters in the first district of Chung Pa Dong.

A. The First Part

The ceremony of the subjugation of substantial Satan, which will be conducted in three parts today, has the significance that possessing the full powers of the original world and instituting the sovereignty of goodness, it would be possible to govern centering on the heart. Now, finding the servant and the son as well as the parents who are doing the mission of father and mother, we have to prepare the base on which God can govern the world of creation directly.

In order to prepare this base, God has been walking the path of suffering and crucifixion. Now, God is about to reap what he has been giving out until now, and by making righteous accomplishments cross over to the new era.

Until now, in order to pay indemnity in the era of the Holy Spirit, the Holy Spirit also stood in the position of a fallen person, but from now on, the Holy Spirit should be able to directly judge the unrighteous. Until now wrong doings were not interfered with, but from now on, mobilizing the spirit world, everyone must be made accountable for their responsibilities.

Now we have entered the era when we have to serve the father directly. We have to act by receiving the directions of father directly.

Until now, in order to pay indemnity the work was done, but from now on the work must be done in order to make people pay indemnity. Accordingly, you have to stand in the position of the Holy Spirit. Moreover, you have to be a public figure representative of the whole, not the individual self. Your individual feelings and grudges must not affect your carrying out public work.

Because restoration is centered on the parent and child, no matter how difficult a situation you might face, you must live centering on God in order to reap the blessing and subjugate all the enlightened people. From now on, all the enlightened ones will come toward this place. Accordingly, you must act on behalf of Jesus and the Holy Spirit.

You have to offer everything to meet the demands of God. Moreover, you have to absolutely obey public directions. Even if a directive is not good, if you can obey it, it will be transformed into blessing.

From now on, you have to lead a new life before God. You have the responsibility to guide people even if I have not told you to do so. You have to let all the blessings that God bestows bear fruit.

This ceremony joins back together the division in the divine spirit. You have to be more concerned about the dispensation than your own self. Until now we have been toiling in order to pay indemnity, but from now on, everyone will be working to make his own accomplishments.

Until now the Holy Spirit has been at work indirectly, but from now on, God will work directly. You have to also act on my behalf. The second part of the ceremony to be performed at noon is meant to display unforgiving attitude toward unrighteousness and unite heaven and earth, which have been separated. By mobilizing the spirit world and pushing forward a new fight according to the new directive, Satan's substantial body on the earth will be liquidated.

B. The Second Part

If you spread these words with the conviction that no unrighteousness can remain standing before the truth, then on account of this truth, fear will permeate the satanic world. In the future, what will unfold is taking back of the birthright of the eldest son centering on the word. As we spread the truth, the spirits will also help us.

The ceremony performed in the morning was the ceremony to set the condition for the judgment of the heart. The ceremony being conducted in the afternoon is the ceremony to set the condition for standing before heaven and earth centering on the word and uniting the previously divided heaven and earth. Until now, this word has suffered the slanders of this world, but such will not be the case from now on. From now on, as much as we toil away, it will be propagated widely.

C. The Third Part

This third part of the ceremony after the first and second is to set the condition of judgment of character. This is the last ceremony that concerns a nation (Korea). We do not have to do a ceremony for the sake of the world. The tribulations that the nation and the church undergo become the basis for subjugating the substantial body of Satan.

Do not delude your conscience. This will be recorded in heaven.

What did we mix in the water of life? Just as Moses ground up the golden calf and mixed it into the water and make his people drink, we are to mix Satan in. If you hold the delight of a victor in your heart and work without stopping, then it will remain as your own accomplishment. Now, since you have set this kind of condition, you should have the confidence to subjugate Satan. (14-83)

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