The Way of the Spiritual Leader

by Rev. Sun Myung Moon

Section 2: The Significance of Today and the Major Church Holidays [Part 1]

1. The Division and Significance of the Age

1) The Division of the Historical Periods and its Explanation

The number of today's date, July seventh, is 7.7; it corresponds to the second seven-year course.

As you have learned in the principle, there has to be the number 21. For the creation, it is 21 years.

Passing through the two thousand years since Adam and another two thousand years since Abraham, (God) tried to lay the perfect foundation through Jesus.

The two thousand years after that is a history of prolongation. The significance of the two thousand years after that is that in that period the history has to be fixed right again.

When the year two thousand comes, there will be great changes in Korea.

Centering on this two thousand years, I have been paying indemnity during the sixty, forty, and twenty-year history.

The year 1960 is the year when the two-thousand-year period was brought to a conclusion and the forty-year period began. It is:

sixty years from 1920 to 1980
forty years from 1940 to 1980
twenty years from 1960 to 1980
sixty years from 1940 to 2000

When we look at history, it is the time to pay indemnity again. In that twenty years, there are three two-thousand-year periods; all together six thousand years must be indemnified.

The first seven-year course is indemnity for Abraham. The second seven-year course is indemnity for Jesus. The third seven-year course signifies the indemnity for perfection.

When we took at the Unification Church, it can be divided into three stages. The period before Abraham is the period before the dispensation. Similarly even in our Unification Church such a period of preparation also existed. Next, there was the period of total indemnity. Just as in the period of completion of the dispensation, Jesus comes and works, the same thing took place in the Unification Church.

They are analogous to the Old Testament, New Testament, and the Completed Testament. Moreover, these also correspond to the first, second and third course. As you know, the second period is the period of indemnity of Christianity. This is the historical course of indemnity.

Judaism did not recognize Christianity as a religion. Therefore, Christianity developed revolving around the peripheral people, and Christians were treated as strangers. The history of Israel expanded the domain of God while being rejected. At that time, Israelites were at the top. However, in reality it was not the Israelites who were at the top but it was the will of God pertaining to them that was at the top. You have to understand such traditional ideology.

The Israelites became negligent about the will of God while they fell in love with themselves, and Christianity neglected the will of God while it was trying to promote Christian culture.

From now on, even in our Unification Church, we should be concerned primarily, not with the new culture, but with God who gives rise to the cultures.

Even though cultural and national foundations undergo change, God remains unchanging. Because Christianity forgot about the will of God, it is withering away.

The movement carried out by the Unification Church goes through the Old Testament -- the formation stage, the New Testament -- the growth stage, and the completion stage which is equivalent to the Completed Testament. This contains the six-thousand-year history. This has to be shortened into sixty years.

When you examine it, centering on me, there is a twenty-year difference between the sixty years until the year two thousand with 1940 as the starting point and the period between 1920 and 1980. The sixty-year period between 1920 and 1980 is a period of indemnity.

The final third stage completes the indemnity for all history. This is the first, second, and third seven-year courses.

In the period between 1980 to 2000, we are entering the era of restoration of the Garden of Even, when everything is indemnified fully. In other words, the will of God will be fulfilled. We have to set out with one nation. When that time comes, even communism will adore us. The democratic world will also enter a phase of disintegration, and we will be the only ones that remain.

We have to indemnify everything on the world level until the year 1980. You have to understand the reason why in the twenty years between 1960 and 1980 there have been such rapid changes. Who caused this? It was because of us. We have to pave the way from below the ground to the sky -- this signifies that the path must be laid from hell to heaven. Such a thing did not take place in history before.

You have to resurrect it in this twenty-year period. For this reason, we have to conduct a campaign of liberation for the spirit world and liberate the present of the earthly world. We have to liberate both the past and the present. After liberating them, we have to initiate a new worldwide movement. In the twenty-year period from 1980 to 2000, we are to form a worldwide cultural sphere. We have to make this world into a new world in the eighty year period between 1920 and 2000.

Like the eighty years of Moses, in this eighty years, the Kingdom of Heaven on Earth must be built. We have crossed over the number seven to enter the world of number eight. (1974.7.7. Belvedere Training Center. 69-2)

2) The Value of the Time When I am on the Earth

You are not to look for happiness in other places. It cannot be found in the future. In regards to happiness, the time when one can receive parents and together with the brothers find the nation and the world is the highest point of happiness. It is the pinnacle of happiness. No matter how successful one is, if one has lost parents, relatives, and the tribe, then that cannot be considered happiness. Being together with the parents, children, and spouse that one loves, and being with the tribe, people, and heaven is the source of happiness and fulfillment for the individual. This is the only time that can be considered the pinnacle of happiness. After I pass away, such time will never return. (1971.11.26)

My life can be considered the most precious thing. You will never have another opportunity like this. Despite how excited you were about the will of God when you first met me, if you take up the attitude only a few years after that, "I do not care about the dispensation. I just want to be successful myself," then this is very much as if a fiancée turns around and tries to marry someone else. After you die, your corpse will make accusations against you, saying, "What has this lump of meat become?" Young people have to do more! Since the youths that represent the thirty million people are becoming decadent, you have to do more! The heart that you have felt through the will of God . . . Isn't this true? When a student joins the Unification church, more than his own house he wants to come to the church first . . . All of you must have gone through such experiences. The reason for that is that, at the time when the spring season can come finally after six thousand years, you will be pulled into the domain of the fortune of many thousands of years. This is not the fortune of several years, but of thousands of years. It is like that because this is the time when you can be part of the fortune of the many thousand years. Such heart is extremely precious. When you violate this time, you will be violating history. It will be the same as violating heavenly laws. (1971.11.26)

Only after several thousand years, can such things take place based on fortune. Such things must be safeguarded tightly. Think about the time that I teach you. Can such things happen to your ancestors? It is a miracle that in this time and age we have been brought together in this narrow sphere of our lives. The people who, centering on your tribes, can make great miracles and usher in blessings of miracles are the people who joined the Unification Church at this time. This opportunity never existed in the past nor will it in the future. Although everything else might perish, this will remain forever. (1971.11.26)

No matter how many people there are in your family, tribe, or people, the time when you can, on the individual level, accomplish this cannot be found in any other time in history. If the teachings of the Unification Church are true, then this is the only time. (1971.11.26)

For this reason, while I live on the earth, you have the great tasks, lying ahead of you, of creating international political institutions or national institutions, or a national tradition and all things for the future. If you cannot complete this, then the Korean people will have to suffer tremendously. The fact that you have been working side by side up until now in order to build the basis for this and accomplish it is something that history can be proud of. (1971.11.26)

There is nothing else significant besides the fact that you have had joyful moments of serving the True Parents. This is the truth. Think about it. When the spirit world finds out that this indeed is the truth, then think about what gaze of hope and happiness the spirits of the spirit world will hold toward you. This is the position where all the best and highest will consummate in. It is the core through which all the best can be resurrected. (1971.11.26)

The dispensation and I will not always be around. (1971.11.26)

When you reflect on these kinds of questions, you have to realize how fearful and precious this present time is. (1971.11.26)

The position that you stand on is the only such position in the whole world. (1971.11.26)

In this sense, in truth we should be dancing in the Unification Church. (1971.11.26)

This remarkable time when we can pursue the materialization of the hope of the future, this place from which unlimited amounts of hope spring forth, this place, which the eternal God can guarantee, this time is the most important time. (1971.11.26)

When we reflect on the fact that the time that we are living in, right now, is the only such time, it is the duty of the members of the Unification Church to feel that the passage of every year is regretful and sorrowful, make a firm determination live the life of putting your life on the line.

If you lose this opportunity, then another chance will not be given to your relatives and kinsmen. (1971.11.9)

You have to understand that the position that we are situated in at present and this time that we are passing through now, is a great beginning point of history. (1974.9.8)

If we lose this opportunity, then even if we put in several thousand times the effort and strength, we cannot accomplish it. If we lost the opportune moment, all will be lost. If this time passes by, then even if ten or one hundred nations do the job of one nation, still the job won't be done. You have to understand that if you cannot do it, then your descendants have to pay for it many times over. You have to understand how difficult it is to meet this opportunity. (1978.4.2.)

We cannot lose that time, that opportune moment. So we are in a serious situation. When we can time it right, at this moment, then the love of God will come to us.

You have to understand how difficult it is to usher in this time and moment. In order to press the button, countless nations have been sacrificed and numerous religions have been sacrificed. An incredible price has been paid. However, until now, the button could not be pressed. You have to understand that arriving at this era of the Unification Church today, through your fragile, albeit devout, hands things are unfolding in this era. Therefore, how serious are all the spirits in the spirit world and God? (1978.4.2)

In the past, saints and sages walked the road of death with strong faith while not even being sure of how many thousands, tens of thousands of years later such events would take place. Yet for us this task lying before our eyes can be fulfilled, so if we cannot do it . . . (1976.1.1)

3) The Significance of Today

Leaders have to understand what kind of time it is right now. Then, they have to know the mission that we have to do at this time. When you carry out your responsibility, you are not to go about it in a random way. You have to have a clear and deep understanding of your purpose. Moreover, no matter how perfect your understanding of the purpose is, if I tell you to go this way, you must not oppose me. (24-227)

So, what kind of time is it today? This is the time when, on the world level, external things and internal things are to divide completely. This is the time when the internal and external things, having a head on collision, decide upon their fate of life or death. This also is the time when the democratic world and the communist world, materialism and spiritualism come into conflict with each other. Therefore, if you follow the ways of the world then you will be increasingly be pulled into the satanic world. On the contrary, if you deny this world and delve deep into religion then you will increasingly enter the side of God. (102-231)

The era of Jesus is a vertical era. My time is the horizontal era. Would it be easy to usher in this new era? So, we have to pray for more than seven years horizontally. Until now people had to exert themselves for more than twenty years to meet with Jesus in the spirit world and pray. This was unavoidable. These days, you listen to the principle words and all of you pledge, "For the sake of True Parents . . ." In this way, you will enter the realm of heart instantly, within a week. When you realize after hearing the Divine Principle that you have to become the true children of True Parents, then you will enter immediately. How close is that? You have to understand how close True Parents are. (131-158)

The era is nearing more and more the point of resolution. History is flowing toward it and religion and ideology are also approaching it. In order to solve this kind of problem, there are conflicts here and there and there are lamentations here as well as there.

In this time of confusion, just as at the time when people could not believe and things could not be brought to some kind of resolution, Elijah appeared to express a new kind of heart. Isn't there some new voice that reveals the heart of God that could not be found in history? You have to think about this kind of thing. (6-35)

What kind of time is it right now? It is the final stage. Accordingly, everyone is under a coma, so they are in the hour of death. They cannot deal with it by themselves. Here, if there is a God, the issue that he can deal with is the question of how to save them again. (126-112)

Now, our time has come. We are entering the moment that God has been wishing for. Arriving before our doorstep is the era which countless people in history have longed for. The time of hope, for which numerous sages have paved the way by their blood. This depends on our own era.

The way things are right now are like the feeling that we have become bait. We give out scent and circle around big fish with our tails flapping around. I hold on to that bait until the big fish bites, and then I will pull it in. This is how it feels. So, when would we have the time to be tired or linger, and have trivial thoughts? Would you say after a week of fasting, "Fish, if you want to bite then bite and if you don't want to bite then forget it?" When this kind of thing takes place, you will be wide-awake. Even if your bone marrow were to melt down, it is very exciting. (40-22)

The time of material culture based on unlimited energy is approaching. At first, there was an era of eating food raw, and then there was the era of eating cooked meals, and next the era of eating seafood. In other words, the time of taking in nutrition from water will come. In the future, the time will come when we can maintain our health with scientific food. We will jump over the time when man's effort is needed. (4-20)

What do you have to do to walk the path of the Will of God? In order to walk the way of the Will of God, you have to walk the path of the dispensation. Next, there is the period of human rights, and then the period of divine right, and then there is the period of right of love; this is how it is.

What kind of era is the period of material rights in biblical history up to now? It is the period of sacrificial offerings. An offering is a dispensational thing. You need it for the process of the restoration, and there is no need for it in the world of God's Will.

The period of material rights is the period of sacrificial offerings. The period of human rights is the time of sacrifice and service. The period of divine rights is the period of forgiveness. Next, there is the period of the ideal of the rights of love. This ideal is what is desired. This era is the Old Testament era, this is the New Testament era, and this is the Completed Testament era. I believe that the historical courses whose purpose is for you to accomplish the Will of God can be summarized in this way. (118-167)

This is not the time when we can fuss over who is what now, how the area leader, or the regional leader is, what so-and-so in the VOC leader is like, and so forth. We have to unite single-mindedly and focusing on a direction and a goal that the nation needs, fulfill the responsibility of the whole nation on whose foundation the Korean people can obtain sovereignty and establish the ideological basis. You have to understand that in the near future, time will come when you have to conduct these kinds of activities. Do you understand? [Yes] (67-303)

Do not miss or lose the opportunity or have your task be taken away. The only way that you can retain it are the two methods that I have told you. You are to become a person who loves other people . . . If you can put into practice these two things, then you will never lose it. This is the only thing there is. I found that this is the only way. (94-143)

The more you come near the destination, the more exhausted you will be. If God were in your shoes, then he would take the most difficult path, the steepest valley that neither Satan, evil people, nor anyone for that matter can follow. This is for certain. So, those who have the greedy ambition to become a hero for himself will all fall down. All those who are greedy will fall down. Do you understand? (94-24)

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