The Way of the Spiritual Leader

by Rev. Sun Myung Moon

Section 1: The Unification Church and Spiritual Phenomena [Part 3]

2. Spiritual Works and the Help of the Spirit World

3) Mobilization of the Spirit World

As you establish, first, the subjective domain of unification on the earth, which will not fall behind the spirit world. The spirit world of the reciprocal domain of unification will become one and thereby you will be able to enter the realm of victory where you can fulfill the purpose that God anticipates. The earth is the subject. Because the earth is the subject, only when the domain of unification is established here will the spirit world be able to help, and conversely, if the earth does not establish that domain of subjectivity, spirit world will not do so. What is that? Adam and Eve were the subjects. The angelic world was the object. (131-167)

You have to believe in God. You have to rely only on God. In our organization, the subject-object relationship must exist. Because the Principle standard is that those organizations that do not have subject-object relationships will not be able to survive, we have to be the subject and mobilize the angels of the spirit world. This is what we are doing right now. Because it is said that when it is resolved on earth, things will also be brought to pass in heaven, the earth is the problem. (65-152)

The spirit world is the Cain type and the earth is the Abel type. Up to now, the spirit world, which is in the Cain position, has been dominating mankind. Spiritual mediums have been governing over men. They commanded the men on earth to benefit themselves.

The relationship of superior and inferior according to the law of God . . . First we will enter the era when we will institute the law that determines the order centering on the person who is closer to the side of God. The people on earth stood in the position of second son, Abel. With the time of transition dawning near us, when, just like Jacob, we can seize the birthright of the oldest son and by receiving the blessing, win the victory. The spirit world will no longer govern over the earth, but we will enter the time when the people on earth can have dominion over the spirit world.

If this is used, in the opposite manner, then the spirit world will make accusation. That is how it will be. From this perspective, it is clear that the time will pass when countless spiritual mediums on the earth apply all of their spiritual experiences in their lifestyle and earn money by telling people's fortunes or foretell their future to better their own lives. We will enter the time when if they were to do that they themselves will be harmed.

Eventually, it will become the time when things have to be done centered on the people on the earth. The time will come when all must live for the sake of the children of God. When we look at the spiritual world itself, it corresponds to the angelic world before the creation of Adam and Eve. Eventually, this archangel has come to govern over humanity. This is the fallen world. This has to be turned right side up.

Angels were created before Adam. Coming into existence first and by having dominion over the realm of Adam . . . Because until now Adam has been in a worthless position, in other words, because there is no foundation for Adam to come into existence and only the sovereignty of angels existed, all people on earth today have been dwelling in the world of Satan's sovereignty. They have been under the yoke of the spirit world. Do you understand what this means? (83-15)

What is the most urgent thing! It is the issue concerning numbers. The number is the problem. Then, in order to secure a large number, what has to be done? The problem is your abilities. First you have to be capable. You have to have capabilities and then you have to have accomplishments. The way to bring resolution to this is by increasing our abilities and accomplishments. You have been doing witnessing up to now, but the way that you have been employing so far is not acceptable. The fact that you have not been able to make much progress with your method so far shows that such ways do not work.

Then what kind of method has to be used? You have to mobilize the spirit world. The issue at hand is how to move the spirit world to reach the anticipated goals. The reason is that Adam, Eve and the archangel caused the fall, so in respect to you during the time of restoration today, if you are in the position of Adam then the archangelic spirit world has to help you. You have to become one so that the spirit world can help you. Otherwise, you will not see any progress. Without the two becoming one you cannot enter heaven.

Because during the fall Adam and the archangel became one as they fell down, according to the Principle of Restoration, in order to enter heaven you who are in the position of Adam and Eve have to cooperate and become one, and only then you can enter it. The Principle perspective is that although the angel caused the fall, you cannot enter (heaven) unless you are in the position of being led by a guiding organization that can be supported by the angels in restoration. Do you understand? [Yes] (72-35)

The only key to victory in Korea is the mobilization of the spirit world. Do you understand? Do you think this is true? [Yes] All the odds are against Korea, so what is the way that it can win? Suppose that for every thousand people mobilized, ten thousand spirit men are mobilized in the spirit world; then would we win or lose? [We won't lose] Japanese people can only mobilize the Japanese spirits, yet if Korea can mobilize the spirits of the world, then it will win. This is the only way. Do you understand?

Then, what do you have to do to mobilize the spirit world? Since I have told you that as long as we mobilize the spirit world we can win, does it mean that we can mobilize the spirit world just by sitting idle and ordering, "Spirit world, mobilize yourself'? How wonderful would it be if at that time in spirit world they say, "Yes, I have been waiting for you. I will do as you ask."

The only way to mobilize the spirit world is to stand in the most serious position. You have to be clear on this. In order to mobilize the spirit world on the world level, you have to possess the spirit of the patriot on the world level and shed blood and sweat for God. Only in such position can the spirit world be mobilized. This is a hard truth that I have experienced. You might not have experienced it, but this is how it is.

You have to be ready to invest your life and face death, and setting out in pursuit of the ways of the patriot and saint, you have to love the nation and the world. In the position where you have completely forgotten yourself, you have to put on a hard struggle with the attitude that it is all right for you yourself alone to perish but you will not allow the world to decline because of you. Only when you stand in such a position will the spirit world help you. Do you understand? I found that the question of how much you stand in front of other nations in regards to this matter is the essential factor that determine victory or defeat. Do you think that is true or not? [It is] It is certainly true.

When we look at the spirit world, who is the person that the spirit world likes? Looking at the question on the world level, of course it will probably like the Japanese people, as well as Koreans and Americans. Although the spirit world likes all peoples including the English and German, there is someone whom the spirit world likes the most. Perhaps that person is the Teacher Moon of the Unification Church. Do you think that they like me in the spirit world? [Yes] The spirit world will support whatever I am trying to do. Is this true? [Yes] For this reason, as long as you become a group of people that please me, the spirit world will be attracted to you and help you.

Then what is the problem? Just like the direction I have given, the question of which nation is spearheading is ultimately the conclusive point for mobilizing the spirit world. Do you understand? [Yes] Even when the task forces engage themselves in a fight, there will be teams who fight only after having completed the things they want to do and there will also be teams who put all of that aside to fight intently.

So, are you going to be the ones who are fighting with zeal and determination or be the ones who are fighting on casually? [Fighting with zeal] You have to be on the teams who fight on with zeal and determination. Those who say, "It's time for breakfast in the morning, so we should not fight," are not being intent enough. Moreover, ones that say that they cannot fight because it is time for lunch are also not being zealous enough. One who is zealous does not have any time to eat or rest. Unless one fights with all of one's heart and soul, one cannot mobilize the spirit world.

We arrive at the conclusion that because the earth does not have a subject around whom the spirit world can coordinate its activity. It cannot provide help permanently. You have to be so preoccupied by it that regardless of night or day, every part of yourself is consumed by it to the extent that even if you are alone, you unconsciously mumble about it. When you proceed with a deep concern about the dispensation and have the mindset that in this way you are going to carry on an exemplary campaign for the purpose of taking the nation back, the spirit world will without fail be mobilized to help you. Do you understand? [Yes] (58-98)

You have to understand that decades ago I have fought while shedding tears for the sake of this Korean peninsula. In my youth, the time as beautiful as a blossoming flower . . . That was during the Japanese occupation era. You should never forget that while our enemies were trampling upon this nation I have established the tradition of appealing to God with showers of tears, and God has established a tradition. You know the will of God now and your age is just about the same as mine during my youthful years.

So in order for you to receive copious help from God, then you have to surpass the degree to which I used to pray for the sake of this peninsula in the past, and inheriting that spirit you have to offer similarly urgent and earnest prayers centering on your area. If you do that, then I am confident that the peninsula will be turned upside down without any difficulty. If your strength is inadequate, then God will help you live on. (153-279)

4) Help of Ancestors

You should always think, "I am the son of God." Because "I" am such a subject, then all the objects that I deal with will have equal status and value as the son of God, the subject. Therefore, even a patch of grass that I relate to will be blessed. So, even toward the town that you are going to visit, you should have the attitude, "Oh, today to this village, a man for who it longs for will come . . ." You have to continually have the attitude, "Those whom I deal with, and those to whom I speak sincerely and freely with will be blessed . . ."

If you can become such a person, then when the village persecutes you, spirit men in the spirit world will help you and become one with you as comrades. Even if a town opposes you, they in the spirit world will try to help you. However, when they help you in the spirit world, they are doing it for that purpose which they have in their mind. (66-259)

Although the good ancestors among your ancestors have provided service for the works of God centering on Christianity at one time or another, if you serve the causes of the Unification Church horizontally now, then the ancestors of those of you who believe will all be resurrected. Why is this so?

All ancestors are the children of Adam. Although God's dispensation had been centered on Judaism and was connected through Christianity, now, because it has unfolded horizontally on earth, just like the people who have believed in Christianity for thousands of years, those who believe the Unification Church will have laid the foundation for the good ancestors to be linked to and work on the earth. (90-320)

The spirit world will also help. This is the time when their ancestors have no choice but to be mobilized. Because the spirit world has to be supportive about things that I have prayed about, their ancestors will help them. For this reason, when they go back after receiving education, they will want to come back to the workshop site again. Up to now, many people have come and gone. Even today there were people who came for a visit. (134-42)

Just like believers of major religions in all cultural spheres come down to the earth and support their fellow believers to help the progress of the world, the tribes of you who are in Korea now are supposed to stand in the commanding position similar to the clan heads in order to inherit the same benefit for the works done by your good ancestors and saints of the four major religions while they were on the earth. In other words, you face the era when they can stand in the position of archangels through the returning resurrection to assist Adam.

Now is the time when your ancestors will help. In the past, evil ancestors used their descendants for their own benefit. However, from now on it is the time when good ancestors can come down and work. For this reason, you really have to bear the cross. There must emerge people who are willing to bear the cross of the tribal level, and pay indemnity on behalf of the people, bear the cross for the nation and the world, and pay indemnity for the nation and the world. Because the hope of the nation and the people lies in the era of the world-level ideology, spirit men have not been able to stand in high positions but remain at the very bottom. However, if, in this time of the domain of worldwide merit, you bear the cross and fight, then because of you, all of them can be resurrected immediately. Then, from the horizontal position, you will have laid the foundation to save generations of your ancestors. This is the only way that your kin will be liberated. Do you understand what I am saying? [Yes]

You have to bear the cross. You have to take responsibility for the indemnity on the individual level, family level, tribe, people, world, and heaven and earth level. Representing this nation and land, you have to march forward as brave soldiers of liberation. You have to bear the cross, and being hit by arrows you have to overcome all difficulties. If you stand in a difficult position and endure the beating for the public causes, then you will later be rewarded to the same degree. You have to offer the prayer, "Even if I am not to be rewarded, please forgive all the wrongdoing of our ancestors. Our ancestors hesitated and wavered, and while going this way they at times walked the opposite direction and did all sorts of bad things, so please forgive them for having done so. Even though they hesitated, please open a way for them to qualify for returning resurrection as the ancestors of direct lineage who can play an important role in the dispensation of God." This is your responsibility. You have to bear the cross of sacrifice for this.

First, you have to liberate your ancestors. You have to understand this. Then, you have to liberate your kinsmen. Have you assigned yourselves in your hometown in order to do this now? Being dispatched to the hometown is taking place for the first time in the six thousand biblical years. In the history of restoration wherein Cain is supposed to be given salvation, there are no theoretical grounds of the salvation of hometown. You are supposed to return to it and save it after loving Cain first. Isn't this so? Because I have returned after having paid indemnity for the Cain on the world level, you are bestowed with the blessing. (172-254)

When you become the person who can work on behalf of God after having inherited His will and ordered the ancestors in spirit world, "Please adjust your orientation with the direction that I am pointing at," what is the direction that all of those spirits want? When you say, "We are to march toward the destination of the ideal world of love," would the spirit world say, "No?" What they will say is "Amen." (173-112)

5) Liberation of Ancestors

In this historical era, there will come a time for the intersection. Even in your lifetime, there is a time for intersection. This also holds true for such questions as marriage. There are more eras of bad intersection than the eras of good intersection. If the ancestors of both sides are bad then there certain misfortunes will take place such as sudden death or accidents that you have never even dreamed of or imagined. This is true both for individuals and nations.

For this reason, there is not one nation whose path is smooth. It might first unfold this way and then move that way. It will move going up and down like this. When you draw the sine curve, then there will surely be an intersection. This is the way that the progress has been made. This was the case during the Old Testament era, as well as the New Testament era and now.

Therefore, the reaction of the ancestors will be reflected on the earth and it will cause the knot to be tied and then undone. Through this process our fortunes and misfortunes will be decided. Our Unification Church has now entered the historical era of intersection.

The person that I want to introduce to you is Grandmother Non San. You have to understand that this grandmother has suffered tremendously. Why did I raise her up? Now is the time when the physical world and the spiritual world are to come together and intersect. We are entering such a time. The spirit world has to come down to the earth to perform the liberation ceremony and the physical world has to rise up to the world in heaven to secure its foundation. We have entered such a time of intersection.

Neither Christians nor regular followers of a religion understand the concept, Liberation of the Ancestors. When you observe the ceremony, it may seem like some shamanistic ritual, and it does not feel comfortable. Superstitious aspects can be found in it. However, originally, religion cannot stand without some kind of superstition. Jesus? That is also a superstition. In a large sense, it is a superstition. It is a superstition with a great significance, to which elaboration can be provided and a clear perspective of purpose can be added. Jesus had performed many superstitious acts. Walking on the water, and so forth. How can you believe all that? They are incomprehensible. (75-249)

What kind of time is it right now? When you took at the whole world, then you can see the unfolding of phenomena in which people are becoming paranoid. Why is this so? This is because the spirit world and the physical world are being intersected. When they are being intersected, the good people are not the ones who come first. Who is the one who gets to know the news faster? It is not the good people who learn of it first, but is the enemies who find out first. It is the enemies who try to find out the news about the good side first. Similarly, when the spirit world descends upon the physical world, it is not the good spirits who come first, but the evil spirits who arrive on the earth first. Because the spirit world will come down, this is the way that it is done.

When we look at our situation from that perspective, we can see that we need leaders who can cause intersection to take place. In this position, it is Grandmother Non San who is liberating the ancestors. In liberating the ancestors, good ancestors, and not the evil ancestors, are the ones that are being liberated. Moreover, because Korea has a worldwide mission, only when such movement begins in Korea can it be expanded out to the world. This has to be performed by everyone. (75-251)

The thing about resolving the wishes of the ancestors and so forth, when you observe them all is like some noisy shamanistic ritual. I know that very well. I understand very well that aspect. The spirit world has to go through such a process. Only after it is crossed over several times . . . For this reason, the ancestor who appeared first . . . In the first hour Satan enters and in the second hour good ancestors come in. One hour is taken up by the evil spirits and another hour by the good spirits. You have to separate these. You have to ward off evil spirits with evil spirits. (75-255)

From 1975, the spirit and physical world must truly become one. So, shouldn't spirit world and physical world both be forgiven? While the spirit world is forgiven and liberated, we have to simultaneously forgive the Christian ministers who have committed mistakes. For that reason, aren't we doing this now to forgive the ministers at this opportunity? The spirit world and physical world both have to be forgiven. As a result, those who are forgiven feel that they are indebted to us, so they will support us. You have to understand that such a path is opening up. (75-260)

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