The Way of the Spiritual Leader

by Rev. Sun Myung Moon

Section 1: The Unification Church and Spiritual Phenomena [Part 2]

2. Spiritual Works and the Help of the Spirit World

1) Spirit World Is a World of Heart

There is so much to the facts in the spirit world that if they were to be recorded in books, many tens of thousands of books will still not be enough to contain them all. Because the spirit world that has been revealed and taught to men so far is only a small part of it, you cannot unravel the whole spirit world based on the books that have introduced it so far.

When we ask the question, whether or not the words recorded in the Bible contains the whole picture about the course of faith that men have to go through or whether or not it contains the contents needed to restore the whole value, I want to say that the answer to both is negative. There might be some people who curse at me for saying these words, but . . . So, as the condition of faith, it commanded people to believe in Jesus. God has been performing various works in order to have people believe that Jesus is the person with the highest value. (3-20)

Do you understand how complex the spirit world is? Nevertheless, Non San, the grandmother there, performs spiritual works. If I did not understand it all, this Unification Church probably would have already shattered into pieces. Countless spiritual mediums are sent so that all of this could be taken care of.

How do you, centering on the Principle perspective of the world, set the standard of criticism on the individual level, the family level, the tribe, people, nation, and the world level -- the standards that God uses? That standard will not change along with the changes that have been made in historical times. We have to seek after a standard that can uphold an absolute era and digest the absolute era. Where is such a standard? This is the place where the heart is. You have to proceed forward while feeling it in your heart. Do you think they think about God's heart and the sort even in their dreams? All these neurotic people and dogs of impure breed are making so much noise. The ship that sails without knowing its direction and destination will sink. (71-49)

What you have to understand is that in the spirit world, everything is connected with God as the center. However, such is not the case with the physical world. There is no center. Because it is not a center based on God but based on evil, everything is in contradiction.

However, in the spirit world, everything is unified. Even if everyone is not of the same rank and there are those who are in higher position, and although everyone is from different regions, they all know that all must follow after heaven. Spirits of a lower level must also follow centering on God; such has become the goal of life, which is like a concept of faith. This has become the eternal goal of life. This does not exist in the physical world. (161-220)

3. The Spirit World Is Amazing

Before us, the time for the invasion of the spirit world is nearing. In the physical world today, there are many strange phenomena which we cannot understand taking place. For this reason all of you must nurture your own spiritual power, and those who fail to do so will be pushed out. Those who are pushed out will naturally face judgment. (4-154)

The way things have been in the course of history up to now is that when two entities are engaged in a conflict, the one that is better has won. This is the basic principle. What will happen when the physical world enters the domain of one ideology? One that is more good than the earth will win. This is the time when the spirit world attacks the physical world. For this reason, many unknown diseases today break out in the nervous system and similar type of illnesses. This cannot be cured with medicine.

The time for spirit world to attack the earth has come for the sake of an ideology that can bring harmony to heaven and earth. Because it is the time when a man on the earth acts on behalf of the will of God, in order for oneness to be achieved, there will be a fight without fail. It is at the time of judgment when the one world that is born out of the two worlds previously in conflict with each other comes together centering on heaven. In such times when the spirit world launches attack on the earth, the one who comes with the mission as the commander in chief capable of representing the earth is the Lord of the Second Coming.

You who have departed on the course to build the third Israel! What do you have to do? You can find a way out only by understanding the law of the spirit world. You have to understand how to decode the orders. The only way for an army of a nation to prevent itself being attacked by its own side is understanding the secret codes that its side is using.

This is the time when the cipher of heaven can be understood. Now is the era of communication by secret codes. It is the time of communication by the codes of the dispensation of history and codes of man and mission. It is the time when through this kind of code, people can communicate with each other, execute plans and strategies, and replace ideology, for the unification of the earth. (3-353)

Until now the evil spirits of the spirit world have been attacking the earth, but from now on, good spirits will come to save mankind. In the past evil spirits attacked and dragged people to hell, but now good spirits will attack to pull people up to heaven; such movement will begin. The opposite world will unfold.

If there were no fall, then Adam and Eve would have been able to go anywhere in the spirit world. Wherever they went freely on the earth, there would not have been anyone who would oppose them. If they had normalized the foundation of one lineage centering on God's love, then children who are centered on God will be able to pass through anywhere in the world and spirit world. You have to understand this. What you have to understand is that because of the fall, the root has been altered. (161-248)

Until now, evil spirits and devils have been giving both the disease and the cure. When evil spirits are at work you can feel your body shivering in fear, but when it is the good spirits at work, you will feel good without apparent reasons. You will want to dance, like this and . . . When Satan is at work, then you will feel as if you are becoming stiff in a cold room. You have to feel this in the Unification Church as well in the satanic world.

When you come to the Unification Church, you feel joyful and free. Your heart is at peace and is free no matter what you do, but as soon as you go back home, you feel chills. This is true even if you are going back to your own house. If you stand on the side of Satan you feel chilly, and all the things that your parents say will sound very strange. Such things will take place. You will grow to dislike even your beloved husband or wife. Those of you who have been feeling these things raise you hand. Please put them down. Those who are not feeling this are all fakes. In America or in the world, no matter how thoroughly people examine what kind of mysterious powers Rev. Moon has, they cannot figure it out. They will never understand it before becoming a member of the Unification Church. (90-198)

If you just barely make it over the hill, it is not the case that the spirit world does not exist. In the future, there will come the era of super-sensitivity. The time will come when there is none who is not opened to the spirit world. The time when the people attack the earth will pass behind us and then the spirits will attack. Although Satan and devils are launching the attacks now, there will come a time when the good spirits will attack. I am doing all this in order to pave the way for that. When you look at the heart of parents toward their children, it is good because there is a parent who can live for the sake of the child with the loving heart, from the position of love.

Ladies and gentlemen, we have come this far up to now. This is the path that we have to walk no matter who denies it. Moreover, it is the path in which we have to walk the road of death. What are you going to do if you are going alone? If you encounter a desolate spirit world, then where are you going to go? Do you have a nationality? Where do people who do not have nationality go? Do you have a house, where do you go? It will become the most fearsome world. There both Satan and angels will come. If you stand on the side of Satan, angels will not come. (61-327)

Right now, countless spirits are descending upon the earth from the spirit world like patches of clouds. If we do not understand the spirit world, we will lose the opportunity to obtain their help. In our work, if we collaborate with spirit world and receive the help of those spirits, then we should be able to reach our goal faster.

We do not know what kind of crisis will fall upon us in our future. To be ready for it, we have to make all the preparations. The reason that the missionaries sent to different nations in the world have been able to build a firm foundation for missionary activities is that there was help from the spirit world. While we conduct the missionary activities, we have to draw plans to protect ourselves. The spirit men understand who I am and what I am doing. For this reason, when you possess my picture, spirit men will help you to overcome crises. Moreover, they will protect you.

You are a group of people who have set your foot on the fateful road of serving and following the True Parents. Accordingly, in respect to the fight with Satan, we are like the soldiers who stand at the frontline. Therefore, we are in great need for the protection and cooperation of the spirit world. We all want to cross over the mountains of barrier that lie before us. (130-291)

1) Good Men Will be Helped by Good Spirits, Evil Men Will be Helped by Evil Spirits

Today, you who live in the human world can observe spiritual phenomena centering on the human world. Regardless of time and place, religious people as well as all the other people live in the environment where they have become intertwined with the spirit world according to some karma of the spirit world; such is the undisputed historical fact. The fact that through the course of history or through our daily life such things do take place can be witnessed through dreams or other mysterious experiences, and this holds true even if we do not believe in a religion.

So when you look at the spirit world, it is divided between good and evil spirits, and receiving its influence, the earth is also divided into good and evil people. This is the logical conclusion. It matches with the theory. For this reason, what is the proper concept of an evil person? There are those who receive the help of good spirits and there are those who receive the help of evil spirits, and we draw the conclusion of good or evil person based on these two types of internal content. (131-167)

What has the spirit world been doing up to now? Leaving God out of the picture, what have our ancestors been doing so far? Those who are trying to add burden on the earth are the evil spirits, and those who are trying to take the burden away from the earth are what kind of spirits? [Good spirits] They are the good spirits. Why are they good spirits? Good spirits stand on the side of God, and the reason that they are good is because they have aligned themselves with God.

Then, what is the best good of all the good? You have to understand this clearly. You cannot have a haphazard attitude toward good and evil. When we consider the question of among all the good which one stands out as more good, the answer is that rather than one who wants to take the burden of an individual, the one who is trying to bear the burden of the whole family is the better person. One who takes responsibility for the family is better than the one who takes responsibility for an individual. Isn't this so? [Yes] Why is this so? It is because this is the way God is. This is the way that God works.

What is the purpose that God has been pursuing through the dispensation up to now? It is not for the sake of the happiness of one individual man, or to achieve some individual goal. He has been toiling in order to reach the goal that the whole world desires. The purpose of seeking after the individual is that, having found the individual, one can seek after the family, and the reason for pursuing after a family is for the sake of finding the tribe. In this way, the scope has to continually expand in order to reach the levels of people, nation, and the world. (62-191)

The reason that Christianity has become a world religion is that in each era whenever they encountered difficulties, they sacrificed, and for the fulfillment of the much desired heaven, the ideal kingdom of heaven, in the last days they sacrificed everything including their lives to fill up the internal content. When the individual content is about to overflow, they moved on to the era of family level.

Although we are not aware of it, God brings the resolution. If there were such people, then I do not know about that people, but who is the one that helped them go beyond the individual era and connect up with the family era? It is God who did that. By mobilizing the spirit world focused on the directions that He would give through the spirit world, "You should head this direction," God links up with the environment. Every such time, the saints or prophets who receive the revelations are not in line with the position and pace of their era and environment. The opposite phenomena took place. This is the reason that they could not be understood. (168-82)

What you have to reflect on is the fact that the spirit world is active twenty-four hours a day without any rest. You have to understand that it transcends time and space. Does the spirit man in spirit world need a time for rest? [No] You should think about it. How amazing is that. Is that a good thing or a bad thing? [It's a good thing] What is so good about it? Why? (107-13)

The history before the third seven-year course began and the history from now on, when the third seven-year course has begun is very different. Centering on this third seven-year course, the evil forces will diminish and the good forces will be on the rise. Therefore, you have to understand that this period of the third seven-year course is the time when the spirit world and the physical world are supposed to cross over.

Seen from the perspective of the spirit world, evil spirits, good spirits and spirits who are in between exist simultaneously. Just as men are supposed to pass through the three stages of formation, growth and completion, by being connected to the third seven-year course, and by the institution of the course, what will happen is that the way will open up for the good spirits to communicate with the earth. This has to come about. Because the formation and growth stage remain in the realm of Satan's dominion, and because they are within the domain of the evil forces, the evil spirits have played the primary role and evil people were able to control this entire world. However, from the institution of the third seven-year course, this situation will begin to turn upside down.

When the intersection takes place, the spirit world will descend and evil spirits are the first to come down. Isn't the time of intersection the time when the middle-level spirit world is surpassed and we have crossed over to the good spirit world? When we do go over, good spirits and people will be on the rise while evil spirits and people will decline. Until now, good and evil have gone up at times and have gone down at times, intersecting in a disorderly manner, but from now on, I believe that we will enter a new era when good and evil will be separated completely.

Therefore, what will become the problem from now on? When the good individual, and good family, tribe, people, and the form of a good nation centered on that individual can rise above the level of the nation just like how Satan has formed one nation, we will enter the era when goodness will completely prevail over the whole world. (75-193)

Suppose that there was a group that had the power that amounted to one hundred. In order to overcome it, one must combine forces to reach one hundred ten, one hundred twenty or two hundred. Thus, through the process called war, humanity unconsciously moves into the domain of development in clusters or in synthetic manner. When there is a fight, there will always be a division into the good side and the evil side. God controls the good side while Satan controls the evil side, but the good side always wins the victory. The good side has always won. In the end, this history of conflict is man's history of war after the fall, but humanity has not been aware of the fact that what took place in the background is the history of war between the good spirit and the evil spirits.

In this fight over the people, even spirits who have passed away combine their forces to fight on. Good people are helped by good spirits and evil people are helped by the evil spirits. In this way evil people go to the side of Satan, while the good people go to the side of God . . . Humanity does not know that the physical and the spiritual come together in this manner to further the history of conflict. (161-13)

2) To Receive the Help of the Spirit World

If the members of the Unification Church do not live selfishly but live for the sake of the whole, then all the good spirits will protect us. So, wherever you go your heart is at peace . . . They will all come to protect you. When you go to the spirit world, since the spirit world is the place where those who have lived for the sake of others go, people who have lived selfishly will have the hardest time. People who have entered the altruistic world can march forward by having a relationship with the whole world because they have lived with an altruistic heart, but those who have lived selfishly will have to turn back. They would have to turn back because they are driven out ceaselessly. Therefore, these people will gather in different groups of similar types to go down to hell, to hell.

So, right now, these kinds of good spirits have descended to help you. Your ancestors are all helping you. (164-308)

What is the most important aspect of our heavenly lifestyle oriented toward the dispensation? It is a lifestyle that can win sympathy from heaven. A lifestyle that can obtain sympathy.

For a district leader today, there is a standard that heaven measures you by. Suppose that God observed you with the standard in regards to ten things, but there were five, which did not meet the standard. Then, the condition of opposition will be at work to the degree of five and members will fall away as a result. Not only would they fall away, but also, your environment will strike you. If a district leader falls down due to his failure to complete his responsibility in this manner, then he will not have another chance to revive.

However, if you penetrate into that environment and before the standard of God you fulfill up to twelve or fifteen, then the ten that heaven claims will be yours and you will stand in the position of having completed the responsibility while the remaining five will be bestowed on earth. After it is given, because you were the one who made the contribution, it will always remain the foundation that you have a say in. What is implanted will become the foundation that can replace the role of life in step with the fortune of this era, so that it will become the basis on which heaven can work here.

As long as this foundation remains, because there is a condition for it to be used as the stage and the foundation for the spirit world to help defeat Satan, for the people who serve heaven, they will always be in the position to receive the sympathy of heaven. If they stand in the position where God can sympathize, then it is the fundamental principle of heaven and earth that they automatically win the sympathy of all the people whom are living for heaven. (153-281)

What you have to understand is that, when you make the determination and act for the sake of heaven in the state that your faith is at its peak, then the good spirits will come down from the spirit world to help you. However, if your heart of faith weakens, then those spirits that have been helping you will leave you one by one. When they depart, how sorrowful will they be, and after they return, when will they come back to earth and cooperate? If they leave you once, it is difficult for them to come back to you again. For this reason, you have to understand that you need to act in such a way as to increase the number of spirits around you first. This is the way that your work will make progress in leaps and bounds. The heavenly fortune will be bestowed onto you. The heavenly fate will . . . Do you understand what I am saying? [Yes] (161-273)

The spirit world, fully mobilized, will come again and help. You have to understand this. With one condition, you have to work harder than the spirit world. Adam has to put more effort in than the angel does. It is the same thing. When the spirit world helps, is it trying to be indebted to you, or are you trying to be indebted to it? In the spirit world, they want to be indebted to you. However, how can you, who are in the position to give benefits and become the master, be worse than the spirits who are trying to be indebted to you? How can you be masters like that? Do you understand what this means? So when the spirits of that area help, more than anyone who has lived in that region, you have to have the absolute conviction that you will not retreat even one step when it comes to the question of being loyal to God. (102-98)

Ladies and gentlemen, you cannot make it without the help of the spirit world. In order for the spirit world to help you, you have to be sincere. All of you have to be earnest and sincere. As the son of God, in the pure position of having transcended all the content of the fallen lineage, by taking after the heart of God, you have to seek the position of the son, whom God cannot but always think about. Can you come to know this? You will come to understand if you know the Principle. (75-180)

Speaking in terms of water, if that side is the higher side of water and I am the lower side, then I cannot flow down. Always they would want to come toward me. So, if I achieve the state of vacuum, then the high-pressure zone will naturally approach me. This is the Principle.

So, wherever I go I will connect to the place with the low-pressure zone. What will take place is that good spirits will rush toward it and good phenomena will occur. In other words, a new movement will unfold. This is the reason that every place I go there is always a problem. Even if I don't do anything, a fight will begin. A big fuss will be made, people arguing outside whether it is good or bad. How noisy is it nowadays? Recently, people have begun to testify that Rev. Moon is a good person. Isn't this true? (131-33)

As soon as we go past the eighties . . . I have amazing plans but I cannot tell you right now. Keeping this in mind, I hope that you can persevere, holding a great pride in having joined the Unification Church, and no matter what kind of stone walls you are to meet, with the firm determination to penetrate through them, go out and do your mission. Moreover, spirit world will provide ample assistance.

You have to have confidence that you will succeed in the work that you are involved in. You must set out after having received a guarantee from the spirit world. Having done so, you must continue on your activities. Do you understand what I am saying? [Yes] In order to do this, you have to have a purer and better heart than anyone else does. While praying and adjusting yourself to the rhythm of heaven you must proceed forward. In this way, you have to have the training in your life, which will teach you to walk the course of indemnity with gratitude. I believe that you cannot make progress without doing these things. (88-261)

Then the question is why can't the spirit world help you? It is because you are not abiding by this Principle that they cannot help you. If they help you, the end result would be helping Satan. (97-176)

The spirit world cannot be moved that easily. You have to understand that without embodying the Principle, it will not move. (102-47)

If there is a village whose whole population can be won over to the Unification Church, then centering on that village, in order to manage the responsibility towards the borough, county and the state, you have to transcend your own village. You have to understand that if God had put in a lot of effort to prepare this foundation, then you cannot be successful with the county and the state without putting more effort than that.

When we look at it centering on the Unification Church, to what degree is God helping the Unification Church from behind the scene? At this time, how much is God helping the Unification Church? Centering on the degree of that help, we have to be prepared to toil to a greater extent. (30-19)

What kind of people does God help? They say that God helps those who help themselves. All you need to do is do well independently. This is the absolute condition. You can never stop or retreat voluntarily. This is the formula. Those who want to deny it try your way and see what happens. Try thousands or ten thousands of years and see if you can succeed. If it were possible in that way, I would have been the first one to take advantage of it. (172-164)

What do you want to be in charge of? Have you ever thought about what you want to do and how much you want to do it? You have to have the attitude that it is absolutely you who would do it -- that you yourself have to do it. You should never want to rely on others' support. You have to have the mentality that you will have an impact on others, and others will not influence you. This is the only way that God will help you. This is also true for heaven. Heaven helps those who can have impact, not those who are just influenced by others. (132-10)

You have learned it in the Principle. When you become the perfect plus, then perfect minus will emerge. When I was in the prison I did not open my mouth, but I still managed to do a lot of witnessing. Even under the situation where it would have been absolutely disastrous for me to be discovered before the swords and guns of the communists, the spirit world helped me. You have to understand that despite that God, who had been helping me, is more than ready to help you. But, because you have not become the center of that kind of conviction God cannot help you. (69-288)

You have to decide everything on your own. So, you have to have your own set of secret formulas. It seems that it is not enough to just follow such basic principles when you face severe opposition, but it will work. You have to push back whatever the opposition force, and make them experience and feel to their bones that your achievements are in accordance with the will of God. In order to do that, you have to be able to make judgments centering on the internal questions and God has to help you. In order to receive God's support, you must pray a lot and exert yourself to the utmost. (46-297)

It is because even if God were to help, it is only when He helps from the position better than Satan that his dignity, honor and authority would properly be demonstrated. He cannot help from the position below Satan. (49-243)

The original nature of man moves only in one direction. If man moves only according to his original nature, then God will help. Because where one manifests goodness moral laws will appear, everything will go well automatically. (14-15)

From now on, in your every act and word, you have to reflect the heart of God. You must be intent on bringing resolution to the cause of sorrow and resentment of the angelic world as well as take the historical revenge for your ancestors. In this way, we have to save this world where evil permeates everywhere. Since this is also the wish of the saints, we have to bear the responsibility of realizing that wish.

You who are in such a position must not allow God, spirit world, and countless saints to remain in the way they are now, isolated from each other. In hoping that their wishes come true, if there is no hierarchical relationship between them and you, then such a person can only be one individual. If the spirit world were to be mobilized to help such a person, then it will suffer a great damage. Even God cannot be responsible for that kind of person. Moreover, God cannot help that kind of person.

For this reason, if you wish for the support of the spirit world and God, and if in your position of serving the cause of God's dispensation you wish for His protection, then you must not forget that you have to become one in heart with God and good spirits. (14-8)

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