The Way of the Spiritual Leader

by Rev. Sun Myung Moon

Section 4: Restoration Through Indemnity and the Formula Course [Part 4]

5. Spiritual Children

1) Two Ends of Children

The members of the Unification Church have two types of children; one is their spiritual children and the other is their own children. Why is this so! Even you church leaders do not understand the reason. I have to give you another lecture. [Because we can love our own children only after finding spiritual children.] What you say makes some sense.

The path of restoration is going there and returning. In order to go and then return, in order to pay indemnity . . . This is the spiritual world, this is the children of the angelic world. The fallen world is the world of sons of angels. They are Satan's sons, and they are the sons of angels who are the traitors of God.

The sons of angels who have betrayed cannot just enter the lineage of Adam and God. For this reason, they must be put in the position of the sons of angels who have not betrayed . . . This position is the same as the position of Adam before the fall. You need three of these sons. You need three archangels, or in the course of history you need three children of Adam's family. Moreover, after that, you have to go through the three stages of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob. You have to go through the three stages through the angelic world that represents everything and the whole world of creation. Man is the center of all the number threes. In this sense, the three spiritual children symbolize the domain of archangel, which is claimed by God's side that represents the angelic world and the world of creation. For this reason they are angels that God can govern over.

It is the angels who must originally educate Adam and Eve. Rather than God educating them, until they grow to become adults, they are to be raised and educated by angels. Similarly, spiritual children must help their spiritual parents to return to heaven. When due to the assistance of the spiritual children the parents can return to heaven, the spiritual children can go along with them based on the condition of participation. Do you understand? [Yes] In this way the three angels of the angelic world become restored, and the three sons of Adam are restored, and the three sons of Noah are restored, and the condition is set to enter the position which represents the whole that is in three stages.

The meaning of having become completely one is that in the Garden of Eden centering on Adam, who has not fallen, the three angels have become totally one. Based on this unity, they are to move into the domain of God's blessing. Do you understand what I am saying? [Yes]

Isn't this how it was originally? Just like, before the fall, the three archangels were supposed to become one before Adam and Eve and long for the day of their marriage, spiritual children must earnestly desire for their spiritual parents to receive the Blessing. Do you understand what this means? [Yes] However, because of the mistake of the archangel, all the angels are in the position of accusation.

After having done this and having received the Blessing, even when the parents give birth to their children and love them, the satanic world cannot demand an indemnity condition and make accusations. This is the principle. Do you understand? [Yes] If there was no fall, the angelic world would have become one centering on Adam and Eve. Because the physical and spiritual world has become totally one, in that place of oneness, as Adam and Eve rise to the position of Blessing, the satanic world would have completely faded away. (127-52)

2) Why Spiritual Children are Needed

Because such principles exist, the fallen world can be saved through spiritual children. The satanic world can be saved. For this reason, new members of the church all need spiritual children. Since you need spiritual children, you must claim them from the satanic world.

Then who is to go and find them? It is someone who can become Adam and Eve that must go and find them. Who lost this? Adam and Eve lost it. Do you understand? [Yes]

Because there is this Principle, which allows one to return to the position of Adam by raising the spiritual children, you have to become one with your spiritual children. After becoming one, because they came from the satanic world, they must obtain God's public recognition. In this way, you can go out to the satanic world to find more spiritual children again until the satanic world is completely restored, and in this manner Satan can be substantially gotten rid of from the earth. For this reason, spiritual children are conditions that need to be fulfilled absolutely. So, without three spiritual children you can neither be Blessed nor start your family life. Is this clear? [Yes]

The first reason we need spiritual children, is for the sake of restoring the position of the fallen archangel. The archangel was supposed to become one with Adam who has not fallen and long for his day of blessing. On that foundation he should receive his own blessing, but because this blessing was not given, in order to set the standard to restore this through indemnity, under the condition of spiritual son, the three must completely become one. Spiritual children must love their spiritual parents more than their own parents. This is how it should be. Without making this kind of heartistic bond you cannot triumph over the satanic world. This is the first.

Second, in order to restore the satanic world, spiritual children are absolutely needed. Although all of you are also spiritual children, you cannot be restored if you do not have spiritual children yourselves. Even if you stand in the position of Adam, it is a fallen position. The question is how are you to be restored? You do not have the foundation needed for restoration. It is not enough to just follow your spiritual parents. You have to surpass the position of spiritual child. Having done that, you have to pass through the position of archangel and the position of Adam, and then after repeating the conditions that Adam and Eve failed to meet, and because you have to bring resolution to that, you yourself must also find three spiritual children.

Here, my position is the position of Adam. You have to absolutely present before God the condition of having attained unity with the three angels, while being in the position of Adam and Eve before the fall. For this reason, you have to be absolute before spiritual parents. Having become completely one in this way, when you can receive love before God and receive blessing, you can also go over this.

Crossing over it, you have to pay indemnity all over again for the lost blessing that Adam and Eve should have received at the position of unity with the three angels. You have to come from the satanic world and by paying indemnity for the original standard that Adam and Eve lost. Cross over it. When you can go over the place that exceeds it in degree, you, as the spiritual parents, can finally be able to receive the Blessing.

Therefore, if you do not have three spiritual children then you can never receive the Blessing, isn't this true? [Yes] Is that for sure? [Yes] Since Adam and Even fell and took down with them their three children, and because the three children are still needed, there were three sons in Noah's family. This is the reason that the family had eight members. This is also the reason that Jesus had three disciples. And when he finds his bride, the family would have grown to eight members. Jesus died because he could not realize the ideal of reciprocity.

So, when he goes to the spirit world and returns, he is to come as a bridegroom. By fulfilling the ideal he forms a family with eight members; unless he manifests it on the earth in this manner, there is no way that he can reclaim the foundation of the original family of Adam and Eve. It is theoretically sound, right? [Yes] For this reason, you absolutely need spiritual sons. (127-54)

3) Spiritual Children and Children of Your Direct Lineage

Having spiritual parents alone is not enough. Spiritual children must also become spiritual parents themselves. Even after you become a member of the Unification Church, your blood still remains in the fallen realm. Isn't this true? [Yes] For this reason, you yourself have to also have dominion over the three angels. In order to do that you have to educate them to become one. Unless you are in the position to love them more than your own parents and brothers, in order to raise them fully, you cannot build the basis for restoration. Do you understand? [We understand]

You, regional leader of An-yang, how is it? [Yes, I understand] Perhaps you have not been asking this question. You did not even ask the question of why spiritual children are so important in Unification Church. So, in Unification Church what is absolutely necessary? [Spiritual children]

If the spiritual children become one and wish, "We wish that Adam and Eve become a couple and have a child. Please let them have a child soon," when the child is inside the womb, they should applaud and make preparation for her. Who is supposed to make all the preparations? They are not supposed to be done by Adam. It is the archangel, the spiritual children that are supposed to do it. When the three wise men came to bow before Jesus at the time of his birth, they did it as the representatives of the spiritual children, representing the historical era. Do you understand what I am saying? [Yes]

Similarly, you must also sincerely wish that your spiritual parents could truly become that kind of couple who has received the Blessing inside the realm of God's love and given birth to children. Only after you do this and love the children that your spiritual parents have given birth to, can you really be loved as angels. Do you understand? [Yes]

Your spiritual children must love your own children. The spiritual children, the angels, must serve Adam and Eve as their ancestors of faith. Only after they love your own children can they receive love as spiritual children . . . Isn't the principle of restoration through indemnity annoying? It is in line with the theory. Do you understand? [Yes]

Because this is how things are, when the spiritual parents give birth to their children, those who have become their spiritual children must serve the children just as angels were supposed to serve Adam's children. Only after that, the parents will give the Blessing, "Now I support you to receive the Blessing." They will say, "Because you have loved our children." Then you can become adopted children. The lineage is different. Because you have loved the children of their direct lineage, by standing in the position of having attained oneness with the son, you can finally be pulled into the place of Blessing. You cannot go for free. You must love the children of your spiritual parents from when they are inside the womb, as if you are their twin brother or sister.

Because centering on God's love you have loved the child of your spiritual parents from inside the womb, in the standard of heart, this is the same as your being born from the womb. In regards to the order of birth, you were born first as the first son, and the child blessed inside the womb of Eve was born later. So horizontally, because you, the spiritual son, were born first you are in the Cain position, the older brother position. Nonetheless, Adam's son, who was born as the younger son, is the true son. For this reason, only by serving absolutely, from that place, can Satan's birthright of the oldest son be canceled and the second son of the heavenly realm become the oldest son and the new beginning take place. Then all will be resolved completely, right? [Yes]

Having fully fulfilled the condition of total oneness, you have to help that child become the best oldest son. Then, only after he grows up and asks you, "Since you have loved me from while I was inside the womb, please receive the Blessing together with me," you, the spiritual child, can enter the position of Blessing. This is the fundamental aspect of the principle. Do you understand? [We understand]

Similarly, Adam's son also needs this. He needs archangels who can wait with a longing heart for the blessed parents to have children, and then help them raise them. You have to clearly understand that for the purpose of substantially paying indemnity for the difficult thing, you absolutely need spiritual children.

Do you understand what spiritual children are? [Yes] There are three kinds of meanings. First is the necessity to restore the archangel, second is the restoration of the whole Satanic world, and the third is for the sake of moving up to the position of son where you can be blessed. So, the spiritual children must engraft themselves to the children of the spiritual parents. They must engraft themselves to the children of direct lineage that the spiritual children have given birth to. Do you understand? They are not to engraft themselves to the spiritual mother or the spiritual father. Since they are sons, they must be engrafted to the sons. (127-56)

6. Education and Training

1) The Importance of Education

When we consider the question of whether we possess more factors to relate with evil or more factors to relate with good. The whole body is surrounded with factors that leads us to evil.

To walk the path of evil, there is no need for education. Anybody can walk that path without receiving education. Because history began from evil, anyone can walk through it without receiving education. Is there a need to educate someone on how to travel the path of evil? Because it comes naturally, today we are educating people to center on the ethical and moral standards, making judgments based on the standard of conscience.

What is education centered on? Despite the fact that education was given centering on goodness and conscience, how many people have met the standard of education? Anybody can perform evil deeds without being educated about it. Everyone can receive a perfect score on evil. (36-57)

This is the reason why education is needed. Just as I have educated people at every opportunity that I had, for 24 hours day and night, you should grab on to people and shed tears, skipping lunch and dinner, being intoxicated in the word, and staying up through the nights. Do you understand how I have been living my life here so far? When I don't go out, what do I do here? If one person comes to visit, don't I talk to that one person? Haven't I lived that kind of lifestyle all my life? I have been pouring out my spirit, always.

So, you are to educate. Do you understand? If you succeed in education, you will not perish. Education is indirect preparation. Indirect preparation is for the sake of the direct preparation. If you make indirect preparation, then I will be responsible for transforming it into direct preparation; so you should just focus on making indirect preparations. (149-205)

If there is hard steel, then the blacksmith must repeatedly beat it. He has to beat it at night as well as in the day, but why must he beat on it day and night? This is to set the condition to pass through all of the four seasons. Morning is equivalent to the spring, day to the summer, evening corresponds to autumn, and night corresponds to winter. For this reason, through the four seasons, starting from the child era and passing through the youth era and the adult period, one must finally cross over to the time of old man. The more you beat the metal, and the longer you beat it for the rest of your life, the better it becomes, is this true? [Yes] It is the same thing. You should beat it. You should beat on it with all your strength.

People who do not understand this might say, "Before teacher told us to do it like that and today he is telling us to do it like this; he changes his mind all the time." If you look at how God does things, he often changes the way he does things. Why is this? This is because right now is the time to throw away. If something cannot be used to make a contribution, then he cannot be used for anything else.

Even yesterday, while they were doing construction work on the building, with the head of the factory watching, I went there and heard all about the metals. Considering the question of the strength of the metal, they say that there is thirty times the difference in strength between the times when metal is pulled to expand and when it is pushed in like this to bulge like that. When you look at the surface, it seems that they are the same in strength. When we look at that, we can see how great God is. When you build a high-rise if you build like that, if it is lined up one to one, then it would be disastrous. In that manner, you cannot build a high-rise. Although you think if you put that there, then it can withstand thirty times the original weight, so if you just put on twenty nine times the weight, then it will not crumble. For this reason, you don't put the steel rod side ways, but stand it up straight . . .

When we put them in upright, they cannot be bent. It must be put straight. Otherwise, it has to be round like that. Centering on the whole, the tension on it has to be enough. This is the only way that we can place the foundation stone on it. Isn't this so? When putting the foundation stone on, there is no one who puts it in a rectangular fashion. When we look at the way that forces of mechanics behave, because it goes through a 45 degree angle, and because this kind of force is at work, we should follow this principle. For this reason, in the circular shape, according to this principle, the foundation stone must be secured when the building is being built. Isn't this so? Those things on the side serve no important function. As long as you buttress the pole and make the circular shape, then those on the side will not have any pressure on it. (64-483)

2) The Purpose of Training

Where did the word originate. It came from the heart at the time of the creation, and it passed through the course of restoration. You must never forget this fact. Without being equipped with the word you cannot build the substantial body, and without creating the substantial body you cannot create the heart, so when you listen to the word, you have to listen to it with your body, mind, and heart.

Trainees need to go through an extremely rigorous physical training. More rigorous than was ever given in history. They need to endure through it with word and heart of faith. You have to learn from Adam, Moses, Jesus, and me. You have to see from the position of Adam, Noah, Abraham, Moses, Jesus, and I. If you win victory in the internal fight in which you are trying to bring unity between the word, body, and mind, God has no choice but to acknowledge you publicly. You should be saying everyday, "Please give me the most difficult task." (11- 159)

3) The Course of Training

What is the Unification Church supposed to do from now on? Those who join the church go through the training course. The way that they go through the training course is that first they should go through the two-day workshop, then? [Seven-day workshop] Seven-day workshop, then? [21-day workshop] 21-day workshop, then? [40-day workshop] 40-day workshop. So they need to go through 70-days of training. What does this 70-day training period represent? People who have fallen due to ignorance can restore what was lost through understanding. Moreover, although they have been living their life in their own ways so far, during this time they are to completely cleanse their habitual environment.

Then, what is the two-day workshop? It is time to change their thought and mentality, which have been going the opposite direction, and put it on the right course. To talk about it in terms of a stage in the dispensation of restoration, it corresponds to the Dispensation of Foundation for the Restoration. For this reason, people who have been living up to now in a chaotic world will say that he must go to the two-day workshop. They are to enter the time of ideological shock absorbing. So, the first two-day workshop is the time to make people be awakened to their own situation. After receiving the two-day workshop, one can tell how the conventional mentality is and what the Unification Church mentality is, and one can change the concepts that one has been holding on to, saying, "This is good. Up to now, I have been wrong."

Next, what is the seven-day workshop? The seven-day workshop is entering the era of the Formation Stage. This corresponds to the completed realm of the dispensation of the Old Testament. Through this, by entering the Completion Stage of the Old Testament, what will take place? You have to think that you are going forward to meet the messiah of the New Testament. Do you understand what I am saying? For this reason, receiving the seven-day workshop corresponds to the Old Testament, and it is the time to liberate character on the formation level. This is how I see it.

So after receiving the seven-day workshop, from the transformation of concept, they will move on to the transformation of oneself. The trainee will, by himself, get rid of the old concepts with the attitude, "After hearing the word, I realize that I have to also become a holy body and win over Satan. I have to flee from this satanic world." When he makes the decision by himself, generally after the week's time is passed he will be on the right direction.

Moreover, in the seven-day workshop, during the seven-day course, one must complete the number seven of the Principle course again. This is because man was made after six days. You have to firmly establish your identity as the citizen of God and His kingdom, as one who can recognize God absolutely, and not one who can recognize Satan. If you become the citizen of God, then you have to become God's man and with God's love complete your responsibility.

Next, what is the 21-day workshop? This corresponds to the New Testament era. Through this, you have to become someone who can serve the savior to indemnify the failure to serve Jesus as the savior. In other words, it is perfecting the character of John the Baptist before the substantial messiah. Do you understand what I mean? In other words, what this means is that it is completing the qualification as an adopted son. This 21-day workshop is the crucial moment, and as long as one passes through the 21-day workshop, one can become a member. He will sacrifice himself even if you don't tell him to. For this reason, "workshop, workshop!" You must be obsessed with workshops.

Next, when people receive the 40-day workshop, because it corresponds to the Completed Testament era, it is the time to engraft. Do you understand? Because this is where man meets messiah and becomes one with him, finally he is to be engrafted to the position of son who can carry on the lineage of heaven. In this way, he is to enter a position higher than that of Adam before the fall and inherit the qualifications to become the son of God.

In general, as long as people receive the forty-day workshop, they will say, "Since I am going anyway, I should become a leader and walk the path of the number of the restoration through indemnity. I have to go through the path of Home Church." Leaders must travel this road. After receiving such training . . . Before that, never give them work to do. You can give them a mission, but you should give them the mission of witnessing. In this way, centering on the numbers forty of forty days, centering on the number 4, they have to pass through all the training that will prepare them to fight with Satan.

Having done so and raising the standard of heart higher than anyone in the Satanic world, these trainees must rise to the position where Satan can publicly recognize the standard of heart connected to heaven. All the things that belong to you and your standard of heart must make a connection with heaven. Until now, due to the fall, the situation has become like this, centering on Satan, Satan's possessions, Satan's body, and Satan's heart; yet all this must be indemnified centering on God and gradually linking to God's heart, God's body, and God's belongings. After that all these must be offered to God. These are not yours. Originally, all possessions belong to God and not you. (Compilation of sections, 75-94, 99-267, 107-241, 172-47)

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