The Way of the Spiritual Leader

by Rev. Sun Myung Moon

Section 4: Restoration Through Indemnity and the Formula Course [Part 2]

2. Portion of Responsibility and Indemnity

1) Indemnity and Restoration

Members of the Unification Church today do not like the path of indemnity. What this means is that they do not like restoration. There is no such a thing as, "I like restoration but do not like indemnity." So, which comes first? Does restoration come first or does indemnity come first? [Indemnity] Why do you now say that indemnity comes first? However, which is the one that you like? Let's frankly talk about the thing that you like. [Restoration] You like restoration but do not like indemnity. What is this when we look at it from God's side? It is the opposite. Which side are you on? Are you on the side of God or on the side of Satan? [On God's side] You have to be clear about this. You have to understand this clearly. You like restoration. However, the side of God cannot like restoration. Only after having paid the indemnity, restoration occurs.

So, which is the side that likes restoration? It is the side of Satan. And which is the side that dislikes indemnity? [Satan's side] Satan's side. Also, which is the side that likes indemnity? [God's side] You understand now. This Unification Church is also on that side. You didn't know that, right? You understood this now.

Then, you must deeply reflect upon yourself and repent. Are you on God's side or Satan's side? You know this well. You should ask yourself. O is on the side of God and X is on the side of Satan. Which one is on God's side? [O] There is only one person who answered and the rest remained silent . . . You must understand this. Until now, you have been following the will of God, but now that you have understood that one who likes restoration is Satan and one who likes indemnity is God, which path would you take? [The path of indemnity] (16-127)

How did the fall come about? The fall came about because of lack of faith. Disbelief was the primary cause. Then, it was because of the assertion of one's own self. The assertion of the ego, it was centered on oneself. The fall occurred at the place where oneself was being asserted. Next, the realm of love centering on oneself was demanded. These are the three causes of the fall. Disbelief, then? Assertion of oneself, centering on oneself. Next is desiring the realm of love centering on oneself. This was the basis for Satan. This is what the fallen Archangel has become.

Then, in order to restore this through indemnity, in order to negate it, what must be done? The opposite must be carried out. Absolute faith. This is why absolute faith came into the scene. Because disbelief led the ancestor of mankind to the fall, we must step on it and climb over it. We must go up beyond the line where our ancestors fell. We have to practice absolute faith. What is absolute faith? It is going forward until we die, even after we die, and even while we are dying. You do not understand absolute faith, right? The limit of absolute faith is . . . When we compare this with ourselves who have a substantial living body, it means that we are to go forward even while we are in the process of dying. It means that even when we are dying we must walk this path. We are trying to go this way even when we are dying. When I die, I will not fall to the side but fall in the front, heading forward. In this sense, if you deny your faith, you are choosing the road of death.

What is the second? It is denial of oneself. You must deny this eye one hundred percent. It is the denial of the self. My eyes that want to see, my mouth that wants to eat! Until thirty years of age, I never had even one day that I was not feeling hungry. Even though I am aware of it, I have chosen the path of death.

What is the third? Absolute love. This is the absolute love. Only after digesting the enemy . . . Taking revenge is not forgiving. The enemy himself must voluntarily hand over his nation, all of his authority, and the birthright as the eldest son. You must receive them from him. (126-35)

If people understand the true meaning of the word indemnity, then they will all live it the most. Without indemnity there can be no blessing.

Indemnity is the unlimited nugget of gold in the Unification Church. It is a shocking word, which can put the life on the line, sacrifice everything, and overcome all the difficulties. (1978.2.26)

The history of restoration is not supposed to be carried out after giving an explanation for it. One is supposed to cope with it only after completing it and winning a victory. If the explanation could have been given beforehand, then there is no need for the sixty-six books in the Old Testament and the New Testament. Why would we need sixty-six books?

It's no big deal. Even ten pages are too much. Everything can be recorded in three pages. (62-126)

2) Portion of Responsibility

What would have happened if man did not have his portion of responsibility? Why was man given his portion of responsibility? You lecturers don't even know that? Why was the human portion of responsibility set? [In order to realize Father's will on the earth] It originally concerns the purpose of creation. Originally, why was man given a portion of responsibility? In order to have man participate in the great creative undertaking. What is next? [In order to have dominion over all things.] Then? [In order to qualify him as the master of creation by making him a co-creator] Next? [For the absoluteness and the completeness and perfection of the truth] It is these three contents.

You must participate in God's great creative undertaking. Even if there was no fall initially, such responsibility still exists. The human portion of responsibility was not established by the fall, but even without the fall man still has this responsibility. Even if one is equipped with God's 95% ideal form necessary to reach perfection, one must still complete the remaining 5% of his own responsibility. God cannot bring about the perfection of man alone, man has the responsibility to make a contribution in perfecting himself. This would be true even if there were no fall.

Moreover, there is the absoluteness of the Principle. Principle does not know forgiveness. It must be obeyed. You must go the Principle way even after you are dead. It must be adhered to forever. If God can do as he pleased, then there is no need for the path of suffering that He has been walking during the course of dispensation of restoration. Because it has been set up in this way, because there is a limit in the way that the responsibility has been apportioned, God is unable to escape this fact and thus has been going through the course of countless tribulations in order to restore man. Responsibility does not lie only in God. Man shares the responsibility. This is true even if there were no fall. Isn't this so?

Looking at it from this perspective, what has fallen man become today? The human portion of responsibility is not the only thing that fallen man is accountable for. All of the 97% of the creation has been infringed upon. This is the reason that re-creation must be brought about, yet what is re-creation? It is not something that can cross over the limit of the portion of responsibility. The entire course of creation has been devastated. So how difficult is it. Therefore, without fulfilling what accounts for the 95% of the responsibility, man has no way to eternally complete his portion of responsibility. It must be re-created. The dispensation of restoration is a work of re-creation, but why is recreation absolutely necessary? It is because of the human portion of responsibility. Even just to fulfill the human portion of responsibility and proceed toward the position, the re-creation process must be passed through. In order to pass through the process of re-creation, the indemnity must be paid. The condition of indemnity must be set. The path of suffering must be walked.

Until now, God has been dealing with the human world in the position that surpasses the domain of the human portion of responsibility. However, all those who fell below this must somehow bridge the gap and climb up. All of humanity falls under this category. All in the world, history, all that went to the spirit world in the past, all of humanity in the present world, and all of the descendants who are to come cannot escape this fate. This is the dreadful realm of the fall.

So, in the recreation process how must it be done? The process of conflict must be passed through. With whom? With Satan. What is all this? In other words, who dominates over the domain that is necessary for the creative process? It is Satan. Satan dominates over 95% of the domain, and after 95% God dominates over it. This is how it should be seen. (115-66)

In the portion of responsibility, there is the domain of individual portion of responsibility, the domain of family level portion of responsibility, of the tribal level, of the people level, of the national level portion of responsibility, the domain of the world level portion of responsibility, the domain of the universal portion of responsibility, and the domain of the heaven and earth level portion of responsibility. Why? Isn't it a fallen world? Because it is fallen world, there is no door. The door will not come into being without the domain of love centering on the portion of responsibility. The individual will oppose it, and family, tribe will also oppose this. (162-92)

What will be accomplished after the completion of the human portion of responsibility? What this means is that with the completion of the human portion of responsibility, man enters the realm of God's direct dominion. (Speaks while writing on the board) You have to understand this. This is how the Principle is, right? [Yes]

Once you enter the realm of direct dominion, what does God center on to have the direct dominion? Centering on money? Centering on one's outstanding talents? Centering on what would He govern? [Love] That's correct. It is love. At that moment, Adam and Eve will receive God's blessing and enter the realm of God's love. You have to understand that the time when Adam and Even can go into the realm of love, and after having become one in that realm of love, practice and manifest the love of God in the horizontal world, is the foundation of the kingdom of heaven on earth. (124-306)

Satan cannot appear any more when centering on the love of God; the complete love of God can be manifested. This is the completion of the portion of responsibility. If the portion of responsibility was completed, at the realm of indirect dominion and the realm of direct dominion, the connection of love can be linked up. There the vertical love and horizontal love are connected together. (173-286)

You have to understand that the Unification Church's discovery of the human portion of responsibility today is a universal discovery. The invention of the nuclear bomb or Einstein's discovery of the theory of relativity cannot even compare with it. The question is why righteous people in history have been sacrificed? Only after their time has passed by do they become famous. There is no way that even historians or philosophers can solve these kinds of problems. (124-303)

All the contradictions and all the sorrowful and unfortunate events in history, all of this was caused by man's ignorance of his portion of responsibility in history. You have to understand this fact. You have to understand how important the portion of responsibility is. You have been interpreting the meaning of the portion of responsibility in the way you see fit. You have been thinking, "The portion of responsibility is a concept that the Principle teaches, so it has nothing to do with us. We can live our life in the world in any way that we like."

Seeing from this perspective, you have to understand how great Rev. Moon's discovery of the word: "portion of responsibility," is. Have you understood how important the portion of responsibility is? How seriously have you tried to understand it? Around this issue of the portion of responsibility, the whole universe revolves. God cannot be liberated, the universe also cannot be liberated, and the door to hell cannot be opened freely, and all the unrighteous and contradictory things plague society because this wall of portion of responsibility could not be crossed over. (124-94)

Do you now understand what portion of responsibility is? [Yes] How many times a day have you thought about portion of responsibility? You are to memorize the words, "portion of responsibility," whenever you are having a meal, picking up a spoon, washing dishes, going to the bathroom, or even as you are walking. Adam and Eve met their doom because they did not think about their portion of responsibility. You will also perish if you do not fulfill your portion of responsibility. In order to become a victorious person through restoration, you must take to heart and think about the portion of responsibility twenty-four hours a day. (124-103)

3) Internal Indemnity Condition and External Indemnity Condition

When we look at the issue of laying down the foundation for the dispensation of restoration centering on the Unification Church, we find that the foundation is laid through the course of indemnity, and not without any such effort.

Then with what do we set the condition of indemnity? Moreover, what are we supposed to do once the indemnity condition is set? This is not so clear. We have the concept of indemnity, but what are we setting the indemnity condition for? The purpose is not so manifest. What is the purpose of paying indemnity? This is not how it should be. You have to understand clearly what the purpose of indemnity is.

In the course of restoration, the restoration of individual, family, tribe, people, nation, world, universe, and then including the restoration of the love of God, these eight stages must be passed through, all at once. If Adam and Eve did not fall, then this would have been completed at once, but because they fell to the position of servant of servant, in the historical era, they cannot climb back up at once.

For this reason, the course of pioneering and connecting these stages absolutely requires indemnity conditions. By setting indemnity conditions, what happens is that Satan is separated. Indemnity conditions are necessary only because of Satan, but without Satan there is no need for the condition of indemnity. Do you understand this? [Yes]

Up to now, who has been moving and shaking this history? Satan has been. For this reason, Satan must be separated. Without getting rid of Satan, God cannot enter. It is not God's territory. Because it is Satan's territory, within the domain of the fall, without setting indemnity conditions to separate Satan, without setting the indemnity condition needed to chase him out, the expansion of God's territory cannot take place and the foundation for God's activity cannot be built. Therefore, Satan must be separated and chased out.

Then, what was the main cause that allowed Satan to come in? First is because of the fall of Adam and second is because of Cain's murder of Abel. Because of these two conditions, Satan has come to completely secure the vertical and horizontal dominion. Even in the spirit world, Satan has the dominion over it. You have to understand this clearly.

In order to set the condition of indemnity, there has to be a being that can represent Adam and a being that can represent Abel. What is this trying to indemnify? What is trying to be indemnified through the representative of Adam is to restore through indemnity the vertical foundation of Adam's fall. Having secured the position to restore the position of Adam in this way, then Cain and Abel must be restored through indemnity. Because Cain had conquered Abel, Abel must now conquer Cain. However, because Adam himself does not have sons and daughters, he himself has to accomplish this in their place. He must accomplish both of these two missions. (161-207)

In separating Satan vertically and horizontally, there are internal and external conditions of indemnity, The external condition of indemnity is the Cain-Abel condition of indemnity, and the internal condition of indemnity is the Adam condition of indemnity, centering on the portion of responsibility. By doing so, when Satan's environment of affection and emotion can be completely overcome and gotten rid of. Centering on all the environment of Satan's dominion, where persecution was received, then, the beginning will dawn upon the side of God. This is the fundamental principle. (161-207)

Then, the question is why Adam fell. The fall of Adam is the severance of the relationship with God and His love due to the failure of not having completed the portion of responsibility. The portion of responsibility has not been connected, and next, the love of God was not connected. Due to the fall, the portion of responsibility was lost and the domain of God's love was lost.

Then, how do you separate Satan? Look. You have to become the representative figure of Adam who can set the indemnity condition. I am not talking about the fallen Adam. Moreover, it has become love in the Satanic domain because the fallen Adam had lost love; therefore, one must be in the position representing Adam who has the love in God's domain, and after fighting with Satan separate him. Standing in the position of having completed the portion of responsibility, God's domain of love must be conquered.

However, the situation has become such that based on the failure to complete the portion of responsibility, and centering on the foundation of God's love inside the Satanic domain, Satan has conquered the whole world. Accordingly, being in the position of Adam who, according to the original standard, has completed his portion of responsibility centering on God, by fighting with Satan. Centering on love, in the realm of dominion according to the result of the Principle and the realm of direct dominion, by setting the condition of having loved from God's side more than those who face Satan's side, and more than when dealing with the love that is on both sides of God and Satan, one can bring about the separation. You have to understand that this is where the indemnity condition is set.

However, because Satan has dominion over his environment, he is employing all kinds of methods and tactics. He will try to cut this off. Nevertheless, as long as you can overcome the environment, and no matter what kind of situation you face, as long as you can claim back the portion of responsibility that Adam lost in God's place, then success will certainly be achieved. It will be eternal. Moreover, unless you can set the standard of loving God that no one can discredit, the indemnity will not be completed. Do you understand what I am saying? [Yes]

For this reason, you must absolutely fulfill the portion of responsibility in the position of Adam. No matter what kind of temptations or other trials you face, you must not waver in your determination to reach the goal. By securing the authority as the child of God, no matter how much love in the Satanic domain or any other power of love and emotion that dominates the whole environment tempt you, and no matter what kind of force opposes you, you must be unchanging in loving God. It is absolute. If you persevere the persecution in this way once and twice, it cannot come more than three times. By doing it like this all must go over the hill.

After receiving opposition, it always divides into two. There will come about an occasion when the whole world on the Abel side can be absorbed, yet only when such an environment can be brought to victory, can Satan be separated from that environment by setting the indemnity condition. If Satan is not separated, then it remains Satan's world.

What does the indemnity condition separate? It is completing the portion of responsibility and next it is loving God. No matter how much Satan persecutes and attacks, when you can get rid of it and not be influenced by it. After striking repeatedly for some time, as the time that he must retreat approaches, he must retreat. This is how Satan is to be separated. Without bringing resolution to this, there is no way to indemnify Cain and Abel. (1611-205)

What is the vertical indemnity condition? With what do you set it? It is the two conditions of completion of the portion of responsibility and the completion of the restoration of the absolute love toward God. Because there is such a standard, even Jesus had once said, "Those who do not love me more than their own mother, children, wife or any other person do not have the qualifications." This Principle is where such words come from. In this way the whole Bible can be interpreted. Isn't this true? Similarly, do you love me to the same degree? [Yes] Do you understand clearly?

You have been leading a casual and relaxed lifestyle, right? Although I have spoken about indemnity conditions, although I have explained on the pulpit how these are not mere words and nothing more, you have been suffering up to now because you do not understand how all of this is applied. It is only because I am here; otherwise, all of you would have divided up and scattered away. Do you understand you Korean gang? [Yes]

What is the internal indemnity condition? [The completion of the portion of responsibility and the love of God . . . What are we trying to do after that? Let the Satanic world persecute us and see what will unfold. Let them hit us. I will conquer you. With what? With the power of love, with the creative capability of God . . . Then God will be with us. Here, God will be present. Try and see if God will be present or not. I am someone who has been fighting on, never forgetting this point no matter if I am in a prison or am receiving the worst kinds of torture. Isn't it true that only then it will be separated?

In the manner of the internal eight stages and the external eight stages, the internal indemnity conditions and the external indemnity conditions are to be set, as progress is being made. You have to understand this clearly. Have you understood this clearly? [Yes]

How are you to set the external conditions? Is it better to send Abel alone or is it better to also send someone in the position of parents, representing all of the family members and have the two people pioneer together? [Let the two join forces and . . .] Who should go first? Should Abel go first or should the leader go first? [The leader] The leader is supposed to go first. For this reason, I, who am the leader has come to America first. Who has pioneered the Unification Church? Who has done it? I have done it with the aid of the principle. This is how it has progressed along. (161-213)

4) The Portion of Responsibility and Indemnity

You have to understand that because the human portion of responsibility was not completed, the sorrowful and resentful phase of restoration through indemnity has come to existence, the phase of resentment and sorrow. During the time of the course of restoration through indemnity, God or the headquarters must not support you, but you must do it by yourself. It must be done alone. When assistance is given, indemnity will not be achieved. It will not be. Why? Due to the existence of such a thing as the human portion of responsibility, according to this Principle, indemnity cannot be paid when help is given. If it can be helped, then at the time of man's fall, God would have intervened and prevent it. He could not do it because of the portion of responsibility; because there was the human portion of responsibility. Do you understand what I am saying? [Yes]

No matter how great Rev. Moon is and no matter how much God loves, in the course of fulfilling the human portion of responsibility, to when walking the course of indemnity, God cannot help. I myself must win over Satan and move forward. Because it was the ideal authority given to Adam that he win over Satan and the satanic world, I have to exceed that ideal authority. Do you understand what I am saying? [Yes] (124-304)

Between the portion of responsibility and indemnity, one is on the right side and the other is on the left side, and one is like the right leg and the other is like the left leg, yet all this has been forgotten. One is like the left leg and the other is like the right leg, yet all the members do not even understand portion of responsibility and indemnity. So how can you advance forward? How are you to move ahead? You cannot go forward in this state. You have to understand that the advancement is impossible unless the portion of responsibility and restoration through indemnity are connected together. Have you thought about such things? You don't like indemnity, right? You ladies do not like indemnity, right? You dislike God, dispensation, and the whole lot, right? [No]

From now on, even if you forget eating, even if you forget to sleep, even if you forget to think about the person that you love, you must never forget this; you have to be clear on this point. This is how serious it is. God also has to go through this, Rev. Moon also must go through this, all the members of the Unification Church must go through this, and the whole world must go through this. It will not do otherwise.

You want to pass through them all for free, right? How can you become a professor or a doctor without doing anything? You have to go through the course to attain the doctorate degree to become a doctor; how can you do so without paying the dues? If you do not pass through the course, then the degree is fake. You understand now, right? [Yes] (124-105)

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