The Way of the Spiritual Leader

by Rev. Sun Myung Moon

Section 4: Restoration Through Indemnity and the Formula Course [Part 1]

1. Historical Course of Restoration Through Indemnity

1) Historical Course of Restoration Through Indemnity

You understand that history indemnifies the vertical history horizontally. It proceeds along the Old Testament, New Testament, and the Completed Testament. The Old Testament is offering things as sacrifices, the New Testament is offering the body as the sacrifice, in other words offering the substantial body as the sacrifice, and the Complete Testament is the time to offer mind as the sacrifice.

Why does it proceed forward in this way? It moves according to the law of creation of the universe. Because man fell, because fallen things are worth less than even a lump of dirt, water is put on it and oil is poured into it to remold it and carry on the re-creation process. In order to create one man the creation is made, and after that the body is made, and finally God's heart was blown into it. This is the way that man has become a synthetic being. He has become the synthetic being of the universe. Just as the Principle says, man is a microcosm. This is the meaning behind what you have learned as the substantial Sungsang form and substantial Hyungsang form of God.

So, what must we do in order to restore through indemnity? First, the creation must be restored. Because after the fall, the creation and God's things, have become Satan's belongings. In order for them to be considered as God's things, they must be remolded and created again. They must be recreated, but what must they be made out of?

What I am talking about are ideals and conceptions. Because they were created centering on the Principle in order to materialize the Word, this is what is to be done. Therefore, the Old Testament is the time one is to believe based on the Word, and what comes next is the time when the Word is to be put into practice, and the next stage after that is the era of living centering on the Word. We are to enter the time of living the truth. In order to build the kingdom, all this must become one. The era of faith, of practice, and of life; this is the course that the progress takes. What is this? Because one man has fallen . . . Originally, Adam and Eve were to at once . . . (Speaks while writing on the board) The realm of materials, then the realm of body, and the realm of mind. After that is the realm of spirit. In the Unification Church, we consider them as precious as our lives.

Since when all these are achieved creation will take place, the material will become one with the body, the body will become one with the mind and the mind will become one with the spirit. (Speaks while writing on the board) These are the domains of Formation (Body), Growth (Mind), and Completion (Spirit). It is the same. This is the unfolding of that. However, while it is unfolding during the seven-thousand-years of history, it has been divided into three stages and made progress.

In the Old Testament, to be returned to God, as a condition of indemnity blood had to be shed. Blood had to be shed no matter what. Why? It is because Satan's blood was inherited. This is because Satan's blood must be taken out. For this reason, the sacrifice had to shed blood.

The Old Testament is the time of sacrifice centering on the animal, and next the New Testament is the time of sacrifice of the body centering on Jesus, in other words the time of sacrifice of the son. This was because people did not believe. Next is the Completed Testament, and this is the time of sacrifice of the mind. Therefore, you are to experience great pain in your heart after joining the Unification Church. This is how the restoration has been proceeding forward. (74-318)

Making sacrifice with the material things is the way to pay indemnity for the Old Testament. Sacrificing with the physical body is the way to pay indemnity for the New Testament. Attending the will of God with heart of faith and tears is the way to restore the Completed Testament.

(1) The Old Testament is the era when the Foundation of Faith is restored through indemnity and during this time, all things are restored through the symbolic offering.

(2) The New Testament is the era of restoring through indemnity of the Foundation of Substance and through the substantial offering man's physical body is restored.

(3) The Completed Testament is the era of restoring the Foundation of Heart and in this period man's mind is restored through the sacrifice of the heart.

So, what is this? When this is restored though indemnity, when the world comes to an end, then what would happen? In the Last Days, all these are not supposed to be indemnified in separate positions. This will be manifested horizontally according to the era. This (speaking while writing on the board) is Old Testament, right? This is the time of all things. This is time of material. We have to rise to the position where we ourselves can be claimed, to be re-created before God. All must be unified at once before God. It is the realm of man's possession. Next is our bodies. Then is the mind. All this at once . . . Man always failed because these were separated. Because we rose to this occasion based on failures, in this era all must be unified at once to bring victory? Who was defeated? The failure was not before God but before Satan. Because humanity was defeated by Satan, it is the same as God being defeated.

Then, on account of man's victory, who will reap the victory? God will claim the victory. For this reason, it is not God who brings the victory. It is man. Man is the one who will bring it about. Yet how is it done? It must be made to be one with the Principle. (74-320)

2) The Eight Stage Course of Restoration Through Indemnity

Until now, the six thousand years of history has progressed along the line starting from the level of individual, to the level of family, of tribe, of people, of nation, and of the world. In the Unification Church, we are to go through the eight stages of the restoration of individual, family, tribe, people, nation, world, universe and the restoration of God's love.

When you pray, you pray centering on these eight stages, right? Heavenly father, after completing the individual restoration and the family restoration . . . The completion of individual restoration takes place at the heart of the family. The completion of the family happens at the heart of the tribe. The completion of restoration of the tribe is at the center of the people. The completion of the restoration of the people is found at the center of the nation. The completion of the nation occurs at the center of the world. The completion of the restoration of the world is in the middle of the universe, and the completion of the restoration of the universe takes place at the heart of God's love. Everything is trying to become one on the universal level centering on the love of God.

Therefore, the Unification Church is proclaiming the ideology of the universe centering on the perspective of history based on the heart. Some people might say, "We are busy making a living for today even, yet what is all this fuss about the ideology of the universe? We don't know if we will live or die today, so what is the point of this eternal and abundant idealism? These are crazy people." It's true that we are crazy. (61-75)

Then, how great is this stage? How many stages are there? You must pass the individual stage. Moreover, passing the individual stage alone is not enough. Is the test something that can be passed in comfort, while sleeping, resting and eating all you want? Is this so? You must pass the test. Why do you have to pass it? By doing so, one stage . . . Night and day will be swapped. It will be different. You can go from the era of the night to the era of the day. You can go from the springtime to the summer time. This is how it is. You can make progress.

Just as there is a test whenever one tries to bring something to conclusion, in our course of restoration, the eight stages are left for us to pass through. The course of indemnity on the individual level, of the family level, of the tribal level, of the people level, of the national level, of the world level, of the universal level, and then what is next? There are eight stages including the stage of God. If you look at the actual course, there are seven stages. Up to that, this is the fate that fallen man must walk through. This cannot be left abandoned forever.

If you as an individual made a contact with that, then in whatever way that you can, you must connect it to the family level. In order to connect this, you have to love this more. Having loved this, you must stage a concentrated attack in order to be one with it. You must not put your own opinion first. The question is how to adjust and focus right onto this. (125-250)

What is the Principle of the Unification Church trying to do today? This is the only path, yet just because this is the Principle path, one cannot just enter it. It has been made to be the path whose fate is to pass through the eight stages. Do you understand! There are eight stages from individual, family, tribe, people, nation, world, universe, and until God. The number eight is the number of beginning all over again. After that, the number of beginning again will not emerge again. Do you understand? [Yes] (135-304)

When you possess the love of God, there is no need for you to commit sin. You will have no need for sin or greed. In love, everything exists. Do you understand what this means? [Yes] What we must do is fulfill our portion of responsibility. You must understand clearly that only what you do in these can be said to constitute the restoration through indemnity based on your portion of responsibility.

In the course of indemnity, there are eight stages, indemnity on the level of the individual, of the family, of the tribe, of the people, of the nation, of the world, of the universe, and then of God. There are seven actual stages. What did I just talk about? What are the eight stages? [Perfection of the individual, perfection of the family, then perfection of the tribe . . . The eight stages must be passed through.] What is involved in going through them? What is the reason that one must go through them? You should be able to answer if you heard me speak. [If you enter the position of God, then God can become the governor of every, thing . . .] It is very simple. I am talking about restoration through indemnity. What have you been doing so far? You have been dozing off, right? Putting you through such embarrassing situations is the only way to make you become alert and listen. Why are we to go through the eight stages? Didn't I just teach you? Why are we supposed to go through the eight stages? It is for the sake of the restoration through indemnity. Do you understand? [Yes] You are to pass through the eight stages in order to achieve the restoration through indemnity.

When did you pass through these eight stages? [We have not yet] You might be thinking, "Those eight stages were created by Rev. Moon. I do not need indemnity." If the existence of man's portion of responsibility is true, then this kind of course came into existence because of man's portion of responsibility. If the fall did not take place, then at once, in 21 years all would have been achieved automatically; but because there is this wall that blocks us, it must be taken care of step by step. They cannot be gotten rid of all at once. This is because Satan is tied to it. Accordingly, we have no choice but to deal with it one step at a time. (Speaking while writing on the board) Satan came into being because of the fall and this is also the reason that the indemnity condition came to exist. Because the indemnity condition lies within man's portion of responsibility, it is an inescapable course, an unavoidable course.

So did you know the individual course of indemnity or not? You are to go through the individual, family, tribe, people, nation, world, universe, and God. You are to return. In returning, how are you to do that? When you rise up, in order to stretch up and climb up to the eight stages what do you have to do? You cannot climb up. In order to claim the vertical column, you must first move to the side and gain individual victory, and to do this you have to go up on the side centering on your mind to fight with and then win over Cain. This is the only way to climb up. Why? This is because Satan is attached to you. You have to understand this. Do you understand what this means? [Yes]

If there was no fall, individual, family, tribe, people, nation and even the world would be centered on you as an individual, and family, tribe, and everything else will be the one center, and even God will also lie in one axis. However, because of the fall, the whole axis has been twisted. Because people's angles have become crooked, due to the fall, the axis has become twisted. Accordingly, along this twisted axis, Satan controls you.

For this reason, you have to go along this crooked axis to straighten it and by linking it up, climb up it. This cannot be connected up here. In the restoration of the tribe, after having laid the victorious foundation centering on the family, one must go out to the domain of the tribe and centering on the place where the tribe is putting up the opposition, it must be made to submit naturally. Having done so, one is supposed to come this way, taking a turn here and climbing up there. Do you understand what I am saying? [Yes]

If there was no fall, at once, in twenty generations humanity could have climb up all the way, but since that is not the case it has taken two thousand years. It has taken two thousand years from Abraham to Jesus and the two thousand years after Jesus. You must understand this. You cannot simply go up directly. How nice would it be if we can climb up directly. If there was no fall, we could have climbed up at once. Individual perfection will become family perfection, and family perfection will become perfection of the tribe . . . At that time there was no tribe. It was supposed to expand naturally. However, after the fall, everything from the individual, to family, tribe, people, nation, and world are points of accusations. The Satanic kingdom had been established. The universe had become the sovereignty of Satan. How do we restore this world? Centering on the individual, it must be implanted here. Separately, going in the opposite direction, it must be dragged on. We must escape. This is why in such religions as Buddhism, one leaves one's home. One is not permitted to love one's father and mother as well as one's older sister and brother. The words in the Bible, "Those who cannot love me more than their father and mother cannot become my disciple," is a paradoxical theory, but this must be accepted as the reasonable theory that will lead one to the heavenly path. Do you understand? [Yes]

For this reason, having understood the laws of indemnity in this world and universe, I have been adjusting the focus of love on the levels starting from the individual and expanding to the family level love, tribe level love, people level love, and national level love. Every time this was being undertaken, Satan tried his best to destroy it. Therefore, religions must walk the path of persecution. Tears and blood must be shed. One must not climb to the top. One must remain in the shadows. This is a safe zone. Because Satan is arrogant, he does not like dark places. Accordingly, the most miserable place is the safest place.

Starting from the servant of servant; this is also eight stages, right? Starting from the servant of servant, to the servant, and then what is next? From adopted son, to the illegitimate son, to the child of direct lineage, and then from mother, father, to God; all together they are eight stages. It is the same. Eight stages remain. You must understand this clearly. Before becoming a leader of the Unification Church, one must first become the servant of that nation. Otherwise, there is no path for liberation. Having become the servant of servant, one must be treated as the adopted son. One must be treated as the illegitimate child.

How much mistreatment has the Unification Church suffered so far? This is how we are to climb up. When we climb up to this stage, there is always indemnity to be paid. Then, have you or have you not walked the path of indemnity? Did you or did you not walk the path of indemnity on the individual level? You don't understand, right? Have you fought with Satan and through God's fair judgment claimed the victory? Have you or have you not? If you have not, then your families cannot walk the course of indemnity. How can you travel the course of indemnity on the tribal level when you have not even done so on the family level? There is no way. How can you go the course of indemnity on the people level when you have not even done so for the tribal level? How can you walk the course of indemnity on the national level when you have not even done so on the people level? How can you walk the course of indemnity on the world level when you have not gone the course for the national level, and how can you walk the course of indemnity on the universal level when you have not done so on the world level? You must understand this clearly.

The law of indemnity that the Unification Church teaches is the truth, yet in practicing this truth, the crucial issue is when have you fought with Satan centering on God in the triangular position and having defeated Satan serve God on that foundation. I am not talking about fighting. Satan must submit naturally.

You must understand that what lies incomplete before you is the duty of loving God more than anyone of your ancestors in history, and being loyal to God more ardently than the combination of the loyalties of the people in history toward Satan. You must understand this clearly, that you must pay the indemnity.

The restoration through indemnity; why do we need indemnity? Without paying indemnity, there is no way to subjugate Satan. If the original focus of God's love is fixed on an individual, can there be Satan there or not? Looking at it with the Principle perspective, would there be Satan there? (1988.10.3)

There were numerous paths of tribulations in history, but the eight stages of the path of suffering that I have walked cannot be found in the Satanic world in history or in God's history. You must understand that the path of indemnity has been such, that I could not shed tears just because of the difficulties I was facing, telling God, "God I cannot endure this any longer." Someone heading toward heaven must not walk the path while shedding tears and wiping them. Unless the situation in which he was shedding tears does not become the foundation on which he can move toward happiness, then it is the universal Principle that the basis of the kingdom of heaven cannot remain on the earth.

For this reason, everyone must walk: the suffering path of the king of servant of servants, the suffering paths of the king of servants, of the king of adopted sons, the suffering path of the king of illegitimate sons, then of the king of sons, king of mothers, and then the suffering path of the king of fathers. You must not shed tears because of your own tribulations on the path, but grabbing on to the humanity, you must cry for the sake of the liberation of the humanity. This must be liberated. You must repent for the sake of the humanity.

Before God, for God, I am one that God cannot afford to lose more than anyone else in the world, but even then, my attitude is, "I cannot abandon these adopted children and miserable slave children. I must save them even if it means that I have to switch places with them." Every time this happens, as God asks Satan, "Should I listen to his plea or not?" then Satan cannot but say, "You should listen to his plea." He will add, "Even in such a miserable position he loves God and humanity, and this is the realm that I cannot reach, therefore, since there is no universal Principle that will allow one to oppose such person, there is no basis for opposition. The path that he is walking on is the domain of liberation."

When I was setting up Holy Grounds in forty nations, as I was traveling through wealthy countries, pitiful countries, and that servant like nation, when I came across miserable people in my heart I comforted them with confidence, telling them in my mind, "I who has been through worse places than the situation that you are heading toward came here and prayed. My prayer will become your shield through which you can gain life, and the path that will lead you to the road of life will be shown to you from this earth to the kingdom in heaven." This is the path of restoration. This position should have had a glorious beginning, but it began with the path of suffering and agony.

Although such a story lies behind me, who would have believed me forty years ago; people believe me now only because I have already accomplished all this. If I said those words, then wouldn't people have treated me as a maniac? They will say, "That lunatic, he has gone mad. What? He says that he is going to move heaven and earth, having impact in this world, and turning this evil world upside down to make it a good world?" So how ridiculous was it? I have been walking this path for forty years. If those of you gathered here have evaded the path of suffering then you are nothing more than thieves.

The seven-year course is designed to shrink it and pay indemnity. This is also made up of seven stages. One, two, three, four, five, six, seven, there are seven stages. Within seven-years. This is home church.

Israel's people must walk the path that Jacob went, and the Israel nation must walk the path that Moses went, Christianity must walk the path that Jesus walked, and you must walk the path that I have gone through. Isn't this the principle? [Yes] You must go here and receive persecution. You should receive persecution. You are to receive persecution. I stand in the parental position, yet I have put my children in the place of suffering. The question is how to decide in my life a time period in which all suffering can be blocked and on the world stage where you will be welcome and you can pay the indemnity. This is home church. After Danbury, the period of persecution has passed by.

What is applicable here is the era of individual, the era of family, of tribe, of people, of nation, of world, of universe, and the era of heaven; these are also in eight stages. (Speaking while writing on the board) They are eight stages. Similarly, this is also the case with the course of restoration. Like the course of suffering, the course of restoration is also like this. From the individual to the family, to tribe . . . So, you need a nation, right? You need a family, right? It is the same thing. It is the same stage. Adding it all . . . So, centering on home church . . . (161-195)

3) The Seven Year Course

God has been toiling for seven thousand years, while Christianity has been toiling for two thousand years, so next, we as individuals must walk the course of seventy years. How can you get married when you are supposed to offer service for seventy years? In the Unification Church, it is seven years. For God it was seven thousand, for Christianity seven hundred years, for those who believe in Christianity it is seventy years, and for members of Unification Church it is seven years. The number is decreasing gradually. After serving for seventy years what can people do once they get to heaven? They are already so old. If they go at that time, even if they get married, it is of no use. Can they bear children? Therefore, because it is seven years for us in the Unification Church, we can build the kingdom of heaven on earth. (96-119)

When you look at formation, growth and perfection each as taking seven years, it becomes 21 years. Therefore, in order to establish a standard of perfection you need a period of seven years. Thus when someone comes into the Unification Church, he inevitably has to go through a seven-year course. We must, through this seven-year course, inherit True Parents' heart and at the same time establish a condition to restore everything that was lost. Adam and Eve lost all things as a result of the fall; their substance was tainted because of Satan, and they were robbed of heart. All this has to be restored through indemnity. That is, we need to bind together completely the problem of all things, the problem of substance, and the problem of heart, centering on God, and in this way pass through the perfection stage.

After receiving the Blessing, we must restore all things, restore substance, and restore heart, in a period of seven years. When we took at this horizontally, all things are the Formation Stage, substance is the Growth Stage, and heart is the Perfection Stage. This is the content that indemnifies horizontally the entire historical, vertical providence. The standard of all things corresponds to the Old Testament Age, the standard of substance corresponds to the New Testament Age, and the standard of heart corresponds to the Completed Testament Age. These three have to become completely one. In the Old Testament Age indemnity was paid centering on all things; the New Testament age indemnified substance through God's only begotten son. By that becoming the victorious result, a heartistic standard was to appear.

By parents' making mistakes, a standard of hardship was imposed upon humankind. But because Father has completed his responsibility in the position of parent, you who are standing in the position of children can surpass all the standards of persecution and accusation. This is the purpose of the seven-year course.

Everyone, no matter whom, has to go this seven-year course. Proud and distinguished people or ugly and unfortunate people, no matter who they are, have to go this course. Anyone of fallen descent has to go this course no matter who he or she is, or else they will never enter the Kingdom of Heaven.

God has toiled for seven thousand years, and I am to persevere for seventy years. For you, seven years is sufficient. Do you understand what I am saying? [Yes] God has gone through several thousand and ten thousand times more than I, and I have toiled several thousand, several hundred times harder than you. In this way the indemnity was paid; do you think I have gone through such course of suffering? [Yes] (80-112)

We are not to die along with Jesus to cross over the hill of Golgotha, but live and climb over it. In this way, we are to pay indemnity horizontally for the vertical history. The six thousand years of history corresponds to this seven-year course. The six thousand years are supposed to be indemnified in seven years. The seven thousand years, the six thousand years plus a thousand years, are to be indemnified in seven years. Because this is the formula, every fallen man must go through this seven-year course. After fulfilling this time period, everything will go smooth for you. This is the reason why revival groups who experience the Holy Spirit must pack up and leave after seven years because it will completely be emptied out. This seven-year period is the time that is needed to horizontally indemnify the vertical history. (21-211)

Ladies and gentlemen, what is the seven-year course? It is the path to restore all the stages beginning from the position of servant of servants, all the way up to the position of the direct heir. Therefore, during this seven-year course, you must go into the position of servant in order to love Cain. For this reason, we are to go out to the villages and other such places to do witnessing. We are trying to love people centering on the Principle from the perspective of the heart. We are not trying to do this as son and daughter of someone's lineage but as people who have found the common focal point with the heart of God that can be linked to heavenly compassion. Moreover, we are trying to find a point of union for our lifestyle and hope. Centering on God, we are trying to bring unity to our heart, actions, and hope. (34-60)

What is the seven-year course? What is to be done? Through the fall, man has also caused all things to fall. This has brought about the realm of sorrow for all things. Two realms of sorrow, one of the human world and the other of the world of all things, have come into existence.

In the created natural world, centering on man, all the environmental factors will be formulated. In other words, due to the fall of man, all things are thrown into the realm of sorrow, and centering on the fallen descendants, humanity dwells in the realm of sorrow.

For this reason, the creation must first be liberated. Since in the process of creation all things were created first and then man was created, in the process of recreation, the same course will be undertaken. The course of indemnity for the course of restoration, in other words, the course of re-indemnification, must be walked. The realm of sorrow for all things must be liberated. Didn't God create man on the foundation of the realm of all things? God created man through all things. There was no fall back then. There was no realm of sorrow. (172-49)

We are to find all the conditions for the creation and offer them to God. This is the three-and-a-half-year period. During the seven years, since through the number seven God has created the universe, three and half years are set aside for claiming the creation back. During the three and half years, you must exert yourself to the utmost, pouring out your heart and body to the fullest.

This is the seven-year course, and with three and half years as a unit, it must be divided into two stages. Spending three and a half years and then another three and a half years, centering on sons and daughters and joining efforts with them, you must restore what has fallen on the level of the family to enter the kingdom of heaven on the family level. You have to understand that the three and half years is the period of bearing the cross for the sake of the family.

However, one thing that you have to understand is that originally this is supposed to take fourteen years. Seven years here and climbing up to here takes seven years, all together it is fourteen years. Moreover, with seven years here it takes 21 years, but we are to complete the whole course in seven years. (Speaks while writing on the black board) Do you understand what this means? It is the 21-year course of the Unification Church. Who is to bear this burden? I am the one who has to do it. It is I. Do you understand what I am saying? (133-160)

4) You Must go Through the Formula Course

The development of science always relies upon formulas, and by applying the formulas, development comes according to the result brought. Today, the modern civilization stands on that foundation. Similarly, we must reflect on the question whether or not people also have some ideals to which we can apply some fundamental formula and rule. Eventually, a person of mature character has to be a figure of formula that can freely be linked to the past, present and future. (87-11)

Ladies and gentlemen, can there be two different formulas or definitions to concepts in mathematics or physics? Are there two or one? The modern civilization is a scientific civilization, and this scientific development is the same as the development of the formula. The modern civilization of today was built all based on the fundamental formulas that have been manifested in actual accomplishments. Do you understand what this means? This did not come into being in random or in some haphazard way. All have made progress through the course that embodies formulas. For this reason, traditions are to be respected, and if there is a good fundamental formula and rule in the past, then it should be maintained, and living on top of it, moreover, formulas that are more advanced and precious . . . This is the way that the civilized world has been making progress. (97-119)

As church leaders, what you have to understand, as you go out witnessing to the churches in the regions, is that whenever you witness to a person, you must apply that formula. You must go through that formula. (47-293)

In solving a math formula, it is the same for an old person, or a king, or for that matter, it is the same for anyone else. This is the principle. For fallen people to find their way to the Kingdom of Heaven there is no way they can avoid these fundamental rules of the Unification Church, for a director of the Elder Park or for anyone else. They are insane people. Elder Park misused the Divine Principle that he learned from me; as much as two thirds of it. They are traitors. He had become the disciple of the grandmother that I had sent to Seoul to do witnessing, and then he betrayed . . . Their fate will be miserable. (127-65)

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