The Way of the Spiritual Leader

by Rev. Sun Myung Moon

Section 3 - Essential Elements of Guidance Given to Members [Part 1]

1. Living for the Sake of Others

1) True Father and Altruism

When I went to Korea for the rallies, Korean people were saying all sorts of things about me, such as how there was no one greater in the five-thousand-year history of Korea than Rev. Moon. This is probably also true in America. (Applause) This is also probably true in the free world. It is possible that they are saying, "Just looking at how Rev. Moon is doing that kind of work in that world where he has been persecuted so much, it seems that there has never been anyone like him before. He will become a living saint." It is possible that they may say, "That is probably how a living saint is." For this reason, for people all over the world, the word, Second Advent, has become a part of their vocabulary." (Applause)

What kind of ideology did I possess when I rose to this position from the lowest places? What made me become like this? It is the altruistic love, there is only this one thing. Wherever I passed by I did not even leave a trace of debt. I let other people become indebted to me. If there were some nation and people, then I shed tears for their sake and supplicated for their blessing. You have to know clearly that we have no choice but to walk that path because we are trying to walk the path of life from the position of having completely conquered the Satanic realm.

When I ask, "My leg, when did you do things for the sake of your village, nation and world? My eye, nose and mouth, when did you do like that? My hand, when have you done that?" they will answer, "Whenever you give an order, we will follow." This is how my eyes, my spirit is. Even if death is approaching me, I am determined not to be indebted even to the word, "death." No matter what, I am going to have people become indebted to me. (131-36)

You know how Jesus washed the feet of the disciples, right? You also cannot rally them together unless you set such tradition. This is what I have been doing so far. When I heard that the children of enemies were starving, I gave everything that I had except for underwear and blankets. Then, I have lived with just one set of underwear and one blanket for one week. In the end, I sold the blanket for them.

Why did I do such things? This is not because I am foolish. In order to go the path of restoration, one must firmly set the absolute condition of having loved the enemy. There aren't that many people in the world that can do this. However, since I have sold all my assets for the sake of the children of my enemy and even sold the last blanket when I only had the blanket and underwear left, I did as much I could. I had to do such things because I had to put into practice the command in the Bible to love one's enemy. (23-320)

2) A Church Leader's Purpose of Existence is for the Sake of the Members

Just because you believe in Jesus, you should not immediately call out, "Jesus!" You have to first lay down a bridge in the middle. In our horizontal life, when we go to a church to lay this bridge, that church surely has a leader. The church leader is not someone who is trying to serve his own ends. You have to understand that if there is such leader, he is not qualified to become a leader. Because the leader has the responsibility to lay the bridge in the middle, he has to care for the members who come to him.

Because the church leader exists for the sake of the members, he is responsible for the member's spiritual problems and the questions on their life centering on the will of God. The leader is supposed to guide the members centering on the field that he is responsible for. Then, when the leader is in a high position in the eyes of God, as long as the members become one with him, then they can also rise to high positions. As long as that leader prays for you and pray on your behalf that your sins be forgiven, then because of the prayer, you can participate in the position that he stands. This is the reason that people want to receive the prayers of those who greatly inspire them. In this way, you are to lay down the bridge and pursue on. (32-165)

You value the vertical relationship with God but often ignore the relationships with people. When we look at the content of the Principle that should be lectured on, we can see that it is surely a precious gospel and truth. Therefore, without the unity of the vertical content about God and the horizontal relationship between Cain and Abel, there can not be any restoration. You have to understand that this is where all the contents that symbolize the truth are contained and all the meanings that symbolize the cross are also contained.

For this reason, everyone must always think about God no matter if he or she is happy or sad. Before the vertical standard, one must think about God both when they are happy and when they are experiencing difficulties. Why is this? This is so that the whole can unite with God. Therefore, in the external environment there must a foundation for the members to mourn together with you when you are feeling sorrowful. Moreover, there must also be a foundation for you to share your happiness with members.

Accordingly, as much as you care for God, you must care for people. You have to understand the meaning behind the words of Jesus, "When you do something for someone very small and insignificant, then this is the same as doing something for me." He said this even though the disciples did not carry it out for him directly. (34-229)

Because you are currently engaged in the Cain-Abel conflict on the horizontal plane, you should love and care for the members. You have to care for them with the same heart as God. (76-337)

When you consider the leader, he is not someone who is always happy. He is a miserable person. Why is he miserable? It is because he always feels a sense of being in debt. He should always feel that he is indebted and be determined to care for the members well. They have to be this way.

When you look at some miserable person, it is your duty to be concerned about his or her life and talk to him or her staying up all night. When the spiritual leader sees that someone is facing death, it is his responsibility to prevent the person from walking the path of death by sacrificing himself. Isn't this true? He has to be in that position.

Therefore, what does this mean? What matters is how much you lived for the sake of the members. Isn't this true? The question is how much you have cared for them. They are not some strangers. They are your extensions. They will become your branches. Do you understand? They will become your branches. In order for the branches to grow well, you have to protect them well. Accordingly, when you witness to someone, we call him or her spiritual children, right? What is that? They are your branches. Yet, how much effort and devotion did you put in to provide them with nutrition? In order to do this, you have to become a stem or roots. If you are the root, then the more there are branches and stems the more you need to ceaselessly provide more nutrition than they need from the earth, and this condition of abundance is a prerequisite for the development. This is the only way that they will grow. If there is a limitation, if you cannot provide the top with the nutrition that it needs, then the top will wither and die. Isn't this so? This is how it will be. (70-147)

How many tears have you shed for the sake of the nation, members and brothers, how much did you practice true love? This is the problem. Inasmuch as we, the Unification Church, are seeking the history of heart centering on this type of question, our standard cannot be lower than the heart of Jesus of the historical times. Centering on God's heart, we must be higher. (60-145)

One who lives for the sake of others does not become indebted to others. If he lives such an altruistic life, then without fail, three generations of his descendants will prosper. When you open the door at the dawn as the cock crows, there will be people standing there waiting for you. Without sleeping, even at night, they will come climbing over the walls. Isn't this how it should be? After they come, you are to talk about the public vision of God, about the people and this world.

When you are talking centering on the perspective of God's love and the ideal world of God, then you do not even know that the night is about to pass by. You will feel as if departing is the great sorrow of the thousand years, and not being aware of the fact that the time is passing by. This type of time is connected and on that basis the foundation has been established. Do you understand what I am saying?

Until now, you were trying to be served, saying, "I am the leader, so obey me." Isn't this how it has been? You have been focusing your efforts on being served but from now on, you should concentrate on serving people. Do you understand? [Yes] You are not to be indebted. You should try that. You should let others become indebted in you. You are to let people become indebted in you when you go to the villages. The simplest thing to do is having the children in the village become indebted to you. Next, you are to have the old people become indebted in you. (68-115)

A great leader should take part in the sorrow of the people and guide those who are facing difficulties. If you are to guide those who are experiencing tribulations, then you must also put yourself in the position of difficulties. Then, in order for you to guide someone who is going through suffering, then you have to be in a position that surpasses the position of suffering, and in order to guide someone who faces death. Then you have to be in a position that surpasses death.

When you encounter a new event, something that you cannot do, then what are you supposed to do? You should become excited and interested in it with the attitude, "How exciting. There will begin a record on one page of my life." If you do well then you will climb over it, but if you fail, then you will have to retreat. (65-309)

3) When You Try to Live for Your Own Sake, the Universe Will Accuse You

As you ask a couple walking on such places as Broadway, "where are you going?" If they answer that they are going to the nation because they want to, then applaud on their behalf. If they say that they are going toward the nation, then applaud for them. However, if they are going, after having abandoned the nation, then scorn them. The universe will applaud for those who go toward a big place as a big couple. Heaven, earth, and all of the air, the whole world is going to applaud.

The universe will accuse you of everything if you are going for your own sake, not pursuing greater cause but going only for your own sake. Why is this? Because the universe is created centering on love and the principles of love, it dances to that rhythm, not to the rhythm of the individual. This is the power that the universe has. You understand this well, right? [Yes] (131-124)

Although parental love is great, if it is meant mainly for the parents to be served, then children do not need the love of parents. Although the love of children is great, but if the children tell their parents to live for their sake, then even parents do not want that love. Love that induces you to love others and others to love you . . . If you gave ten, then the amount that returns in always eleven. This is how altruistic love is.

If the partner loved me and lived for my sake with something small, then I would want to give back more than that. This will continuously multiply. After some time passes with the multiplication, if this goes on for the rest of one's life, then this will cross over the nation, world, the eternal world, kingdom of heaven and then finally climb over the heavenly world.

As long as one wants others to live for one's sake, he will be reduced. After one and two times, love that used to be ten will reduce down to eight. When you live only for your own sake, your heart will be rolled up and turned over. Where does love come from? It comes from the partner, but only along the path of altruism would pure and ideal love travel back and forth. Amen! Say this together. [Amen] (119-326)

4) The Result of Altruism

You have to be more altruistic. What is being more altruistic? One who is more altruistic will become the leader. Among ten people, the one who becomes the center is the one who loves and lives for the sake of the ten people. All of the ten people will come seeking for him. Isn't this true? Is it or is it not true? People think that altruism is not good. You have to understand that one who cares for others becomes the center and leader.

You have to know that such person becomes the master and the center. The one who becomes the president is one who cares most for the nation. Isn't this true? One who can inherit the company is one who cares more for and sacrifices more for the company. This is the universal principle. People thought that living for others was a bad thing, but it is to become the center and leader, and it is to inherit everything. For this reason, you are told to live for the sake of others. It is not a bad thing. You will not lose out by doing so. (132-276)

Originally, men were born for the sake of others. They were born in order to sacrifice for the sake of others. What will happen when you sacrifice for the sake of others? Not only would the tradition of love be established, but also you will become the center of love. What would you become? For certain, you will become the center of love.

In a school, this is like how one who works for the sake of the whole class becomes the class president. Even equipped with the same qualifications, one who is more altruistic will become the class president. In the Korean nation, one who loves Korea more than others, one who has lived for the sake of Korea more than others, and one who is living for the sake of Korea more than others will naturally become the center of the people. Isn't this how it is? This cannot be denied.

What are you going to do once you become the center? You are to climb up to the top. The central figure is supposed to climb to the top. When you are at the top you can guide and control the masses. You will become one who dominates. This is the fundamental principle of the universe. You have to understand this clearly. (57-26)

Why do people like higher things? They like high places because they can link up with a variety of things up there. Why do they not like the low places? It is because they will become simplified. They will be far away from the various relationships. One who is most precious among all men is one who is trying to connect himself to the high ideals, perspectives and things. We can find here the concept that such a person is a precious person. (129-308)

So, why is living for the sake of others a good thing? It is because you can become the center. The central figure must know how to take responsibility. He has to take responsibility. One who is responsible for and has influence over everything is the center. Isn't this true or not? How about America? Does someone who lives selfishly become the center or does someone who lives for the whole become the center? From this perspective, we can see that one who tries to live for the sake of the whole becomes the center of that particular field. He is to become the center. You cannot become the center if you are not willing to live for others. (129-309)

What kind of position is the position of God and parents? It is becoming concerned about people first. They are to think about others first. God thinks about you before you do. Parents think about you before you do. This is why parents are great. This is why they stand in the subject position. When two of you live together, you must have the attitude, "I should do things that he is supposed to do." This is the type of person that God is. That person is the center. One who lives for the sake of others is to become the center.

Now, although I am getting opposition in America, because I have lived for the sake of America, American people cannot but respect me. They have no choice but to respect me. This type of person will become the master. When you sacrifice for the world, then you will become the owner of the world. Do you understand what this means? [Yes] One who tries to stand in the position of God and parents will surely become the central figure. What is there after that? Ones who will become the owner of the Unification Church is the one who loves the members like God, parents, and me. That type of person will surely become the master. When this cannot be achieved, everything will be turned upside down. It will turn upside down. The members will put up the opposition.

It is very simple. Do you understand? The way to win over someone, the way to bring someone down to submission is not to try to win in a conflict, but care for him first from the position of God and parents. By doing so, you will win. If you care for him for three years, then he will become obedient to you. This is what the heart will lead them to do. They will open all the doors in their house including their main room and welcome you, "You can come into our house any time." You have to understand that this type of fundamental action of the universe is moving the original heart. Do you understand? (103-139)

2. Giving

1) A Leader is One Who Gives First

What kind of person is a leader? He is one who is supposed to give. He is not supposed to receive. In giving, he should not give the same things all the time. He must give new things. Isn't giving sermons difficult? The Principle lectures can be given according to how it's laid out, but giving sermon is difficult. The reason is that the same things cannot be given again. Isn't this so? You cannot give the same things. Just as parents must be selective in giving children a variety of good things to eat, the same things must not be given again.

When you have nothing to give, you should receive it from God. You are to provide the members with the things that you have received from God. Isn't this true? Consulting God about it and . . . Eventually, you are to represent God. Even as you pray, your own prayer will move you. When you pray in that realm then all will be captivated by God, and you will come to feel strongly that God is the motive power and the origin of life; When people experience this, they will realize that they need God absolutely. In order to tie these things together to fascinate the audience, prayer is absolutely needed.

Those great historical figures, those who are recorded in history as great are not great scholars. Great people are those who are starving for the heart of faith. When you enter the realm where you become completely engulfed in joy as your heart of faith is filled up, the audience will be captivated by that.

You should be giving, but in order to give, you need to be supplied; where do you get supplied? You can be rejuvenated at the headquarters by listening to my sermon, but when you are far away and alone, you have to build a supply road through which you can receive from God. In order to do that, you have to nurture your capabilities. When you set out to go somewhere, you are not traveling alone. You must receive a revelation. You must go while serving God, True Parents, father, and mother with the belief that the world is going to be judged by you. You should think that events that you are facing will have a major impact on the dispensation of God, and wherever you go, you should act as the shield of judgment. If you visit three times and make a substantial contribution in that place, this will become the occasion for you to enter the realm in which you can naturally sense that God goes when you go and He comes when you come. When this is achieved, wherever you are, there will be progress. (46-299)

2) Attitude to Have When You are Giving

You have to give with parental heart. You must not give centering on your own ambitions and wishes. Because father has been doing it like that, you must also do like that. Since these words came through tears, you have to give them through tears. You have to implant truth in this earth where there is no truth. (11-268)

Here the central doctrine of the Unification Church emerges. When you give, what kind of heart should you give with? You are not to give with the heart of a friend. Moreover, you are not to give with the attitude that an owner has when he gives things to the servant. You must possess the parental heart when you give. You have to have the parental heart and be in the body of a servant, to shed tears for humanity, sweat for the earth, and blood for heaven. What this means is that you have to have the sorrowful heart because after giving, you cannot give any more. This is how God is.

The heart of parents is lowering their heads in shame even after having given something, being sorry because even if they want to give something better they cannot do so; this is the affection of parents. Which parents would say after giving something to their children, "Now I have given enough?" Heart of parents is such that they will say, "I will give more later because even though I want to give more now, this is all I have." For this reason, even if the child is a thief, parents love that child. Isn't this so? [Yes] (39-196)

When you give, how should you give? You should not give the leftovers. Do you understand? If you give what is left over from you meal, then even after eating it, people will feel disgusted and spit. When you are giving rice cakes, for example, if you take long time to select one out of the five, picking one up and then putting it down and then picking another, then it is worse than not giving at all. This is how it is. It is worse than not giving at all. When you give to others, if there are five, then you should have no hesitation in picking up half of them and hand them over. Then, people will thank you, yet if you are so hesitant and picky, then people will judge you even after they become indebted to you. This is how it is. For this reason, how are to give? You are to give together with God. (60-170)

What does giving together with God mean? It is possessing the heart of parents. Possessing the heart of parents and being in the body of a servant . . . Why do you need to have the body of a servant? Because you are trying to save servants, you have to become more like a servant than a servant. Aren't the people in the world the children of servants? Since God is trying to save these servants, since God is trying to love servants, imagine how difficult it must be. Do you think that it is easy? (60-171)

Those who try to give ten and take back a hundred will decline. This type of person cannot enter the world centered on heart. Heavenly world is world of giving. Material things do not constitute problems.

Giving is the way to accumulate merits. When you give, you have to add material things to your heart. No one can take the things that you give with the heart of God.

In the Old Testament, God gave from the position of servant, and in the New Testament, He gave from the position of the brothers. Now is the time to give from the position of parents. Since we have received things, which God gave us from the parental position, we must also give from the parental position with the heart of parents. When you become such a person, then God cannot leave you.

When you give, because you have to first get rid of the enemy, conflict cannot be avoided. We have to understand the heart of God who is trying to give. We have to understand the heart of God who has been fighting for six thousand years in order to give.

A happy person is one who gives when he wants to give, and receives when he wants to receive. The unfortunate person is one who cannot give even if he wants to and cannot receive even when he wants to. From this perspective, God is a sad and unfortunate person. (11-235)

When you love people, no matter what the investment you have just made is, you should not think about it. You should not regret. You should not remember what you have invested! I want to give more . . . Therefore, when you have something good to eat, if you are eating it hiding out somewhere alone, then you are a leader who is to going to die immediately. If you have something to eat, then you should not eat it but save it, and wishing to give it to someone even if you cannot eat it yourself, and thinking about members because you cannot eat it; this is the type of person that you should become. You have to become leaders who have nurtured this type of parental heart. (970-166)

When a mother feeds her children on her breast, do they think, "I am feeding them because I want to take back many times more from them in the future?" They are uneasy because they cannot give any more. What lasts for eternity is the heart of parents which sheds tears after giving something to the child because they cannot give something better. After doing so, although they want to give more but they cannot because they simple don't have any more, they will be moved to tears by this uneasy heart; this type of parent will surely educate their children to be filial. The process of restoration is the place where this heart is. Restoration becomes impossible when one leaves this course. (46-173)

3) The Principle of Give and Take

What has concerned up to now ever since I came to America is not having my own house. Even now, I am still leading a lifestyle in a way that I would not become indebted to you. Because I have brought this to pass, America also can make a progress. I do not focus on my own development. This is how the Principle is. The Divine Principle is like that. For this reason, together with God, I must always be giving to the members all over America. I have to give spiritually, materially, intellectually, and in every other way.

Is a good person someone who gives ten and then takes back twelve, or gives ten and only takes back eight? [One who gives ten and takes back eight.] What happens if you do not receive at all? He will become like God. Like God. Where is God? God first dwells in such place. (76-337)

You must first give completely, give three and then take only one back. Do you understand? This is the fundamental principle. Give three times and receive once; I am telling you to receive only a third.

Despite this, there are many that try to give only one and demand three in return. Do you think there are many of this type of people? If one does this, one is Satan. God's dispensation of restoration tries to claim a third, in other words, carry on the work of the three generations to claim back a third. It tries to sacrifice three to take back one. It is trying to give three eras to claim one era. With much effort and devotion . . . This is how it will be. This is the fundamental principle.

Since this is the way that God takes claim over things, we are supposed to give three and take back one. Even the one that is taken back must not remain in your possession. You must return it to God.

This tradition . . . If you receive one, then you must return it to me. Moreover, I must return it to God. This how it should be returned. Only when this becomes the tradition, only when it goes around like this and made into that progress will take place. (66-301)

We must love God. Only after loving God and receiving the love of God can you love man and receive the love of man. You must understand this. Do you understand? Centering on me . . . I am not trying to receive love. I am not boasting about it. This is how the laws of the Principle are. Only after understanding how to love parents, only after receiving the love of parents can you love children and receive the love of children. It operates by the same principle.

Knowing this problem, you must always think about these two types of principles. When you love men as much as you have loved God, then just as God has loved you, people will love you. For this reason, Jesus said in the Bible that if one testifies to him before men, then he will testify to one before God. It is the same principle. The same principle. You are supposed to love man, just as you love God. (70-165)

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