The Way of the Spiritual Leader

by Rev. Sun Myung Moon

Section 2 - Subject and Object, Cain and Abel [Part 3]

2. Cain and Abel

4) Cain and Abel Relationships Among Members

There are Cain and Abel among the members of the Unification Church, and those who joined first are Cain, so it is they who stand in the important position. So, who is the person that joined the church first? The one who joined the earliest is I. Is there anyone who joined it before me? Therefore, I am Cain. Even if you ask God about it, he will agree. However, I do not force you into serving me, telling you, "You serve me, all of you, come here." I leave you to decide to do it if you want to and not do it if you do not. The only thing is that I teach you correctly. You have to know that the summer wind that blows before the autumn wind is scarier.

When we look at the members of the Unification Church and ask the question who the Abel is, horizontally those who joined earlier are Abel while vertically those who joined recently are Abel. In the vertical and horizontal relationships, the horizontal must be attentive to the vertical and not the other way around. This is how it will become.

When we look at God and man, man must be more attentive toward God than God is attentive toward man. The history of dispensation, that is supposed to value this tradition, is the formula course. The reason that I am putting the thirty-six couples through the course of suffering is because I do not want them to be accused for violating this law. I left all the Unification Church members alone but sent all the blessed couples out to walk the path of suffering. I did it so that they can fulfill their responsibility as Abel. They are to complete their responsibility as Abel centering on the Unification Church.

By doing so, they are to prepare all four directions. You are not to live according to your own wishes but according to my words, and follow that path that I am walking on. I am not telling you to do otherwise. You are to inherit the tradition of the Unification Church. You are supposed to do as I do. I have abandoned my family and parents to walk this path. This is what you must also do. Do you understand? You must be obedient while walking this path.

What is the secret to becoming the Abel figure? It is safeguarding the tradition. One who does not rebel even when one is facing death is to become Abel. You have to understand this. Jesus is said to be the young lamb, right? Therefore, even if you are poked, you must not rebel. (49-214)

Are you leaders Cain or Abel? You are Cain before me. All of you agree and say, "I want Teacher to be my older brother," right? In order for me to be the Teacher, I have to care for and love you more than I love myself. This is the principle. This is true wherever you are. Do you understand what I am saying? [Yes] Looking at it horizontally, you are to stand in the front. Do you understand? Horizontally, you are to surpass the satanic world. You are to stand in the position where you have the condition of having being born first. However, looking at it vertically, you are Abel who stands below me. You stand in the position of having been born later. So, I have to be absolutely one with God. Having achieved the oneness, Cain and Abel must become one.

This is the Principle. It is vertical and Principle. Since God exists first He is the oldest and I am the younger son. Moreover, in the Unification Church, I am the oldest son and all who joined the church are younger sons. This is to say that the vertical standard has the Principle form while the horizontal standard becomes the possession of Satan. It will be the opposite. You have to understand this clearly. The vertical standard has the Principle shape. Do you understand?

Vertically, I stand in the position of the oldest son while you stand in the position of younger sons. Horizontally, you stand in the position of the older sons while I stand in the position of younger son. Therefore, in order to restore you, I must serve. This is the principle. It will become the opposite. So, you can come in here only when you complete your responsibility horizontally. Only when you become completely one with me vertically and horizontally, you can enter the position of Abel.

So, vertically you are in the position of older brother and horizontally you are in the position of the younger brother. The members will be in the position of the older son, because they are on the side of Satan. If you do not carry this out faithfully, then all will become twisted. Do you understand?

In other words, like the relationship between you and me, even in the relationship between you and the members, vertically you stand in the position of older brother while the members are in the position of younger brother; for this reason, they can be governed automatically. You can have dominion over them, but in the outside world when you deal with them horizontally you cannot govern them. You stand in the position of Abet while members stand in the position of Cain. It will become the opposite. For this reason, in order to restore them, the leader must go through the course of indemnity of Abel on their behalf. Otherwise, the restoration will not be accomplished.

What that means is that, those members who pledge to maintain absolute faith can be governed as you see fit because they are within you, but those who joined recently must go through the course of restoration through indemnity. From the vertical position, you can treat them as younger brothers from the position of the older brother, but this is not the case when you are in the horizontal position. If you do not lead them through the process of restoration through indemnity when they fail to become one, they do not have any other way to return. It is the same.

For this reason, as soon as one joins the church, all that one has, all the belongings including the body and mind must be offered to the Abel, and say, "I offer even my love to you." This is the only way to become one. Is that easy to do? You cannot become the son before you become completely one with God and me. You cannot stand in the position of the son. Before you become completely one, there is no Abel position. There is no place for you to stand.

So, after you stand on firm ground you have to raise people in the four directions. This is where the twelve tribes come from. Because there are twelve months, twelve tribes must be formed. They must completely submit and become one horizontally in give and take with each other. Just as there are twelve months on the earth to make up a year, even in the spirit world, there are twelve such doors. This is where the twelve tribes originate. If you cannot match the twelve directions in number, then you must create the four-position foundation in four directions. This is not the degrees that indicate the three-dimensionality of the four directions, but represent the twelve directions and twelve months. You have to prepare on all four directions by perfecting the four-position foundation.

By doing so, Jesus secured three disciples centering on him to form the four directions. Centering on this, he raised twelve disciples. This is the reason why in the Unification Church, you are told to witness to three people for the blessing. Without this, you won't have the foundation of the number four and therefore you cannot possess the right to indemnity conditions. Do you understand what this means? You do not even understand this. You are trying to do restoration through indemnity and work of restoration and so forth. If you don't understand this, all your attempts are in vain. Your lives of faith all stand in the position of Satan. (116-266)

5) The Mission of Abel

We have learned about Cain and Abel problems in the Principle. Abel is supposed to separate himself from Satan or from Cain. After that, entering the realm of God's love, by experiencing the sorrow of God and the older brother, we are supposed to make the determination to sacrifice our lives in their place, and save the older brother even if that means putting our lives on the line and offering our life. However, during this process, Cain murdered Abel.

The members of the Unification Church understand the Divine Principle. So the members stand in the position of Abel. For this reason, you must first be able to fight against Satan, and separate yourself from the satanic world. This means that you have to enter the realm of God's love. However this is not all. From that moment, you have to be willing to sacrifice yourself in order to resolve the sorrowful heart of God and the brothers and sisters who are chained to the satanic world. You must try to save them from the satanic world by offering your life and sacrifice as the ransom. The dispensation of restoration will move forward from the moment Abel sacrifices himself. This is the formula that you must remember. This must become one unit of the dispensation of God. (52-52)

What does Abel have to do now? Since Abel cannot go without Cain, he must look for Cain. In a family, who is the most representative Cain figure? As long as you can subjugate this Cain figure then all the rest will also submit to you. Should you conquer the most evil of all Cains or overcome the least evil Cain? [The most evil Cain] Ha ha ha. Why? Why? This is because the more evil one is, the more objects one governs. Would it be easy to conquer him? [Difficult] (76-333)

Who must Abel love? [Cain] Abel must love Cain. He must subjugate him naturally with love. He must stand in the position of loving them with blood and tears. He must give love that is the loftiest. Other wise Cain will not relinquish, and thus restoration cannot be carried out. We must do this for the sake of the Christian church, the Korean nation, and North Korea. This is the reason that I am praying for North Korea right now. (34-283)

Before you love Abel, you must love the archangel, and after loving Cain should you love Abel. This is the Principle. The archangel became Satan, and the older brother is Satan. Therefore, Abel must love Satan. You must love God also. This is important. This is what everything depends on. It is here.

Without love, Satan will not leave. The Christianity of today does not even dream about how to separate Satan and the satanic world. Why would Christianity perish when it preaches, "By faith, with the help of the cross we will receive salvation?" Satan must be separated and Cain must be made to submit. The question is how Abel will take care of these two problems.

What is Abel's responsibility? It is to bring Satan down to his knees. Unless Satan surrenders, he cannot be separated. Satan must be conquered and Cain must be brought to submission. You must understand the Principle that with love the older brother must be demoted to the position of the younger brother, so that the younger can become the older brother. If there was no fall, the foundation for the individual perfection, family perfection, the tribal perfection, people perfection, national perfection, world perfection and the universal perfection as well as the realm of God's love would have been established centering on Adam and Even, all at once. There can be no Satan or fall there.

Due to the fall there is a barrier within the individual, family and in everything else. In this way, Adam and Eve became enemies. There can only be destruction when things are centered on Satan. If God's Will cannot penetrate in here, then all will be destroyed. All will be divided. For this reason, there have been conflicts on the individual level, among brothers, on the tribal level, people, national and world levels, down to hell, and in all of the spirit world up to right under the assistants of God.

Who has to bring resolution to all this? Abel must do that. In other words, because Adam fell, Abel must resolve all of that from the position of Adam. However, because all the four billion people of the world, who have multiplied from an individual, cannot be brought to a conclusion at once, centering on the level we are launching a movement in which restoration through indemnity must connect all the levels of individual, family, tribe. Right now.

Satan and Cain are on the first level. You have to understand this. Satan is the father and this is the son. Then when do they surrender? They will be separated at the position where even if they die offering their lives to us centering on the content of God's love, they will continue to praise God. What do you have to do to make this come true? Abel must enter the satanic world. He must leave his homeland to enter the Satanic world, and only when he can conquer Satan after entering the satanic world, he can rise to the original position. He has to go out. He has to leave home. (129-216)

Abel must stand in the position where he can die for Cain and offer his life. Otherwise, Cain will not submit before Cain. He can return only when he is willing to die for Cain. Do you understand?

For this reason, Jesus taught that those who try to die will live and those who try to live will die. These words apply both to Abel and Cain. In order for Abel to save Cain, he must not have a second thought about giving up his life. Otherwise, can Cain be restored? No, there is no other way. Moreover, in order for Cain to follow Abel, he must be ready to die. Otherwise can he follow him? No. The two are the same. From this point of view, one who tries to die will live and one who tries to live will die. (34-99)

What does Abel have to do? He has to restore three generations. First, Cain must be restored. Then, parents must be restored. Then what mission lies ahead of him? God must be liberated. These are the three great missions. Do you understand? In other words, without liberating the satanic world, parents cannot appear. After that, if parents are not liberated, God cannot be liberated. It is Abel's mission to be responsible for the three realms of liberation. (58-68)

Abel is in the position of son and Cain is in the position of an adopted son. Therefore, Cain must absolutely obey Abel. However, Cain betrayed Abel. Abel must find Cain again. In other words, just as how after his death on the cross, Jesus had to resurrect and look for his disciples, Abel was killed by Cain, but he must look for him. He must go and look for the descendants of Cain who betrayed. Ones who represented such positions were Ham and Shem of Noah's time. (24-331)

6) The Mission of the Minister who is Abel

From now on, we have to restore them through indemnity. Restoration through indemnity is the only way. Who walks the path of indemnity? Abel is supposed to walk it. Then between the church leader and a new member who is Abel? [Church leader] Now, can Cain walk the road of indemnity? Answer me. Is there such a thing? There isn't.

The path of indemnity is supposed to be walked by Abel. Leaders of Unification Church do not understand this. They forgot it all. You have to understand this. All of you who are the representatives of different nations must also know this.

Who walks the path of indemnity? Cain is not the one. It is Abel. In shedding tears, he must cry first, and even going hungry, he must experience hunger first, he must be cursed first, and he must be beaten first. This is the way that he can walk the path of indemnity. When someone joins, then you have to listen to everything they have to say from their past life, and from the parental position you have to give counsel, shedding tears and praying for him; this is what you have to do.

When someone close to you is leaving, you cannot rest with your heart at peace. So you accompany him or her to his or her house, and when the morning breaks, you are so concerned that you wait for him or her in front of the house to meet him or her. You must be able to do this. In the end, you have to become someone that likes people more than anyone else. You have to be one who loves Cain the most, there the path of indemnity. Only by doing so, will that person follow your path in the right way. They will follow the path of indemnity. For this reason, you are to walk the path of indemnity.

Now, who is supposed to bring the unity? [Leader] It is in Cain's nature to bite off, rip up and repeatedly interfere. Therefore, you have to pray shedding tears before God, and pray staying up through the nights. You have to be the sick patient of the sick patients, and the concerned one of concerned ones, and in this way you have to understand that the path of indemnity is reporting to heaven about the sorrowful story. You have to feel like you are going to faint after being surrounded by some mysterious things. Your heart can never be at peace. (88-263)

Who is supposed to pay indemnity for Cain. Abel? Is Cain supposed to do that or is Abel supposed to do that? Abel is supposed to do it. A priest is not supposed to sit idly and do nothing constructive. With a heart of devotion, only after he exerts himself to the utmost and invests all of his effort, does he deserve to be in that position. This is the Principle. This is the process of recreation. You should try this out. (75-167)

Some of you, today, say as soon as you arrive at some place, "Since Teacher authorized me to be a regional leader or a district leader, I am Abel." This person has not become Abel. He was sent to do the mission of Abel. However, without even doing the mission of Abel, he is saying, "Serve me, obey my orders." When parents order children to do things, if they just sit idly and give the orders then those parents are stepparents. Do you understand? They are stepparents. Real parents will accompany the children and work together. They will teach while they work. Isn't this true? It is, right? [Yes] This is a true parent. (75-168)

Up to now, you have wrong idea on the Unification Church's concept of love between Cain and Abel. You think that leaders are unconditionally Abel, but this is not the case. Abel is supposed to save Cain. After that, only by becoming one, they can go before mother. Even if you have not become one with the leader, if you have attained unity among yourselves, the leader will come and join you there. This is the meaning of the saying that whenever there are two, three people praying God will be with them. More than praying alone, if two or three people gather together to pray, then . . . Do you have friends for whom you can carve out your flesh and give your blood? Do you have such comrades?

From today, you have to throw away thoughts centered on the leader that you had up to now and take up the ideology that always centers on the members. Why is this so? If there is a head of the family, then in order to create heaven in the family, the head must enforce the perspective, not for his own sake, but for the sake of the family members. Otherwise, heaven cannot be built in the family. It is the same. Until now, we must change what has been centered on me in the Unification Church until now to something that is centered on all of you, so that the effort can be focused on linking up the congregation of love horizontally. It won't do if we are trying to do only vertically.

Accordingly, you must love True Parents in the same way that you love God, and love all of the humanity just as you love True Parents. You are to become one with all peoples in the world. You have to digest the environment that you do not like, in which you can smell a bad odor from the feet, mouth, and body of the people next to you. You have to wash their feet. If they do not have clothes to wear, then you should give them your clothes to wear. (Applause) (115-56)

If you cannot experience heavenly love on earth, you cannot go to the Kingdom of Heaven. Have you sincerely loved a Cain-type person? In order to go to the Kingdom of Heaven, your love should surpass the parental love and conjugal love of the satanic world. Parents have even died for the sake of their child in the fatten world; still, our love must surpass the parental love of the fallen world.

You cannot go to the Kingdom of Heaven alone. One man and one woman should be united. In order to go through this process, one person of the couple should surely become one with Cain. A proper environment is needed. Before receiving parents or spouse, you are to set up a standard of unity between brothers and sisters. This is Unification thinking.

When Satan recognizes the condition that I loved Cain as much as I loved Abel, then he will go away. When rearing the babies of your trinity partners, you should be two or three times more devoted to them than your own babies. If the trinity cannot make oneness, how can we create world unity? Three nations should be one. You have to love the world more than you love the Lord. Father received persecution from three nations, three ages and three sovereignties. The trinity is one brother. Therefore, when the three families become one, they can hold ceremonies instead of Father. If you neglect the trinity and just focus on your family's well being, you will perish. You shouldn't represent Father just in His name; rather you should represent Father in His responsibility and heart.

By Cain killing Abel, history went the wrong way, so all humankind became Satan's children -- the children of a servant. Human beings were supposed to be princes and princesses, but they became the children of the servant. How much was God stifled? Jesus, the Messiah, in place of the original Adam, came as a luminary, one with God and God's love in spirit and body. Therefore, all men and women in the satanic realm can be attracted to the Lord, treasuring the day of His coming. That's why history is the history of indemnity. No other explanation is necessary.

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