The Way of the Spiritual Leader

by Rev. Sun Myung Moon

Section 1: Attitude of the Minister When Giving Guidance (Part 2)

2. A Minister is in The Parental Position

1) Ministers are in the Parental Position

From now on, you must fulfill all individual responsibility. More than the responsibility as a regional leader or provincial leader of the Unification Church, you must first fulfill all your responsibility as an individual. The problem is whether or not you have completed your individual responsibility centering on the world level tradition. Next comes the question of whether or not you have completed your portion of responsibility as a leader or as a church leader.

Church leaders are in the position of parents. Parents cannot fall asleep before they put all the children to sleep. They cannot do that unless they are sick. They shed tears as they worry about the future of their children who are still immature; when they experience hardships in life, the heart of parent is such that they cannot but go to sleep only after praying for the blessing of the children with great anxiety. Similarly, a leader must also have a hard time falling asleep. Moreover, when you have some quiet moments of peace at dawn or at night, you should pray for your members with tears without others being aware of it. Do you understand what I am saying? This is the only way that you can establish the foundation.

So, what are you going to do after raising your children like this? You have to raise them to become patriots who will live for the sake of the nation more than the sake of the church. In order to do that, you parents must first show the example. Those who educate by showing examples through their lives first are the true parents. True parents are those who first educate with love and then tell children to carry it out in action. If you lead this type of life, God cannot leave you no matter what. Moreover, this type of person possesses some mysterious and strong power, which automatically attracts the attention of the other people. So, other people have no choice but to pay attention to such a person.

If you make afire in a stove during the wintertime, even if you do not explain to the people that there is one cold stove and one is the hot stove, because people can already feel the heat, they will naturally gather around the hot stove.

Similarly, you must also become someone that other people will be attracted to. What I am trying to do is by setting such a foundation and only with the determination to sacrifice, expand the new tradition and after connecting to the family level foundation, based on that foundation create the clan, people and the nation. This is the path that God is walking on. (34-31)

Parents are the matrix of the child's life. It raises life. It is the matrix of life, love, and protection. It protects life, raises it, and loves it. (51-173)

2) The Heart of Parents

When you encounter a member you should not counsel them in front of all members. This is what I do. I have been leading countless people until now, and there are many that have made mistakes. When I deal with them, I have the attitude, "I will forgive you one hundred times." I forgive a hundred times all those that I come in contact with. This is the fatherly heart.

For example, if one's own son has been arrested as a robber and a murderer and is facing execution, would the parent say, as he watches his son head toward the execution chamber, "It is a good thing that you are going to die. You should be killed quickly?" Parental heart is such that if it were possible to forgive even a thousand or ten thousand times, he would want to forgive. He will treat him with tolerance, willing to forgive a thousand times . . .

But it becomes another type of question. What would happen if I had done something like that and was in such a position in the past? Wouldn't it be difficult to deal with? If I made such a mistake right now, then what would God do to me? Would he bring destruction upon me despite some foundation of my loyalty in the past? If God were to stand in that position, he will hesitate a thousand times.

There are many that left our Unification Church. I had once talked to one such person for thirty minutes. We talked about some secrets . . . When he is settled in his ways and does not want to come, I do not disdain him, wishing that as he stands in the opposite position and that he be punished in all sorts of ways and die by being struck with lightening . . . On the contrary, I think, standing on the side of that person, "He did it because he did not really understand. It is understandable." When I correct mistakes like this, the leaders must also possess the same perspective as me. Such people can make the connection of heart.

If you have done that, then even if you speak to him with extremely harsh words, because you have displayed such concern, you will not feel judged by your conscience. You will not feel judged. There, even if you decide upon some extreme way, because the foundation created by your heart as you were dealing with him in the beginning is greater, God has the condition to support you. There are always ways to take care of all situations. (157-259)

I have been talking about and teaching about the heart of Heavenly Father, yet Jesus, who was sent to this earth after four thousand years, did not really understand the deep valleys of His heart when he was dying on the cross. When you think about it, after all the loyalty with which he faced death, he did not have the foundation to surpass the crisis of death. It was loyalty that fell below that standard, and it was not serious enough to melt one's bones like this. (158-153)

3) The Attitude We Should Have as Leaders in the Parental Position

You should shed tears when you see a poor person in the village and as you pass in front of the house after having a meal. This should be your attitude. As you pass the house you should call out to God and pray in tears with your head cast down, "The reason that he is so poor is because the ancestor of mankind made the mistake and fell. Since I came with the parental mission to this village, I must be responsible for them, yet how much was I able to give you during over one year that I have spent in this village. I have not benefited you in any way." Ladies and gentlemen, have you ever had such heart? This is the Principle way.

Moreover, when you see the children in the village underfed and poorly clothed, your heart should be in agony. You should be engulfed by the thought and attitude day and night, "Who is responsible for causing you to suffer like this? It is because of me. In order for this village to go before heaven, the bridge to Cain cannot be laid down unless the foundation is built around me who came as a parent. Without this foundation, without making the connection to the parents, they cannot go to the kingdom of heaven. Since they, the village and I have some common bond, I should fulfill all of my responsibilities as a parent regardless of whether I live or die." This is the attitude of heart that the leaders in the regions who stand in the position of parents should have.

When you pick up your spoons to eat, as parents you should only be able to eat after being told by the starving people in the village that you should not worry about them and eat your meals because you always visit them and share all your food with them. This is how a parent is. Can parents with children eat alone? As parents divide the food among their children, telling them to eat, a mature child among them will say, "Father, mother, we are all right now, so please have some as well." As parents, this is the time that they can begin to eat. When you eat from this position, then you are able to eat with a hopeful and loving heart. That meal is not a sad meal but a happy meal, and is not a meal of hopelessness but of hope. The place that the parents and children eat that meal is not where they will meet a dead end, but a position in which bonds of moral laws and bonds of heaven and earth will be newly established. Therefore, that meal is a blessed meal, and that foundation is the basis of happiness. Shouldn't the parental heart wish that they would not fall away from such state?

As you see the gaunt children playing on the street who are underfed and poorly clothed, you should embrace them like your children. If you cannot do that, you should feel more shameful than a parent who is not being responsible for the child that you have given birth to, or who has passed the responsibility over to a nanny or perhaps is passing by the house that is taking care of your children on your behalf. This is the bond of heart. If your own children are that gaunt, then won't you grab on to them and shed tears until your bones melt and flesh become twisted?

In the course of historical restoration, how precious and blessed is the bond of lineage that remains even after wandering for thousands of years without recognizing the parents who exist, and not perishing after even being dragged around by the enemy, but remain as the seeds? We should be grateful for the grace of God, who allowed me to stand in this position so that our nation will not perish and its descendants will live on. When you can nurture the parental heart centering on that mindset, then you will never go hungry. You must not go hungry before the village experiences starvation. If you were to starve even after being in such position, then the whole village will be doomed.

This is the heart that you should possess. It is the same when you look at a person or look at a cow. You should have the heart to even grab on to the ears of cow and placing your forehead against its, cry in tears and say to the cow, "How wonderful would it be if you are tilling the land while being hit with the whip of True Parents? I have pity on you who are in the position of a miserable orphan and slave who cannot escape that fate."

It should be the same as you look at the fields and trees. You should tell them, "If you have historical resentments, you should resolve it while looking at me today. If you have some desire that you want to achieve, then you should tell me. I will connect you with the dispensation of God." Even as you look at the plane or the mountains and rivers, "How can I abandon you? I will go and visit every valley." You should go seeking for trees deep in the mountains who were never visited by their owners until now, "The reason that I came into the mountains looking for you is because I felt that the trees like you in this mountain are feeling lonely. So, I came to you considering you as their (the other trees) representative." Then, you should pray on behalf of the trees in the mountains of the village, or district, or county. You should pray that they could maintain the happiness felt today and by resolving all the sorrows by today. Free those coming after them from such agony.

As you look at a rock, before the rock expresses sorrow, you should manifest sad expressions in your face, which is full of tears, and say, "What kind of wishes did you hear from numerous people? Many people resented you and cursed at you, having all sorts of thought while looking at you, but I am not like that. How long have you been waiting for the day that you can meet me and express your joy?" If you can come to possess this type of heart, then your path will never be doomed.

Your good ancestors will come and intervene when you are about to face difficulties. Because the good ancestors stand in the position of servant of servants, when you, the servants, go, then they will go before you to prepare the way. Accordingly, there will emerge phenomena in which the spirit world is mobilized and help their descendants. Do you think this will take place or not?

This is the same when we view it centering on God. If God, who loves the archangel and Adam with the parental heart were being injured, wouldn't the whole spirit world mobilize to help God? It's the same logic. If you possess the heart of parent then such things will take place. Do you understand?

Everything is your responsibility. You should toil with the attitude, "I will be hit before you are hit, I will suffer before you do, and I will endure tribulations before you do. The failure to clean up this village is also my responsibility, and the failure to build the starting point of heaven in every place in the village is also my responsibility." Having done that, you should come back at night and pray for their blessing. You are not to lament for your own life but for the sake of the village and the descendants in it. Isn't such a person with the parental heart someone that the village would want to welcome as their ancestor? Won't this be true? [Yes] (46-280)

4) You Should Treat Members with a Parental Heart

Do parents love children because someone taught them to do so? Did a mother learn how to love a child or not? [She did not learn] She did not learn, right? Moreover, were children taught how to long for their father and mother and follow their footsteps? How could they have learned it from someone? They come to understand it automatically. Do you teach a man how to love woman and teach a woman how to love a man? Likewise, in the world of heart, we come to realize these things automatically. There is no need for education and authority for this. Think about it. Did many college students go out pioneering? [15 and 16 year old young people] They all have problems with faith . . . A college student will believe in himself if he is capable.

You should not stand is that position but have the attitude of a parent . . . What is our motto up to now? Have I been preaching in vain that we should have the heart of parents to serve the earth with sweat, shed tears for mankind and shed blood for heaven and so forth? This is how I have been living. You should go out witnessing in exact accordance with that motto. You should test and see if what I am saying is true or false. There is a very little difference in longing for a member with the doors open wide when there is no member. If you do that, then you can even hear them coming. This is how longing you should be. You should try to be like that, and see if people come or not. The way will surely be opened.

That is how it was when Kang Hyun-Shil [The first Unification Church Missionary] here came to visit me at the Bum-Rae-Gol [Rev. Moon's mud hut in Pusan]. When I climb the mountain, my heart is filled with the longing for my children. Wow, I can hear him or her coming. I can hear it, and it is at the very center. Around it . . . I dismantled this wall with my faith. I took down with the heart of God that had been blocked by fallen hearts. So people are rushing in. Do you understand? You have all become hooligans because you have not been doing witnessing like that.

When you go in there you will see that food has been prepared and stored in piles. The members will bring them all. [Smile] Sons and daughters of God will never die of starvation. When you are doing witnessing and pioneering, if people find out that regional leaders or witnessing members are starving, then those who know cannot eat their meals. Their throat will be blocked off.

When I was in the prison, even if I am just sitting still, people will bring me grain powder saying, "I was told to bring this to the number so and so." I was offered a lot of grain powder in this way. So, it seems like you do not want to die. How is starving to death? You will go to heaven. This is how I tell your fortune. [Laughter] You should do it with this mindset, those who try to live will die and those who try to die will live. You are like that because you become worried before anything else. (1969.5.12)

Who is to be responsible? When there is someone who is willing to take on the burden, accepting it as his own responsibility and struggles on, because of him the external satanic world will start to crumble. This is how the history of indemnity progresses. Do you understand?

For this reason, you must possess the heart of a parent. You should have the heart of a parent who has become the owner. This is why we are preaching, "Let us possess the heart of parent in the body of a servant, and shed sweat for earth, tears for mankind, and blood for heaven." The day that you can achieve this, you cannot but become the representative of the parent. If the parent complains, then what should the children do? Those children who say, "Oh no, this is disastrous," should die. When the parent weeps, children try to die on their behalf.

You should understand this. This is why we have decided on such motto. This is the thought that will bring unification centering on subjective love. This is Unification Thought centering on the subject. Then, what is the meaning of the character, "tong," in "tong-il" (unification)? It is the tong character that means commanding. Being in the position of command is to serve someone. Does it mean to guide? It means to guide. So how difficult would guiding be? If you can lead people so that in the end they can arrive at some comfortable position, then they will try to serve you. Because at that moment there will only be comfort and there is no room for complaint, people will ask, "On whose account are we in such good situation? It is because of the teacher." Therefore, even if you tell them not to, they will serve you well. Likewise, until the day of glory when all people can serve you, you cannot escape the path of tribulations because you have to always bear that burden of responsibility.

3. The Minister as One Who Guides

1) Minister as Guide

When we head toward the pinnacle of a mountain and climb toward it, there can only be one highest point. Because the are many different roads leading to it, so the distance traveled differs according to the direction that one takes, there is only one most straight path. Centering on that one path, many roads are connected in the 360-degree directions around it. Initially it is 360 degrees, but as you approach the pinnacle, the closer you are to it, all will come together for sure. They will all be connected. This will later become four, and then will become two and at the very end, it will be linked into one point. This is how we can conquer the summit.

From this point of view, didn't history walk the course similar to climbing the mountain in this way? Although there were countless divided peoples who were walking the course of history in attempt to find the straightest path, among them there must have been those who are climbing up the opposite direction and going all sorts of directions. There must be some who are resting at the middle because they are exhausted, and there must be those who are coming down. There must also be those who find that the downward path is more difficult to walk and so tries to find another easier way, there must have been all kinds of people . . . The history of mankind is intertwined in such complex manner.

When we took at the whole mountain, if there is someone who knows the one path that leads to the summit, then in respect to conquering the summit, he will become the guide. This is the guide that every one hopes for. This is absolutely true. This is true for the past, present and future. Until the summit is conquered, if there is someone who knows the way, then he will always be recognized as the guide. He will be recognized as the guide. This is what I think. (81-179)

Why do we need the guide? This is so that I myself can climb to the summit quickly. This is how it is done. Then, what do we have to do to complete the will of God? The conclusion made is that there is no other way but for "I" to become one with the guide. If you are walking on two different roads, then can you say, "You, how can you go that way? This is the road that we should take. This is the way that I want to go and you are wrong." You have to become absolutely one. You have to become absolutely one. You have to become one day and night. You should not have any objections. This is the absolute prerequisite.

You cannot say, "But you are young while I am old, and I see that you are like a kindergartner or an elementary school student while I am a grandfather. Moreover, when we look at all the external knowledge, intellect and experience, you should be in the position to receive my instructions, yet how can such a young person like you be a guide?" When you realize that he is the guide, it does not matter whether your nose or ears become twisted, or lose one eye or a leg. Do you understand? [Yes]

There is no rule saying that the guide must be handsome. You cannot assume that the ambassador of a nation who represents a nation is always a handsome man. Woman can also go as ambassadors, right? Even if a young lady goes, she is still an ambassador. It is the same thing. Underestimating and distrusting the ambassador who got the mission is being unfaithful and disrespectful to the nation.

A guide should always . . . He should not change from one day to the next. Even if he is asked at night, the reply should be "Yes," and even if he is asked, "can you guide us to climb any mountain?" the answer should be "Yes." Even if the question is, "Are you confident that you can find the road even at night?" The answer should be "Yes," and even if he is woken up from steep and asked, "You are the guide?" the answer should be "Yes"; whenever the thought comes to dwell on this and he is asked, the answer should always be yes. There should be no objection to this. What are we talking about here? It means that it will not change even during the four seasons, spring, summer, winter and fall. It is the path that will not change. It will not sway from one to the other. There is no need for the word, "well, perhaps." (81-183)

I have said that the path of the Principle is following the footsteps. The path of restoration is seeking and finding the way, but can you find the way? You cannot find it, right? Since you cannot find the way, you need a guide. When you cross the thirty-eighth parallel, because you cannot cross it the first time, you need a guide. When the guide tells you to lie flat, you have to lie flat. If you stand still when you are told to lie flat, you will be killed. (Laughter) When you are told to lie down you should lie down, when you are told to stand up you should stand up, when you are told to crawl you should crawl, and when you are told to push with your belly, then that is what you should do. Otherwise, you will perish. This is exactly how it is.

For this reason, since you do not know the way, I am walking at the front guiding you. As we are walking, as soon as I give the signal to lie flat, you should lie flat. That is all you have to do. Are you going to do that or not? [We will] Therefore, you are to leave your family behind and come forward. At that moment, when someone says, "Shoot all together," if you try to take your husbands and children with you, then you will all be massacred. At such moments, you are supposed to divide up and run away. Do you understand? [Yes] Accordingly, you are going to part with your husbands and everyone else. Only then, we can at least save the seeds. Isn't that how it is? (58-80)

2) The Position of an Owner Who is Feeding His Cow

Among you, there must be some that have the experience of feeding a cow. It is such a drudgery to take the cow out for a feed during the monsoon season or when the weather is bad. When I was also taking a cow for a feed in the past, I even had to beat on it. Some of you must be laughing because you have similar experiences. I was not the only one who had to do this. My parents told me to take the cow out for a feed and come back by certain time, but what can I do when there isn't much grass on the flat plain? At such times, I decided, "I don't care; on the hill in the back there is a flower garden that father likes very much, so I am going to take it there and feed it." Then, I take it to that nearby mountain. However, the cow is unwilling to climb up further but is starting to eat the grass half way. When it did that, I beat it with a stick. Even then, I do not feel pity for it. Have you ever felt this? What would the cow do after you take it to the designated place in such difficult way, crossing rivers and climbing mountains, and let it go once you get there? Would it not start to feed on grass because you told it not to eat? At that moment, its tongue, lips, ears, and eyes express gratitude and hurriedly start to munch on it.

I am guiding you while restraining you because I know such a place, yet you do not understand that. You do not even know that such a place exists. If you know this clearly, then you yourself will want me to constrain you. Do you understand?

When I tell you to go out witnessing, all of you run away, complaining, "Everyone else is going on vacation, but what, witnessing? How embarrassing is that."

This is because you do not understand. If you refuse to walk the path that can liberate the people and the world, then those who understand should beat you and drive you. Ladies and gentlemen, is driving you the righteous thing to do or is leaving you alone the more righteous thing to do? You delicate ladies, answer me, which is the more righteous one. [Driving is the righteous path] (32-255)

3) What I Observed During My Flight South

During the Korean War, when I was fleeing south, I saw this type of things many times. A mother is fleeing with a five years old son on her back, yet because he does not understand that they are fleeing from a war, he is happy that they are going some place. However, after a while, because the mother feels too tired, she puts the child down and has him walk. Then, the child will complain, "Mother, I don't want to walk. I will not go unless you carry me on your back. Carry me on your back, carry me." (Laughter)

At this moment, what should the parent who loves the child do? She should carry him on her back. This is love. However, if she was to carry him on the back, then they will both die. Then what should she do? She has to make him walk. If he refuses, she has to threaten him, and even if she has to slap him, they have to move on. In this way, they have to go until they arrive at some safe place.

What would you do if you were the parent? Would you abandon the child or kill him? Or, would you take him along by force? What is the best way? Are you going to abandon him? Are you going to kill him? If you don't like any of the options, then what are you going to do? No matter what, you have to drag him. Even if you have to slice his ears or make a hole in his nose, you have to drag him.

This is true love. If you can bring him to safety after all this, then the child will eventually thank you seeing how his friends did not survive. If there is some girl who complains that she cannot marry because slicing her ears defaced her appearance, then she should die by being struck with lightening. As she looks at her ears, she should remind herself more, "My mother's love was great. The love of mother is fearful," and consider as the mark with which she can continue to respect her parents for a thousand and ten thousand years.

Don't you say, "Teacher is driving us into tribulations as soon as we are finished with our meals?" It is true. I do not have any compassion toward you. When I am making you work, I do not have any compassion. However, when we are living together, I have a lot of compassion.

When I am making you work, I have to drag you out even if I have to mercilessly put a hole through your nose. If you say that you cannot go on because it is too tiring, then I have to drive you even by kicking you and beating you with a stick. This is a legitimate way. Can you understand what I am saying? Grandfather over there, elder Lee Bong Un, do you understand? [Yes, I understand] Even a hundred years old man, I will drive him by beating him. Even if I am being disrespectful toward the grandmother with whom I have lived together for several decades, I have to make her go forward. This is the task that we must accomplish.

Why do we have to do this? This is to enter the realm in which we can receive the highest love of God. This is in order to climb over the standard that no other religious figure has been able to cross so far, and by making devotion that no other group has done yet and by taking the form of a nation that no other nation has done. This is to have monopoly over the love of God, which He could not give toward any group, nation, or world no matter how much he desired. For this reason, this is a legitimate way of education, and legitimate strategy. Do you have any objections about that? If you perish after doing so, then you should take revenge. I have not perished even if I have been living like that up to now. (32-256)

4) We Have to Make Them Go

When you look at the teacher, from what position do you see him? You have to find a leader who says, "let you become the chosen people," and make you go forward even if that required beating you and drive you with a sword. If Moses used a sword to drive the Israelites, then even if one hundred of them are killed, all of the six hundred of them will not have been doomed.

No matter what kind of ideological crisis we face, there is no problem. That which blocks our path must be abandoned. You must desire that the leader lead you like that. If you do not go, then you will perish. So, even if by doing it this way, we have to fulfill our mission of restoring Canaan on the world level. This mission still sits on the shoulders of the Unification Church members. There has to be a leader who will make people go forward by beating them if they do not want to go. All you have to do is move forward. Only by doing so, you can become the historical victors, the standard-bearers of the time, and the pioneers of the future. (12-60)

A leader should want his followers to be fed and clothed well, however, if they are facing a crisis, they must send them out even if that means sending them to the path of misery. How frustrated must Moses have been for him to leave his people and pray for forty days? Moses knew that they were about to pass through violent storms.

Even today, I was heartbroken as I saw the members walk over. The more you feel that way, the more you should have the determination to drive them out and fulfill the ideals of the universe as soon as possible. (13-73)

Would it better to have a leader who smiles, dances and plays with you every time you meet him, or would it be better to have someone who will drive you to work harder? Which type of person is better? [One who drives us] Is that really so? [Yes] This is how it is.

This is the fate of the Unification Church. You cannot do anything about your fate. It's a fate that we have no control over. We must first fulfill it and then say something about it. We must first carry it out, and then talk. We must fulfill our responsibility before we sleep, eat, and rest. Is this a good way of guiding you? [It is a good way] Then, do you do it because you have no other choice or because you are happy to do it? [Because we are happy to do it] (97-19)

Some people say that we are self-righteous. However, absolutism and self-righteousness are linked together. For this reason, without passing through the process of highest self-righteousness, one can never have the true standard. The only question, however, is whether or not this self-righteousness can maintain eternal quality and safeguard the truth. Self-righteousness by itself is not good. Do you understand? (21-154)

4. Minister as an Exemplary Figure

1) A Minister Must Set the Example

What is the basis of an exemplary life? You have to become someone who is needed in shedding light to our history and pioneering this era, and someone who participates in the process of laying the foundation for the future. On this foundation of reality, you should bear the burden and advance forward. In this way, you need to make some accomplishment during the ten years, which can be left behind as your own possession and asset. You must understand this very clearly. (21-232)

You have the responsibility to simultaneously preach the word and raise people. You must love them. You have to nurture life in them.

The question is how to teach God correctly. You have to do the second creation, in other words, you have to create the children of God. You have to show the lifestyle of God and its standard, the parental heart.

In showing the lifestyle of God, you have to concretely show an example in your life. When you stand on the pulpit after that, you should only speak about the word of God. In order to do this, you have to be a resonant body of God. (37-281)

What does God center himself on when he advances forward? You should exert yourself completely centering on your mission and faith. Which road is God walking? It there is a path that He is walking, centering on that road, even if you are walking another road, you as the child should be concerned about the path that your father and mother are walking. Even if you are living in another place, your daily life should be spent with one heart, and isn't living with the heart that has achieved oneness with God an example to be shown before the members? When considering these questions, you cannot become traitors before the members. Not just traitor in name, you must not become a traitor in reality. (60-26)

2) A Minister is One Who Shows a Standard

Rather than doing your church activities for material pursuits, you must carry on the activities centering on the faith.

Regional leaders cannot promote progress unless they can show an example in their life of faith and lay the foundation to raise the members.

A leader is not someone who can give commands, but someone who can show the example and lay the foundation on their behalf. In other words, this is the type of person that Abel should be. Only then, you can become the representative of God and someone who can give on His behalf. This is the reason that we say that the position of Abel is where one can give on behalf of God. Is someone in the Abel position supposed to receive or give? [Give] What is the position that is supposed to receive? It is Cain. You are sure about that, right? [Yes] Then, if a leader is indebted to his members, would the group or organization develop? Would God bless it? Would God be with it? [No] Why? Why not? It is because that is not the principle. Because that is not the principle. So, Abel is protecting the Principle and walking the Principle path forever. There, Satan cannot invade. (76-337)

3) You Must Show People God and True Parents

We must even resurrect the declining communism. What is resurrection? It takes place when parents come and liberate them. Who liberates Abel? Who prevents Abel from being killed by Cain and liberates him? It is none other than God and parents. You must understand that. Who can dare to intervene when the older brother is trying to kill the younger? The archangel and older brother have become one and they are trying to kill the younger brother. The only one who can save him is True Parents and God. This is the obvious conclusion derived based on the Principle perspective. So, who is to save him?

Therefore, everyone will be liberated as long as they come to understand God and True Parents clearly. They will live again. So, you have to show them God and True Parents. As long as you can become the living proof who can show God and True Parents, all will be liberated. Do you understand? Accordingly, when one grabs on to such person, they will also be holding on to God and True Parents. They will immediately be attracted to that person because their original mind understands it. (131-52)

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