The Way of the Spiritual Leader

by Rev. Sun Myung Moon

Section 2 - Witnessing (Part 6)

5. Forms and Goals of Witnessing

1) Witnessing Through the Spirit World

In the early days of the church, God worked directly to bring new members in. By witnessing to the prominent figures in the denominations, we were able to witness to the Christians in their neighborhood.

While the Christians were fighting with much financial backing, we fought with ragged clothes on. [15-273]

As long as you begin the Cain-type Home Church, then the Abel-type Home Church will be taken care of automatically. Isn't this so? Automatically, your family members and relatives will be connected. Such a time has come. Why is that? This is because your ancestors are not leaving. Centering on your ancestors, if you have something on this earth that belongs to you, then you must govern over it. In the past, the evil spirits had dominion over those things by controlling them separately; we must be able to govern over all things that have previously been governed by Satan.

Therefore, from now on, if someone does not listen to your directions to become a member of Unification Church, then you should give him both the disease and the medicine. You can strangle him and say, "You, why don't you go? Are you going to go or not?" If that still does not work, then you should kick him or her and force him or her to go. If that also does not work, then you take him or her to the spirit world. Wouldn't it be wonderful if such times dawn upon us soon? You have to lay down the bridge of heart. You have to lay a bridge of heart. If there is a young man whose horizontal love for his people and the world corresponds with God's bridge of heart, then centering on that person, 70 generations of his lineage will come down and help. How many descendants of these 70 generations are there? This group of people will surround you and protect you so that you will not be harmed. They will serve you as the master of love.

Because we are trying to expand this domain, there is an inevitable competition. Accordingly, we must go out witnessing even at night. The time will come when people cannot but join the movement because their ancestors are witnessing to them in their dream and we are trying our best to witness during the daytime. Do you understand? [Yes] Therefore, the whole Korean nation has been surrounded by Unification Church's net of love. This is the net that I have organized and made. This is the strategy of casting nets. This is the organization. [163-304]

2) Witnessing with the Divine Principle Book

In respect to witnessing, those who joined after having read the book turn out to be much more useful members than those who joined through the lectures. For this reason, I ordered that the book be written as difficult to understand as possible. For average people, even if they join . . . What the Unification Church wants now is leaders. Rather than one thousand followers, we need one person who can lead. Do you understand? [Yes]

If you were to distribute the books to 360 people, then how many among them can be inspired to join? Look. Right now in Japan, of those who listen to lectures only 20 percent join. If 100 people listen to lectures, then 20 people will join. This is because their level of intelligence is rather high. Still, the higher the level of education, the higher is the percentage of those who join. Do you understand? If the world-class professors listen to the principle, then more than half of them will be supportive. Let us make this conclusion. The rate rises as the education level goes up. This is how it is. Do you understand? Therefore, the fact that the rate is lower in Korea shows that the educational and intellectual level of the people is lower. Still, no matter how low it is, it should at least be 2% to 3% . . . [56-221]

Communists have used books to conquer the world up to now. Do you understand? You could not even think about this yet. You have been doing witnessing up to now, but you did not know how to do it with a book. If you do it with books, then the results would be astronomical; so the only way to restore the thirty million people is through books. Even if the rate was one percent, how many is that? If you look at the statistics, in Japan right now, about four percent are joining the movement. Looking at this, it is not possible for one to not be able to witness to at least ten people in a year. This can be confirmed even through scientific numbers. Do you understand? Do the church leaders gathered here understand? [Yes] When you go back this time, you should start on this campaign.

How much is the basic cost of the Principle book? How much is the basic cost? Five hundred won. You should give them to the members at the original cost. This is what we did in Japan. What should we decide upon as the price? . . . Let's set it at four hundred won. Four hundred won. Do you understand? If each person is to buy 30 books each, that is twelve thousand won; you should find a way to come up with twelve thousand won. Everyone without an exception must buy them. Do you understand? As a member, if you do not have thirty Principle books, then I will not consider you a member. The whole world is united on this. Can the central nation of Korea not fulfill this, when the whole Unification Church worldwide is acting in unison? You are false and useless ones. Tradition has not been established in Korea. Isn't this true? All of you should buy them.

All of the leaders, especially the leaders must carry this out from dawn. You cannot waste your time away by just sitting still. You cannot do that. Meeting one person each day and getting back one book from someone -- can't you do this? Do you think you can or cannot do this? [We can] You have no excuse. For those who do not carry it out, you should not even think about receiving blessing or good fortune, or anything else. [55-291, 1972.5.9.]

Then should the Unification Church members just sit still? We cannot just sit still. From now on, average members must buy thirty books each. In Japan, they give the books at the basic cost, at 500 Won each. So, at least twenty thousand books must be sold.

You have been running around every day doing witnessing, but is it going well? You are not doing so well. Rather than doing what you are doing, you should lend the books to the supporters in the countryside. You should lend one book for one month. Do you understand? They have plenty of time to read the book in a month. As long as you are diligent, you can push them to read it in two weeks. Do you understand? Using a book is easier than witnessing. How much is the Principle book? Since we are lending out for free these books that worth eight hundred Won . . .

This depends on how you publicize them. You should go around with it starting at dawn, advertising that it is a worthwhile book to be read to the children. You can lend out one book and get one back each day. If you lend out 30 books and give each person one month to read, then in a year, you would have lent out 360 times. 360 people would have read the book. If you can do it in two weeks instead, then 720 books, 720 people would have seen the Principle book.

When you look at Japan, the percentage of those who join after listening to the Principle lecture is four percent. Considering that four percent join through, lectures, a higher percentage of people will join through the books. If someone, who can read and understand the book, can join, then he can immediately work as a core member. However, this is not the case with those who join through lectures. Do you understand what I am saying?

Now, the foundation for free cultural exchange between Korea and America is sending out letters to the whole nation asking for donations. When they send out one hundred letters, usually they have two to four return letters. The rate is above two-percent. How many percent of the people who read the book would be touched? It is surely more than that. Just sending a letter out has a two-percent response rate, so the result must be better for us since we are visiting them personally to distribute the books. Do you understand? Even if it was just one-percent, how many people is that? Moreover, when you lend the books out, you shouldn't just do nothing. After you lend the books out, then about half way through their reading, you should ask them about their response, and for those who like the books, you can sell it to them. If we do this, I believe that we can sell many books.

Having done that, if there is someone who is interested in the Principle, you should distribute one book and say, "I will personally go and explain to all your relatives and family members, so please have them gather at one place." You should continue your lectures in this manner, and giving them a date by which they should finish the books, whether it is one week or two weeks, you should guide them in their studies by providing explanations.

If you can lay such a foundation is several places, then you can call your own father, mother, and relatives to gather at the lecturing site. In this way, if there can be just lecturing sites, if you can gather ten people in each place, then you can ask your parents or parents-in-law to come. "I am lecturing today, so would you like to come and see?" Father-in-law will say, "the rumor has it that you have been negligent in your household chores, but what are you talking about?" In response you can say, "It is good words, so why don't you come and find out?" If he objects, then you should speak about the Principle for the sake of witnessing to your father-in-law. Then, he will eventually say, "My daughter-in-law is great." If he listens to you for just one week, then he will give a firm support even if you do not request him to do so.

3) Witnessing Through Video

Unification church members should have thirty Principle books, thirty cassette tapes, and thirty videotapes. Moreover, all of you should own a VCR. In the future, all of you should own one. Do you understand what I am saying? Starting from the State Leader, you should all have it. Do you understand? [Yes] So what do you do if you do not have enough money? I have ordered a special individual financial activity just for this reason. [97-231]

Up to now we have been saying that we do not have enough people, but in reality that is true. However, if you prepare several tapes, then you can witness to ten or twenty households even if we lack manpower. Moreover, since they are not offended but rather are grateful, you can even receive some donations from them. Even if you do not go out and earn money, there will be ways that you can obtain the funds needed for your activities. Through this method, even a new member, someone who joined yesterday, can also take the tape and do witnessing with it. I believe that this is the only and the last way that we can have an explosive growth in membership all over the nation in a very short time. [65-341]

4) Witnessing to One Person a Month

We Unification Church members should witness to one person per month. You don't even have to witness to two people. All you have to do is witness to one person a month. We are going to implement this all over the world. During my tour around the world, I have been giving directions to start this campaign in Japan, America, Germany, and so forth. If we cannot be successful even after exerting ourselves to the utmost, we will come up with some new way. [23-310]

For all of you, I set the goal of witnessing one person a month. This is the goal. I am the cause. You are to become a subject and then create an object. Yet, did you do that? In order to achieve this, you have to center your life on it night and day, whether you are awake or asleep, and such mindset must become the center. What you see, listen, and eat must be this and when you sleep this is how you should do it. Have you done that like that? All of you failed to do it. This must always be the center. When you eat, see things, listen, put clothes on, and give the words of truth, and carry on the fight right now, all must be done for the sake of that. This is the goal. This is the motivation. Subject and object must make them one.

It may seem that what I ask you to do is impossible, but they are perfectly doable. They can be done. You will accomplish great achievements. If this is impossible, then God cannot help but be doomed already. For sure, it can be done. See if it can be done or not after it becomes like your humming or steep talking. Even when you are sleeping, you should wake up while counting, one, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight, nine, ten, eleven, twelve people." Is that how it is? [66-261]

You leaders, do you have the determination that you should witness to one person per month? Is there anyone who believes that he should do this even if he cannot eat and sleep? [94-158]

You should witness to one person a month. I gave this direction to the whole world. Yet, can you Korean members who are attending me directly fall behind the foreign members? No matter how difficult it is, it is still easier than crossing the thirty-eighth parallel, isn't it? [24-182]

The activities of the Unification Church up to now were for the sake of dismantling the external environment. Because we were in the environment of opposition, it was merely a plan to claim back the people under such an environment. For this reason, the Unification Church took many tolls. We used tactics that consumed us a lot. However, such time has passed behind us now, and as a result, individuals just have to witness to one person a month with a parental heart. Then, witnessing will not be a problem. If a thousand people can witness one person a month, then in a year, the membership would grow to twelve thousand. After another year, the number will increase to one hundred and forty-four thousand people. After just three years like this, Unification Church members will number more than one and half million, and on the fourth year, it will exceed fifteen million. If this can be done, then Korea can be restored in several years.

Therefore, we have been planing according to this principle up to now. You cannot witness to this and that person randomly. One person just needs to witness to one person a month. Do you understand? Then, in the next month, we will have the double the number here. Isn't that so? [23-311]

If you can pray and exert yourself for three hours a day for a month, then you can surely gain a new member. Therefore, if you can exert yourself for more than 12 hours per day in the countryside, then you can surely restore one person a week. With this principle, we are fighting the battle out there. Do you understand?

It is my direction that average members of Unification Church must at least witness to one person per month. Do you understand? [58-111]

You cannot make the excuse that you cannot witness to one person per month. If a person spends three hours on witnessing per day, then in thirty days he would have spent ninety hours. Isn't this so? If you want to put in 90 hours in a week, then you need to spend more than 12 hours a day. Can you achieve this by eating all your meals? Regardless of your sex, you should be doing this from dawn. You cannot possibly establish that a person who spends three hours a day witnessing cannot even witness to one person after a month. [55-289]

5) Witnessing to 84 People

Witnessing simply cannot be unsuccessful. You should write letters day and night and call every day. You should tell your parents, "I will die if I don't do this." All the blessed couples will receive accusation because of this. You will be accused because of the 84 people. Do you understand what I am saying? [Yes] The door to heaven opens to you after you receive blessing, but you cannot enter it. You cannot go in. Do you understand what I am saying? [Yes]

How do you enter heaven? A messiah must bring along the world, and Unification Church members must take with them their relatives. This is what you should be aware of. I have already paved the way for the roads that individuals, family, clan, nation, and the world must walk through. Three people, twelve people, and 72 people; adding all this you get 84 people. (He speaks as he writes on the blackboard.) This is going through the three stages of formation, growth, and completion. [89-247]

Why are we witnessing to one person a month? What is that! Why do we plan seven years? Seven years is 84 months. This is 12 apostles and 72 disciples. When Moses was assigning six leaders to each of the twelve tribes, you have six times twelve, or 72 followers. Therefore it is not 70 followers, but 72 followers.

Then, he selected seven people centering on the head of the tribe. Do you understand? [Yes] This is how they were organized into groups of seven people. So, centering on Moses, the 72 followers represented the formation stage, the 12 tribes represented the growth stage, and Moses represented the completion stage. This is in accordance with the principle. For this reason, viewing it with the Principle of the three stages, I have to replace the position of Moses, and I must have twelve tribes, and then 72 followers. They are the heads of clans. We have to restore this foundation through indemnity today.

So what is the meaning of obtaining 84 people through this? What Jesus could not find on the earth was the twelve apostles. Jesus should have possessed the twelve tribal leaders before the nation of Israel, which represented the people. These clan leaders were all high priests. Jesus did not have to die if the twelve high priests became one and then all of the 72 clan heads who were the high priests in the regions became one before him.

We have to claim it back from inside the church and the world. It must be done from the external foundation. This must be claimed back from Zachariah's family. Do you understand? [Yes] Zachariah's family. So, what is to be done after winning it back centering on John the Baptist? Then he was supposed to return to his hometown. Having done that, the family of Zachariah in the position of Cain and the family of Joseph in the position of Abel must unite, thereby letting the first and second sons become one so that they can be in the position of twins. Then, having set the condition that the first son stands in the position of the second son, the younger brother must be liberated.

In other words, Zachariah's family in the position of Cain should not have killed the family of Joseph in the position of Abel . . . Wasn't the fall a murder? [Yes] In contrary to Cain's killing of Abel, on the level of clans, John the Baptist's family which was a Cain-type clan must save Joseph's family which was the Abel-type clan. They were supposed to save them fully.

Joseph's family came later, but by attending it like an older brother and becoming one with it, they were to indemnify at the level of clan all the wrongdoing of the older brother throughout the history. The day that just three clans, which have paid indemnity at the clan level, can be formed, the people will be naturally formed. Do you understand? [Yes] There will be a formation of the people. Jesus failed in his attempt to achieve this. Because 84 people could not become one, he lost the foundation on which he can inherit the providence by connecting with his clan after returning home, and the foundation on which he can inherit the four thousand years of Jewish history and the history of the Israel nation. Accordingly, without establishing Jesus' standard of indemnity you cannot move forward into the position of blessing, the position of Adam. Do you understand? [Yes]

Therefore, all those who are walking the path of restoration are destined to find 84 people. Without that, you cannot embark on the path that leads to the nation. Do you understand? [Yes] Without a nation, you cannot go toward the world. No matter how much a foundation of indemnity I have established, because you could not be in such a position, I have put my life on the line and tried my very best to make the connection. Otherwise, there is no path of life. There will be no way to find your nation, world and universe. If you failed to do this, then no matter how much faith you had in me, you will be accused in the spirit world. The door would remain open but you cannot enter. You have to wait because you have not completed the procedure.

Therefore, in seven years, corresponding to the seven thousand years of history, in seven years the unfulfilled will of Jesus and Adam . . . What is the cause of suffering of Jesus? It is his failure to gain three spiritual children. What is his next unfulfilled will? It is paying indemnity for 84 people on that foundation and moving up to the position of the original parents, the position of true parents, the position of parents who have laid the worldwide foundation of indemnity and won the victory. For this reason, the world is fated to go this path. Do you understand? [Yes]

Since all of you have already received the blessing, are you in a better position than Jesus? [Yes] It is all the same. I blessed you by sharing with you my victory centering on my worldwide foundation of indemnity. I have given an extension in time so that you can have a chance to complete this in my place.

So you must witness to 84 people in seven years no matter what. It cannot exceed seven years. If you fail in seven years, then you must do it in 21 years. If you cannot do it in 21-year course, then, since I have repeated twice the three seven-year courses, you must begin a 40-year course. You must do it in the 40-year course. If not, then it would take 60 years. [127-69]

6) Witnessing to 120 People

You must wail, grabbing on to the nation. You must shout out in a wail, "Are you going to let this nation live or die?" Having warded off the national Satan through this, you must then grab on to your clan and weep. Isn't this what you should do? Isn't this true? This type of person is a filial son before his parents and a patriot before the nation. Once you know that the parents and the nation are not in perfect condition, you must become a filial son and a patriot to make up for it. You cannot enter heaven without becoming such a filial son and a patriot.

Thus, do you have to do witnessing or not? [We have to do it] How many people should you witness to? [Up to 120 people] If you want to do 120 people, then you have to witness to at least three people in a year for 40 years. Even if you witness to three people in a year, it will still take 40 years. So, if you can indemnify forty years in ten years, then would you prefer to do it in ten years or forty years? [Ten years] You should indemnify forty years in ten years. In order to do that, you must witness to one person per month.

They say that in ten years, mountains and rivers will change their appearance, right? If you did not exert yourself to the utmost in countless ways during that ten years, then when you go to the spirit world you will feel too shameful to even raise your head. There are many people in this world that pay devotion for ten years for the sake of their parents or the nation. Accordingly, you have to be prepared to at least fulfill the unit of ten years. If you can witness to one person per month for 10 years, you can gain 120 spiritual children. You have to give all that you have, all your soul, spirit and strength for these 120 people. This is the way you can do the most for the sake of the world and God. [34-269]

You have to become tribal messiahs. Because it will take a long time to talk about it in detail from the historical perspective, I do not have such time now. You have to become tribal messiahs. In order to become that, you must witness to 120 people. How great would it be if you can witness to your mother, father, older brother, older sister, and all of the family members? If you can do that, then you can do anything just within the family. You do not have to such things as going around looking for fishermen like Peter, publicizing your presence, or dying on the cross. [34-298]

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