The Way of the Spiritual Leader

by Rev. Sun Myung Moon

Section 2 - Witnessing (Part 5)

4. Examples of the Method of Witnessing

13) Treat Them Like Your Close Friend or Relative

What are you supposed to do in your region in simple terms? You do something like going around while banging on a bell at midnight. You should go around blowing the horns to wake them up, otherwise bang on the doors as you go around, or do something. You can establish the tradition of gathering around some place at midnight for some activities; or do something to become well known.

After that, you should go to a place where people have gathered around and give a speech. You should also make jokes. You should make friends, and even wrestle. Since there are a lot of people in the park, you can divide the people into two groups and do some fighting competition. You should push like this and hit like that. Temporarily, you should create such an atmosphere, and you should guide them through exercise even if they number over one or two hundred. Rather than playing sitting down, it is better to find something that all people like. Why can't you do it? Everything can be done if you do it this way.

You should be thinking about how to absorb the crowd by doing this. As much as possible, you should sleep in their houses. You should befriend them, and say, "I like you very much. I find that you are very much like my uncle and my cousin, so I would like to spend a night in your house." (Laughter) If you say that, then how would he respond? Would he reject your request when you are telling him that you like him, you want to become friends, and feel that he is like your older brother? After spending the night, then you should be up at dawn and clean up the front yard as well as inside the house. Then, you will be asked to come back again to spend another night, and even be asked to come over once a week. This is how it is. This is all a part of the strategy.

Even when you go shopping, you should do witnessing. After you buy something, you can tell a joke, "You are very beautiful. You took like a model. My younger sister looks a lot like you." Would anyone be displeased to hear you tell her that she looks like your younger sister, a relative or someone close? You are trying to flatter her. You can say how you miss your younger sister, so you are very happy to run into someone who looks like your younger sister. Then, you can ask her to have lunch together.

By this time, she will ask who you are. She will become very curious, and will want to find out. Then you should take this chance to boast about your house. After you bring her home, you can tell her that Rev. Moon is in your house and explain how you lead your life. You should tell her everything. After that, you should invite her father and mother to go for a picnic in some nice place, and then . . . This is all a part of the strategy.

It is diverse and interesting. As you try it out, you will find that there is not much to understanding a person. People will want to become friends because as they deal with you, they will learn that they have a lot to gain from you and nothing to lose. This is what you must think about. Do you think you can be successful in witnessing by telling them to simply come and listen to the lectures, to the principles of creation, for example? (Laughter) Rather, it is better to grab on to one's nose and tell jokes, becoming friends by being informal and casual. You must learn how to become very close like long time friends in a matter of one or two hours, or two to four days.

How do you do that? If that person is an old person, then you can tell him that he is like your aged uncle, and you can ride on his back saying that his back looks great. You should say that his back reminds you of your uncle's, and request that you ride on it. Then what would he say? (Laughter) What can he do when you are telling him that you want to ride his back because you like him? Would he scold you then or beat you with his fist? (Laughter]

Do you just sit still blinking your eyes wondering, "Are people coming? Should I go out witnessing?" A man should take on challenges. So my son, Hyo Jin, likes to ride horses. Mother says that he is just like his father. He can do everything like riding motorcycles and so forth. Mother is not so pleased. But one should try everything. This is how one can grow. If you are like this, like a bookworm then it won't do.

If I do it like that, then I can do in three years what normally takes ten years to complete. It is possible. So, what is better? More than someone who memorizes several pages of a book and behaves like a wimp, we need a man who can go out to jump all over the place, shouting loud enough to shake the whole village. You must understand that now. Therefore, you must realize that this is how you should be. Do you understand? You have to be a bit eccentric. [94-97]

14) You Must Lead an Exemplary Life

You should go and meet the professors. Now, because of the science conferences, the time is ripe for you to go and meet them freely. You should go and pay your respects. You should thank them, and say that the professor is like your uncle and your father. You should tell a joke, "I have been feeling lonely out here far away from home and missing my uncle, so when I go and visit you who reminds me of my uncle very much, you should not mistreat me, OK?"

Therefore, you do not have to start witnessing as soon as you get there. You have to first become close. If you build a personal relationship, then all will be fine. Then, he may ask, "Why did you come here? Why are you staying here?" At that moment, they you can say, "I cannot say, because if you find out what I am doing here, then you will want me to become friends with your sons and make them become like me." This will make him very curious, so whenever you come he will ask you to tell you. When he says that he will take responsibility for what happens, then you can tell him everything.

If his daughter goes to kindergarten, then you should go and visit her there. You should tell them that your uncle is a good man so you came to see what his daughter is like. Then as you meet the teacher, you should ask for the daughter of so and so, and as you meet the daughter, you should introduce yourself explaining that you have met with her father. After that, you should take her home when kindergarten is over. You should try that several times. If the professor asks, "Why do you bring my child home?" then you can reply, "I am doing this because I like my uncle's children and miss them." If you give such reply, would anyone be offended? He will say, "You are a good man." You should try and see.

Especially if you are a man, as long as you can fix a car, you can be very successful in doing witnessing in America. If you help people fix their cars . . . You should rush to help as soon as you hear that someone's car is broken. If you do that, you can build good relationships. After a while, rumor will have it that so and so is good at fixing cars, so people will come to look for you as soon as their cars have problems. Next, you should know how to fix plumbing, and after that electric appliances . . . This is how it is. In order to penetrate into a household, you really need this type of skills. This is what you need the most strategically.

For women, you should become skillful in knitting. After you make something interesting, such as a ribbon or a hat, then you should strike a conversation with a student on the street. As you ask, "What school do you go to?" she will answer, "I go to so and so high school" or "so and so college." In the meanwhile, she will notice your pretty hat. Then you should say, "Oh this hat? You should try it on. It looks very good on you. Do you want me to make you one?" It is not that expensive. The next time you meet, you should give her the hat that you made. Through this, you can become friends.

I know how to knit a sock and a hat. Do you understand? [Yes] Some simple things like underwear, I can make them myself. I have been making preparation for the sake of the dispensation, in order to do the work that I am doing now. Do you understand what I am saying? [Yes]

As you go into a village, you will soon be able to see clearly where you can make a contribution. Any church that I go into, if I go in undercover without revealing my name, then I can turn the whole place upside down in six months. This is not a problem for me. I will be able to change it around completely within six months. So, how can I do that? It all begins from one's life style. It is safe only when it begins from touching people's heart through one's life style and by becoming a leader in leading a life style.

I am also very good in making things like picture frames. When I was taking refuge in the South during the war, I worked as a carpenter in the American military complex for eight months. I was not taught that. Because I have ample experiences, I can surpass any theory. A normal person can catch up with a specialist as long as he tries three times harder. They do things hastily, but I take my time with much devotion. When I go to a factory, I first look all around the factory and then give directions. This is how I trained myself. This is how I saw things, and I am trained to do everything in accordance with the theory behind it. Do you understand it? [Yes]

You have to be an example in your life style. You have to be a friend when you are playing around, in your daily life, and then in your studies. When you go traveling, you have to be a friend for traveling. When you go hunting you have to be a friend for hunting. When you go out into the ocean you have to become friends there; and when you are tilling the land, you have to become friends for farming. If you have the ability to become a friend in all fields, then as long as you have the ability to persuade people theoretically, you will have an easy time bringing in all types of people from all different fields. This is how I think. In order to have this kind of influence, you have to educate yourself. It all depends on education. You are making friends with people in order to learn from them. You should ask them to teach you this and . . .

For this reason, you must have a lot of contact with the people. You have to have many contacts. If you can build your relationship to a point where that person can discuss with you his or her most sensitive secrets, then you can witness to them with great ease. In my years as a student, all my friends revealed to me all of their secrets. I always kept their secrets. Then, I told them how to solve their problems.

In witnessing to people, sharing Divine Principle alone is not enough. Do you understand what I am saying? [Yes] You have to lead an exemplary life style. You have to show through your life. You have to do it not through words but through your deeds and life. Your words and deeds must be one. [95-238]

15) Even Witnessing Needs Strategies

Witnessing abides by the same principles. Witnessing is also like that. If you have made a goal to witness to a lady, then you should measure the time that it takes, and inspire her to join in six months. You must think up a strategy. You should investigate what she likes, what kind of books she likes to read, and so forth. You should investigate where she goes at certain time of the day, and where and at what time she goes shopping. You should find it all out. You should ask her to meet with you next time . . . If she is reluctant to meet you even after you have phoned her, you should try your best to still meet with her. After you meet her, you should witness to her. There are many different ways.

If she still refuses to meet, then you should wait for her at the market as she comes back from shopping and then bump into her on the street. If you fall down, then you should hold on to her. If she drops her bag and some other objects, then you should pick them up and . . . All of this is a plan. As you pick up the handbag, you should apologize . . . If there were many people watching you, then you should phone up her husband and ask for a meeting. You should explain what happened. You should apologize, saying that you have embarrassed her by bumping in to her and so forth . . . Through this opportunity . . . If you can become a friend with the husband, then the wife would be puzzled, saying to herself, "I have never seen such a strange person in my life." Gradually, you will be able to create the atmosphere that will let you go in and out of the house freely.

I once used this tactic, and eventually I moved in and lived with the family for one and half years, witnessing to both husband and wife. If they are important people for the dispensation of God, then I am willing to do such things. Once, in order to witness to this one lady who had ten children, I moved into their house and helped with their laundry. I penetrated deep enough so that more than to her husband or her children, she trusted me to discuss with me all her problems. If you are nice to people, then you can become friends with everyone. Isn't this so?

If you cannot bring results in witnessing, if the leader cannot be successful in witnessing even after one or two months, then you should reflect and research, why am I not able to . . . It is strange that you are not being successful. This is because you are having empty fantasies when you go out witnessing. This is what I think. It is because you are having idle fancy. Why is witnessing not going well? If you have been unsuccessful through this method this month, then next time, you should try the opposite way. If you could not do it in a school, then you should go to a market . . . You have to search for ways. Because this is how I think, I have no sympathy for those who cannot be successful in witnessing. You have to make it happen. Do you understand what I mean? [Yes]

You should also before reaching thirty years of age . . . Those who are older than thirty raise your hand! You must make all of these preparations before you reach thirty. From twenty-six years of age, I began to . . . If I go to Pyung Yang, then I stir up Pyung Yang; if I go to Seoul, then I also make Seoul very noisy. At that time, I stiffed up problems wherever I went. Why did I become the object of controversy? When I enter a village, everyone in the village wants to come and spend time in my place rather than going to sleep at night, so I naturally became the object of denunciation. Even children in the village wanted to come to my house to use my bathroom. It was very strange.

Why was it like that? Whenever I met the children, I told them interesting stories. They even forget to eat meals. They completely forgot about eating. You must be able to do this. I played with the children and let them have an exciting time. Even in a single day, I thought up hundreds of new things and made it very fun. In the meantime, I inquired, "Where did your mother go? Where did your father go?" After investigating all that, I took the children to . . . If they were playing in my house until late, they naturally fell asleep there as they became exhausted. Then, I put them on my back and . . . In this way, I could visit his or her house to do witnessing. How great is that? If children fall asleep while playing until late at night, I took them to their parents. How grateful would the parents be when I brought the child on my back? They would tell me to have some tea before going back. The work of God also takes place there. You also need this type of thing. You have to be able to tell stories to children and become their friends.

Next, become friends of grandfathers and grandmothers . . . In many houses, there are grandfathers and grandmothers. You can hear all kinds of gossip out of them, about what their daughter-in-law and daughter are like, what the neighboring households are like, and all the information about the people in the village. You have to become very familiar with the village. Since you will come to know who works at what company, even if you are meeting a person for the first time, you can greet him or her by name. Then he or she will ask how you know that. In reply, you can say that you know him or her well. In reality, you do know well. You can add, "I might be a distant relative of yours, so the next time let me go and visit you at your house." This is how you make relationships.

If the person is a farmer, you should talk about farming. If he comes back exhausted after a long day in the field, you can ask, "What crop are you growing this year?" You can tell him how this crop will do and what he should do . . . You have to tell him that kind of things. If you tell an exhausted man, "I came from Unification Church, so please listen to my Principle lecture," then you will surely be kicked out. (Laughter) You will surely be driven out.

If he is a farmer, then you can offer, "Let's go and see what kind of crop you have been growing. I would like to go with you, so what time are you going out?" You should then follow him to his fields at dawn. After that, you should spend the whole day with him, becoming his friend. As a friend, you should help him with his work and while you are sitting down together to have lunch, you can talk. If he asks, "What do you do for living?" then you should answer, "Do you really want to know? If you do, you should take some time out. If I tell you about my background, then you will be so interested and excited that you will want to follow me." You should say this type of thing, which arouses curiosity in people. He will say, "I will make time to listen, because I am really curious." Then you should reply, "Make some time for it." After that, you can drop what you are doing in the field and find a suitable place to talk for one, two, or several hours. There are plenty of ways of witnessing . . .

We are not doing this in order to take advantage of them. We are trying to save their life. After you inspire people to become members through different strategies, would they become vengeful or be grateful? [95-233]

16) You Must Lay the Foundation for Recognition

Look, all of you. When you are building a foundation in the village, you have to pave the way for people to feel delighted in inviting you over to their house and feel natural enough to ask you to help with their household chores. It should be that although you do not seem any special in your physical appearance, but when you stand in front of the crowd and speak you are fully capable of bringing people into submission.

Suppose that there were people with the last name Baek; then you should say, "Mr. Baek, this person is like this and that person is like that, and so and so is the best person and so and so is the worst person in the village. This should be corrected, and this is what you should do to lead the village into prosperity; you should educate the children well." Having said all that, you can ask, "I can tell you how the village can flourish. Do you want to hear my words?" Then, you can start talking about the Divine Principle.

For this reason, when you are doing witnessing you are crazy if you expect people to just come to you and listen. When you meet someone, you must benefit the person greater today than yesterday before you send him or her back. This is the ironclad rule. If you could not speak to him, you should at least put your food aside and give it to him or become his friend.

From this perspective, the ones who are easiest to witness to are the young people. The best targets are the college students, from senior in high school to college students. Because they are going through adolescence, they have a strong tendency to absorb everything well. If you can be recognized as a good person in that village, then children in the village will come to you and report to you even the most trivial things. They will tell you all about what someone in the village is like and so forth. Consequently, you can become, how can I put it, some sort of master that can receive all these reports. If this is what grandmothers, then elder ladies, children, and youths do, then you can completely witness to the whole village.

If a grandmother is passing by in a car, then you should say greetings, "Good morning, where are you going? Grandmother, you are doing the driving? Can I help you?" You can tell her, "Let me drive you instead." You can even tell her, "When you want to go somewhere, please give me a call. I will accompany you when you go shopping."

From now on, don't occupy yourself with other things. This is what you should do. You should not engage yourself in the foolish thought, "I am the state leader, so when people come to me I am the Abel figure . . ." For a king to become a king, he needs people to govern. If you are alone, why do we need leaders? If you are sitting by yourself and having idle fancy, then it is not acceptable. God will never help that kind of people. Do you understand what I am saying? This is what you must do. You must create that kind of atmosphere. You must cultivate the land by yourself. You must do it all by yourself. [95-236]

17) You Must Develop the Ability to Do Anything

I can go anywhere I want without any problem. Even if I do not have any money, it is OK. I am trained in everything. Because I have such experience, I can lead many youths all around the world. Who first began fundraising? [Father] I did. Today it is the Japanese members who are doing all the financial activities, but it is I who first began. You have no excuse before me. You should not be thinking, "How do you do that? I cannot do it." Do you understand? [Yes] This is how you should carry it out.

I did all kinds of things for the sake of doing witnessing. I went to the market every day to bump into someone like an elder lady, and after she fell down, I would help her up and take her home . . . I tried all sorts of things. (Laughter) As you follow behind her and offer to pay a visit to her house, then she will welcome you.

The fact that you cannot be successful in witnessing is a puzzling topic of research for me. You should go into a city around lunchtime every day, and wail in front of the crowd at twelve o'clock, and see what happens. Every day, three or four people will come and surround you to comfort you. You should then say, "I will be able to resolve my sorrow and stop wailing if you can listen to what I have to say, but can you really take a few hours to listen to me?" Why can't you do that? Why? You are too comfortable.

For a year and half, I lived with a family that did not want me in their house and did witnessing. This was because I realized that if I can witness to this one person, he can contribute a lot to the dispensation. I was willing to persevere through any kind of insult and curse, but one usually cannot insult you more than ten times, because people have conscience. At first, they kicked me out of their door and cursed at me as I stood there; then after a while, when I moved in a little they remained silent; after that, I moved in little by little, soon sitting on their front porch and then moving into their hallway. After a while, they felt sorry because they had cursed at me so much. After the husband left for work I would talk to the lady all day sitting in the hallway. I did not go into the rooms, at least until husband returned. After he came back if he said, "Why did you sit out here all day?" then I would reply, "How can I go into the rooms when the owner is not here? May I go in now then?" He would smile and say, "Looking at your head it seems to me that it is all right for you to go in." You can become a friend when you can follow up with the joke, "I will go into your room to talk to the lady the next time, perhaps even tomorrow, so you better not have any suspicion." You can become friends even while you are being cursed at. Having said that, I went into the room and . . . When the husband came back from work, I would let the lady stand in the front and go out to greet him adding, "Let the two of us welcome him home today."

Why can't you do it? Dr. Yun, do you understand what I am saying? You cannot accomplish the dispensation of restoration if you cannot do that! You can get free meals and live there . . . What is bad about that? Have we stolen anything or robbed anything?

So, after the wife listens to your words, if she says, "Honey, you should listen to the words of this great man," then he will reply, "Really? Since you are constantly praising him, let me listen to him." After he listens to you once, he will be devastated. Why can't you do it? Why? It is difficult because you are trying to do it the easy way. You should not be too gentle.

If there is someone in the village who does not listen to you, then you should become his friend, and making him pay attention to your words you should guide him on everything in life. You have to be good at wrestling, soccer, and everything else. You have to be good in singing also. Even if you have only met that day, you should be able to lead conversations that are so interesting that he forgets about going to school or eating lunch. So, when the dinnertime comes, all of his family member will come looking for him. When they come, you should become friends with his father, mother, younger brother, older sister, or whoever is sent. Then you should go to their house. It is because you are not desperate enough; if you seek more sincerely than when you are desperately looking for food to satisfy your hunger, then anything can be done. Even a baby bird is capable of finding food to feed on when it is hungry.

Think about it. I am an interesting man. I have researched into that kind of things a lot. Wherever I go . . . If I meet a grandfather in the village, then I become his friend; if I meet a grandmother, I become her friend; if I meet an older woman, I become her friend; and if I meet a young lady, I can become her friend. When I am with children, I play with them. So, those who joined the Unification Church at that time can never forget me.

Those who have given up hope on witnessing are not thinking and researching. If you truly have nothing to do, then you should initiate even some entertainment in the evening. You should come up with some program with which you can go around the villages. At least, do some entertaining activities.

So, as you enter a house, you should ask them what great person they know and after inquiring about where he or she lives, you should go to visit that house. Once you get there if you ask, "I want to have a gathering of so and so famous scholars in your living room for the sake of the village, so would you lend it to us?" They will surely have no objection. I will be the master of ceremonies. I would put on a terrific performance as an emcee. When that takes place, as the people in the village look on they will see that this young man is very talented. This is all a part of the plan. There are plenty of people that you can witness to if you do well. Do you understand what I am saying?

One day you should act like the eye, the next day like a nose, then like a mouth, then an ear, then one day like the thumb, and then like a small finger; you should play the role of all ten fingers. Including the toes there are twenty. So, how many in total? You should play the role of twenty-four different types. When someone teaches you, you should follow after him or her. You shouldn't have any problems.

When you see a pretty girl as you walk on the street, then you can fake a stomachache crying out, "Oh my stomach! I have a bad stomachache because I ate too much for lunch; would you be able to buy some medicine from the nearby drug store?" Having heard your plea, she will certainly help you. Having done that, you should thank her and befriend her asking where she lives.

For you ladies, you can throw your shoes while you are walking on the road. (Laughter) Since you cannot walk over, you can ask some man passing by you, "Mr., would you please pick up the shoes and bring them over?" He will surely bring it over for you. This is how you can become friends. Friends, this is how it is. God will not send you to hell just because you used this method to witness. Instead, he will say to himself, "Wow, that's great. This guy, he is very resourceful. He will do fine even if he is sent to an enemy nation as a spy." You should consider yourself as the spies that God has sent to the satanic world.

Women should build close relationships with other women. There will not be any problem. What is so difficult about that? It is a mystery to me how you are not able to do witnessing when there are ample opportunities.

How can we live in this narrow world? How wide is this universe, You can do witnessing in such wide and interesting ways, yet why are you not doing it? Do you understand what I am saying? [Yes]

I am already old and am over sixty. But even now, young people will not surpass me. Therefore, I try repeatedly. I tried virtually everything; I have experience digging caves, erecting supporting posts in a house, and making charcoal.

There are plenty of things to eat in a mountain. There are many things to eat. Even a rabbit can survive on them, how can men be unable to survive there? When you go to the countryside, there are mountains and oceans, but although there are many fish in rivers and oceans, you do not know how to catch them. I am trying to teach you all this. During the hunting season, you can go off hunting. Do you know how to shoot a rifle? [Yes] You can survive by hunting. You can feed on a bear for almost a year. Why don't you research this kind of things?

I am trying to catch fish in America to sell them . . . Those people with blue eyes; I am trying to become a champion in a world where countless greedy people with blue eyes live. Is that easy? This is what I am doing. Are you or are you not confident that I can do it? [We are confident that you can do it.] I can do it.

I cannot even speak English. Still, I am doing things that no one else in this nation can do. There is nothing that I am not capable of doing in this nation. This is also how you should train yourself. So, if I were to go to South America now, don't you think that I can build a foundation there in three, four years? Even if I go to Africa, or wherever I go, I can lay the foundation within three, four years. I will do it without fail. What do you think? I possess such conviction.

Why do you think I did things like that? Why? I was determined to accomplish the will of God no matter what happens. I was determined to carry on the dispensation even if I had to do physical labor or live in the slums as a beggar. No matter what path I took, I was determined to penetrate into this world. If I made you into that type of people, would you be glad or not? [We will be glad.]

So think about how many curses and insults I have persevered through. I would have given everything up if I were a narrow-minded weakling. I would just smile it off. I can do it because I am a free man.

Now, witnessing is not a problem. All will be fine if you believe that you do not need food, clothes, and a place to live. A man lives his life only once. There is only one chance at life. It will not return the second time. For this reason, you must develop everything. You must build up your experiences one by one and store them well until you use them. You are to use everything. This is a wealthy man. You must be prepared with everything. These types of people are wealthy. [132-210]

18) Witnessing Through Letters

When you are doing witnessing, you can use many different methods depending upon the situation and the type of person that you are trying to witness to. After meeting several times, if you feel that the person is a good man or woman, you can write a letter. You should try to employ some method that can witness to them. And when you are writing the letter, you should not write it in your own style. It would be nice to use passages from magnificent and romantic novels or words of great people, and you should utilize works of literature that deal with men's life.

You should prepare three types of letters. With just these three types, you can make contact with and witness to at least one hundred people. As you use them, you should do an experiment on what kind of response they bring out from people. Your wonderful letters will mesmerize them.

When that happens, you should meet them personally. However, you should not go alone. As you receive a return letter from them, you should be able to distinguish their personality type, so that you can bring along a member who has a similar character.

You are the originator and the member is your assistant. Thus, you should remain silent. At times, all three of you may be engaged in the conversation, but in general you should be just interjecting a few words now and then. After that, as you are leaving, the member should make a point to praise you before the guests, saying such things as how you are a man of character and have always been an honor student in school . . . You should repeat this type of meeting three times.

From that moment on, you can start having a conversation on current issues as well as issues of morality and ethics. At this time, you should not refute their views or make a judgment on the validity of their opinion. This is the time when you should begin in a serious manner to make the introduction, "I know a place where many young people come together to reflect on these questions, and lectures about these topics are given." You can then follow up with the suggestion, "Won't you like to go with me and see for yourself?" When you do that, the guest won't be able to reject the kind offer before the two of you. Whenever you have two people who are one in opinion, it is easier for the third person to accept a similar viewpoint. Moreover, you should become friends. Why is this not possible?

If you write 100 letters, then you will be able to come in contact with a surprisingly large number of people. If you are not getting a good response from one type of letter, you should discontinue using that. If send out different types of letters just three times per type, then you will get some kind of response. [52-272]

19) You Should Do Research

In witnessing to a member of a certain family, you must exert yourself greatly. At times, you may have to spend over a year and half for this endeavor. There will be a continuation of oppositions. All the rest of the family members will hate you for it. Accordingly, you have to put in an enormous amount of effort to guide one person and one family. Yet, if you can move the heart of one person, then all of them will be saved. This is the best method of moving people's hearts. If you have a wide range of experiences of witnessing to all kinds of people, you have nothing to worry about. You will find a way to deal with any circumstance where such instances take place.

You can use the following method in places such as public buses, the subway, and market places. You must research about people. If you do so, then when you see someone, you can come to understand many things about that person, and you will be able to approach him or her and talk to him or her. For example, you might say, "What are you so concerned about? Just from the way you look, it seems that you are deeply worried about something." At this moment, you are making a step toward a cordial relationship. So, we should research and understand various types of people through their physical appearance and gestures. You should be able to say something about a person just from the way he or she walks, and be able to judge a person's personality or temperament just by looking at his or her facial expressions.

All progress begins from one unit. Centering on that one unit, other formulas will come into being. This formula is applicable to all people. From one's face, you can figure out through the process of induction the internal unit where the formula originates.

In order for you to understand a certain person, you should choose three people that you used to know in the past. However, the three people have to be of different types. After that, you should examine how those people look -- their nose, eyes, individuality, etc. After you are finished with the examination, you should think up someone who halfway resembles the person A and someone who halfway resembles the person B. Then, you should first probe into the person that resembles A. Since that person is similar half way, you should be able to understand that person half way.

If you can recollect your fellow students in elementary, middle, and high school, and if you can visualize them in your mind, then compare them with the three types of people that you have just examined. You should be able to do a comparative study. If you can do this, you will obtain a good body of reference materials to understand how they are leading their lives and making their living. If you can apply this method well, then your judgment can have a seventy-percent accuracy. You should try to have contact with as many people as possible. Then, you will be able to develop a method to quickly judge and evaluate all types of people. Depending on each person, the size of their eyes, the movement of eyebrows and eye balls, the way one walks, or one's posture during sleep are all very different. These are very exciting. For example, all animals have similar forms for jumping, but for men, each one is unique. Eating, sleeping, and for all the other activities, each person's movement is different. The nose of each person, for example, is very different from the others'. Its size and position is different. As you observe these closely, you will have some thought about him coming to you. At this moment, you can tell whether the person is telling the truth or a lie, or what he or she has in his or her mind. As you observe closely, you will find a pattern. You should not see each person separately, as an individual . . . The time that you are doing witnessing is the best opportunity to try this.

A politician, a scholar, and a physical laborer are all very different. Their external expressions differ according to their occupation, organization and their own thought. If you can learn all these different types and shapes, then your sphere of social activity will become very large, meeting a politician today and meeting an economist tomorrow. Even those people, with whom you previously thought you could not carry on a conversation, you can win them over to your side. This is the most important method of doing witnessing.

You may want to focus on one designated family and apply this to them. This is because in one family there is a variety of people. As a result, you can select a person that you want to make contact with the most. There is nothing more precious than researching people. When you do such research, you can determine as soon as you meet someone what type of person he or she is. [52-273]

20) You Should Do Witnessing on the Street

What do we have to do now? We must do propaganda. Since the time of confusion in the nation and the world has come, we should stand on the street with a heart desperate enough to vomit blood, and cry out centering on the perspective of Korea and the perspective of the world from now on. You should have a blackboard with you and standing on the street preach, "Wake up! You people who are asleep. You who do not know where to go and stand inside the maze, you must clearly understand where you have to go and move forward."

Policemen might put up an opposition with the pretext that you are blocking the traffic and so forth, but you must not yield. Traffic is not the crucial matter at hand. How can the traffic on the street constitute a problem when the path of the Korean nation has been blocked off? This is when we must possess the kind of strong conviction to go around to every street and every corner of the nation. If it is the day that the market is open, then you should go to the market place and with the delicate voice of a woman crying in tears, you must firmly shake the spirit of the people. We must overcome communism. If the people cannot be ready with the unified foundation of ideology, then there is no way to ward off the wolf pack from the north.

You must never forget that because you bear the mission of newly determining the paths that individuals, families, villages, and the society must head toward centering on this internal content, you must do witnessing on the street with a focus on publicity. Do you promise me or not? [We will]

What is the first? [Devotion] You must exert yourself in great devotion. You must take the place of my devotional heart, which has always been deeply concerned about the future of this nation night and day, and since I am not in this nation, you should inherit this Principle and exert yourself to the utmost. Next, you must realize that the time for you to exert yourself and cry out on the street has come, because this people that is asleep is headed toward its doom and you must wake them up. You should realize that this is my plea as I am about to leave on a long journey soon. I would like to ask you to center yourself on this and, grabbing on to the people and heading toward the future, try your very best to leave behind the will of the heavenly laws until I come back. Do you understand? [Yes] Those who pledge that they will do so, please raise your hand. [50-183, 1971.11.6.]

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