The Way of the Spiritual Leader

by Rev. Sun Myung Moon

Section 2 - Witnessing (Part 4)

4. Examples of the Method of Witnessing

1) "I Came to Drink Some Water"

In the past, when people asked the Unification Church members on witnessing campaigns where they came from, they used to answer, "Where did I come from? I was just passing by and I stopped to just ask for some water." Does this feel good or bad? [Bad] From now on, you must move forward with your wide-open chest. [44-205]

2) "Are You Really the Leader of the Village?"

There are leaders in all the villages that you go to. When you visit the leader and ask him if he is the leader, he will say, "Yes, I am the leader." If you ask him again several times even after he answers affirmatively, then it is like being in the defensive position after being struck once. If you tell him, "It seems that there is no real village leader in this world," then he will ask, "Why is there no leader? How can you be so offensive in front of people?" Then, you should reply, "Well, please listen to me. A real village leader should do this and that. But did you ever do that?" He probably never heard such words before. Suppose that you follow him around and show that you love the village more than his own children do, then if he was a true leader, would he chase you out from the village, or get to like you? [Get to like us.]

If you were to run around day and night like a mad man, asking people if there is anything that needs to be done in the village, then would this be against the law? It will be permitted without any objections. It will not breach any law. Do you think that it will breach any law of this world built on injustice? It will not. The site of the heaven where one can naturally possess the right of liberation will be found under such circumstances. This is theoretically sound.

For this reason, you should love people like crazy. You should be crazy about it regardless of day or night. At the dawn, or at any other time, and loving the village more than your own family members, you should weep and toil, thinking that the village is the place where your dreams will unfold. You should be grateful for your toilsome labor and grateful for being cursed at and chased out. This is one of the ways to bring harmony so that your love can become three-dimensional. After a year and three years pass while you are living with such a standard of heart, the village will kneel down and submit before the person. This is the law of the universe. [44-205]

3) You Must Enhance Your Spiritual Sensitivity.

If you have a yearning heart for someone, then even if there is a barrier placed between the two of you, you can somehow go over that barrier. Even if you are keeping silent, such a miracle will take place. The spirit world will fill in the gap. When I was in the Hungnam prison, I did not witness through my words. I witnessed without words. The spirit world mobilized itself and provided assistance. This is because it would have been a disaster if they did not help.

It is all the same. Therefore, when you go out to the countryside, you must do this. How is the frontier? In the sixties, I went to visit all the well known sites. I really regret that I did not take the time in the past to visit all the places in the peninsula. Visiting every village . . . It cannot be done because I have too much work.

I would very much like to go around to every house in each town as a county magistrate and ask them for a glass of water to drink. Are you not curious what kind of houses you will find in the villages and what kind of people live in these houses? You cannot become a leader without such mentality.

You should be thinking about what kind of people you may meet on the street, and who the first, second and third person that you meet will be. In the meanwhile, you should be praying, "Father, what kind of person is he? I am hoping to meet such and such a person, but what kind of person is he?" If the content of your prayer and meditation coincides with the actual people that you run into, then you will be overwhelmed with joy. As you have more and more of this type of experiences, your spiritual senses will become more sensitive.

As you are setting out for the day, you will suddenly have the feeling that you will meet such and such a person. Men's spirits can connect to each other without a limit. When you meet the exact same person that you have anticipated earlier in your mind, then you will be shocked. Similarly, your thoughts and the spiritual senses coming from the spiritual world will often be foretelling the actual situation. You must have more of these experiences. Do you understand what I am trying to say? [Yes]

Through these types of senses and premonitions, you can begin to feel the emotions of people as well as predict the fortunes of the nation. Through these experiences, you should increase your spiritual sensitivity. Then, you will be having visions about the future of the nation. You can be contemplating while walking on the street as well as in empty places or serious places. [30-150]

4) God's Lure to Catch the Satanic World

Witnessing is the same as catching fish with nets. Can you catch fish by just putting out the nets and telling them to come in? You have to drive them so that fish will come into the nets. Similarly, you have to drive people for witnessing. What kinds of people excel in catching fish? It is the people who work hard. If you try hard in every way you can, trying out all different methods, then . . . Your result will depend on the amount of time you spent and the number and effectiveness of the methods you used. The same logic holds true. [96-131]

Regardless of whether you are the church leader or regional leader, if you give an anti-communist lecture, then you can always get a free meal. If you do well, you will also not go hungry during dinner. However, you do not realize that in God's dispensation, God is trying to use me as the lure to catch the satanic world. Are you going to be God's bait or not? [We will] God's witnessing method is fishing with you as the bait. Isn't this true? [Yes] You have to become lures for God. As lures, you must catch Satan, right?

There has never been a case where the evil side has not perished after gulping down the good side. If it swallows, then the seed of goodness will enter its body, and using the body as its base it will grow large. The self will grow and the body will also be resurrected in a new form. Isn't that how it is? If parents want to raise the children, then the mother must breast feed the child. When the mother gives out all the best part of her, both the child and the mother can live. Both will live. On the contrary, if she does not feed the child, then she will become sick. Similarly, it is your mission to become the bait, as God is trying to fish this satanic world.

What do you have to do as bait? You have to attract the attention. In order to do that, you have to be of good quality. They should not spit you out after tasting you in their mouths. After they bit on you because you look delicious, they should not spit you out after tasting you church leaders. If that takes place, then even those who came in through much effort will leave. It is like eating up many live people. You have killed them. They leave after only a few days, right? If you go and visit them the next day, they run away out of fear that they may run into you. [47-337]

5) Go Where You Planned

If you were raised as orphans, then you will only grow up to be orphans. Who are the orphans and the children of widows? What do you call them? What do you call those who grew up without a father? [A boor] Yes, they call them a boor, or a child of a widow. Those who were raised as a child of a widow will only grow up to become a child of a widow. For this reason they need brothers. It is an absolute necessity. You should have old people living in your churches and serve them. This is what all of you should do. Do you understand? [Yes]

You should be doing witnessing in this way from now on. As you do witnessing from now . . . Then, you must exert yourself after coming to like that kind of God and nurturing fondness for people. You must become devotional. After that, how are you going to do witnessing? You should not carry it out haphazardly, but have a focus. I have just given such directions all over the world. In New York, each person is responsible for 120 households. I have made the record for all of them. Having been assigned to just 120 households, they are to visit only those houses! As some as you have some time, you should go and knock on the door! Soon, you may be visiting them ten, twenty, thirty, or fifty times. Isn't this how it should be?

The 120 households will be influenced according to the number of your visits as well as your unchanging attitude. This conclusion is the result of your examination so far.

This is the result of the experiments carried out during the witnessing activities in the 21 cities. It has been proven that the rate of success in witnessing results is proportional to the rate of sincere and truthful contacts with the people; therefore, we must implement the same policy all over the world. I gave such direction in England before a gathering of missionaries from 20 nations.

Accordingly, even for the missionaries, if their witnessing area is not assigned yet, then they should chose 30 or some such number of houses, and only visit the designated places. If you meet someone on the street, even if you have a deep conversation with him or her for say, thirty minutes, no matter how wonderful the content, it is easy to be forgotten after you break off. On the contrary, if you visit the designated places that you have been laying a foundation, then the thirty-minute conversation will maintain its original value. If you have met ten times, the value will increase ten times. Isn't this true?

We have passed by the period of street witnessing and arrived at the time of focused witnessing; we have left behind the time of multi-directional witnessing to the period of focused witnessing. Because we need more membership, we have no choice but to carry on this type of activities. This is my direction. If you devote yourself for twelve months, and just ten people among the 120 household welcome you, then it should not be so difficult to witness to those ten people, right? If a woman from one household starts to believe in the truth, then you should not pull that one person out, but move into that house. After moving in, you should gather the woman's husband and children, and give a lecture before them.

Thus, when one person becomes a member, you should not just think that the person is our member, but centering on him, lay the foundation so that the whole family can be recognized as members. This is the direction that I have given.

Accordingly, you must go on a lecturing tour, a lecturing tour. It is very difficult for the woman to bring her husband to the church. They will not listen after one time. Only after ten and twenty times . . . The woman must be so concerned that her husband will not comply. So she must work up her confidence to ask the first time. She won't able to speak so smoothly once she opens her mouth; then the second time around she will have to make much greater effort. This is how man's psychology is.

As we can learn from that, you should from the very beginning avoid such wasting of energy, and just go to her house to give the lecture yourself. Because you made the effort to come and speak, and what you say is more intelligible as what his wife has been saying, he at least won't be able to deny your words. Rather, because he is hearing good words that he has never heard before, he will become more interested and gradually . . . Then, the woman also will be helping from the side.

If the woman's life has changed for the better after she joined, then her husband will be touched, and since such feelings are proportional, you should quickly centering on the family . . . So long as the husband does not put up opposition, witnessing to the children will be achieved in a definite manner because their mother is standing in the front as the vanguard. Do you understand? [Yes] Then, if you have relatives, you should find an occasion like some party or birthday when they can come together, and at those times, you should give them lectures. Otherwise, you should have the woman send out invitations to all her relatives so that they can gather at such and such time for a meal, and you should go as a visiting guest to give the lecture. If they ask who made the introduction, then the woman should say, "Oh, he is the church leader in this place, and don't you want to listen to him?" Having said that, she does not have to say that she is already a member, but just mention, "I have heard him speak, and I found it very interesting. So I wanted to hear more from him. Won't you like to listen together?" If you tell them like this, they really have no reason to refuse. This is the type of activities we should carry on.

Thus, I have been encouraging expanding witnessing activities that connect horizontally to the four directions through personal networks. My special direction to the worldwide movement this time is strengthening witnessing campaign of our church through the lecturing methods that center on families. Do you understand? [Yes] After you go back, this is also what you should do. [70-183]

6) Witnessing Efforts Must be Focused

If you have any time left during your mission, even going to the bathroom should be done in your assigned place of activity. As for resting, you should also rest there. You should not go to some other place. If you have to rest, then find a suitable tree and sleep under it. If you are going to cause dogs to bark at you, you should do so in that village. Everything should be done in this manner. If you have brought a lunch box, then you should go there to eat it. If you want to sing, then you should sing there. Whatever the case, you should try your best in that place.

Why have we made such a strategy? I have been gathering data until now in the 21 and 32 cities by using this strategy. I make the inquiry, "How did you get connected with the members of Unification Church, through the media?" Then I analyze and divide the source of contact into newspaper, radio, and television by making X and 0. Then, I make a statistics on such facts as, how many times they came to the church; if they have a relative who has already joined, was it the relative who brought them to the movement, or was it the members of the church that made you stay and try to persuade you with the utmost devotion. The more one attends the worship meetings, the higher the likelihood of his joining the movement. Do you understand? [Yes]

If you meet someone once on the street, no matter how much effort you make to move that person, it will rarely bear fruit. After meeting a person one time, if you want to make the same impact then you have to try just as hard the second time; on the contrary, if you visit someone at home and make the same effort, you will find that the result will remain. If you go back the next day, you will find that it is very much like having poured water into an empty cup, so every time you exert yourself, the water in the cup will increase.

For this reason, if you continue to exhibit a sincere heart two and three times, since you are the type of pure and righteous youths that America needs, they will be touched and feel compelled to give in to your request. Why? It is because you are very much like their children. They will be saying to themselves, "My children are out there as hippies and playboys, yet how can they be so pure? If I can become close to them, then may be they can have a good influence on my children." If they have such thoughts, then they will readily agree. They will without fail be very interested and agree to the request of the youth. This has been proven true through our statistics. Do you understand?

Accordingly, if you shun away from dispersed witnessing efforts and make more focused attempt, then it will be powerful. So, how many more people did you meet . . . If you can determine this and examine the data scientifically, you will understand that what I am saying is true.

So, you must spend at least three hours each day at the witnessing area. During your three hours, you should visit the house, ring the doorbell, and say, "I came again. Is grandmother there?" But, say no more. If they ask you, "Why do you come every day like this?" then you should simply reply, "I came because I miss grandmother." In this way you should make a connection, and after that, as you give a lecture, you should not say too much. It should be a five-minute lecture. At the most 15 minutes; you should not exceed 15 minutes. Then, you should visit every day and through these efforts strengthen the bond.

Next, for those who are useful . . . If you circle around once, twice, then you can generally tell in which house a good family resides and in which house an evil family resides. You should divide them into A, B, and C groups, according to such categories as the Christian group, etc. Then, you should only visit those houses that will welcome you. As you enter the house, you should say, "I am here," and help them clean up the house and cook meals. This is not someone else's house. Similarly, you should use tactics that will naturally turn them around. This is how you should carry it out. [72-5 1]

7) Witnessing Through the Children

In Chung Pyung, I often went fishing and caught crabs. There is no other way; you must drive them. They must be driven. You have driven them before? [Yes] In the past, because the net is small and the trap door is small, all the baby rabbits jumped out; since they did not go into the door, witnessing did not bear much fruit. On the contrary, since both door and net are big now, if witnessing still does not bring much result then it means that you have not driven them too well. Isn't this so? [Yes] Are you confident about driving them? [Yes] Are you confident? [Yes] What are you going to drive them with? With thought? You should drive them with your thought, with fists, with eyes, with nose, and with kicks.

Look. If you are going to witness, you should research folk tales of children. This is the most effective way. If three children in the village are gathered, you should tell them interesting folk tales. You should tell them interesting stories from the past. If you do that, then children will run back toward the church as soon as they finish their meal telling their mother, "Mom, I am going to see so and so." Then, parents will follow them along for sure. Do you understand? [Yes] The farther away the church is located, the better it is. Then, parents will certainly accompany them worrying that they may fall into the rice field on the way. This is how it is.

If the parents say, "I do not know who the person in this church was, but since my child likes you more than even his own father or mother . . ." then you should invite the mother in and praise the child before her. You should talk about how the child is and how his features are, adding that he is more handsome than the parents. If you say those words of praise, then she will smile brightly. Is there anyone who does not like to listen to words of praise? You are also like that, right? Even if you are aware of your shortcomings, if someone says good things, then you are still happy, aren't you? Isn't this so? If you praise their children, they will be very glad.

After that, you should make an analysis of the child's personality, and advise that he should be educated in such and such ways, adding that for that reason you have been telling him this and that kinds of stories. Then, you can ask the parent if she has been teaching him that way. Her face will grow red out of embarrassment. Next, you should ask why she did not do so. At this moment, you don't have to be so polite. You should mention that the woman reminds you of your older sister, with whom you have spent much time playing together. Then, using more direct words, you can even scold her a little. Then she will smile. This is how you become close. She still will not be offended, but will come to like you. Because you have done much more praising than scolding, because your harsh words only take up a fraction of your praise, there will be enough room for her to accept it.

If you continue, "If you guide him like this on this aspect, then this child will not only be able to lead the village, but also become a saintly figure that the nation needs," she will be so happy. As you then ask her, "Are you going to do it like that or not?" she will reply, "I will, from now on." At that moment, if you offer, "I will guide and take care of your house," then she will smile.

Since you made the promise to give guidance, you should visit the family. This is doing witnessing. You should go into their bedroom and ask her to introduce her husband, then you should witness to them both . . . This is how you should do witnessing. [73-130]

8) You Cannot be Successful in Witnessing if You Cannot be Flexible

When you observe things, you should have the aptitude to understand the situation well; on the other hand, if you cannot apply your mind, then you cannot even witness. Why can't you do it? For example, suppose that a dog in the village is barking loudly. Then you should intentionally go near it and say out loud, "Since the dog is like this, its owner must be bad." Having heard this, the owner will come out. At that moment, you should try to look embarrassed and offer apology, "Oh, I have made a mistake. I have cursed at a dog owned by a gentleman . . . Although the dog is like that, the owner is surely a fine gentleman." If you say that, then even if the owner was going to curse at you, he will smile . . . This is how you become friends.

When there is a cow tied down in the middle of a field, you should enter the village riding on the cow. This is witnessing. No one saw you untie the cow, right? Therefore, as you ride it in, you should ask, "Whose cow is this?" You should go around the village and say, "This cow was feeding on someone's crops, so I brought it in thinking that someone in the village owned it. Whose cow is this?" The owner will come out and say, "Oh, is that so? Thank you for bringing it in." As dinnertime nears, you can have a meal in their house and witness in the meanwhile.

The lies that you have said under such circumstances are not lies. You are just trying it out as a convenient strategy and method. You are trying it out to examine the world and leave a record. So, would God consider it as sin? If by doing so, the owner can go to a good place and be benefited. When you are bringing benefit to them, even a lie is not a sin. It is a sin if you bring them loss.

Now, you still cannot be successful in witnessing? How can it still go so wrong when you've got so many nets placed out there? If there are young people in the village, you should gather them and exercise with them. You should do it first thing in the morning. (Demonstrating with gestures) Even if you started out doing it alone, since young people like to exercise, they will flock around you.

On top of a hill, on the holy ground, if you can prepare several square meters of space . . . That won't cost so much money. After you have gathered several people and exercise with much noise, if you beat on a gong loud enough to be heard everywhere in the village, they will rush toward you. You can even bring them to the church to exercise. First, you must like each other: and people must like each other. Everyone must feel close. Isn't this so? On the seacoast, you can do it centering on the ocean, and on a mountain you can do it centering on the mountain.

Then why can't you still do it? How can you be successful if you are lying down and daydreaming all day? You should run around busy twenty-four hours a day. Even a tiger travels far at night to look for a prey; yet how can a person who is trying to help God's work expect to do it by just sitting down waiting for people to come? Do you think that Satan will just send his children to you? It will never come true.

You must research how to become a friend with someone you have just met for the first time so that you can be closer to him than a lifelong friend or anyone else. My witnessing method is that wonderful. So, in witnessing activities . . . It is acceptable for the younger generation to do things such as trip, someone walking past and say greetings to him as you help him up. This is how it is. [75-132]

9) People Must Become Close

When you go back, then you should stir up some problem which will keep the people in the village from sleeping. Otherwise, you should plan to fetch fire wood and make fire in the sleeping village, and maintain it for 24 hours or even for all year long. In the meanwhile, you can sit next to the fire and cook sweet potatoes, giving them out the people passing by . . . It should not cost so much to buy sweet potatoes. How much is a bag of sweet potatoes? You should buy a big bag full, and give them out to the people passing by. This is witnessing. How wonderful is it to make a camp fire and cook the sweet potatoes in it? If they call, "It's too hot," then you can tell them, "Although it is not, you should think of it as drinking a medicinal wine."

There are numerous ways of doing witnessing. You should try that. How much can it cost? Sweet potatoes are cheap, right? [Yes] You should try to cook a bag every month, and see what kind of reaction you find in the village. What would happen in the village? They will say, "Such a saintly person probably came here in order for the village to flourish." Then how about your dinner? Since you treated them with sweet potatoes, you can eat dinner in people's houses. At dinnertime, you can go visit those whom you have given out sweet potatoes to, and share in their meal. During winter, you can say, "If I go back to the church after spending a day near the fire, I will feel very cold. So, let me sleep in your place tonight." You can find a place to sleep just based on the merit of having given one potato, right? After spending a night, you will be treated to a breakfast, and after that, you can gather the older people and talk to them . . . There are numerous ways of doing witnessing.

Moreover, suppose it is time for feeding the cows. Suppose that there was a cow tied at the front of a house at dawn. You can take the cow out for feeding, saying that the time for feeding has well past by and the owner has not yet taken him out. Then, wouldn't the owner come out with you? He will certainly come out. If you then tell him that you felt pity on this hungry cow who was waiting for the owner to feed him, wouldn't he be grateful and become your friend? So, why can't you be successful in witnessing? Why are you not doing so well?

Even on the day of shopping, you should not just idly stay behind. On that day, if you have not made any appointment with your guests, you should go out to the market. The farther away the market is, the better it is. If there is a woman who is going there, you should follow her along, and on the way you can give some words of truth. If she likes it, then you should just accompany her . . . This is witnessing. If there is a capable person in the village, then you should make an appointment to meet for lunch. Then, you should treat him to lunch. How much is a bowl of noodles? Is it several hundred Won? If that has to be taken out of your living expenses, you should not eat dinner. If you are reluctant to share . . . This will become blessing. If you buy someone lunch, and as a result have to go without a meal at night, then God will give you blessing. He will surely bless you. Good spirits will definitely be moved by your deeds. After lunch, making your rounds, then when the dinnertime cones, you can go out for a movie. Even if you do not have much money, theaters in the countryside are dirt cheap, right?

Having done that, you will be invited by that family even if you do not go and see them. If they invite you, you should not talk about other things. You should talk about things that the village needs and the person needs. You can talk about the church at the end. At the very end, after giving all the principal lectures, you can give the conclusive remark that they are the words of truth from the Unification Church. You don't even have to put up the sign for the Unification Church. As you speak, the listener will say that the content is very interesting. He will then ask, "These are great words, where did you learn them?" Then, at that moment you can say, "You can become greater than me. If you come to the Unification Church while you are curious, then you can learn all about the teachings because there is a lot of such content." After that, things will move along naturally. You have to become close in heart, man to man. Do you understand what I am saying? [Yes] You can penetrate inside using whatever means you can. You can do it; how could it be impossible?

10) Stir up a Challenge

I told the members during my trip in Europe this time, "You should stir up a problem. It is all right even if it becomes widely known in Europe that I am going to serve a prison term. If half of them can say that such things are possible then I will be happy. You should let the people know about it." I am good at spreading rumors, right? They also say in America, "The Unification Church members dance naked. They are cults." Thus, I told you that it is unacceptable if there is no opposition. If there is no opposition, then it will not be exciting. It gets interesting only when there are oppositions. Even when you are drinking wine, it is tasty only when there are people who are watching you. Isn't this so? Doesn't drinking wine become joyful only when where is some give and take, so that as one says "Hook Ah!" here another says "Hook Hi" there?

This is how it is. The same thing holds true when you are working. If you are to be stimulated, you must face opposition. I believe that it would be disastrous for the Unification Church if we did not have the opposition of the Christian churches. We are trying our very best to not be indebted and disregard our pride; if we did not have opposition, and if we do not even have opposition in our current state, then just like steamed radishes, ravens can snatch them away any time.

You should think about this. You should examine yourselves closely. Do you have absolute determination? Do you have the confidence to go out to the world to struggle with others and lead a successful life, proudly living in a large brick house? You don't, right? When I took at you, all of you are very clever. Are you or are you not such type of people? On the other hand, you will be recognized as someone who has upright moral character and is very trustworthy. If you can be known as such, then even if people say that you have done bad things, they will not believe it.

This is how it is in America. As people meet the members of the Unification Church, they see that we are good people. So, when they hear some bad rumors, they do not believe them. Sometimes, you come back all fired up saying this and that and hoping, "I wish that God can punish them." Why would God punish them? Why would God punish them when they are doing what they are supposed to do? He will never punish them. You are foolish to wish that they be punished.

Religion makes progress when they are being opposed. Until today, religions always made progress when they were under opposition. Isn't this so? [Yes] However, they will perish when there is no opposition. Do you understand? Then, if the Korean nation stopped opposing Unification Church and started to support it, then would the Unification Church decline? What are we going to do when that happens? What are we going to do then? At that moment, I will attack you. I will do the attacking. Then, we will not perish. If we continued in the same way that we have been doing it then we will meet with destruction, but if I attack 24 hours and move forward, then . . .

This is how it is in America. Until now in America, scholars are approaching their doom because they do not have opposition. So at such times, there should have been attacks made. Without a good attack strategy, one will perish. When one is being attacked, one will strengthen his foundation, and when one is supposed to attack, he should carry it out mercilessly. So we made attacks. I gave directions, "go and fight with the media world. You should go to the newspapers and fight. Do not meet with the people at low positions, but meet with the chief editors and the top people. If they do not want to meet with you, then you should stake them out. When they go to bathroom, follow them there are wait for them."

11) There are Plenty of Ways to Witness

There are lots of ways of witnessing. Do you have to rely solely on Principle lectures? You can also blow a trumpet or fight on the street. Fighting is witnessing. By doing so, you can gather people around you and reveal the mistakes of that person . . . Was I wrong or right? A man should put forth evidence based on righteousness and live for the sake of righteousness. Don't you have plenty to speak about the youths and leaders of this nation? Why do you just sit still and wish, "It would be nice if people come to listen to the Principle lectures"? What is that? No one will come to you under those circumstances.

In such times, you should go fishing, go to places like the Hudson River and catch a carp. If there is someone watching you, then you can witness to that person by giving the carp as a present. This is better. Especially if you are a woman, then as you get a hook up, if you call out to a man near by and request his help, telling him, "Oh, please help me. I do not know how to fish," then he will without fail rush to help you. Then, he will ask you, "Can I try fishing now?" and you can become friends. After that, if you invite him to a dinner to your house that night, he will certainly join you there.

Our ladies can ride motorcycles. You can also ride motorcycles, right? How exciting is that? It is a lot of fun you should try it. When you go to the motorcycle store, there are many young people there. You should then sit on a motorcycle and ask them, "Are you a good rider? How fast can you ride; and then you can brag, "I can go hundred or hundred and fifty miles per hour. Do you want to ride with me?" This is witnessing. For the sake of witnessing . . . When you go to a restaurant, you should order barbecue spare ribs or something like that and wait . . . This is witnessing. How funny is that? After eating if you sit on a higher place and do this, then wouldn't they pay attention to you. You can say to yourself, "You have fallen into my traps in this small place," and laugh with content. (Laughter) If you make the determination, "I can make everyone pay attention to me," and immediately put this into action, then all will go as planned. Is that right or wrong? Would you be successful or not? [We will be successful] Then, when the audience laughs out loud, you should shyly do this . . . (Laughter]

If we end like this it is not so exciting; it is boring, right? What should I try to do now? Yes, yes, that is how it is. Then you can first listen to all the personal problems and then attracting their attention you can have plenty of opportunities to give sermons and lectures. If you have a fat person, then you can say that at certain time in the past you went to this place and such a fat person . . . And add that in comparison, he or she can be considered still pretty slim. You can make that kind of jokes. This is how you do witnessing. [77-25]

12) Witnessing to Three People Before You Eat

You can also use this type of tactics. When you eat three meals, you must make the absolute determination to talk to at least one person before breakfast, at least one more before lunch, and at least one before dinner, thereby talking to three people in a day. Unless you accomplish your goal, do not eat your meal. This is the type of campaign we should carry out. If you make such resolution, then what do you think will happen? Why are you eating meals? Are you eating the slice of meat to become fat or for the sake of the dispensation?

Shouldn't you spend more time in partaking in the dispensation than in a bathroom? You should spend more time for that than for eating lunch, right? Isn't that so? We should begin such a campaign. What do you think will happen then? Before meals as you approach the door . . . Before eating breakfast, you should go for a walk somewhere and find someone to talk to until it is time for breakfast. Then, this is also very good for your health. Otherwise, do not eat your meal. You will become very serious. If you have failed to do it in the morning and in the afternoon, then you should skip two meals and be content with just eating dinner. If you follow this method, then would you or would you not be impelled to do witnessing? We should carry on this type of activities.

If you do this, then would God praise you or scold you? So I think Unification Church members often may not be able to eat breakfast. When you are witnessing, you may not have the chance. If you get really hungry while on your way to go out witnessing, then you should stop the car at a place where people have gathered, and leave for lunch only after talking to them for a while. This is the training that you need to go through. Even when you are riding in a car, you should stop the car to talk to people for even ten minutes and after that prepare to have lunch. This is what you should do. Should we or should we not do this? [Do it] You should be the first ones to start that. First, the leaders must show the example. If the leaders fail to carry that out, then they are fakes.

Accordingly, you should go for a walk at dawn. You should go and talk before breakfast in the morning. You should go for a walk. You do very well in eating meals with your spouses, right? What I am saying is that you should first set the heavenly condition of four position foundation and then eat. When everyone sits down to have breakfast, if anyone has not yet done the condition, you should drag them out and let them get going on it for thirty minutes. Then let them start eating in the order they come back; this is the training that you should give them. Eat your meal after fulfilling such condition, and see how it is. You will see how great you feel. You will have no problem digesting anything that you eat. You will never have a stomachache. You will do it from now, right? [Yes] If you do not carry this out from the coming year, then you will not be able to fulfill your responsibility. After you go back this time, from the day that you go back, if you return in the evening then starting from that evening begin this campaign.

You should all make name cards in which you can put the addresses and some pamphlets where you can put all the information about the Unification Church. You should write that you offer the services of job agency, personal counseling, or something like that, and give it out to people that come by. You should also have your phone numbers on it. As you meet people on the street with these pamphlets, you could tell them, "You seem to have some grave concern; you should take a look at this and come to discuss your problems with me." There are plenty of methods. If there is someone who likes to make jokes, then you should tell that person that you can introduce him or her to someone who is very good at making other people laugh, and invite him or her to come over. You should at least say some simple things like that before you have your meal. The next time you come, you should come with those name cards made and show them to me, do you understand?

Now, the Unification Church should initiate such a campaign throughout the nation. All of you should make name cards and give them to those you meet, asking them to come visit you. Then, they will come to visit you. You should have your name and title in the church written on them, and you should put on the back that you can give counseling and specify what you excel in. They are just like leaflets. Every Unification Church member should have this. You should all be engaged in this activity. Do you understand what I am saying? [Yes]

After that, we will establish tradition with this. You do not have to do it for long stretches of time. You should be able to complete it in ten or fifteen minutes. Within ten or fifteen minutes. Then, you ask them to come for a visit if they are interested to find out more. You should give them out as you express your wish to meet them again. This is the campaign we should promote. Do you understand?

By doing this, when we consider how many people will be connected to us horizontally in a month -- morning, afternoon, and evening -- then three times three is nine; in all, it is 90 people. One person would have talked to 90 people. As you give out the cards, you can ask them to give you a name card. Then, you should contact them through letters. Look. Some people can do fundraising campaigns just through correspondences and they can get 1, 2, or 5 percent. So how can we not get even one person through mails? Besides the letter, we have already talked to them personally 10, 20 or 30 minutes . . . Think about it.

As far as witnessing goes, as long as you can go out for ten minutes before each meal, if you do about thirty minutes a day, then you should have no problem getting one person a month. If you are really starving, then you can make the conditional offering by even just calling on a person passing by you and saying as he stops to look over, "Mr., can I see you for a second? I wanted to see you because you are so handsome." (Laughter, clapping) If you have called upon an older lady, then you can say, "I have stopped you because you look very much like my grandmother." Would that offend people? They will say, "Is that right?" If you grab her hands and ask her to come over saying that she looks like your grandmother, then she will . . . This is how it is.

Are you still unable to witness to one person a month? It is a task that will save America, the world, and God, and I am speaking to you all day like this and pleading with you so earnestly; yet are you still unable to do it. Do you think it cannot be done? [It can be done.]

Now do you understand the method? You understand the method, right? [Yes] Go and try it. You should try and see. You have to put this into practice as soon as you go back, right? [Yes] If we can stir up this kind of spirit all over the nation how great would it be?

I believe that if we can do it like that, we will not have any problem in getting more than thirty thousand members. If we organize ourselves like this, then even if you are working in a company or workplace, you will have no problem in building that foundation. As you just open the door, you can see how crowded with people it is out there. The streets are filled with people regardless of night or day, so why can't you do it? If you have one person join, then you probable can eat even one hundred meals a day. (Laughter) You should not say things that do not make sense. It does not work on me.

When you are going back, if you are going in a subway, you can push a person that you want to witness to. After you do like this then like that . . . (Demonstrates with gestures, laughs) You won't have any problem with that. Anyway, you can do this. Do you think that it will be considered a sin? As God looks over, he will laugh. He will say, "You are doing a good job," and he won't scold you. There are plenty of ways. Even a hundred people a day . . . If it were me I will meet even one hundred people. One hundred people. Do you think that is impossible? Please answer me. Is that easy or difficult? Is that impossible? You should do it.

In this way, the cellular organization . . . Carrying it out in this way, you should think to yourself, "If I can make one person like me, then if I can make a pair, then the two will repeat what I have done and soon I can make twelve people. During the 7 years in the company, it will not be a problem to reach 84 people. I can do this even when I am asleep." You should be thinking about this even when you are asleep.

Do you all know that we have to do the seven-year course in the formula course? If you can witness to just one person a month, then since there are twelve months in a year, you can get 84 people in seven years. The significance of 84 people is the sum of 12 disciples and 72 followers of Jesus; the sum is 84 people. If Jesus was just able to accomplish that, he did not have to die and the kingdom of heaven on earth would have been established. Do you think that he would have died on the cross if he had the foundation of 84 people? So, if you want to create the kingdom of heaven on earth, then you have to be better than Jesus is. [89-307]

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