The Way of the Spiritual Leader

by Rev. Sun Myung Moon

Section 2 - Witnessing (Part 3)

3. The Key Methods of Witnessing

1) Why Witnessing Efforts Do Not Bear Much Fruit

You told me that witnessing activities of the church are not going smooth, right? Why should witnessing not go well? How could that be? How could this be true when you have such great truth? It's not going well because your old habits still have strong presence in you and you have failed to reform yourselves. [145-100]

Unification Church members have been doing witnessing until now, and yet why is it not being so successful? It is because the fundamental principles are being violated. If you are not in accordance with the principles, then witnessing efforts will not be so successful. So, when did I tell you to witness to the ordinary people? I told you to witness to the Christians. When I tell you to go and see Christian ministers you hesitate, saying, "Oh no. He is better than me, and I do not know the Bible so well . . ." You do not have to be concerned about your knowledge in the Bible. The more this seems to be the case, the more you should be moving forward.

Have you been doing that or not? Are you doing it this way or not? If you are, then you will have a breakthrough without fail. You can even move into that family as a maid, living and eating meals there, and when you enter the church you should think of it as your own house and bedroom. That house is your house. Abel, not Cain, should govern that house. So, did you go and look around? Is that a place that should be governed by Abel or Cain? It is exactly the opposite right now. It is not in accordance with the Principle. Therefore, you must somehow claim it back, even though doing so may be difficult. If you can accomplish that, then everything will start to turn around at once. Do you understand? Once it is broken through, it will be turned around at once. [55-258]

You must reflect on the reason why witnessing activities have not been so fruitful. It is not because of someone else's shortcomings, but the problem lies within you. If roses blossom beautifully on the roadside, all that walk past them will notice them. Isn't that right? Is that true or not? [True] This is how it is with everything. If you can give out beautiful scent just like the blossoming roses on the road, then see what will unfold. Then, those ladies walking past you will put on a big smile and try to fetch you, saying, "Oh how lovely you are." Moreover, a grandfather would think, "Oh no, it is standing there alone on the road. This is not so great. It would be terrible if some animals passing this way ruin it. I should fetch this and keep it safely in my bedroom." Similarly, you should become capable of giving blossom to this flower of heart. Do you understand? It is very much like how insects gather around a lantern light at dark night. [50-304]

If witnessing does not bear much fruit, then whose responsibility is that? It is first of all the responsibility of the archangel. During the course of restoration and re-creation, it is the responsibility of the church leader who stands in the position of the archangel. Do you understand? Do you or do you not understand? [We understand] [50-325]

What is the reason behind failures in witnessing activities? You will not succeed in witnessing if you ask, "Why is that person coming?" What kind of heart should you possess? You should have the heart of father and mother. When a person comes, you should feel as if your son or daughter for whom you have been waiting for five thousand or ten thousand years has returned. You should be so overwhelmed with joy that you cannot describe your heart with words. Because men are spiritual beings, they can sense it when you do not like them. When they can see from your attitude and actions that you are really glad to see them, then they can be inspired to join the church. If you sincerely inquire about their life story with the heart of a parent who is deeply moved to be together with the child who was lost for a long time, then they will be willing to frankly share all about themselves. For this reason, when people come and see me, even if I do not even open my mouth, they will on their own accord tell me everything. [1969.5.12]

These days, we are witnessing out in the countryside, yet why is it that the efforts have not been so successful! This is because you are doing witnessing for your own life and benefit, and not for the sake of saving the lives of the other people. There is a fundamental difference in the perspective. While you should be in the position to give more like God, all you have done is just talk about yourself. Accordingly, all will break apart. You make the members work hard and you are trying to lead a comfortable life style . . . This is like being a puppet of Satan. God will not be with you. You cannot be Abel. In order for me to come this far, I had to pave the way for thirty years. [76-336]

You may wonder, "The moment in the dispensation has dawned, yet why is witnessing not going smoothly?" This is because of you. Right now, no matter where I go, I can be successful. It is no problem for me to do it. If I concentrate my spirit and enter that realm, then the environment will change immediately. So, this means that there is huge gap. They all look the same, but there is a huge gap between them. You must be thinking about how to create that.

Moreover, although you understand God's will right now, when can you hear the voice of God and when and where will you meet me spiritually? You must, with all your heart, long for this to take place. Then, everything will be taught to you. If you can be so preoccupied with that thought that you forget about sleeping, forget about eating, and even forget about your lover, then you will have a direct and complete communication. [94-157]

Ladies and gentlemen, you must grow such an intense heart of yearning toward me that you cannot even eat your meals; see what happens when you can do this. You will have a direct communication. You will be able to see what I am doing in America. This is not a lie. Do you understand what I mean? The ladder of heart, the antenna of heart can let you communicate with me. Despite this, if you are full of your own thoughts, and although you carry out my directions, but hesitate about the directions from your superiors according to your own calculation . . . You must correct this type of mentality. Do you understand? [Yes] [68-105]

Why have the witnessing activities of the Unification Church not been so successful so far? Because we could not meet this fundamental principle. Even now, I cannot afford to take a nap during the day. It has already become a habit so that if I tried to have a nap then my heart would feel . . . No matter how tired I am, I cannot take a nap. When I think about all the sufferings of the members all around the world, it goes against my conscience to do so. When I see the rain, I start to think of you. When it snows, I also think about you. This is why I go out to the ocean on a boat. Then, my heart is at peace. You should realize that at that moment, I am having a prayer. If I cannot go out, I try to voluntarily pursue some exhausting work. This is what is needed. As long as I am living this type of lifestyle, people will be willing to even face death for the sake of this teacher of the Unification Church. They will never bear any grievance against me. They will be grateful.

Furthermore, they always consider me as a friend in the frontline. They think of me as a friend in the frontline, not a friend in the defense-line. Members think of me as a commanding general in the frontline. You came here as the leader of the state, yet how much do you love this state? How much do you love the land in the state? How much do you love the people of the state? This is the problem. [131-333]

You say that witnessing is not going so well? The reason for the failure is lack of capability and faith . . . You should exert yourself to the full and repeat the activity twice, three times, four times, each time putting more effort than the previous time. Therefore, you should not become dispirited. Despair -- those who despair are unworthy. Do you also have the confidence to influence a state when you go out witnessing there? You should have the confidence, "I can take care of one state without any problem. A nation is no problem." Do you have such confidence? [Yes] [77-20]

2) The Key to Witnessing

When you are doing witnessing in the countryside, you should decide in your mind, several months for some people, that person after three months, that person after five months, that person one year and a half, some after three years . . . In this way, you should decide upon the length of periods during which you can build some foundation with people. Say, after one month, or two months; then, after having made plans for tens and hundreds of people, you should pray. Is that how all of you are doing it now? Are you gleaning the field? After the harvest in the fall, are you going to glean the field or till the land? [We will till the land.] If you are going to till the land, then you need a plan.

Suppose that according to your plan some person is needed after a certain number of months. Then, if things do not unfold as you have planed, then you should pray through the nights that the failure is due to the lack of your devotion. You should pray and fast. Since Godism is all about loving men, you have to love people.

This is the fundamental principle: Even if my own love is inadequate, because I am praying for the sake of others, God will listen to the prayers. But, have you ever done such prayer? Have you? You have all become hooligans and treacherous people who are the ruination of the Unification Church. You may complain, "Teacher returns to his homeland and does not even say one good word." Do you understand? [Yes] There is nothing better than these words. I am sharing with you the life philosophy that I have developed through my life of faith up to now. Do you understand? Try and see whether or not things will not work out as you do as I say. If it does not work out, then I am a false one. You should not believe in me. Perhaps I am a cheater, how do you know? You should try that, and believe in me.

When you meet a person walking on the road, if you do not feel so comfortable with him or her, then you should pray. When you visit a house, you should also pray for that family once you enter. You should praise them. Isn't that true? Witnessing to people and saving lives cannot be done so haphazardly. Therefore, whomever you meet, whether it is the leader of the town or some other person, you should try to analyze what type of person he is and then pray for that person. Witnessing is really interesting. Don't you think it is interesting? You should think about it. You should try to carry this out, and see if it is interesting or not, making plans in your mind, "That person in six months, that person in five months . . ." You should combine this kind of skills and conviction . . . And then, you should pray for that person day and night. When you see a person, then you can know right away.

Now, after having listened to me, do you understand where you are at right now? You are hooligans, scamps. Do you understand? Is this true or false? [True] What? It is true? [Yes] Are you trying to really become true ones? You should shed tears because you are longing for men.

You should think about this. Aren't you following me even after leaving your parents? Isn't this true? Don't you want to return to your hometown? Don't you want to meet your parents, brothers and sisters? Do you ever wonder, "Why do I have to do such work? Why do I have to leave my parents behind and wonder in these lonely mountains and rivers? Why do I have to meet with these people that I have never seen and met?" It is because of God. Because of God. God's situation is more miserable than that of your parents, brothers and sisters, and friends.

Therefore, you should not yearn for them. Instead, you should treat the members that come to visit as your parents, brothers, and sisters, disturbed by the fact that they must leave right afterwards; this is how it should be. Is your heart worried and saddened that they may get up and leave soon, so that you try to give them something to eat? You should have the body of a servant and the heart of parent. Then, when people come for a visit, and as they try to leave, they cannot get up. Do you understand? There is something mysterious there. You will experience it spiritually. It is very interesting.

When you deal with the members with this foundation, and you pray before falling asleep, "So and so will come tomorrow morning," he will surely come and visit you at the time that you have predicted. He will come for certain. Do you understand? [Yes] I also had this Kamiyama go through that training. I told him, "You pray and see. If you pray with this state of mind and this type of heart, then this will happen. You may think that God did not help you until now because you are an Oriental; but since you came to America, you should trust my words and act accordingly." So, Kamiyama believed it and followed through accordingly. As was expected, after he prayed that so and so come the next morning, that person really did come. This type of phenomena will take place. Do you understand what that means?

You must be engulfed in the heart of faith. To what degree? Just exceed the degree to which you yearn for your lover and see what unfolds. Then there will be a direct connection. You all heard of how people become lovesick, right? You should exceed that degree of intensity in your heart toward God and all will come to pass. When you are picking up your spoon, you automatically call out, "Father!" You will say to Him, "Let's have this meal together." You have to feel this to your bones. When you have this life experience, you will sense that it is very natural. When you sit down somewhere, you will cry out, "Father!" When you have some good clothes you will automatically want to offer it to Him, and before you wear good clothes, you will want to put something good on Him first. If you can have this kind of attitude toward me, and are sincerely concerned about me, then you will see before you a vision of me wearing good clothes. You need to have this kind of experience. There is a key to witnessing. It is greatly yearning for a person who is about to go back just after paying you a visit, and feeling unbearably sorrowful that he is leaving. Even after midnight and two in the morning, if he says that he wants to leave, then your heart must, be shaken up and wish that he stay for a little more. If you can have this kind of heart, then the church will definitely be revived.

I have been living up to now centering on that principle. If you examine me closely, you will very much sense that from me. When members gather, even after midnight or two, three in the morning, they try their best to stay with me a little longer. Without this base of heart, there cannot be any progress. The parental heart will dwell in such a place.

You must inherit the parental heart that wishes to sleep in the same room and always be with the child. When someone is wearing worn out clothes, you should feel shame. Even when a brother or sister sees that, they will be sad, so how much so is it when a parent sees that? When a parent sees that the child has become skinny because he or she had nothing to eat, then the parent will take out something that he or she has put aside and give it to the child despite his or her own hunger. This is the kind of heart you should have. [23-67]

You should not take my words lightly as if it is coming from the mouth of some neighbor. You have to put your life on it, and even if you cannot do other things, you have to at least carry this out. There is not much to the path of witnessing. There are only two things: having people listen to and read about the Divine Principle.

What are you trying to do by witnessing on the street? What are you going to do after you bring them along? It is to have them listen to and read from the Principle words. [96-131]

When you are witnessing, how do you talk about love? You lead your life with love and see what happens. People who see you in the town will automatically come to look for you. If the pressure decreases in the atmosphere, then the air from a high-pressure zone will rush into it inevitably. When you love, you are creating a low-pressure atmosphere. Therefore, all from the high pressure zone will rush in.

A person like me will never go hungry in harsh environments like Africa. My way of dealing with nature is different, and my lifestyle is also different. Because a low-pressure atmosphere will be created, the high-pressure zone will approach me in a flying speed. Pressure has to be evened out by filling in. I do not even have to make an effort in witnessing. This is how you should live. You don't have to go out witnessing. Then, God will come looking for you. I smell fragrance coming from there . . . Do butterflies approach blossoming flowers because flowers tell them to come? Butterflies come because the aroma attracts them. They come because they smell the fragrance. Everyone turns his nose away to the north saying, "Unification Church is a cult. It is bad and terrible;" on the contrary, you have turned your nose to the south, to the direction of the church, and before you even know it, you are heading this way because of the fragrance given out. You will be pulled into it more and more. [44-251]

We are not witnessing with weapons. We are doing it with love. Abel must save Cain with love, and on that foundation of victory he must, with true love, restore what was taken away with false love. Only then can we return to the original world where no contradictions exist. You must be aware of the fact that as long as you are limiting yourself to certain methods, Satan still has other means to deal with it. [40-250]

Satan has his own strategy. He has offensive tactics. You have to understand what they are. What does he attack? Why did Satan become Satan? He uses the means and content by which he became Satan. What he is saying is, "If you are like me and if you behave like me, then you are Satan. You are on my side."

So, let's examine how Satan became Satan. When Satan made his first contacts with Eve, would he have said rudely, "Hey you, Eve," or would he have accosted her with a big smile? How did he approach her? [With a smile] So, when you are doing witnessing, (showing with facial expressions) should you be in a bad mood like this, or should you put on a smiling face? [Put on a smiling face]

Now, the key to capturing Satan, the wicked one, is the same. Because it is the same, then you must convince people with the most effective words. It is a method of propaganda similar to that employed by the communists, putting forth the argument, "What is your living situation like? While yours is that miserable and horrible, where we live is this wonderful."

Man has a double standard. This is how Satan is. Then can we on God's side also be like that? [No] Then, we must be genuinely happy both inside and outside. This is the way. If you have been fighting with brothers in the morning, can you put on a nice smile when you are doing witnessing? [No] If you do that, then Satan will say, "Hey you! You are just like me." You have to possess inner happiness in your heart and that should be manifested through your body. This is how God's happiness and Satan's happiness are different. If you compare their strengths, one is only half as strong, and for this reason, God's side will prevail. It makes sense theoretically. Because adding internal and external aspects will double the amount, God's side will win. It will triumph because it is twice as strong. Satan only has half the strength because his inside and outside are contradictory. Our side, on the other hand, is double the power because the inside and outside are the same. Since it is double in amount, eventually Satan will retreat. What I have told you so far is the key to witnessing. [76-333]

3) One-to-one Witnessing Is Better

You should witness to people on a one-to-one basis. One to one, one to one, this should be the tactic. This is how you should do it. [96-316]

You need a one-to-one tactic, one-to-one tactic. How much were you able to focus your efforts on one [person]. As the number of your efforts increase, then the number of people who are involved will also increase. Do you understand what that means! There is not much else. You should treat them with all your heart and soul, and when they can be touched by the way you are exerting yourself to the utmost for one purpose, for that nation and world, then they can be inspired to join; this takes up 70%. 70%.

If you bring someone off the street, then even if they come one time, because they themselves do not initially have genuine interest, then they will all disappear. On the other hand, if you focus your whole effort on one person and bring him along, then because he is bound to be more interested and appreciative, then he will listen closely asking about the ideology in detail, and as a result he will listen on till the end. Do you understand? This is very logical. Do you understand? [Yes] [70-122]

Do not try to witness to two or three people at the same time. Do one at a time. When people are born, they come out one by one and not two at a time. Do you like having twins? You should focus on one only. Only one at a time. Accordingly, you should try to witness to one person per month, and with the plan to bring twelve people in a year, you should make devotion throughout the whole year.

If you were to succeed in bringing in 12 people through your devoted efforts in the twelve months, then we will have 50 new members per every person. Why? It is because the newly joined will inherit as tradition, the effort that you have put in him, and will follow suit in witnessing activities. They will realize, "Ah! He has been putting that much effort in witnessing to me," and from the moment that they join and sit down to listen to the truth, they will be making the determination, "I also should be testifying to so and so." Then, the next person who joins through the new members will also continue on the tradition and such phenomena will spread outwards at incredible speed. You should be aware of this and walk the singular path of the restoration. [23-310]

4) Conversation During Witnessing

When you are witnessing, you have to be very careful in what you are saying. You must first figure out if he is a plus type or a minus type, and then speak according to his personality. Men are divided into two types of plus and minus. To a minus type of person, you should never talk to him when he is in a gloomy mood. For a plus type person, you should talk to him when he is happy. When they are depressed and overwhelmed with sorrow, you should not say any joyful things. In that situation, you should try to be sensitive to his feelings and display sympathy. To plus type of persons, you should not talk to them while they are in plus type of mood. On the contrary, you should talk to them when they are in the minus mode. If you talk to them while they are in the plus mood, in other words, when they are happy, then they cannot keep the words close to their heart and will forget them all. Therefore, you should try to avoid these circumstances, and talk to them when they are in serious mood. [42-173]

In order for you to find people, you should be prepared to go places that are like the spring season, the summer season, the autumn season, and the winter season, and shed blood, sweat and tears. You should be saying to yourself, "I will love people who are of the spring season, summer season, autumn season, and winter season. I will even love the people of the winter season, the Russian people." Only after that, you can love your spouse. This is the process of restoration. [96-152]

You should not feel depressed or lonely just because someone does not pay much attention to your word even after pouring your whole heart into him or her. If you accept that this how the universal Principle is, then you will be blessed. That person will never become sorrowful or lonely. Because it is nearing the time, spring breezes will start to blow. On the other hand, to those who could not receive your heart and efforts, an autumn wind will blow down. This is telling one that one's moment is nearing. [42-174]

After inspiring one person to join, you should take care of him or her warmly, staying up nights to share the words of truth, just as I have done to you. If you ignore members when they come to visit, then who would be willing to come back? You cannot lose the yearning heart in the early days of the church that sincerely longed for new members. [21-321]

5) Things to Keep in Mind During Witnessing

When you go out witnessing, I often see that while your words are great, telling people, "The Principle of Creation is like this and the Principle of the Fall is like that. It is good for you to believe in Unification Church," but you act completely according to your whims. You talk well. But that is not good enough. Instead, if there is a person A, then for that person A you should offer a sincere prayer. The problem is how to set the condition of having loved the person more than his own parents. This is a real fight. How can I win him over with the heart that surpasses those of his own father and mother? This is the problem.

Because men are spiritual beings, they do not want to go where it is declining, and want to be at a prosperous place. The issue at stake, then, is how to be in a position to benefit him, and let him sense that you love him more than his own parents. The love that I am talking about here is not the secular love of the outside world. [50-279]

Witnessing should not be done centering on words. People follow because of their own self-realization. It is important how you connect your own area of responsibility to the purpose of the whole. [24-81]

Your witnessing efforts in the sixties so far were done for the purposes of boasting oneself or for the sake of saving people? You should deeply reflect on it for the sake of salvation. Did you do it to save the Christians? Actually, you did it to boast. This is the problem. [34-273]

If you look at the line that someone is connected to, then he or she is receiving the love his or her parents. When he is receiving the love of parents, brothers and sisters, it is very difficult to persuade him to follow the way of dispensation. You should be able to evaluate that. For that kind of people, you have to present something good. You must show something that is beneficial. But presentation alone is not enough. You have to do something to spark emotions of love in him and make a connection with you.

Then, what do you have to do? Here you need love that is just like leaven. They use the metaphor of leaven in the bible, right? Love that resembles leaven is the love of God. How do I feel God's love? I told you early to pray for one person's life; you should pray for some person. You should pray for that person through the nights, and see what unfolds. We have many older men and women here, and you all know that it is impossible for someone to comprehend the sorrow caused by the death of children unless he goes through the experience himself, right? [Yes] Those who have the experience of raising a child and see him pass away can understand that heart. If you love with the heart that surpassed that, then everyone without an exception will be led to follow. [50-280]

Using the whole organization for one's selfish reasons is the same as using God. You should always beware of this and be careful. Therefore, when people visit the church or when you are out witnessing, you should never occupy your mind with the question, "Would this person give a lot of donation?" Do not wish that it were someone with authority and power, or have some other specific traits. Regardless of one's ability and character, one's mother gives him birth, raises him on the same bowl of soup, and provided equal love. Isn't this right? All men are equal in the aspect that all of them grew up by trusting their precious lives in the hands of the parents. Inside the parental heart, there cannot be discrimination. [33-164]

When you are out witnessing, you may wish that you can bring in someone who is very wealthy, but what is the use? Is that done for the sake of the Unification Church or for the sake of that person? You should never ever plan to ask that wealthy person to make a donation in order to enhance your own financial situation. While you are trying to save people, you should never think about material things. You should make clear judgments on this type of things while you are walking this path.

When you meet someone, you should not judge someone as good or bad. If you want to become someone of high status, then you must be able to take care of people below you well. [34-250]

You should not make wrong choices when selecting people. For a beggar or any type of person, the problem is not being incapable. Rather, those who are inadequate have better faith than those who are very capable do. People will be unable to go to sleep before coming to you, if they really can feel through you the loving heart that they have never experienced, even from their own parents. They will come early in the morning even without eating their breakfast. Try and see if it is true or not. You cannot come up with the excuse that you cannot make it in witnessing because you are not so capable. That does not make any sense. [1969.5.12]

When you witness, do not pick and chose. Do you understand? [Yes] My original character has always been that when I see a passing beggar shivering in the cold winter, after I come home, I could not eat or sleep. This is my character. I even asked my parents to bring the beggar inside the bedroom to give him something to eat, and then send him off . . . Don't you think that this is the basis for God to love?

Accordingly, you should not be selective when witnessing. Do you understand? [Yes] You should be asking, "Why was this person sent to me? Wasn't there a purpose when he was sent to me?" You must help accomplish that purpose 100%. If you could not achieve that, then you should realize that it is the responsibility of the regional leader to shed tears of repentance that there was a personal reason why you could not fulfill it, and make a firm determination to make another opportunity for that person to come back. [56-35]

6) The Difficulty of Witnessing and Overcoming

Witnessing is like giving birth. Based on my experience, in order to win the total trust of one person so that he can believe in me more than my own child would, I must give three times more effort than giving birth. After inspiring him to join, you must still be responsible for him. When a person who was going this way comes back this way, then you may shed tears because you are shocked and touched, or, you may feel intense fury or distress; in this way, you must experience a kind of explosion of heart that you have never experienced before. [66-215]

When you are beaten or persecuted while you are out witnessing, then you must first be concerned about the work of heaven before you think about your misery. You must try to forgive those who have done wrong to you. Then Satan also cannot hit God. He might be able to attack one who represents God, but he cannot hit God directly. This is the way of life. When you are grateful, this sets a condition in the satanic world. The environment that attacked me will face accusations. Jesus also set such conditions of indemnity. [15-145]

Some members often lose their hope as they face the difficulties of witnessing, but for what sake did they start? When you consider the question of for whose sake the mission was begun, and centering on whom that purpose was to bear the fruit, you can see that he is clearly a traitor. [60-24]

When you first go out witnessing in a region, you will find that at the very beginning there is always a period in which you have to be under shackles. You must break through this period of shackles. Then, some time after that will come the period of gunfire. Most people perish during this period of gunfire. Therefore, you must look for a new path centering on the period of gunfire. Otherwise, the period of gunfire will judge you. [42-174]

The first to pose opposition to your witnessing activities are the old people. When you follow this way of principle, the first to oppose are grandfathers. They will come out and oppose, with a long tobacco pipe in their mouth and walking in long strides typical of nobility, and say, "You there! Who are these people that are making so much noise?" Then fathers will put up opposition. Then older brother-type of people will oppose. You must be opposed by these three generations. You have to receive opposition. When we examine fallen history, grandfathers are Adam-type; they are the Adam-type of Satan's camp. Fathers are the Satan that opposed Jesus. Then there must be Cain. Thus, you must conquer Cain-type grandfather, Cain-type father, and Cain-type older brother. [24-340]

You already know from your experiences during witnessing that those who oppose are the parents. Parents who have been loving and caring for their children are those that put up opposition. Do you think anyone ever will say, "Oh, I am so happy that my son is believing in the Unification Church. There is no other church like it." Did you ever meet a parent who was like that? Those who put up intense opposition and become enemies are the parents who have been pouring their heart out for their children. That father and mother are sure to stand in the opposition. This is the principle. This is for the sake of restoration of indemnity. Accordingly, indemnity is the problem. You must be very clear on this principle. [34-91]

It is natural that you will be persecuted, opposed and beaten during witnessing campaigns, but you should be grateful that you are at least not killed. Think about the time you first began this path of dispensation. At the site of death you are cursed at, and while you are being cursed at you get to meet, and after meeting you have a chance to talk, and in the meanwhile you can begin to like each other and make progress through your conversations. [42-172]

When you are witnessing centering on the clan, there will always be someone who will oppose. If there is someone who does oppose, then you must be more zealous than he. Even if Satan attacks me, I should pray for the opposition. If they oppose with great intensity, then you have to be more ardent, so that you can do things for the sake of the people on your side. Only then can you achieve a balance. Satan's camp attacks while this camp makes devotion . . . . By doing so, by making devotion that is more powerful than Satan's attack, you must obtain the recognition that you have done more for the sake of that person than those who are persecuting. This is how it is. You should carry on your fight like this. If there is someone who is persecuting, then you must try harder than him. Do you understand?

In order to pull in someone from the Satanic camp you have to demolish Satan, and since you came to conquer, if Satan who is attacking you possesses some strength, then you must try harder than that in order to attack that side. Then you must be more persevering and make more devotion, and you must be better. Otherwise, you cannot bring victorious results. This is the principle of nature. [56-59]

Ladies and gentlemen, the thing through which you can appraise the results of Satan's activities is . . . You do the witnessing and see. You will find that when you have made an appointment to see someone very important to testify to the truth, then often there will be some accidents. Do you have such experiences? [Yes] So, we members of the Unification Church understand well that Satan exists. We know that they are without fail working twenty-four hours regardless of whether it is night or day. So, you should go forward with the attitude, "I will do even one second more than twenty-four hours." Only then will there be some condition for God to cooperate. You cannot prevail over Satan unless you have the confidence and conviction that you will do more than Satan. You cannot purge it. [76-246]

When you are trying to witness to someone after joining the church, as you try to meet with someone, the guests somehow always have accidents. This is reciprocal; the evil is putting up opposition. Examining this, the final determination is made at the place where only God and I remain. So, Satan is trying to tell you to bring someone alone in order that you may not go alone. He is telling you not to go alone. A person who is about to undergo destruction will not meet his fate alone. He tries to drag someone in. Even those who are leaving Unification Church never want to break away alone. He tries to persuade someone next to him to drag him out together. This is Satan's intention. A good person does not judge others. The reason that it is written in the Bible, "Do not judge others. Do not criticize others," is to prevent that kind of things. [45-72]

When you are out witnessing, some of you say, "When so and so goes out, then everything goes well, but why is that when I go out, my efforts do not bear any fruit? The more I do, the only thing that increases is my suffering." Why is it like this? The reason they are suffering so much is because they have to pay much indemnity. I went out witnessing from that day on, but thing did not start to go well from that day. You must start paying indemnity from the day that you start.

If you retreat saying, "I cannot do this because it is too difficult, despite the fact that you have the responsibility to indemnify it, then you can never go over the hill, and you will have to retreat because you are always falling backwards. If this goes on, then eventually you will collapse out of exhaustion, and run away. [155-296]

7) Witnessing to Christian Churches

You must witness to the Christians. You should never forget the persecution you received during witnessing, and the fury you felt as all those whom you have been treating with great sincerity look down on you as a cult member and a swindler. You should not be a man without bones. You should never forget that and you should tell yourself, "Didn't I face this and that event at that time?" You cannot forget for the rest of your life the moments when you were undergoing misery and agony while living for the sake of heaven and righteousness more than anyone else.

You must dispel this resentment together with the people and the world. You must pull out this root of resentment. You must understand this. We are waiting only because the time has not come, but when we start to act on it, all will be liquidated immediately. When would that time come? It is approaching us increasingly close. When you know that the day is approaching . . . I am telling you that the day is coming. [56-58]

8) Guiding Someone After They Join

It did not matter to me whether it was night or day. You should not distinguish night and day. Whether it is night or day is not the important question. When you go out witnessing, if people do not listen to you, then you should tie them up with ropes, and holding it by one end drag him along.

Yes, if he initially displays a positive attitude, then all will go fine. It should not be done by force. After that as soon as one is inspired to join, then you should drive him at once. That course of act is on the workshop system. One person should make a complete connection with three people. When they are hungry you should feed them, and help them in all matters. You should help him study, and serve him in every way. You should clothe him, and provided him places to sleep. This is what we are doing here. As they come, if they do not have money, then provide with money saying, "Now, you should go and study. After you are done with studying, pay back only as much as you are grateful for." You should raise them quickly and help them become strong fighters. [76-334]

It is critical for those who have joined to develop a way to have generative abilities for their faith. Having done that, you should raise them up to become people who can follow your directions in any circumstance. You must first achieve this through the word, then through your actions, and finally through your heart of faith; then, he will never break away. After that, you should try to have them witness. You must raise them to the level where they can start to witness to others. If you can achieve this, then you will not lose a single person that you have witnessed to.

Just as how you can understand the true meaning of filial piety only after having given birth, you can sense the value of our path and experience the concrete existence of God only after you have carried it out in action yourself. That kind of person will never take off. However, we have not been able to nurture this kind of people. This is the main reason why the Unification Church could not develop. This is the key problem. [29-197]

We should make strategies that can make an impact and carry on the fight by using the three-dimensional background. Just like the war, when you have to fire cannon, fire rifles, and engage in defensive firing. Witnessing must employ similar tactics. If we can use the three-dimensional spirit world as the background and do witnessing in the spiritual atmosphere where good ancestors are mobilized, then how exciting would it be?

You should not plan to witness to ten people at a time, but try to do one person at a time. Then, through the one who joined, you should try to pull in his friends. For those friends, you should just do the lecturing, and leave the rest to the new member to guide and teach his friend. You can become a man only after having the experience of raising others.

Similarly, if you can distribute the detail work that you have been doing alone so far, and expand the sphere of responsibility, then members will naturally increase. Yet, if the members are just sitting there, much like pinecones that just hang down, then how can there be new leaves and roots sprouting out? [42-161]

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