The Way of the Spiritual Leader

by Rev. Sun Myung Moon

Section 2 - Witnessing (Part 2)

2. The Attitude of One Who Witnesses

1) The Preparation Before Witnessing

You should become a member of heavenly force and a citizen of heaven who cannot sleep at night because of the burning desire to go out witnessing and can put everything aside for that mission. With this mindset, even when you are riding on the train you should be saying, "Train, you are running so smooth. Today will be the best chapter of my life, which I can put on the record as the most precious day in my life. Thank you, Heavenly Father." Even in the most difficult and trying circumstances, you should be able to proclaim, "I am a first class citizen." If you want to love God, then you must be very greedy. [24-336]

Have you ever wailed through the night for the sake of a new guest? Did you ever lament more sorrowfully than at the death of you father, mother, and even your lover? Have you ever done it or not? If you have not, then you must try. You should be lamenting through the sleepless nights. If you can save one life, then there is nothing that you will feel reluctant to sacrifice. Money, clothes, and house are not even an issue. You must be crazy in loving people. [34-270]

The level of members in your church is not high enough. When you come to church, you must bring with you all of your parents and family members. You should bring along your older brother, older sister, and everyone else. How much blood and tears have you shed for the cause of witnessing to your parents, your cousins, your in-laws, and your distant relatives? Have you ever put yourself in the position of sacrifice, struggling fiercely, and praying with tremendous devotion in order to guide a man's life? This is the question. You must become the center of the environment that you find yourself in. You must understand that all of you must become the center. [41-90]

In order to do witnessing, you must research people's psychology. You should be able to tell whether or not one likes something just by looking at one's expressions and the way that one walks. For public purposes, you should be able to judge that person's emotion.

One is able to tell just from the way people walk, whether or not one's wife or someone close to him is in a good mood or in a bad mood. So, when the wife walks in, one can ask her, "Why are you upset?" Then, she is at loss for words because the husband already knows everything without even seeing her. This is how it should be in your life. When you pray for someone with strong attention, then they will also become attentive to you. [42-174]

When you go out witnessing, only after being given guidance spiritually and being coached well, will all things unfold smoothly. Otherwise, you should have some spiritual power that will mysteriously guide someone who was going shopping to the market to turn around and head toward your place. What do you do to cause this to take place? You must witness with a heart more earnest than when you are seeking your lover or when your lover comes to visit. Without this kind of atmosphere, it will never come to pass. [96-320]

When you go out witnessing, the heart with which you are setting out for your mission today must be different from yesterday. You should be determined that although you have set out with such and such an attitude in the past, today you are making a new resolution as you begin the day; then, you will without fail bring good results. However, if you cannot achieve this, and begin the day with the level of heart and mindset worse than yesterday, then you will have no choice but to make a retreat. As you continue your work under such an environment, you will eventually bring destruction upon yourself. Moreover, if such phenomenon is not merely one directional, but the feeling of retreat is spreading in all four directions, then no matter how great the purpose and how firm the determination, we will be stuck in the state of complete stagnation, in which we cannot even move an inch. [42-66]

Don't tell me that you cannot go out witnessing because you lack money. Did Jesus come with money? Did God carry on the history of restoration with money? He did it with life, with life. He did it with blood, with blood. Therefore, the history of Christianity is the history of restoration through blood. It was done with blood and life. It was not done with money. One who lives and dies because of money is only a wage worker. Sons and daughters are not to be raised with money. Isn't that true? You should understand this, and if you move forward with this mentality, then I believe that God will help you. [154-2 10]

For this reason, when you go out witnessing, you should not bring money to pay for expenses. Jesus was crazy. He told those opposing disciples as they were leaving for witnessing that they should not take with them coins or clothes to wear. This is totally unreasonable. They are bound to starve to death. What is that? He is telling them to go out as beggar of beggars. Why was it like that? Why did he do this? What was this? Christians do not understand. Why was this done? This is an important issue. You have to understand that giving such cruel orders to the disciples as to not take money and clothes along is the original tradition of Christianity. This was first given as directions to the disciples. This is the center of Christianity. Is what I am saying true or false? [It is true.] [118-177]

When you go out witnessing, do not take much money along, but go with a faithful heart. [27-267]

2) Devotion and Witnessing

When you go out witnessing, you should not go empty-handed. The critical issue is how devoted your heart is when you set out. If your witnessing mission is going to take, say, one week, one month, one year, or two, three years, then you must make devotion during that time period. Regardless of rain and snow, or when you are eating, awake or asleep, coming and going, or resting or engaged in some activity, you must give everything to that person with unchanging heart. If you give completely, then it will be returned to you completely. This is the Principle.

For this reason, the crucial question in loving God and man is how much we have exerted ourselves. This will transform into mature character in the spirit world, and become the foundation of glory. [42-228]

You will come to realize as you do witnessing that it is not easy; but you must do something that is very difficult to achieve. Repeating over and over, it is like throwing stones into the ocean. You should continue until stones fill the ocean and eventually rise above it to form mountains. What happens when you do that? My heart of faith will grow. The body does not undergo any change, but the heart will grow.

As you wake at dawn, you should pray and shed tears for the region of your responsibility . . . That road of heart is the pathway to connect spiritually with the spirit world. You will find yourself shedding tears because you have come to realize that when God looks down upon that village He is weeping because He knows that everyone in the town is heading toward hell. When you can enter the state of resonance with God's sorrowful heart, then the whole spirit world will be mobilized.

You will be linked to the spirit world only when God can be moved to shed tears because of your own efforts and feel, "Ah, I am so grateful! The descendants of fallen Adam are better than Adam and Eve!" The spirit world will cooperate only when God can be moved in tears saying, "I never expected that the descendants of fallen Adam and Eve you, who are descendants of those who betrayed me, can do something like that."

From this point on, the door to the spirit world will begin to open. It is from this moment. Anything below that standard will absolutely be of no use. This is the Principle. The Divine Principle, it is the Principle. So, how far is this from where you are right now? [96-282]

In order to do witnessing, you must be well versed in the Principle, must shed tears and be truly devoted. [20-345]

Wherever you go, whenever you are alone, you should pray. Always focus and . . . As you look through such eyes, then those who will do witnessing will do so immediately. They do not think about the environment or the present situation. It all fits in like clockwork. This is the road that you should walk. You can survive the world only when you become this kind of man. You can then become successful wherever you go. Even as you are walking in a city, you will notice and be able to judge immediately from the displays in front of stores, "I can make money by selling this and that product." Do you understand what that means? God is working with you. Do you understand clearly? A person who is a burden on humanity and God cannot liberate humanity and God; this is the truth. [128-173]

Among our members all over the world, there are many that had already met me in their dreams before they came to know me. We must have some of them here as well. When they met me after entering the Unification Church, they realized that they had already been connected to me, and had met me and were taught by me. This was possible because of the merit of their good ancestors, and not because of their own merit. You must understand that it was because of their ancestral merit. This type of phenomena will take place.

Therefore, when you go out witnessing for the first time, if you can maintain a devotional and prayerful heart, then you will get to know the direction you should pursue. Then you can lead your life in the direction that God has pointed you to, and you will learn that God is not someone who lives somewhere far away, but is the subject who presides over all the changes in your heart during your daily life. Accordingly, you should attempt to make contact with God in the sentimental environment of nature, and attend him as your father. [50-315]

You should pray with a pure heart. Suppose you are doing witnessing in a village. Then when you wake up at dawn and gaze at the village, you should feel that the village is like a dying child, your younger sister, and your own son and daughter. You should witness with the heart ready to cling on the village and wail through the night; just try this and see. If you cannot be successful in witnessing even after trying all this, then I will be responsible. [36-134]

Did you ever stay up all night in order to do witnessing? I stayed up numerous nights. They will ask you in that nation, how many nights you stayed up to do witnessing. You should try your very best to do witnessing. [10-252]

Try and see how much God will help when you exert yourself to the limit. If you do not witness to your relatives on the earth, then you will have no way to escape their accusations in the spirit world. [18-134]

Witnessing should be done like business. What I mean is that you should do it with efficacy. In the past, no matter where you went, you did not make much preparation, but now you should go with the full preparation. You should embody sincerity and devotion when you go around. Do you understand? You must be different from the past. [102-45]

3) The Attitude a Witnessing Missionary Must Have

You must research into the philosophy of "living person." You should always be thinking how you could guide that person to me. You should think of ways to guide people. There is only one way for this task, and I know that method. It is the spirit of serving others. It's man's basic nature to go close to something that can provide some benefit.

If those in contact with you can gain some benefit from you, then you can naturally attract others. You will face a big barrier if you are trying to obtain some favors from them. When you serve someone, you can become close to him or her. You can teach everything through this method. It should be very clear to you that witnessing is not to be done for your sake. The question is how much energy you can input for the sake of one individual's salvation, and how much you can give in order to move one individual's heart. This is at the core of our activities. By doing so, you will come to understand God's heart, how much effort God has made in creating Adam, and how much energy he has consumed in restoring Adam.

You must also have the same heart as God toward one individual. Even if you are unable to invest all your energy for that person, you should have decided in your mind that you will do your absolute best. This is the attitude that you should have.

Only by possessing this mindset, can you understand the tears of joy that God will shed when he can claim Adam back. Moreover, you can sense God's heart. Thus, when you go out witnessing and meet with people, you should share in his sorrow and cry together, or feel the love that God has felt toward people, and become aware of such a situation.

You should strive to experience this. If you can do that, then when that someone returns to God, then you will cry in joy together. He or she will remember forever that moment of sorrow, that moment of happiness, and that moment of agony. You will be able to make an impression deeper than anyone else has in his or her life that he or she can never forget you. At that point, you must help him in ways that even his friends cannot help. When he is happy, then you should tell him something appropriate, and when he is undergoing trying times, then you should be concerned about his suffering and comfort him. You must think about all this when you are doing witnessing. Men live in harmony with each other through this type of relationships. [52-276]

When you are witnessing on the roadside, you may think that you are alone, but you are never alone. You should always think that you are inside the heart of God, and understand that the nation should be seen as an offering table and you are standing at its lowest point. Even at such a position, you should witness with the attitude, "Satan, come if you dare!" You need this type of bravery and experience. [18-276]

When you are on a witnessing mission in the countryside, you are not out there as a single individual. You are fighting on behalf of the whole heaven and the whole movement, and all of the brothers, sisters, and members. [15-304]

When you go out witnessing, you should not go alone. You should try to connect with those who could not go out. In this way, you should initiate a joint operation between the frontier and the defense line. Those in the frontline should fight in the front and those left in the interior should exert themselves to the full and provide material or spiritual support. There must be such effort. Those who could not go out witnessing this time must at least establish a condition of having participated in the campaign indirectly. [11-210]

Women should not go out witnessing alone. You should drag with you an old grandfather or a grandmother; even if they have to be on a cane, you should try to take them along. If not, then take along an elementary school child. Do you understand? [Yes] I am not telling you not go out witnessing, but I am saying this because it is dangerous. [66-226]

When you go out to the regions during this period, you should work with the determination, "All of you people, come here at once. All the spirits from this village gather here! Let us stage a conference of patriotism." If you run into opposition from someone, then you should deal with him from the position of a parent with a big loving heart which even your own children did not experience. Since the life element of the creation is God's love, ultimate love can conquer these types of people. You should also stand in the position of a child who can serve that opposition force with the dedication greater than that of a parent toward a child. If you carry this out, then you can subjugate him. [11-274]

When you have a witnessing guest, you should be in the state of mind that you want to give him or her any precious thing that you have. If it is clothes, then you must have a strong desire to give him that. If you have some food, then you must not take up the attitude, "I am hungry so I should eat it now," but display the parental heart, "I am hungry, but I am going to save it wrapped in newspapers to see if anybody might come and want it." Even if you yourself are hungry, so long as there is someone who is also feeling hunger, you must overcome the desire to eat it. This is how you should be. Do you understand what I mean? [50-307]

I hope that you all ask yourselves, "Is my desire to do witnessing earnestly?" You should be willing to give all of your effort and even face death. I am driving you hard because I understand the heart of God. [123-29]

Those who are going out witnessing should not worry that they are not skilled in giving Principle lectures. All you have to do is remain loyal, and until someone who can give the lectures arrives, mobilize those who can listen when the time comes. But that doesn't mean that it is all right for you to refuse someone's request for a lecture with the excuse, "I cannot lecture so well." You should give the words with the most sincere heart, but should also add that the headquarters is trying to supply someone who can supplement further on the lecture content. [150-327]

Do not be concerned that you are not good in witnessing. It is all right to not bring people into Unification Church. You should make the impression in the people so that they will say about you in their hearts, "These people are good people." Do you understand? They should be testifying, "These people do not like to be indebted to others. If you give them once, they will return it multiple times." No one dislikes this type of people. [85-42]

If you are wailing because you are facing the crowd, you must sink into the heart of appeal. Even if your throat bursts and blood spits out like vomit while you are meeting someone, if you can witness to one person with such a desperate heart, then this is what you have to do. What I am saying is that you should have this type of mindset. Wailing and shedding tears you should appeal in order to win one person over. [125-23]

When you are on a witnessing campaign, as long as you act on my directions, no matter what happens to the body, what goes into the nose and eyes there is no one who will not be inspired to join.

In catching a carp, all you need is some sort of net-like silk cloth, which you can just place over the fish to catch it. Because the fins are pointing backwards, if you put the net in this way then you can catch it at once. (He is speaking while showing with his gestures.) This is how the fins are located. It is made that way because it is meant to be caught. [92-322]

While you are on the witnessing mission, you should experience material difficulty, interpersonal difficulty, and suffering of the heart. You must be able to obtain sympathy even from wicked people, and win their support before you return. [11-75]

You should not single-handedly criticize how things are. It is a wrong to think that I must perform better than anyone else while witnessing in the countryside. It is wrong for you to wish for your own victory so that you can be commended by the church and me. You can receive commendations but you should not have such desire; instead, you should think, "What can I do to be connected to the realm of the parental heart? How can I be linked up to the heart of God? What can I do to develop a firm relationship with God which no one can interfere with?" These types of internal matters are much more important than the external things. [24-141]

I do not want to brag about your accomplishments in witnessing and enlightenment, but rather want to boast about how you were praying with tears in cold and hunger while clinging on to the stone roots. [11-75]

Your going out witnessing to suffer, be hungry, and be cursed should not be done for yourself. You should have the attitude, "I bear the cross representing my family, brothers, and sisters, and am going to lay the foundation on which we can erect our nation." [15-311]

Even when you are witnessing, if you are doing it for yourself and thinking about yourself, then . . . You should be thinking, "I came to die, in order to die; by spreading myself like seeds, as Jesus had, I can reap the harvest after the bud sprouts out. The buds will breakout from ground only when they have absorbed blood and flesh. Otherwise, it will never come to pass. You will face accusations if you do not pass through the public life. When you can pass these requirements, then you can surpass the fallen world. You will be going over the growth stage. [96-118]

You should first inspire ten people to join. Do you understand? After you join, you should witness to ten people quickly. Witnessing requires sacrifice. If you can do that, then God will certainly help you. If you do it, God will help you from the opposite side.

If you complain while you witness to ten people, how can you inspire anyone to join? If you complain before the ten people, "Regardless of what the dispensation might be, what is this?" then do you think they will listen to your words? Would they listen or would they not? If you complain no matter how much you praise them and plead with them to listen to your words, you can never witness to them.

Then what can you do? Since you cannot complain, you must sacrifice and persevere. The only way is to sacrifice and persevere. Isn't that true? If you can be patient and sacrificial, then would the ten people say that you are bad? [They will say that we are good.] At least you know that. Would the whole look after my well being or bring me down? They will look after you. If you cannot persevere and overcome, then even if they were once taking good care of you, they may stop doing that. On the contrary, if you continue to persevere and overcome, then they will continue to care for you. Therefore, you must persevere and be patient till the end. You must be patient and overcome. You have to persevere and be patient. [44-17]

The same rules apply when you go out witnessing. During witnessing you should not rest in your room. You can be resting while walking on the road, you can be staying up whole night, or you can be having a meal. Having a meal should not be done on a table. You can also eat a lunch box during your journey on the road. How beautiful is that? It is a world that others are not aware of. [72-325]

For witnessing, you must have audacity. You should continue your mission while completely disregarding whether or not other people are cursing at you. When you are witnessing, you are bound to be cursed at by other people. The reason is because you are engaged in activities that others are not involved in, and wherever you go you cause dogs to bark loudly. So, you are bound to be cursed. [42-171]

A man must be audacious, must have audacity. I never tell you to starve to death because there is nothing to eat. I do not tell you to starve to death. You should go to a place where they are having a meal and ask them to share it with you. Since you have a mouth, you have no problem in making that plea, saying a greeting and then getting something to eat. I went through all those experiences. When I am hungry, since I have lived for the sake of the nation, heaven and earth more than anyone else and am thereby more entitled to have a meal than anyone else, I bravely tell a person who is having a meal that I have not had a single meal that day and ask him to share his food with me. This is how imposing you should be. [94-102]

4) The Attitude You Should Have While Witnessing on the Road

Women also should dress more neatly and comb your hair more neatly. Especially the hair, in regards to hair . . Men are all right. The problem is with women. Of all those who are active outside, 70% men. There are more men than women. You must understand that. For this reason, they do not have any interest in men. They are all looking around to see how the women are.

Accordingly, even when you are laughing, do not open your mouth like this (He demonstrates by opening the mouth). You should smile without opening your mouths. All of you try that out. (Laughter) You should first smile with your eyes and then smile with your mouth. You should not smile with the mouth first. The reason is that people look at the other's eyes when they are talking, not the mouth. For this reason, you should smile with the eyes first. It is not a good manner to smile with the mouth first.

Ladies do not let your hair hang down like that. No man likes women letting the hair hang like that. They become displeased. Especially, since this is near the seashore with a lot of spring breeze . . . It if is like this, then take all the hair and . . . It does not feel good. So be careful about it, and as much as possible, be neat. I wish I could inspect all of you. But how can I do that? Therefore, you should make yourself up in such a way that you can confidently say, "This is good enough to meet the teacher's standard."

Moreover, as you feel hungry at lunchtime you should not say, "It is already time for a meal." You are very casual toward those people who are walking on the street as if you are wandering about, but since people in New York will run into members of Unification Church in hundreds and thousands, you should all unite as one. When it is time for lunch, you should never say, "Ah . . . I am hungry . . ." Do not stand staring in the air like this (He make a facial expression showing powerlessness). It is all right for you to be in deep contemplation or meditation while you are standing, but never stand looking weak.

Moreover, how distasteful is the sight of you standing like this against a wall as if you are some stimulating advertising billboard. If you really have to get some rest, then you should put the announcement sheets on the comer and move some ways off to the side to rest. Think about it. They have a good impression of Unification Church members, but if there is even one person who is seen resting, then they will think, "Unification Church also has that type of people." However, if they cannot find even one person like that, then those who are reflective will surely pay Unification Church a visit. The opposing forces in the media take photos of our weak points and put it on the newspaper.

Then, when people look at it they will say, "I thought Unification Church members were all exemplary, but they also have that type of people." This might really take place. We might be made famous in the newspapers. Therefore, never ever do such.

When you take off in the morning you should be dressed like this and even when you return at night after a long day outside, you should be in the same form. After you return, you can act more casual among the family members; you can even have a quarrel. [86-261]

Moreover, if you see a lot of our announcement pamphlets thrown on the street, then all Unification Church members should pick them up and never let them be stumbled upon. This will become an example before other citizens. Think about what would happen to those pamphlets that are dropped while walking on the road. There are all kinds of people watching on the street, and picking them up is more important than giving them out to thousands of people.

At this time, if we can show an example by picking them up, then it is even better than giving them out. Those people who see this, as long as they are contemplative people, will . . . This will become silent propaganda. When someone picks them up, hundreds and thousands of people can see it. You should understand that it is better than distributing a hundred or a thousand pamphlets. You should seize various opportunities such as this.

When you are giving out the pamphlets, you must clean up the area around you. No matter how dirty it is you must throw trash in the basket and clean up the environment. Then, since you go out everyday, shop owners in the vicinity will notice it. They will test you saying, "That man or woman came out again. What is the nature of the person assigned to that place?" The shop owners from the area will gather all the kids in the neighborhood and tell them how that person is, then order them to test him saying, "You go ahead and test him. Nock him and see what he does. I think he is going to respond like this." They will argue among themselves about the outcome, and through this strategy one can find ways to resolve all the various troubles that might have otherwise surfaced. You have to understand this. When they find that your standard still remains unchanged after the second and third test, then they will be deeply impressed, and will begin to do propaganda on your behalf by telling others, "Wow, they are marvelous and great!" [86-263]

When you are going some place, you should also as much as possible . . . What should I call it from now on? It is just like your propaganda board. Even if you go, you should go straight forward, in an orderly manner. Even if there are only two of you, you should still walk in a straight line. Such things as window-shopping should not sidetrack you. This sixty-day period is the time to educate the New York citizens in the right way. You should think of yourselves as teachers who are to educate the citizens. You should be prepared to teach, teaching those who see me, even though I have not seen it . . . In this manner we must influence New York City.

Therefore, you should determine, "I will put on such facial expressions during this period." Then, decide, "I will use such and such kind words." Always act according to the formula that you have memorized. No matter who attacks you, you should maintain such expressions. In particular, do not say to a person with whom you have been debating, "You, go if you like." Never ever do that. After the debate, if the two of you feel at odds, then do not let the person go back just like that. Tell him, "Let's meet again," and "thank you very much." Never let those whom you have met walk away with sour feelings, and make sure that he or she does not go back with some misunderstanding. Do you understand? [Yes] [86-264]

Women must prepare their hair more neatly. Women need to wear colorful clothes as much as possible. As much as possible, ask three of your friends to evaluate your attire, and ask, "Is this good enough?"

Although you may not be wearing good clothes, you must be neat so that you can be accepted. This is what you need. Don't you think it is needed? [It is needed]

Moreover, women should not wear socks and stockings that have several lines of scratches going through them [runs], and then in this manner. (He shows with gestures, and then smiles) If that is how you are going to be, then it is better not to wear them. Do not wear them. Furthermore, women from the Unification Church should not wear shoes that are too strange. Try to wear normal and plain ones. It should not be too fashionable and it should also not be too worn out. Something in the middle would do.

And the facial complexions of women in the Unification Church should be smooth and shiny. There should be some luster. They have this facial cream which makes your face look shinier. If all of you look gaunt as if you have not had enough to eat, then they will say, "Women in the Unification Church all have dry faces because Rev. Moon is making them work too hard." So, put cream on and make your face look more oily. Put on something that has a lot of oil. (Laughter) This is what you need.

Especially ladies' lips: ladies in our church have some kind of lipstick, right? Rouge is what you call it, right? What? Since you don't put it on, you should at least put on something that would keep your lips from looking dry. It does not feel comfortable to watch you speak with those dry lips. [Father, is it all right to put on some rouge?] Ah, it's all right. They have such a thing. They have those with oil in it. (Laughter) It looks bad for ladies to speak with a mouth that has dried up and has splintered. It is true. You may not realize it . . . You must pay more attention to these matters. Do you understand? [Yes]

Moreover, when you ladies are walking, try not to wave your hips . . . (He demonstrates. Laughter) You should never do that. This is needed. I am sure that you ladies will do fine from now on. [86-264]

Next men, men, men . . . (Laughter.) When a man walks, his posture must be upright. Your posture must be firm and straight. Like this and like that . . . (Shows with gestures. Laughter.) Because men are taller, there are quite a few who walk like that. Because men are big they walk like this. (Laughter.) Even if you are tall, you should be walking with correct posture.

When I look at how you walk . . . Even walking itself must be done properly. You can know everything from the way one walks. You must walk in the correct manner. All of you go out to the street and see how people walk. Some walk like this . . . (Demonstrates with gestures) There are many who walk like that. As much as possible, you should try to keep straight from here to there and then practice walking.

Most of you are probably not aware of exactly how you walk. Do you know how you walk? It is already not correct. Your posture must be in straight order. Your shoes should not come up this far when you are walking. Like this, but it should not be too much like that either, and it should not be too much like this either. Some people walk like this, like this. (Demonstrates)

Furthermore, as much as possible men should not shake your hips like this. Your shoulders should not move around like that either. It is important for boxers to maintain proper posture. They must not be out of balance. You must be standing straight and erect. It must be like that. Also, you should take off your shoes and check your outer back sole. You will find that for some people, only this part is worn out, and for others, it might be worn out this way, or that way. This is not so ideal. I am not like that. You can find out many things about the person just by flipping over and seeing the outer sole of his shoes. It is not so easy to become a gentleman. You must understand this. The same thing holds true for hair.

Moreover, whenever you put your clothes on, you should count how many buttons there are. It is very easy for someone to notice missing buttons when they look at you. When they see the buttons and notice that there are two of these, you have failed to meet the standard. If your wife does not pay attention to you, then it is hard for you, the husband, to be steadfast; and if that was not the case, then you must not be heeding to this. Therefore, you should always reflect on yourself. You have to be like that. This means that you yourself are like that.

Moreover, as much as possible, close only one button on the jacket. Do not close them all like this. You must look neat. You have to pay special attention to this. . When you men are going out, quickly examine your attire like this. This must become your habit. Especially, neck ties on men . . . I am not also aware of it because I am moving around a lot. Your ties must always be straight. For this reason I use a pin. If you use a pin, it will never become like that. Some people wear it like this . . . (Demonstrates. Laughter.) You must always be attentive to this point. So, you should first secure the tie in the right place before you go out. (Clapping) Also, you must match the colors of the tie and the suit. You have to match it well. This is pretty difficult. [86-265]

Moreover, as much as possible, you must trim your hair neat. As for men's hands, here must be kept clean. When you are giving out pamphlets, for example, it is a bad etiquette to have dirt built up here on your hands.

When one looks at the back posture of men, it must be firm like this, even more than the front posture. Who looks at your front? All people, however, look at your back. When you are wearing black clothes, if you scratch your head, you will have dandruff dropping all over your back. You have dandruff. It will certainly fall on your back. Therefore, you should always shake them off. You must always be concerned about that.

You should carry on your activities with a facial appearance about which you can proudly say as you examine it before you go out, "This is good enough." Do you understand? [Yes] Since men are going out everyday, you have to pay especially close attention to that. This is even more important for the bachelors. [86-267]

5) Witnessing and Attitude

When you ask someone what their wish is, then since man desires something better all the time, eventually that becomes the ideal. The wish of a church leader is probably inspiring many people to join. Thus, it is very important to ask the question, how a church leader can realize his ideals. [48-24]

First, when you return to regions, what do you do to witness to the people in the region? This world is Satan's world, and therefore the region is a place where the enemies are residing; so, you must find who the representative figure that the enemies can serve is. You must know which persons the leaders are, and which places the headquarters are.

Then, having established a similar foundation, you should make a determination that will last until the day that you can conquer them and make them submit to the dispensation. You make the resolution to persevere until the day that you can restore the region. The dispensation of restoration of today is restoring all things and people, so you should restore those famous figures and places of the satanic world. You should pray that you can restore a certain region.

You should have the attitude that for the sake of restoring this land, you cannot die; you should be determined that under any difficult circumstances, you will restore this place. If your own strength is inadequate, then you should muster your comrades, and if your abilities are not sufficient, then you should mobilize your comrades' capabilities, so that you can accomplish the task quickly. If you still lack something in your work even if you are working throughout the night and day, then you should cling on to heaven and toil with dripping sweat. You should have such prayer.

You should decide upon a person and pray. It is fighting a battle. You should tighten your belt on your waist, tie a towel around your head, and on the stage of battle where life and death is being decided you should pray in a desperate plea, "God, in order to save numerous lives in this region, I need this person. Although his present state of mind is like this, I definitely need him. It cannot be anyone else." When you can do this, God will receive your prayer. So, only those which you have obtained, after much devotion and hard battle are precious. [153-278]

Look. When you look at your region, you should feel to your bones how all will go to hell; just like the cities Sodom and Gomorra they will all go to hell. You should be able to sense how much the spirit world is waiting for your work, and should be able to hear their scream. Do not worry that you do not have enough people for your witnessing campaign. (He is talking while writing on the black board) When you are walking on this path, you may run into miraculous situations, such as the village people greeting you with great anxiousness, saying that you have come at a time when many of the brothers and sisters in the village have been dying off, or they may welcome you happily saying that you are their old friend. If that takes place, then you must weep for the dead more sorrowfully than their own family members; or you should feel toward them a greater joy than when one meets a brother that one has not seen for a long time. You have to become this kind of person. You must always be thinking about that.

Even while you are walking on the road, you have to feel that you are responsible for the salvation of one person's life, and while shedding tears, be overwhelmed by sorrowful heart. Did you ever feel that? Have you ever shed tears with drippings flowing down from nose and even from mouth, which all drip down on your pants? Have you ever had that experience? If you ever become like that, then everything in nature will become your object of comfort. This is the reality. You will feel it, from all of them. When you lean on a tree, then you will be comforted more than when you are inside the bosom of your mother.

Therefore, you are not a lonely person. If you pray in such an environment, then God will tell you what will happen in the future. Then you can picture that day in your mind, and you will feel that even while facing death you must be grateful, and even if you are beaten and chased away it is your responsibility to persevere and overcome. You must know that because of your pledge with God, you cannot abandon and leave. [88-265]

Do you know how much effort I have put in for witnessing? I only slept for two hours, and there were many nights when I could not even get two hours. It continued for seven years. I was speaking continuously. [95-43]

I am like that even now. When Korean members came two days ago, it was midnight. I was exhausted, but as long as at least one person remained, I cannot tell them to go. Even if I am tired, I cannot do that. This is the type of training that I got. Even after midnight and two in the morning, if someone is still here and he understands the value of those moments with me, then for that one person I become a friend and a companion, and I try to extend that moment longer. Moreover, I do not try to get more sleep with the excuse that I have spent more time with that person. If I do not like people visiting me, then can I still accomplish something? Only when the owner is not like that will there be no barriers in the house as someone enters, and he will feet free to go anywhere. Otherwise, it becomes very unnatural and constraining. If the church leader and church were like that, then would anyone like to pay a visit?

Because this is the way things are, you have to educate them. You should teach them about witnessing and about everything else. When you go out witnessing during the pioneering period, as you meet the one person that you have witnessed to, then you should be overwhelmed with deep emotions, welcoming him or her and shouting out three cheers of Mansei. After he or she goes back, you should miss him or her as if you have just sent off your lover. When he or she leaves, your eyes should swell up with tears, and in tears you should unconsciously start praying for that person. You try and see what happens if you can enter such a realm of the heart.

Then, the church will be revived; it would absolutely be revived. After the departure, you will be crying without realizing it, and wish that person did not have to leave, saying another prayer. Soon you will find that you have stayed up the whole night praying, and at the dawn, you will see that person is coming towards you after having received some revelation, but without being fully aware of what is happening. He will be coming to the church as soon as the sun rises. This kind of events will take place.

Therefore, the leader must be responsible for everything. You must become one, and pay the indemnity. If there is still no progress after all this, then our Divine Principle is false. The dispensation of restoration is just a bunch of lies. They are empty concepts and warnings. Accordingly, you should be clear on these issues and with new determination . . . These types of rules, do you understand them? They are quite simple. Unity and restoration through indemnity -- you must always remember these two. [88-264]

When someone talks to you, you must listen sincerely. You should listen through the night. This is where it begins . . . Doing things without sleeping at night. You should not be concerned with time. The reason that parents are so good is that, suppose their children come back after a long course of suffering and share with their parents all about the difficult moments. Then the parents will weep in tears as they listen and they will feel pain greater than that felt by their children themselves. You should come to possess a similar heart.

When you see that some members have put on their clothes wrong, or are wearing clothes that are patched in several places, then you should have the sensitive heart to feel embarrassed on their behalf. This is how a mother, a parent's heart is like. When parents realize that they cannot afford to provide their children with better clothes even though they are wearing such miserable ones, they feel so ashamed before their children; similarly, if you can have such a parental heart, then multiplication will surely take place. I have been working until now with this type of principles, regardless of night and day. If you do this, then God will be with you. [1969.5.16]

Before going out on a witnessing campaign, the leader must clearly educate members all about witnessing. If you can go around in a full circle like this, then you will become someone who is capable of guiding others' lifestyle and educating them about witnessing.

The leader of a witnessing mission must be so well prepared in his plans about witnessing that whenever someone comes and asks about it, he should be able to give a complete direction without any hesitation. A person in charge of education also should be well versed in the Principle, so that whenever someone asks him about it, he should always be able to give a full answer.

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