The Way of the Spiritual Leader

by Rev. Sun Myung Moon

Section 2 - Witnessing (Part 1)

1. The Reason That We Should Witness

1) What Is Witnessing

What is witnessing? Witnessing is inducing people to leave the satanic world with a smile and follow the heavenly path. You have to understand this. Do you understand? When I look at the way you do witnessing, you force people to come, completely disregarding whether or not the person likes it; but this is not right. Man is a spiritual being. So pray for that person and see what happens; do an experiment. Try to give your utmost love for a person and cry with painful heart in order to raise him and persuade him to follow the path of dispensation. [50-279]

What is witnessing? If Abel is plus, then Cain is minus. This is the satanic world. In respect to the satanic world, I am in the position of plus and Abel. We are to make Cain submit, so that this plus of the satanic world can become a minus. It is not creating, but is causing him to become one with myself. It is re-creation, re-creation. Do you understand?

So, it won't do if he dislikes it; he must be happy. God created the world with joy and not with sorrow, isn't that right? Therefore, you must give love that surpasses the amount of difficulty and hardship that you are facing. [108-84]

Creation is inputting, investing and investing again. You will be able to reap as much as you have given. Do you understand? For this reason, you will be restored to the extent that you have invested in people and the archangel. It is by the same logic.

Because such a formula exists, when I stand up in public, I tell you, "Put more effort in, invest by sacrificing." Is this a right education or bad education? This must be continued until restoration is complete. God is the master of creation. Did he engage in creation because someone told him to do so? No. He did it voluntarily. So, can it be done by having someone tell one what to do? Would it be accomplished just because I desire it? [We ourselves must want it.] The same holds true for them also.

Then, what is going out to witnessing? It is asking you to complete the task and come back quickly. It is asking you to return to heaven quickly. So someone who is unwilling and reluctant will be doomed right on the spot. For this reason, I am chasing you out in order to avoid your destruction. It is theoretically sound. Therefore, once you understand this, you must go out right away. A German, an American, a black man, and a white man all have to go. You cannot have the attitude, "I do not need that. Even if I try it, the outcome will only be like this and like that." It all depends on this type of thing. [81-154]

The main objective of a witnessing campaign is creating a national sphere for witnessing. If you can build a national foundation for witnessing, then you will set the national sphere of freedom. If you can build a worldwide foundation for witnessing, then you will set the worldwide sphere of freedom. This is one of God's strategies for the physical world. [55-28]

I tell you to go out and witness, but what is witnessing? It is showing the way. It is showing you how to return to God for the sake of the world, so how great is that? If you ask an original man, "Where are you going to go?" then he will reply, "By going through the world, I must return to the Kingdom of Heaven." So how great is the task that paves the way. Receiving persecution, receiving this and that . . . Always, one returns to heaven by passing through the world. [117-102]

If you do not have evidence, then you must find it. In one of the holy songs the lyrics goes, "Jesus, I believe in Jesus because I was given much evidence." Have you received any evidence? You go out witnessing bragging that you have evidences, but do you think they can be considered as proofs? What use does it have in proving things, when you cannot convince anyone to remain? It has no relevance.

When you go to the Kingdom of Heaven, do you have any gifts that you will bring? When you arrive at the spirit world, there will stand before you many martyrs and saints of great merit. Can you unwrap your bag of gifts before such great figures? Please reflect deeply. Do you think that you can unwrap and present things that resemble the belongings of a beggar? What kind of suffering did Unification Church go through, and what kind of suffering did you undergo? You say that you are living for the sake of the nation and the world, but without going through even that much suffering, how can you say that you have led such a life? It is more proper for you to take up the attitude, "Although I have suffered a little, that cannot add up to a real suffering." You still have a long way to go. When you get to the spirit world, you should be able to unwrap your gift box and say, "This is what I have prepared all my life, so please receive it." Even a woman brings a full dowry when she gets married, so how can you go to the spirit world empty-handed? [32-371]

2) Reasons We Have to Witness

What has been the purpose behind pursuing religions until today? The pursuit centered on the question of restoring one's own self. This type of religions will certainly perish away. No matter how strong their worldwide foundation may be at the present, it needs a spiritual revival. What is the purpose of those who are pursuing religion to save one's own life and the lives of Christians? They say they are trying to attain salvation and go to heaven. This is not how it should be. When you go to the spirit world, it is worthless to go there alone. You should be leading a life of faith for the sake of bringing along all of humanity.

For this reason, even if you are told not to do witnessing, you must persist. Even if you are told not to lead a life of goodness, you must embody goodness through your actions. [35-205]

You can never enter heaven alone. You can only go there in pairs. For this reason, you must form a couple, have brothers and sisters, and restore the four-position foundation before you can go. Because Rev. Moon of the Unification Church found out and elaborated in public all that is necessary, then there are many among the young who do not like him. When they think about it, I already took all the best things and sold them. But that does not mean that I am a religious swindler.

Considering these, should you be undertaking witnessing activities in order to gain life? [We must do it.] Whom does heaven belong to? Does it belong to Rev. Moon? If it belongs to Rev. Moon, then are you going to live in heaven by renting it out from me? [34-293]

The purpose of going out witnessing is to gain your own life as well as to save Cain. In other words, the purpose of witnessing is to receive the certificate of validation from God and Satan and put it into practice. It is your battle to live according to the conditions that you have set down for receiving the certificate. Do you understand? You should already be aware of this while walking this path, but is that how you have lived? You have gone about your ways without understanding anything, right? [40-252]

Suppose that you were not able to raise even one new member during your three years in the state. Then, those who died during this period might accuse you, "You bastard, are you not aware of the fact that if you do not witness to the people, then they become Satan? Why did you not witness to me? You were sent by heaven, but why did you not witness to me? I had to go to hell because you did not witness to me." If they say this to you, then what are you going to do? They will resentfully cry out, "I had to go to hell because you failed in witnessing. I was sent to Satan. So I am going to make the accusation against you." Moreover, I will also make accusations against you. [125-18]

Now we in the Unification Church are about to go out witnessing. Is this advancing forward or retreating backwards? "Going out witnessing" is surely advancing forward. "Going out" is the same as making progress. Therefore, without witnessing there will not be any development and advancement.

Those who speak against the people who are out witnessing will meet their doom. If they speak those wicked words, then they will become beggars. You just wait and see. [36-127]

If you do not witness, then you will decline. If you want to fade away, then you do not have to go out witnessing. No matter how much you proclaim the love of God, without Cain you cannot enter heaven. [34-292]

You must go witnessing with all your heart and devotion. When you are doing witnessing, you should plead for help from your mother, brothers and sisters saying that even with your very best efforts, it is not enough. You should try to obtain cooperation of parents, brothers and sisters. This is what you should do. Only then can you receive the help of the spirit world.

If I tell you to go out witnessing, you will run away saying, "I do not want to go out witnessing. I am not going." How can you enter heaven with such an attitude? You must go out and invest more than anyone in the village. If you are in America, even if you display greater devotion than the early pioneers it is still not enough, and it won't be enough even if you take all the assets of your younger sister, your older brother, your parents and yourself and invest them in your mission. Yet, what you do is sleep and play all day. If that is what you are going to do, then it is better that you do not go out in the first place.

Until now, have you passed the requirements for the activities that you were engaged in? Did you pass the activities that correspond to the Old Testament? When you see someone spending a little more money than you, then do you think, "Since that person bought such and such clothes, I should buy a little better clothes?" Do you or not? How about you?

So I am telling you to go out witnessing. So did you witness? [Yes] If I ask you about it, you tell me that you could not do it because you did not have time, but do you really not have time? Did it ever occur to you that it is really because your devotion is inadequate? Is that true or false? [True] You must understand this.

You are all like hooligans . . . Unification Church members should have nothing to do with hooligans. If that was not the case, then I did not have to go through suffering. Life is very short. So why are you acting so foolishly? Why? Why are you behaving that way? This is what you must realize; you must understand the fundamental principles. [95-298]

Can we complain? Can we afford to become tired? You need this type of heart. You should tell yourself, "On account of my full devotion, I will become God's son, a great son." Do you understand? You must go out in place of your father and mother. You exhibit love before you return. This is what you must do.

You should visit each house and explore there just as if you are digging up gold nuggets this big. You must visit many houses. You must carry this out. You must go out witnessing. Witnessing; without it you cannot come to understand the situation of God, Jesus, and me. I am doing witnessing even now. Isn't that the same thing? This is the path of the Principle. [95-303]

For you right now, is witnessing the enemy or is your body the enemy? [Body is the enemy] You cannot go out witnessing simply at your own will. Those who are about to go out witnessing must first be recognized by Satan. We go out witnessing in order to be recognized by God. Therefore, you must first obtain the certificate of validation from God and Satan, then go out to the battlefield. Do you understand? [Yes]

You are not going out to provide salvation, but rather, to obtain salvation. Do you understand? This is my position right now. You must first be saved before you can save others. You must first become an Abel in order to save Cain. Have you become Abel yet? You haven't yet, right?

What do you have to do to become an Abel? First you must receive the love of God and then secondly you must possess life. Then third, you must teach. This is the formula.

To accomplish this, you must first receive the love of God. Are you receiving the love of God right now? How do you receive love? You will receive love that corresponds to the degree to which you have chased Satan out. You will automatically receive the love of God according to the extent to which you were able to eliminate evil. Isn't this how it should be? Love from God that will seek after me will amount to how much evil I have eradicated.

If I put my life on the line and subjugate evil, then the life-giving love of God will be bestowed upon me. This is the formula. It is like a balance scale. If one side goes down, then the other side goes up. If you eradicate more evil, then the side of goodness will be raised higher, and if you hold on to evil then the side of goodness will be lowered. It is the same. God is able to give you only as much love as you have destroyed evil. For this reason, it is said that you should love yourself more than anyone else. The principle behind the love of God is that you will receive as much love as you have offered to God. In other words, you receive God's love because you have loved Him. [40-243]

A plus and a minus should become one to form a greater plus, and seek a new minus. Then, when they also can become one, they can become yet a greater plus and seek out another minus. When a large object can join up with a reciprocal object, then the unified being becomes another plus, and looks for another minus. Similarly, the Unification Church is also divided. Do you understand? It is divided into individuals, families, tribes, peoples, and nations. What Abel is supposed to do is to become a minus in respect to the satanic side. It is in essence a plus, but if all you have is plus types, then the unification of the world will never be realized. Accordingly, Abel should become a minus to digest Cain who is a plus, so that he can make a greater plus on the Abel side.

For this reason, we must go out witnessing. Do you understand? Through witnessing, you must make an ever greater plus. By making pluses in this way, you are forming a family. Abel who has restored Cain will receive the blessing on the family level. Isn't this true? Centering on the Abel figure on the family level digesting the Cain figure on the family level, the two must become one and create a larger plus, the center of the clan. [56-209]

In the relationship between up, middle, and down, there are up and down, right? The high and the low must be connected. Isn't it three stages? Left and right must also become connected. Having front and back, left and right, and up and down is the Principle of the universe. You exist through me for the sake of the descendants. For this reason, you must do witnessing. You must live for the sake of the right side. This is the law of the heaven. Isn't this true? You must live for the sake of left and right. Parents become left and right. Then what is front and back? There are brothers and the nation, right? These are all front and back. Accordingly, you must lead an altruistic lifestyle. [68-104]

You are about to greet the spring; then what is witnessing? What is witnessing? What are you trying to accomplish through witnessing? It is to receive the summer. What we are trying to do is usher in better days when branches sprout outwards and leaves grow big, so that flowers can blossom and fruits can be born. How about the Unification Church? What would happen if you said, "Since I have done witnessing for three years, now I can go home and relax."? What would it be like? Even if that bears fruit, if you do not have the force of life that can surpass it, then when the cold wind from the north blows down strongly, you will begin to wither and shrink. [1968.3.1]

3) The Purpose of Witnessing

The purpose of witnessing is to create my second self. [18-186]

The Old Testament is a time of material offering. Isn't that true? [Yes it is.] What is the New Testament then? It is a time for offering the son, as a substantial body. This is what Jesus had to do. Isn't that what Jesus did? At that time, the body had to be offered as a sacrifice. The body is the best offering that God wishes for. This is what financial restoration is. This is what fundraising is all about; we must do fundraising. First, we must do enough of it so that the people of the outside world, the ordinary people cannot catch up; then, we must raise ourselves up to the position of the son, and represent God by giving love centering on His word. You have to do witnessing. Witnessing: we must do the mission of Jesus [95-294]

What is witnessing? It is standing in the position of a son; in other words, it is paying indemnity for the New Testament. We must win over Satan. We must win victory over him. [119-49]

What is the purpose behind going out witnessing? It is to become better than Jesus. You cannot receive blessing if you are not better than Jesus. Isn't that true? How do you become better than Jesus? Jesus prayed to God three times at the Garden of Gethsemane that his life be spared; in contrast, I must never offer such prayer even when I am dying. [Smile] I won't do it. I will never do it, even if I have to face death. If you can have that standard, then you can become better than Jesus. This is how you should live. I do not pray for myself even at the place of death. I never pray to save myself. Do you understand? [Yes]

So, what is the purpose of witnessing? Since we must be better than Jesus, then we are to raise disciples who would not stand opposed like Jesus' disciples, but would follow to the end, even to the path of death. For this reason, whether it is at night or during the day, you are not to leave them behind alone. You must enter the path of death together. We must be willing to die before that person or his child.

All crosses must be born by me, and you must be willing to be hit by all the stones that people throw in the villages; you must receive all the curse and accusations, and you must be the first to receive all the beatings; this is how it should be. Do you understand? [Yes] What is the purpose of witnessing? [To become better than Jesus.] [96-122]

Then how do you do witnessing? You must put in more efforts than he does! You must be more diligent than he is. Even more than restoring material things and going over the Old Testament, passing through the New Testament and restoring the son requires more dedicated effort. You must be more diligent than that. This is the basic principle. You must work harder than that. If it is otherwise, then it is not in accordance with the principle.

This is the only way to pass through the New Testament. It is fulfilling the responsibility in place of Jesus. Adam lost the creation, man, and love. He lost these three things. Thus, in order to become his replacement and become the child of God, we must claim back the creation, man, and love. This is the way of restoration. This is the basic law. These are not the words of Rev. Moon himself. Isn't that so? Do you understand? [Yes] Therefore, we cannot neglect it.

Accordingly, you wouldn't be able to even fathom how much I had to go through to claim back the creation and raise money. You cannot understand how many tears I have shed for witnessing during many sleepless nights. You do not understand how much persecution I have received and how heavy a cross I have carried in order to restore the family that God wanted. [96-151]

Our witnessing through Divine Principle is carrying on a movement to find love. The world of heart will surpass time and space. The word and prayer are ultimately all for the sake of love. Perfection is realizing the ideals of love. [33-69]

4) The Value of Witnessing

Although one day of life may seem brief, a day of witnessing will be connected up to the eternity. Our every action on such a foundation of order will be linked to the whole or to the eternity, and it will remain forever.

For this reason, your every hard effort of blood and sweat during that one day of witnessing will be linked up to the eternity. After rectifying goodness on the foundation of order, and establishing the unchanging values that promise eternity, when all of you disperse to the Korean peninsula to do witnessing, the values are finally secured; then what will happen? The "standard of truth that is raised high," a true standard that shows the path of true man will slowly be revealed.

It will be revealed on the individual, family, and national level, and the standard of truth that Unification Church upholds will finally become the standard of every man; then what? [Boundless . . .] "The boundless day of goodness will prevail," finally we will greet the continuing days of goodness. [152-219]

When you are doing witnessing, then you will feel joy. On the other hand, without witnessing, happiness will not come. I am also carrying on this work, because if I don't do it I feel great pain. When I do witnessing, I feel great joy even when I am being cursed at. [19-22]

When you go out on a pioneering mission witnessing, then you will have the real experience of God who is always protecting us. On the contrary, when you oppose God and walk the opposite direction, your days are numbered. [35-193]

When you have the living experience that God is alive, then you will go out witnessing even if people tell you not to do so. Witnessing is the most stimulating activity, and it produces new things. If you have ten people before you, and you carry on a sincere conversation, then the ten people will become new people. After that, you should go to the church and pray; and then see what happens. Then, when they are making progress, you will also be advancing. You will rise up. [30-154]

When you go to the spirit world, the only thing that you can be proud of is witnessing. In the spirit world, your wealth cannot be an object of pride. Moreover, you cannot brag about how much power you had once possessed. The only thing to be proud of is how many lives you have saved. The question is how many from your village and borough or from the tribe were connected to the new life. This is your asset. This is your only asset. Since spirit world is fully equipped with everything, there is nothing that you will miss; if there were something that you will miss, then it is a true man. For this reason, those saints of merit who have made great contributions in cultivating true men can become sons and daughters of honor in heaven. Accordingly, this is the only thing that one can be proud of. [30-148]

You must quickly carry on witnessing and go down to the bottom. You should often run out, and produce people who can go up and down at their will. So when I go down, there must be people who are continuously pushing me up. Do you understand what I am saying? Ladies and gentlemen, suppose that I have a difficult and heart-aching task before me; then wouldn't you try to accomplish the task in my place and refuse to have me involved in it directly? This is the same thing. You also have to build a similar foundation. [104-184]

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