The Way of the Spiritual Leader

by Rev. Sun Myung Moon

Section 1. The Growth and Progress of the Church (Part 4)

5. The Progress of the Minister Himself

1) Man Needs Stimulus to Progress

For a man to make progress and reach certain goals, he needs to receive stimulus. If you want to reach a purpose with the value of 100, then you need determination that amounts to the value of 100, and need to go through a time period just as long. In other words, you have to go through some time period. In passing through this time, you need the power of propulsion. One obtains power of propulsion through occasional stimulus. [31-273]

Man cannot advance without stimulus. Man needs stimulus. Those who cannot get stimulated at the present circumstance cannot make progress. In order to receive stimulus you have to have enthusiasm, but such enthusiasm cannot be generated alone. Without a reciprocal relationship, it cannot be produced. You must understand this. You cannot generate enthusiasm without establishing a relationship of subject and object. [36-131]

You must always be stimulated. You should receive stimulus that is better than that of the present. Where do you get replenished? You must be replenished by God or members. If not from the people, the king and heaven are the only source of stimulus. Therefore, you should hold in two hands, members and heaven. Isn't this true? Is there anything else? If you do not abide by that, then you will be violating the will.

Suppose that it takes ten years for one to accomplish a great purpose. Then, in attempting to persevere for ten years, you will become exhausted unless you have secured a way to generate power that can provide you stimulus every day. Is that true? Some people become tired before three years are over. The reason is that their source of stimulus is severed. [56-57]

2) You Must be Capable of Stimulating New Things Centering on God.

In the Unification Church of today, if there are members who can surpass the emotions of daily life, and pursuing new things every day can actually experience that God is helping on that foundation, then such people will make limitless progress. [30-131]

If you can reap actual results in the environment, and be able to always be in pursuit of new situations without losing the fruit of deep impression, then there will always be infinite advancement. In carrying that out, it does not matter whether one is a man or a woman. If there is none who is seeking truth, then you should even gather children and tell them fairy tales, and singing children's songs you must feel new stimulus that will make you intoxicated in the environment. When you can feel that, then God will be with you. In order to receive such new stimulus, you must always pioneer new fields in your life. [30-124]

You must directly experience a life-style in which you can be stimulated by new aspects of yourself centering on God. When you do your work while feeling this heart then multiplication will definitely come. Then, development will follow. In a living tree there will sprout new buds. Today will be different from yesterday. There, power of life will certainly be at work. On the other hand, a tree without roots is a dead tree. It will change quickly on daily basis. [30-133]

You should stand in the position representing the heart of the creator who is creating something new in a new field, and then make the determination to make a contribution in finding the new standard that can raise further the infinite value. If you can become such person, then you will never perish. Because God is always with him, he will always make a step forward. Do you understand? [Yes] [30-155]

I can be confident in the attitude, "Whatever I decide is not from the position of my individual self. It will come to pass. No matter how severe the opposition, I am not one who will succumb to oppositions." You should know that I am one who possesses such historical tradition. Do you understand what I mean?

You must have such a foundation for life. If I am alone, I do not engage myself in other idle fancies. When I am alone, I immediately have many thoughts about how this will be this way and that will be that way centering on the dispensation. More than anybody, I am immersed in such thoughts as, "Heavenly Father, wouldn't this issue move this way? Unless it moves that way, will it not be in accordance with your will as seen from the Principle's point of view? This must be changed to that way, but for this task do we not need such and such person?" When you look at me, I look as if I do not have those thoughts, right? I always have time to think. When it is possible, I often go to places like Chung Pyung, and I really cherish those times.

You must always revoke the past when you were making devotion, and were making the final conference with God, and recall the thrilling feelings of fighting in desperate situations with God on your side. If it is raining you should recall the days of the past when it had rained, and when it is sunny you should remember the sunny days. You should receive stimulus in daily life by repeatedly feeling in the present environment the heart of the past when you were making connection with God in the historical era. Without stimulus, you cannot progress. [56- 56]

3) Mistakes Can be a Stimulus

Making a mistake is not a bad thing. If you made a mistake, you should receive new incitement and make a jump. After making a mistake, if you can make a leap toward goodness, then making a mistake is a good thing. Even if you failed a course because you did not study, you may become an honor student by failing once.

Because people will say, "You fool, how did you fail so miserably and not become the best among your peers," he will be shocked. However if he can make a leap toward a new direction, then the failure will lead to the path of goodness. When you move forward, it is difficult to go on a straight line. When you go this path, you must put in your best efforts. [100-88]

4) You Have to be Able to Stand in the Subject Position to Lead the Environment

You should make progress with the help of one core stimulus of joy, thereby absorbing all situations in the environment. In such a place, even if you tell God to leave, he will not. As long as you employ some developmental factor and overcome the realm of practicality and time, God will not leave you. That person will for certain enter the bosom of God. And he must enter. Otherwise, God's Will cannot be accomplished. [29-244]

You must reform the environment. You should always take time out to go to some quiet place without children or to the holy grounds. Then, in regards to the internal aspect of yourself, you must find the subjective position inside of yourself, where you can create a stimulus for yourself on your own. If you do otherwise, idling in the habitual living environment of the present and yet expecting some progress in yourself, this is a wild fantasy. For this reason, you must always try to give rise to new circumstances. [30-125]

5) For a Minister to Develop

I have displayed more devotion to God than anyone else among numerous Christians in Korea has until today. A person with faith will surely develop. From the faithful heart of an individual, he will advance forward and experience the heart of the family, of the people, and then of the world. Therefore, if there is someone who with faithful heart makes more devotion, then God will hold on to that person. If God were to hold on to someone without such qualifications, then God cannot carry through his strategy. For people who have been granted the mission to defend the Kingdom of heaven, the most serious question is how they guide their situation with faith. [25-318]

Your devotion has to be touching. You must experience sadness. You should shed tears of sorrow whose cause only you know. There should be a repetition of lifestyle in which even when you are walking on the road, you feel so uncontrollable that you hold on to the telephone pole to suppress yourself. This is how my life is. I go back and forth in the 50 states and say such prayers. When I pray that way, the axis of heaven will be secured firmly. Thus, as I continue to make devotion, the battle will eventually end with God's victory. [145-119]

If you do not act according to the Principle, then there will not be development. For this reason, Principle of the Unification Church is not some fanciful doctrine. It is scientific principle. If this is not practiced in reality, then progress will not take place. God will not be moved. [56-346]

You must be honest. If you are hiding things inside and are not straightforward then you cannot develop. But honest people will make progress. That is because the universe will back that person up. Wherever he goes the universe will support him. Regardless of the east and the west, past, present, and future, to someone who is honest, everyone will become a friend. [100-88]

When you want to find out what kind of people will make progress, then all you have to do is look at how attentive the people around them are toward them. If such attention fades, then the person will eventually perish, and a second figure that is receiving the attention of others will appear. [17-333]

A man should have desires. When you are at work, you should have the desire to do more today than yesterday, do more tomorrow than today, do more day after tomorrow than tomorrow. Only then can you advance forward. [21-91]

The sole and ultimate purpose is investing all your efforts in your own development. If you expect others to recognize your merit while you are still in the process of carrying out your responsibility, then you are a fool. This is like going to a party, and asking for kimchi without knowing whether or not the host is willing to even give you rice-cake. Think about it. Without knowing he will treat you with a meal, how can you take your spoons out? You should lead a life with proper etiquette. [23-146]

A person who, upon facing the coming of autumn, already starts preparing for spring will prosper and grow. On the other hand, those who even after the advent of fall do not prepare for the coming spring are like dead people. They do not prepare to receive spring. But a tree starts to prepare for the coming of spring as soon as its leaves fall down in autumn. Do you understand? You must understand this. No matter how cold the winter and how severe the cold winds, we must persevere through in order to receive spring. Similarly, no matter how great the persecution, it should not become a problem for us. You should be able to drop anchors of life from your four limbs. [41-150]

If you want to restore, then from one to two . . . For this reason you must prepare your mind to start from the bottom. If that is impossible, then you should be prepared to move up by speeding up your work. "Let's hurry up and move into New York. Go to New York," is what we should be saying. Each person must decide whether it is going to take three years or five years, for example. Do you have such an attitude? Do you or not? You should have something like this, no? You should have the determination, "I will go even if it takes seven years. When that time comes, I will mobilize all that I have prepared for seven years." A person, who thinks, "All the trials of the past seven years were preparations for this day," will win victory. If you put forward as conditions all the battle victories up to date, and when you attack with concentrated efforts, then you can make a big breakthrough. You should understand this quickly.

Do not try to become successful too hastily. You should not be in a position where you are incapable of carrying out the wrap-up tasks that come after your success. On the other hand, even if you gain victory only gradually, if you can continue on and maintain for eternity, this is what you should be aiming for instead. This is the type of success that I want. In order to achieve that, you must pave the way more diligently. You must be steadfast. [66-11]

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