The Way of the Spiritual Leader

by Rev. Sun Myung Moon

Section 1. The Growth and Progress of the Church (Part 2)

3. Father and the Progress of the Unification Church

1) The Reason Father Is Making Progress

I, the teacher, have been receiving persecution and fighting in the court battles all of my life, so why am I not exhausted? Am I exhausted? [No] Why "no," why? (Laughter) It is because of the power of love. Even in the U.S., those with the original heart of love will be attracted to me. Like a magnet, a magnet. Thus Rev. Moon is delicious. If American young people taste me even one time, they will lose control. Why? Because they themselves do not possess such taste. Because I have true love. Ladies and gentlemen, when your mother spanks you, wouldn't you still follow her even if you were in tears? This type of thing will happen. Why? That is because of love. You should understand this clearly. Do you understand? [Yes]

Rev. Moon possesses such power of harmony. So he will not perish. If I think about this, I do not feel lonely even if I am alone. Why would I be lonely? There will be multiplication and progress wherever I go. All I have to do is act, and everyone will like me. Wherever I go friends will appear and all will follow me. As soon as I leave they will follow me naturally. They are being drawn to me.

Aren't you all like that? Love will always grow larger. If I truly received love that amounted to 10, would I return love that only added up to nine? I would want to return love that is worth eleven or twelve. This is the fundamental law of love. Love never wants to become smaller. Is this true or not? [It is true] [131-123]

If you step on the grass, does it not rise up again? Similarly, they run, then I also start to run. Isn't it true? Therefore, there can be no loss when leading a lifestyle for the sake of God. Since progress will be made whenever God is present, there cannot be any minus. [30-154]

I believe that the advancement of the Unification Church in America depends on me. If I become a leader that is indebted to you, the church will never develop. My philosophy is that when I become a leader whom all of you are indebted to, the church will advance forward. This has been my attitude until now.

Moreover, my philosophy is that I must feel more desperate than the spirit world, God or the angelic world. This is how I think about the world. I first think about the world and then think about the Unification Church. I live for the sake of the world and the world of God's will. Therefore, I do not believe that if I, who have been always thinking about the world despite heavy persecution, die without fulfilling the will, then the Unification Church will disappear. The day I die, I must alleviate the suffering of God. I must advance it forward even more. Do you understand what I am saying? I believe that there exists God who will answer my prayers and help accomplish the will, so the Unification Church will not perish until the will is done. I think in this way from the moment I awake and walk toward to bathroom. I think about this 24 hours a day whether I am awake or asleep. Wherever I go, whomever I meet . . . Do you understand? Therefore, I am not someone who will be indebted to you. I am not one who will be indebted. A leader who owes debt is truly an unworthy leader. [93-95]

2) The Reason Why the Unification Church Is Making Progress

You do not know that, whether it is night or day, in the background there exists an ongoing conflict for the sake of progress. Here, we must invest a tremendous amount of material resources. Although you say that members of Unification Church are following me, rather, I am in the position of supporting them. [28-227]

You must realize this and walk the path that you should be heading. I lived for 40 years a life of suffering revolving around this type of question, and even now and for the rest of my life I am carrying on my fight centering on this type of questions. I am carrying on a fierce struggle. Perhaps you are asleep, but even then Unification Church is still advancing forward. Ladies and gentlemen, you know about rock drills that drill holes in mines? It is similar to this situation. You may be asleep, but I am doing this work. I have already drilled a hole and have placed dynamite in it. Now, all you have to do is put on a wick and light it, and it will explode. [34-290]

Even though all of you are sleeping comfortably, Rev. Moon of Unification Church is working continuously without any rest through the night. As long as I do not rest like this, Unification Church will progress. Even if all of you leave and revolt to beat Rev. Moon to death, because of my toil thus far, the world will not oppose me, but will welcome me. Do you understand? I will not perish. No matter how much the Korean nation opposes me, even if the Christian churches continue their opposition for decades in numerous ways, I will never face destruction.

You cannot tell from looking at the leaves, but the root underneath extends deep and wide. Then, when the spring comes, leaves will suddenly appear in large numbers. A large tree will die after growing to its peak potential. Isn't this so? But because the Unification Church has deep roots, no one can uproot it. Even I myself cannot uproot it. Moreover, God also cannot uproot it. People in the position of Cain are trying to pull us out, but they will not succeed. If you follow deep down the roots, they extend beyond Adam and Eve and reach the realm of God's heart, so it will also involve God. Therefore, Unification Church is the place where the root is the deepest. [24-345]

The dispensation did not progress thus far because of your own merit. The reason that the Unification Church could have prevailed, and developed thus far is because I have been absolutely unyielding. If I was not around, do you think that Unification Church will remain? [77-77]

This is the time when the Unification Church must travail once again. In the past, we toiled away on the vertical standard, based on the foundation of heart for the sake of fulfilling the will, but now we must do it horizontally. In order to do this, each of you must take on the responsibility and move forward.

The Unification Church will continue to progress as long as it maintains the unchanging standard that calls for possessing the heart of parent and the body of servant and leading a life of loyalty for the sake of humanity, the earth, and heaven. If it does not develop, then it means that God is no longer with the Unification Church. Do you understand what this means?

There will come forth an environment in which there is no choice but to make devotion centering on yourselves. It this does not come about, then the Unification Church is false. If this does not take place, then God's Will, will not be realized. [23-214]

Since you do not carry out, even though I have given the commands and have made statements, I have no choice but to . . . Neither your ancestors nor you will be able to make a false charge. So, I will freely distribute it among those who perform well. You must know that you will be completely deprived of it at that moment. Thus, if those who joined recently do well, then they will take it all away. Even if you fall down, not because of you, but because of those who joined recently, the restoration will continue on. This world also is in the same way. God's will is also the same. Therefore, on account of those who are more faithful and putting more effort in, the will moves on and advances toward the world. It's the same type of phenomena.

When a cabbage seed grows, its leaves appear. The Unification Church will also give rise to leaves. There is no choice. This is the natural law. So, even if you do not work, I believe that the Unification Church will develop. As long as I am around, it will progress on. Do you know what this means? [91-314]

3) To Progress, You Must Become One with the Dispensation

While living for the dispensation until now, where did I place the emphasis? Where is the place that God dwells, in other words, where is the cardinal point that God could dwell in? How do we become one centering on this? How do we assimilate? How do we establish a unified foundation that God can recognize, and apply it internally? I placed great emphasis on these issues until now.

The satanic world interferes in an attempt to block this externally, and God carries on the battle in order to conquer the satanic world.

For this reason, all the worldwide situations that are taking place in this world today are, strictly speaking, external. Where in this world does God dwell? If it is in Korea, then where in Korea? God always enters the church. What is the relationship, then, between the church headquarters in Chung-Pa-Dong and the place of God's dwelling? If they are two different places, then the Unification Church cannot progress, but will come to an end right here.

If there is something wrong with this, then it cannot become the central place of worldwide assimilation. Moreover, it cannot become the center for digesting the world. The internal center cannot be founded in such a place. Then what must be done? The person in charge must always be preoccupied by the determination that no matter how difficult the environment, he will not lose the cardinal point and the position that determines the center. By upholding this philosophy, he could find resolutions to all issues of private life and public life in the society.

Your life in the society is no more than an expression of the internal life. The crucial question is, amidst this type of life, whether or not I move toward the direction that is in line with the dispensation. As the body acts centering on the mind, the external world must move centering on the internal central point of the dispensation, i.e., the dwelling place of the dispensation. [22-39]

God never provides a period of external transformation unless there exists the foundation on which the period of internal transformation could be undertaken. If He provides it without this condition, then they will perish. You must understand this. The reason that He strikes the period of external transformation is to give the period of internal transformation. Therefore, in any period, leaders of the period of internal transformation were persecuted and chased out by the environment. That was also the case with Buddha, Confucius, Mohammed and Jesus. You will come to realize this point if you examine history.

Then why is it this way? This is in order to create a secure internal root that corresponds to the degree of external persecution. Just as the standard of mind is higher than the standard of the physical body in the eyes of God, since the internal standard is higher than the external standard, He is trying to strike the external standard in order to absorb the internal standard. All peoples of history are to pass through such a process. [18-75]

The mission of Unification Church is not limited to the church. The responsibility of those who are gathered here or those members of the Unification Church worldwide is not particular to Unification Church. It is responsibility that can link nation, world and even the spiritual world.

4) If the Unification Church Were to Progress

What I am concerned about now is why our church throughout the nation cannot make progress. We have the sufficient amount of internal content needed for advancement. We are also fully equipped with the right conditions in regards to the era and the environment. However, what is then the reason that we cannot develop? This is because we are not adding to the era, the situation, the environment, and villages that we are in. Even though the people could not receive material benefits from us, if they can still feel that everyone is benefiting on the spiritual and psychological level, they will be coming to the church, even if you tell them not to come. [56-16]

Fallen men must shed tears. How much did you shed tears in Seoul? Did you ever cry through the night? How much did you do for the sake of this peninsula and humanity? By praying and thereby linking with the original vertical standard, and by feeling love, you can attain the right to be on the same position based on the right to participate from where you are. Looking at the value of the content, if this side is the east, then I am standing on west with the same standard. Do you understand? For this reason prayer is necessary. Do you pray? Do you now understand the need for prayer? [Yes]

You must tell others when you go back. [Yes] As leaders before all members in Seoul [you] were fake. Didn't you make a pit of excrement and live there? Do not brag that you are great. Then, progress will not come. If the Unification Church were to prosper, then since there are fundamental laws, you must abide by the laws. [71-20]

Viewing it centering on Unification Church, for the Unification Church to progress, you must digest everything, including all that is good and bad. If you say, "I can digest good things but cannot digest bad things," then who will be responsible? The burden will all be inherited by your descendants. (66-112)

5) The More the Unification Church Progresses, the More the Satanic World Will Perish

Does God need liberation? God is already liberated. Isn't that true? The reason that God needs liberation is to liberate man. God himself is already liberated. It is because man is not free that God still has the condition to be liberated, but He himself is not someone that is not liberated. Therefore, it is all up to man.

There is no group in the world besides Unification Church that is trying to create that kind of men. You should know that. Centering on me alone, the satanic world and God's world are at issue. Centering on Unification Church, this has become a problem. Whenever we stand between God and Satan, and stand in the position that can benefit God's side, man is liberating God, and as Unification Church progresses, the satanic world is perishing. Then what is our purpose? Man's purpose is the liberation and victory of God, and the destruction of Satan. This is the wish of history and humanity. Moreover, it was the purpose of God's dispensation. You must understand this. [161-244]

Because we are unchanging, the satanic world is increasingly crumbling, and on the contrary we are making advances. As a result, they become absorbed, and we are able to pass over to a new world. The more we move forward, the more we are filled with hope and confidence and understand history. However, for them, the more time passes, the more they feel uncomfortable and ignorant. They are increasingly moving apart. [71-18]

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