The Way For Students

by Rev. Sun Myung Moon

Section 3. Father's Faith And Thought

1. Father's Life Of Prayer

So far we have offered our prayers only for the sake of human beings. I don't do that. I say we should pray not only for us human beings but also for the sake of heaven. We have to pray for the sake of Jesus. We have to return appreciation to Jesus who came down to this earth and prayed all throughout the night for our sake. Next, we have to pray for the sake of God who has suffered until today. Also, we have to pray for the sake of all people. Those who live with that heart can be regarded as closest to God. It has proven to be true through experience. (6-344)

In my daily life when I come across important problems I always pray to God and find a solution. I don't look for an easy solution. (43-33)

When I used to pray kneeling on the floor my tears never dried. Do you understand? My knees had bumps on them. Still there is a trace of the bumps on my knees. That's because I prayed in a shrimp position. These days I don't pray like that. In Korea there is a saying, "Is it possible for a tower which is made with lots of care to collapse? It will not collapse." I mean that we have to contribute to God. We have to enter into the state of mind where we feel pain in our heart to the extent that we become insane out of love and longing for God; if God dwells somewhere, don't you have the longing to go there 1000 times a day? Since there is no such place, God could not help but send me instead.

Since this is the situation you can't help but love me. Do you have such a heart? In my case when I prayed shedding tears sometimes my cotton long underwear became wet. Think about it, how terrible it was. There were occasions, more than once or twice, when I prayed to God as seriously as if I were thrusting a dagger in order to ask for a reply. (60-212)

I don't know how many times I prayed to the extent that my cotton underwear got all wet. Also I don't know how many times I prayed and pledged before God with a knife in hand and holding it to my stomach. Of course I don't know how many times, how many thousand times I prayed with determination. (19-19)

I have been suffering for the sake of the Will until now. Even now I am following that path whether I am awake or asleep. Those who have not experienced attending me closely can not understand me well. Even when I'm trying to sleep, as long as I'm awake, I pray on my stomach.

Why do I live like that? Even today there are my beloved children around the world who are praying to God through me. So I think I should be with them, and I should not be behind them in offering my devotion. So when I go to sleep even God does not know when I'm asleep, so God forgives me when I sleep. just like parents watch their tired children sleeping so God watches me and prays for me instead of myself. (26-138)

2. Father Was Worried About The Problems In Human Life Since His Early Days

Ever since I was young I have always been serious about the problems of human life. I was serious about the problem of death. I came to realize that Heaven exists. I also searched the secular world and decided, "I will go this way. This is my formula course."

Throughout my life I received persecution, and I always thought there is no idea I did not try. In a serious situation or in one in which I had to suffer, I always acted that way. I did not try to protect myself with the sword from my innumerable enemies. I did concrete things through various operations behind them. Therefore you are wrong if you live a comfortable life. At the time of departure, there is already a difference between those who become generals and those who become soldiers. (124-198)

I have experienced studying one page for several months. Also, I have tried to think of everything for several months. I did that with regard to the fundamental, important questions of human life and of existence. We must confront those problems at the cost of our lives.

We have to think that if we can find solutions to these problems, not only we ourselves individually but all people can be liberated, and the door will be opened for the liberation of Heaven and Earth. So, with that thinking even if there is danger or the possibility of death, we must do it at the risk of our lives. Even if we died on the way, that death would not be a death of despair, it would be a glorious, wonderful death. You have to know clearly what will determine the true result by knowing the situation in front of you, behind you, to the right, and to the left, and then you must confront those problems with faith and confidence. Do you understand what I mean? (37-140)

Even as a boy I began to worry about various fundamental problems of human life: "Who am I? Where did I come from? What is the purpose of life? Does our life continue after death? Does God exist? Is God almighty or powerless? If God is almighty then why does God not solve the problems of the human world? Why is there so much pain and suffering on this earth?"

Then after that, for nine years, I always lived together with the Almighty God and Jesus. I entered into the spirit world several times, and gradually God taught me amazing truths. It was as if a long dark night had passed away and the sun was rising, and in the midst of the truth I was able to see the shining glorious light of a new culture. (102-288)

3. Father's Mottoes And Goals

1) life mottoes

Father's three great life slogans:

a) Before controlling Heaven and Earth, perfect your control over yourself

b) Act after asking.

c) Act according to order. (27-298)

2) Three Great Goals of Self Discipline

In order to hold public authority, ask for:

a) Please give me faith. The faith with which I can do everything for the sake of God's Will.

b) Please give me love, the love with which God loves.

c) Please give me wisdom. (27-298)

So far I have established three great goals for my self discipline. In the past when I appeared with this Will of God, I had established three great goals: What is the first? Before desiring to control Heaven and Earth, you must perfect your own self control. This is the most difficult one.

Every time you follow the path of suffering, of crucifixion, your self tries to escape. In that case you have to control yourself.

The eyes of this self wants to see what is good and let go where it is bad. You must ask yourself. "how come?" The mouth of the self wants to eat delicious things. At that time you should say, "No, you should not." Also this self wants to hear everything that is good to hear.

This self always puts priority on itself. This is no good. So as a man this self always thinks about women, about making love. You should say, "No good, this is being a bad guy." So regarding the matter of love I have always said, "Unless I can control myself, all the control of heaven and earth will collapse and disappear."

What is the most difficult thing? It is the problem of sleep. The problem of sleep is the most difficult. The next is the problem of hunger, and the next is the problem of sexual desire. These are the three great enemies. So I have prayed all through the night and established goals in the process of my self discipline. Even if I was hungry I set up those goals for my discipline. While living, I established those goals as the process of self training. You may think that I am a saint. I am different from ordinary people. You must know that since I am sensitive, I am more sensitive in those problems as well. So because of that I had more difficulty than ordinary people.

You have to know those facts. Before you can control yourself you cannot control heaven and earth. Only by controlling yourself can you control heaven and earth. By controlling yourself, you can see God and you can meet God. This is the Principle view. Adam fell because he was not able to control himself.

What do the hands, the legs of a person do? Only by becoming a person who has a physical body with which to think, see, hear, to be seen by God, to be felt by God, and only by becoming God's representative for the providence can one become a person whose conscience is not accused, or who does not feel conscience stricken. That person is the one who passes in the test of the Principle view. I think that way. The same thing can be said of you. Unless you can control all these things, you cannot come closer to me. You cannot become sons and daughters of God.

You have to know how terrible it is to control yourself before you wish to control heaven and earth. You have to know that here lies the root of the Satanic world, and here the nucleus of the Satanic world still remains. This is not to say that evil exists in front of you. Nor is it to say that the environment is bad. The world is bad. Evil and badness exist within yourself, within your heart. (131-137)

4. Father's Motto Of Life

I never surrendered to my parents when I regarded myself to be right. How terrible. When I cried I did not cry for nothing. You know that in country homes there is a carpet made of reeds. Do you know that? Those who have experienced living in the countryside can understand. So when I cried, I sat down on that carpet and cried. I remember those days.

When I cried, I cried all day until the person who made me cry came and apologized to me. I never stopped crying. Do you understand? I was such a terrible person. Also, when I cried I never cried quietly. I cried to the extent that blood came out of my nose and that my skin came out. Therefore in my home my parents concluded, "Let that child do what he wants." My mother, father, and elder brother surrendered to me. Are we right all the time in our life? In my case, when I based myself on righteousness and when I followed heavenly reason, my parents never opposed me, they never said anything. (105-237)

You who are born as men at the historic end of this century should try to settle all matters. In order to do that, you should not try to escape but should embrace all those things and put everything in order. In my case I have been doing that until now.

I needed limitless experience. So I went to a place where people were doing physical labor, and I became a first class laborer. There is nothing I cannot do. Therefore I never worry about how to eat and how to live.

If I go to a work place and do physical labor, and people think that the teacher of the Unification Church is doing this kind of work because he does not have enough money, this is a great mistake, a misunderstanding. Even now wherever I go, I can do anything with this physical body. There is nothing I have not tried. There is nothing I did not complete once I had started it. Also, whatever I do, I can do it within at least the third prize level, even if I do it half-heartedly. I suppose because God is wise, He chose a person like me.

Once you start doing something you feel satisfied only by completing it. Even if you have to die on the way. If I had to leave the work undone, that ugly way, I would not start doing it. Once you start there are only two alternatives: either you collapse or I collapse.

When I started on this path I searched to know whether God exists or not, and after I was sure that God exists, I started on this way. Next I asked God, "Do you desire anything?" Then I knew that God has a desire. Then I asked God, "Do you need me?" Then I knew that God needs me. Then I asked, "How much do you need me?" In this way, I always asked God and asked for His reply. Otherwise I did not start. (13-201)

What kind of person is Reverend Moon? He is a person with only one talent. He is a person who just goes straight foolishly. Only straight. Quietly with his mouth shut. He never takes a detour. Why does he always do things which are spoken ill of? By doing so he goes past the point where he receives opposition. By doing so he goes beyond all the opposition, even by those whom he loves. By the way, you're thinking of taking a detour, aren't you? Then why do we have to go the way of cutting off from everything in the secular world? It is because we can, not go straight if we are pulled by our love for our physical parents.

Since God has been going straight to come to us, we also have to go straight. Do you understand what I mean? (97-257)

5. Father's Understanding Of The Way Of God's Will

How seriously have I been following the path of God's will? I have been following this path all throughout my life. Even my wife and children don't know. Only I know the situations which nobody else knows. It was a lonely path which this lonely man had to follow and then had such amazing achievements thanks to God's help. I have become a person who presented solutions to society and presented a new wave in the realm of thought of the democratic world. I have become like this not because I did so well but because God was with me.

It is because I knew that God was such a lonely person, like me, and that God understood my situation that I have been walking this path thinking that it is my mission to find solutions to the problems of God's Will until the day I die, and then to expand that foundation, and gather together those who are called and those people willing to live and die for the sake of God. It is because I felt myself responsible for establishing the Will of God that I have persevered until now even if I was spoken ill of, and even if I was accused, all this without taking revenge. It is also because I was born as God's son. Therefore I always thought about how to establish this tradition, and I have been fighting no matter how difficult it was, even if I had to crawl instead of walk. (82-47)

I am an Asian, a Korean. From a secular point of view I am a citizen of a developing nation. So why are you following this person named Reverend Sun Myung Moon? Why is your heart moving toward my heart? It is because I have a tradition, a message which can help you establish a relationship with God centering upon the principles of Heaven. So when you connect your heart with the original way, your heart is moved and you feel you cannot help but be pulled along the way.

Without God, Reverend Moon is nothing. Without Jesus, he is nothing. Without the good spirit world, he is nothing. But, as a matter of fact, since God does exist, if secular people speak ill of me, then they will be affected. Their tribe or their nation may perish if they speak ill of me.

Do you clearly understand how to live and what to do? You should not complain. There is no complaint in my mouth. I was not able to learn the word "complain." And in front of God's Will I don't know the word "no." I don't even know the words "no" and "complain." Therefore there is no mistake.

This is the thought I learned when I was a teenager. I learned this, and I have followed the path for the past 60 years, all through my life. This Principle has been developing without fail. (131-330)

6. Our Attitude Toward Reverend Moon

It is important to be equipped with the love of God. If possible God wants to share His love with us by Abel subjugating Cain naturally and making him obey absolutely.

Centering upon the will of God, I have had a hard time. So, in your case you should think that I was suffering and my suffering is for your suffering; and if you offer yourself, do your best sincerely for the sake of the Will, shedding your tears. Then you will be able to enter the realm of love of God. I mean that.

You should be able to feel the same pain, the same sorrow when I speak of my suffering. You should also shed tears or you should get angry just as I do. You should be able to feel the same as I. It is my suffering that serves as material which makes you feel the same way I do.

I suffered a lot and had a lot of pain in the past so that you could realistically feel together with me nowadays. Therefore, if you become able to feel my pain as your own pain, you can be appointed as a Cain in front of me. That would prove that you and I have become one in love. That is where you receive God's love. To what extent does this have to last? It has to last forever. God has been promoting the history of restoration through such a process. For that reason there is a need for the period in which you grow. (34-101)

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