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by Rev. Sun Myung Moon

Section 2. God And The Creation

1. The Reason God Created The Universe

Why did God create the heavens, the earth, and all things? This is a fundamental question. Why did this earth and all things come into existence? This was not merely a random generation of life that appeared by chance. Viewed from the perspective of science, there is a cause and effect relationship in all phenomena. This relationship affects the way that all life evolves, including the development of cultures and environments. The laws of cause and effect have come to be universally accepted as a reality of the physical world. (164-83)

The question remains, "Why did God create the heavens and earth?" It is a question of central importance to all philosophies and religions. How did the heavens and earth come into existence? This is a question that has been anguished over throughout history. What are the underlying principles by which humanity and the universe were originally created? (136-136)

What is the purpose for which God created the heavens and the earth, and all things? just for a joke? Or just for the object of some game? No. God created the universe to bear good fruit. (27-227)

Why did God create the heavens and the earth? The reason is that even though God may be an absolute being, He does not feel joy by himself. He does not feel the stimulation of joy. In other words, even if God says, "I am the absolute being, master of love, and master of life," He does not feel the stimulus of love and of life all alone. (38-152)

Then why did God create the universe? Was it just for the purpose of manufacturing life? [No] He created the cosmos in order to fulfill His ideal of true love. (188-196)

2. The Reason God Created Humans

Why did God create human beings? He did not create them just to watch them in their daily life. He created humans in order to interact with them and experience love together. There can be no other reason, regardless of what we think.

The purpose of the creation of humanity is love. God did not create life first with the hope of later introducing love. Life itself is created in the very pattern that reflects God's love. In other words, the gleam of love originally began from within God's heart and then life sprang forth from this gleam. Since life was initiated as a result of God's love, the result should also be love. Do you understand? Because the beginning point is love, the end point should also be love. This is the reason that we are so unhappy when we miss love. (57-22)

So why did God create us? He created us because of love. He was not merely trying to create an artistic work. You must know that God initiated the creation of humanity for the purpose of love.

Therefore, we must acknowledge that there was love even before we were created. God created all things to conform to His standard of love. We must realize that God is the original model of love and that when He created man, woman and the universe, God modeled them after Himself. (161-327)

If God is omnipotent, why does the fulfillment of His ideal of love for humanity seem to be left merely to chance? God is almighty and created all things, yet there remain seemingly insoluble problems in the world. Christianity's answer to this problem is not enough.

So, we must ask ourselves, "What does God need?" Does He need money, does He need gold, does He need diamonds? Does he need these things or not? He doesn't need them. All of these things belong to Him already. We know this. Then maybe God needs knowledge. The answer is no. He is already the king of knowledge. He has all the knowledge he needs. Really. Next, does God need authority or not? He doesn't need it. He has all authority. It does not matter whether we say that He has authority or not. The word is the word.

So what is it that God needs? God does not need life either. He is the master of life, so how can He need life? Then, again we must ask, what does God need? What? [Love] He needs love. Why does God need love? Because love is realized within a relationship. There is no other answer if we examine it logically. God would not make the relationship between Himself, the universe and human beings so unless He were a being that needed love. If God had tried to make a relationship between Himself and the created world without love, the result would have been impossible. It would have been impossible because God communicates by the standard of love. Do you understand? (121-99)

God created humans because He needs an object of love; in order to love. Can anybody love by himself? It is impossible to realize love without an object. God created all things according to His absolute needs. He created humans as lords of the creation, as representatives of all the creation. He needs humans absolutely, so He gave human beings the value of absolute objects of love. He created humans as the objective existence in order that they might share love with Him.

So humans themselves are God's body. If Adam and Eve had become God's body and they had become a couple, God's couple would have been realized. Do you understand? Now, how would it be in the heavenly realm? God would have become the human ancestor through the figures of Adam and Eve, and would have come into dominion over the heavenly world and the physical world. Do you understand? It would have been like that.

Why did God create the universe? The first reason is to have an object of love. The second is to utilize a substantial realm. The third reason is to make a connection and to be the real subject so that He can receive stimulation as He dominates His creation. This would have been impossible without having a physical body. Therefore, God created humans.

What is the first reason? "For love." How about the second? "To utilize a substantial realm." And what is the third? "To connect with an object of stimulation." God needs the stimulus of love. When we understand the reasons that God created humans, we realize that He didn't just create for the sake of creating. He did not create just to look and see. God created humans because God seeks to love. You should understand this. (13-212)

When we know the reasons God created human beings, we come to understand that God's main concern while creating was to have an object of love. To derive stimulation through this object of love was the motivation for God's creation. You must realize this. (81-16)

3. How Did God Create Humans?

After creating all things, God created the first ancestors as the hero and heroine of all things in the garden of Eden. When He created humans, it was not for fun, not as a hobby. We must realize the reality that the culmination of God's hard work and effort was the creation of human beings as the center of all things.

When God created humans, He did His best and put forth all His energy. He invested His whole being -- His love and heart. He created humans to be in a relationship that cannot be destroyed or broken by anything.

When God looked at humanity, created in the way I have mentioned, peace dwelt in God for the first time. God's happiness and peace can only come through dwelling within humans. God is the parent of human beings. Humans are God's children. God created humans by putting Himself in the center of a human being's flesh and body. Humans are His body, so if humans pull Him, He cannot escape from that.

When God pulls humans, He cannot go away without pulling humans with Him. God created humans to unite the substance and purpose in every circumstance. If there were a word or a poem that praised God by looking at humans as God's representatives, that would be the highest work. Nothing expressed by any other poet or writer could surpass it. The object is not God, not all things, but humans which represent all things. (20-207)

God existed before He created the cosmos. God existed and He realized His word. God's word is such that it enables Him to create the substantial world in a certain way. After having created the substantial world, He did not set it apart to a place where there would be no relationship with God, but He tried to become one with the substantial world. He tried to fulfill the ideal of oneness that is inseparable. That means that neither God nor humans could sever the connection.

Where is the best position to fulfill this ideal? From the human view, God stands in the best position and we stand in a position that has no value. But God, who has the highest value, wants us to stand in front of Him in the position of the most valued object. And He wants that to be not just temporary but eternal. So from the beginning, God and humans did not start separately but together. Humans must come to investigate the position in which we begin with God. (68-127)

4. The Purpose Of The Creation Of All Things

Originally, God did not create for play, nor did He do so as a hobby. He did not create without any purpose or direction, or without any substance to His concept. This you can understand easily through common sense. He created all things according to His greatest purpose and His concept of the larger cosmos. So we cannot deny the fact that God's heart is present throughout the whole creation, from the extremely small level of the microbe to the vast expanses of the cosmos.

Then, what is the purpose of creation according to this idea? It is surely that God's purpose is the ideal world centering on God's love. That is the world that is connected with love, enjoying love, living with love, and dying with love. When we wake up and open our eyes, we see those things that are in front of our eyes. There is a certain connection and relationship even between us and the tiny microbe. The microbe that we ignore has a relationship with humans. They reflect the value of existence since they follow the plan of heaven.

Why did God create all things? He created them in order to have an object of love. God created them to exist in the realm of God's eternal love, first on the physical plane of the earth and later to return to the place of eternity. We must realize this. (142-76)

5. The Process Of The Creation

If you look at the Bible, it mentions the creation of the universe very easily. It says that God created all things through His word. God said, "Hey, you appear!" and then whatever it was answered, "Yes," and it appeared. It also says that God called the stars and the stars came into existence, and God called the earth and the earth came into existence. However, we must understand the process through which all things were created.

There is an infinite law and order which advances so that the large may develop from the small. According to the Bible, God created Adam and Eve, as the first ancestors only after He created all things. Adam and Eve embodied the essence of all things. (65-21)

By what process was the world created? At first, there was God's will. There was God's idea. There was God's plan with His idea. We can understand that God had His original will and His original plan for creating humans and making the human world in a certain way according to His plan. (76-92)

You should understand that when God created the world, He created the environment first. You should know that. In the world of nature, the subject and the object interact automatically to bring about a result. The natural world has developed as the phenomenal world in which the subject and the object act together. (131-217)

Let's look. When we come to clearly understand the position of creation within the universe, it is not true that God created the center before creating the object. He created the objective element before the center. God set up the internal things on the basis of the external things. He created the soil before creating humans. That is the circumstances of the creation in the universe. God seeks for the larger thing rather than the thing which already exists. He seeks the more valuable thing rather than the less valuable. The position of the creation in the universe is like that. Also, when we come to took at the creation of humans, God created the body first and then He created the spirit. (152-319)

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