Unification Family Life

by Rev. Sun Myung Moon

Section 2. The Way Of The Unification Church Members (Part 3)

7. The Time And The Mission Of The Unification Church Members

1) What is the Unification Church Group?

What do we, the Unification Church group all try to do? What are you all gathered here to do? To give the power of the life of love back and forth with the world. That's the conclusion. Centering on the power of life you can communicate with God. With that love you can go up to a position equal with God. How great that is. That is one endorsement that Reverend Moon got from God for the first time in human history. That is a historical gift which no one had ever received since the beginning. Let's hand it down. Do you understand? [Yes] (105-78)

Think about what people will think if you answer, "They don't drink; they don't smoke; they are neat; they save money by not even using makeup; they save much more than the corrupted American young people and help the world," when someone asks, "What is a Unification Church member?" If you do this movement, how does the world become? Do you like that? [Yes] (118-109)

Then what do the Unification Church members want; what does God want, and what do you want? What do we do after we gather like this? What are we going to do by congregating like this? Because there are no true parents with true love, we are here to find the true parents. And since there are no true couples, we are here to train to become true couples, and since there are no true children, we are here train to become true children. There is nothing else. If you get involved here once then, eternally, eternally. Eternally. You love eternally. (92-116)

Then, what does the group of the Unification Church do? What is the Unification Church group doing? The Unification Church is a group saying we should live centered on God. Does living centered on God mean by living while doing business? There are lots of kinds of living. Living while doing what? [Love] Let's live while loving. While loving. Loving whom [God] Only God? Living while loving should be centered on God and you and your mind and body should know to live happily. That's how it is. (164,20)

The Unification Church members are, they are Reverend Moon's disciples. So what are they? Should they be sheep or goats? [Sheep] (laughter) There is no objection. (123-33)

You must know what the Unification Church group is for. The group which has the secret of Satan, the key to beat Satan's love individually, to beat it as a family, to beat it as a nation, the key to beat it on the world level, that group is the real Unification Church. You must win over Satan's world and have the key of heavenly love. (130-178)

8. The Internal Mission And The Value Of The Mission

1) Internal Mission

What mission do you, the people of the Last Days, have? You have the responsibility to inherit and accomplish the historical heavenly value which has been prepared for the substantial restoration and which can represent the universal value. (2-332)

What is the task for us people to work on these days? First we have to cast off Satan's false charges. In that way you have to reach the day when you can be testified to as Jesus was, "Truly you are God's son; you have the qualification to own God; you are God's son who has a relationship of oneness with God." (1,123)

The mission for the Unification Church followers is to unify your divided self by weeding out your heart, and to unify that separated heavenly heart and your human heart. Our whole body must become a substantial tool for the harvest, even if it is just the dull edge of a weeding hoe. With our substantial bodies, we must lead the world which is falling into destruction nowadays and go over to the new world centering on God's heart. You must know that this is the mission of the Unification Church members. (20-193)

2) Our Extraordinary Mission

If you think that the insignificant people of the Unification Church, who have been going through a course of persecution in the land of Korea, are the center of God's wish when looking at the current world, in view of the current situation centering the Will, this could be a tremendously amazing, invaluable blessing, if you call it blessing, but you can't help but say that it could also be a frightening thing if you call it frightening.

Saying that the Unification Church is in that kind of position today, is saying that the present Unification Church is facing a precious and extraordinary world level event. When we recall history until now, that history was continually a history of sadness, but this era which has appeared centering on the Unification Church must not be connected to that history of sadness. Shouldn't this time period be the most important point of time ever in the historical eras, a time when we must overturn sadness and must determine to bring the result of happiness. Then comparing the way of the Will in the past historical periods, or comparing lots of ancestors in history who followed the Will of the providence, with the Unification Church members in our current era, all the things that our ancestors were loyal to and into which they put their whole hearts, as a result they left a history which was not hoped for in front of God's desire and they worsened His sorrow.

Hence, the fact that the mission to restore God's happiness and hope is in the Unification Church, makes the mission which is given to each individual extraordinary. Therefore we must not discourage God again in any kind of situation, and we have to present the concept of happiness and hope in front of God. We have to recognize again that we have such a historical mission. A lot of patriots came and went in the past, but if they look back on their past, they will not be happy with it. That past should just flow away.

Also, even if there are people who had a realm of culture that they could brag was excellent, that good past is still not something to brag about. Those are just parts of the past which will just disappear in the midst of God's sorrow. Therefore we should be able to put all the precious civilizations of history, and the passion of the many patriots and the dutiful way of filial piety even though we go the way of death, and we should be able to leave all these works accomplished by hard work as happiness in the middle of God's deep heart as conditions to look back on. We have this kind of responsibility, the responsibility that we have as members of the Unification Church is extraordinary. (37-185)

It's not because we are fools that we get beaten by this people. We are not getting persecuted because we were born in the lineage of bad ancestors who came and went in history. We are born with the fortune of the era and with a historical relationship to thrive better than any other, but by striking this small group, God is indemnifying the sorrow that this people would receive. That is to say, by our getting hit for the people who would by ruined through following the trends of the thought of the world, the people who were supposed to be hit are indemnified.

Today, because we know this fact, we determined while pounding our fists on the ground not to shed tears centering on ourselves when we were sad or ran into difficulties. Even at the point of starvation or the very crossroads of life and death, we didn't shed tears because it was sorrowful to be dying. We must not forget the serious, historical fact that we have shed tears centering on the problem of what way this people have to go and what would happen to the future of this people if we died. I don't know if there are people who came to the Unification Church for the first time, but you must know the fact correctly, that the Unification Church started with such a extraordinary mission, and has a history of fighting according to this mission.

Our being hit, rejected, and persecuted individually, or the Unification Church being hit, rejected, and persecuted is not for our, selves. We are being hit representing this people which should be hit. Also, through God's hitting us in the position of goodness, He is extending the holy hand of love to forgive this people. (22-91)

Nowadays, the Unification Church has been proclaiming a new ideology in this latter half of the 20th century. This group says they have appeared to represent the course of restoration of the history of heaven, and as the people who have appeared with the mission of the new age, they have a strategy that they have to be struck; they have to be rejected; they have to receive all sorts of persecution and suffering from the world. Being in a position like this, today the Unification Church member's responsibility and mission look like they are nothing. But by the internal meaning, you must know that you have a tremendous, awesome, heavenly mission. (154-181)

9. The Mission Of The Unification Church Member

1) The Mission to Expel Satan

True Parents came to this land, but what do the family of the True Parents and all the Unification Church people who are following the True Parents have to do? They have the historical mission to cancel the right of Satan to make false accusations to the world. (137-26)

Then who has to take care of the responsibility to expel Satan? "I," as a member of the Unification Church, have to take care of it. After bringing Satan to his knees, God can step in. You don't know this. Understand? [Yes] He can only say, "You are my son. You are my daughter," after laying out Satan. That's when He finally steps in. The law of nature is that way.

These days, if someone commits sin, then can his parents take the guilt for him instead? Can that parent say, "I'll be executed instead of my child; so please forgive my child," if their child is someone who is to be executed? [No] The law of nature doesn't allow that to be done. The one who committed the sin must indemnify it, if he committed sin. Humankind committed sin, not God; humankind committed sin, the unforgivable sin of betraying the law of nature and the law of morality. (85-201)

2) The Mission Related to Jesus

How was it when Jesus came to the earth? He was born in a stable; while he was living he was treated contemptuously, and when he died, he was crucified. Therefore it's the assignment for the Unification Church members of these days to feel the heart of Jesus going "the way of the cross." (6-285)

How could there be national boundaries in the realm of heaven? This world is our father's land, and we are the sons and daughters of our father, so this world is our land. This is only possible by love. Loving with this kind of love, you have to start from the family. Since the starting point of this love is a family member, you must know that in the Unification Church, we don't call the members of the Unification Church believers, but rather family members.

Then what is the mission of a Unification Church family member? Loving that kind of love. Love in the family, love in the Church, love in the nation, by our solving the sorrow of the three great loves we can take the place of Jesus who is God's son. God had sorrow because of Jesus. Since Jesus gave sorrow to Him, we have to solve that sorrow from a position better than that. So we have to establish the realm of heaven while we live. Do you think I blessed you for no reason? By that you indemnify that Jesus was not able to become a bridegroom, and not able to have his own son. This is the main concept of the Unification Church. In this way, it's indemnifying everything horizontally. Isn't this great content? (41-257)

Today the heroes of Unification, with their banners flying high, by relating to Christians all around the world, and by relating to lots of different religions, have to relieve Jesus' many sorrows, and relieve the sorrow of God's restoration of the Kingdom of Heaven, the sorrow of the restoration of the Kingdom of Heaven. (154-275)

Unification Church members also have to relieve Jesus' sorrow. It's the view of the Principle that you can't inherit Jesus' concept without indemnifying the failures that Jesus had. Understand? [Yes] Without completely relieving his sorrow, without restoring this, the family that Jesus was hoping for can't be established. Also the people, the nation, and the world that Jesus wanted can't appear.

Why is that? Because Adam fell centering on an eight member family, at the time of judgment the eight members of Noah's family were left. It works like that. It's the same for the Unification Church. It works like that. That's why Unification Church members have to go the way to relieve Jesus' sorrow. Then what is Jesus' sorrow? It's becoming a son and daughter that God can officially recognize and bless. To relieve his sorrow we have to find the thing that Jesus lost. (19-115)

3) The Mission to Put Love in Order

Who am "I," the member of the Unification Church? "I" am the one who has the responsibility to catch Satan. "I" am the one who is perfected Adam, Eve, so "I" have to expel Satan from this earth. I have to expel him from in front of God's will. Don't I? [Yes] When you are walking around the streets of New York, if you see bad guys, are you just going to ignore them and lay low, or will you be a person who shakes them up and resolves the situation? When you see the American youth all falling and talking about free sex and acting like animals, will you be a person who does nothing, or a person who cleans it up and organizes it? "Someone who organizes it." (91-67)

We have to establish this new tradition and destroy the weapon of Satan, which is sweeping over the society of America, and fundamentally destroy all the decadent forms of love of the young people of the world, and set up a new order. Then why do Unification Church members say one should suffer? Why do they do fund raising and witnessing? To come into contact with the way of true, deeper love. That's the purpose. We are going this way in order to contact the way of three-dimensional, true love, whose content is deep and broad. That is fantastic. (123-198)

We have to cut off this decadent trend of youth. It's our mission to block and completely get rid of the trend of the world with an authority no one can hold back, and to cut all relationship with the world of death which Satan is leading, and to protect against the forces of death. Fulfilling this responsibility and the mission as a hero of the Unification Church is not done as an individual; when you can handle this responsibility and mission centered on heaven and earth on a world level, then finally this heaven and earth will be harvested as perfected substantial fruit in front of God. (20-193)

Who will be the cleaner who can clean the bag of the world's sin? The Unification Church members should. Reverend Moon has been working as a cleaner cleaning America's bag of sin. (172-168)

4) The Mission to Connect All the Races

Unification Church members are to live for the world. Live centering on what? Live centering on love. To love the world, you have to love the individual, have to love the family, have to love the tribe, have to love the people, and have to love the nation. Someone who hasn't loved the people can't love the world, and someone who hasn't loved the family can't love the tribe.

All the rules of the Principle are like that. Unification Church members go around saying, "Let's love the world centering on love." From that viewpoint, for Unification Church members it's not a problem for a white person to love a black person or for a black person to love a white person. How can it be proved? For Unification Church members even marriage is not a problem. They are different. They do not do it because Reverend Moon is a dictator ordering them to with glaring eyes while holding a bat. I can pull them to me even eyes are closed. The fact that, centered on love, Unification Church members are in a position to put out this kind of ladder and to shoot out toward the world is a universal, historical issue. Therefore with this love we have to set up an anchor for the mind and set up an anchor for the family, set up an anchor for the society, set up an anchor for the nation, and set up an anchor for the world. (307)

Then, during that time, what do the Unification Church members do? While Reverend Moon goes out to work on the world level, here in Korea you have to connect this historical relationship with the world relationship. The realms of the peoples and the realm of the world are not connected yet, none of them. The people who are following Reverend Moon are not just Korean people but citizens of the world. All the races are connected. Understand? Therefore when you assume a responsibility like this, the angelic world will cooperate. (99-271)

Unification Church members have gone beyond the borders of the nations. In our church, marriage is called the blessing. It is the blessing. A German, a lady who is a direct descendant of Hitler and an English gentleman. . . They don't know the language. The German woman knows only German, and the English man knows only English. And they marry each other. Isn't that a beautiful marriage? Elderly people couldn't marry like that, could they? They couldn't even on the pain of death. Well, I put them together like that and tell them, "If you marry, your first son will be this kind of son, so try to live together. If that's not true than my words are lies; wait and see this that time." Wouldn't they live together until then after hearing "you will have a great son"?

And after living together that's what happens. You can overcome the borders of the nations. A lot of Unification Church members in Japan are ready to come and help work for the liberation of Korea. They will come even if they have to ride a submarine, saying, "Even if the Japanese government blocks us, let's cross the Straits of Korea." Can you believe that? Liberation of the border lines! Germans, these Germans who stand proudly and say confidently that they are the most intellectual and gifted people in the world and they have the most mathematical minds, when Reverend Moon's ideology, God's ideology goes into those peoples' heads, what kind of people do these people made in Germany become? What do these people made in Germany become? They become Korean people made in Germany.

What kind of Korean person? They become Korean people who say we should unify north and south. And of course all the five races, too. Among the races of the Five Oceans and the Six Continents, there are many races, but if they know Reverend Moon and when they have the ideology that Reverend Moon teaches, even though they are all over the Five Oceans and the Six Continents, and within the borders of different nations, they consider it an honor to become a Korean who was born in their region. Understand? Yes, the borders are a problem; the borders are a problem. But the borders are not problems in front of God. Race isn't a problem in front of God. And religion isn't a problem. (166-110)

5) The Mission to Unify Denominations

So, "our mission," what is your mission? It is to save Cain. As an individual, you are an individual Abel, so you have to save an individual Cain, then save the Cain-type family. If you become an Able-type tribe then save the Cain-type tribe, and if you are the Abel-type Unification Church of the people then you must save the Cain-type religious body of the people.

In that way for the first time you can become a person qualified to relate to the nation. Understand? [Yes] Then what is the most urgent thing? The issue is not developing the Unification Church. How are you going to be Abel, that is the problem. If that happens, then the hope of the Unification Church is completely fulfilled all at once. Now do you understand the course of restoration? [Yes] The individual Abel has to restore the individual Cain, and the Abel-type religious body must restore the Cain, type religious body. Right? That's the way it is. (46-147)

Today the established churches say that they will all go to heaven, the Presbyterian Church, the Catholic Church, all of them speak loudly about it, but look at it. The person who is standing here, what he is doing is a movement to unify the eight great religious organizations. Among them, the Jewish religion, the Catholic Church, and the Protestant Churches are included, and then Buddhism and Islam are included and Hinduism is included. And then Confucianism is included and then the Unification Church, eight religions.

Other than the Unification Church, the seven religions are all divided and fighting. I'm providing financial support for a movement to unify the religions. How in the world can that be? Have you ever heard such a thing? But the people of the established churches, the Presbyterians, they just say, "Oh, that Moon guy is a heretic." They don't know the world. I do this movement to unify all the denominations, and the leaders of the religions meet me behind the scenes and secretly exchange documents and so. on, but just like mere children with no sense they all just babble on.

Then is religion a problem or not? [Its not.] So I founded the Congress of Religions, but it's my sorrow that I can't go any place I want. just looking at that meeting. . . One time, when there was a world conference of the Congress of Religions, about eight hundred famous people gathered. They all wanted me to visit their churches once, but there are circumstances which don't allow me to go places freely. It is an amazing fact of history that someone is working from behind to deal with the complicated levels of religions and is asserting, "The one God has a Will. It is eternally one," and is working to realize that Will.

In who's name? Not in the name of someone named Moon, but in God's name, in God's name! In that sense, a person like the Archbishop of the Greek Orthodox Church. . . and the Roman Catholics are opposing it. Even though there are lots of Cardinals who are on my side. That will disappear in a few days. Unified religion which is impossible by human's power. . In history, no matter who it was, there was no one who didn't want to unify religions. But they didn't know the way that God wanted and God directed. (166-111)

In heaven and on earth which denomination is the denomination that can teach the religious life that can take this kind of responsibility on God's side? We have to find it. The family which dedicates itself to heaven and follows that view of hope in its life of faith, the family that teaches that belief, what religion does that family believe? We have to find that. Such families have to unite and cut off all relationship with their blood lineages, and cut off all worldly relationships, and through the love of a relationship that can become one they should form a new relationship of the tribe and they should seek to restore the people, the nation, and the world.

We must find a group which can struggle to fulfill this responsibility and to have this kind of idealistic relationship. Without doing that you can't go to the new Kingdom of Heaven of the restoration. You can't go to the promised land of hope. Today in the Unification Church we all say let's unify. Some people will get angry when they hear that. They will get angry saying something like, "Unify what? Huh, the great historical saints of the past were not able to do it, but the evil people of this era, the Unification Church, is going to unite? There is nothing that can be done even if he is angry.

Watch and see whether the one who is angry will be ruined or the one who made him angry will be ruined. One or the other will be pushed out. He will say, "What? The Unification of World Christianity? I can handle it up to the Unification of World Christianity, but they even put the Holy Spirit in it!" I even put an ugly lump on it. (laughter) Before asking if that has been done or not, the issue is whether an adventure which can unify it has begun or not. Do you understand? (158-298)

6) The Mission to Unite Ideologies

The Unification Church members have to make a decision. In the Last Days, both the communist world and the democratic world will be ruined. Now the age that it is possible for them to be ruined is evolving in front of our eyes. At a time like this we must decide quickly. If you don't determine something like, "If we are going to be ruined, then pack stuff up and let's be ruined altogether," then both will be ruined. This could happen. This is a time like that. They have both bumped against a wall and are spinning around arguing.

The communist world says the communist world is good, and the democratic world says the democratic world is good. So they have to hold on to something; to be happy one needs a partner, they have to hold something. But the Unification Church appeared at this time. Among the religions it appeared saying let's unify, and the communists say let's unify the world. . . That has to be relative relation. (63-133)

If you want to unify. . The word unify doesn't exist in a place where you are alone. Unify means a different state. . . the circumstances are different, the situation different. There, the positions they assert are different and the chronically diseased environment that they were calling a tradition, is stuck. We must clean up, delete all these circumstances, and turn around everything that was going in different directions until yesterday and make them into one. To do that you have to be stronger than the two people in different circumstances.

If you want to make ten people into one, then you have to be stronger than those ten people. If you want to stand in the position to make ten denominations into one, then you have to be stronger than those ten denominations. Shouldn't it be like that? It's easy to say. That's the only way. You must not think of it as something to watch with interest when you join the Unification Church. If you joined that way, then you joined wrong. To unify lots of spiritual worlds and to unify lots of ideologies. . .

Today, looking at the trend of the whole world, in the place where democracy and communism are confronting each other, you have to go over this by stepping on one with your left foot and stepping on the other with your right foot. However firm an ideology and however firm a belief a person of faith may have, he must go over all that. You should have a confident belief and spread it out in all directions, and if you whip it around then it could be rolled in. You should have that ability, shouldn't you? That is how you unify them. People who are weak and say "let's unify" can't do it. Such people, who are like scarecrows which get blown away by the wind, cannot unify them. (151-13)

Today there are a lot of Christian churches, and there are many peoples on the earth, but those who can assert for God, "God is justice, God is alive, and he is the ruler of the world" are disappearing one by one. In a moment of destiny, in this kind of environment, someone who stands on the side of God, and proclaims Him, could disappear as was Jesus' destiny. It's the same. In the same way as the thief on the right side was vindicated and the thief on the left subjugated, representing the democratic world and Christianity, at least we, the Unification Church must say until the end, "God is alive. We are God's children. We must live for God."

It's the destiny of the Unification Church to fight in the front line, with the phrase "victory over communism," saying, "The communists must be destroyed because this is how they are." Understand? [Yes] The world is concentrated in Korea like this. An association which stands in the position of the thief, who was on the right hand side when Jesus was being crucified, on the side of God, on the side of Jesus, and which beats down the communists and persuades the communists and has a message which enables them to tell the communists, "You are evil because of these reasons," an association that God officially recognizes. and that can admit God's existence, is on the side of heaven.

Who is on that side? It's the Unification Church. You must know that that's why we started the "Victory over Communism," work. Understand? [Yes] As children of God we work with the heart of God. Going the way of suffering of the cross for heaven, forgetting death, saying, "The communists must be destroyed! They are evil," for the side of heaven, in the same way as the thief on the right side of Jesus was on Jesus' side until he died and went to paradise. It's the ideology of the Unification Church to open the gates of the Kingdom of Heaven on earth by completing the works on earth. By doing this work, a day of world level liberation will come to this nation. The fight of Cain and Abel centered on world history will finally end and we will go toward the worldly nation and then the second day of liberation will come to Korea. I hope for this. (160,217)

Today in this world, an ideology saying that God exists is confronting an ideology saying that God doesn't exit. One world centers on material, and the other world centers on mind. The world that says "God exists, is on God's side, and the world that says "God doesn't exist," is the world of Satan and the satanic forces. When these two worlds collide with each other, the result determines the destiny of God. Therefore the battle to defeat Communism, is the battle of God. (78-249)

What kind of thing is the Kingdom of Heaven? What is the Kingdom of Heaven on earth like? It is people like our Unification Church family members living throughout the whole world. That is the Kingdom of Heaven on earth. If all the people on the earth live like Unification Church family members then that is the Kingdom of Heaven on earth. What is that world? The church is a world that is together with God eternally, and it is a world without communists. No one denies God's existence, no one doubts about God. It's the world where everyone becomes one and calls God "our Father." And then Satan's temptations. . . There is no Satan. The world which God rules, that is the Kingdom of Heaven on earth. It's God living together with us. (79-304)

That's why our Unification Church tries to complete the mission of restoration with the heart of a parent, in the body of a servant, shedding blood and sweat and tears. The Unification Church has a trial to overcome, that is a crucial way that no ideology or thought system can go over, a crucial way that neither democracy or communism can go over. We have to go the way that they can't go, and we have to do the work that they can't do. (16-173)

7) The Mission to Find That Nation

Now what we have to know is, we must take revenge against the enemy of our parents; we must take revenge against the enemy of our relatives; we must take revenge against the enemy of our nation; we must revenge the enemy of our world, and we must revenge the enemy of our heaven and earth. Do you have your nation? Have we had a nation yet? A person who is in the realm centering on religion doesn't have a nation. He is a citizen who doesn't have a nation. He has some kind of foundation called the people. . . A citizen without his people. If a wind blows from the east then he is pushed to the west. and if a wind blows from the west then he is pushed to the east.

Religious people have been those people who have had to suffer from storms on every side, and grope along the dark paths caused by the powers of darkness as they haggardly went their way. (156-130)

People will say, "I'll go to the Kingdom of Heaven." But if you want to go to the Kingdom of Heaven, then you have to establish the Kingdom of Heaven on the earth. If you just go to the Kingdom of Heaven, then who establishes the Kingdom of Heaven? Do you wish God to establish it? You must live historically valuable lives. You must live your life attending your ancestors and living for your descendants. You have to relieve the sorrow of your ancestors, and fulfill the dreams of your descendants.

Then are you living that way nowadays? The ideal that the Unification Church members want is "our nation." A person, whoever it is, must live in his nation. That is an absolute condition that is given to humankind. Without any exception everyone has to live a life of hope-filled righteousness for the sake of righteousness and for that nation. Establishing the direction of the ideal through thought, and establishing the laws of righteousness through living life, one must live for the nation and its righteousness.

Do you have that kind of nation? Since you don't, shouldn't you find and establish it? What nation is that nation? It's the nation of the ideal, the nation of unification. It's the nation where all people can go. There can be no exceptions when establishing this nation. Here the families will cooperate, the tribes, the peoples, and the world will all cooperate. That's how you can unify, and the family, tribe, people, nation, the world can be unified. (18-213)

We have the Unification Church but not a nation of unification. So what "Protection of the Front Line of Unification" means is protecting the Unification Church. It's famous in America these days. And that affects Korea, and it can also become a means to make the Korean government and our Unification Church unite. So from now on we will not fight for restoration in the nations all over the world. We must do natural restoration. This is a problem. The satanic world rules by striking people. God's strategy is to make one naturally bow down on his knees by being chased and struck.

So we must know clearly that if we don't follow Heaven then we cannot restore God's authority. Looking at it from this position, what we have to do in this present age is to find the nation. We don't have God's nation. Can a person who doesn't have his nation have an ancestral hometown? He doesn't have an ancestral hometown. The Japanese have a nation, Japan, so they have ancestral hometowns in Japan, but looking at it from God's providence, there is no nation of God, since there is no sovereign nation which is God's nation, no one can be registered as a citizen.

We have only the registration of the religion. Cain and Abel have to be one to complete the restoration. That has become the formula of development for unification. Salvation can't be done by just Cain or by just Abel. You can't return if you don't save Cain and push him from in back so he can be ahead of you, and if you don't establish a realm of protection from behind. That is the teaching of the principle. Therefore there is no way to greet the parents without Cain and Abel being one. A religion is in Abel's position and its nation is in Cain's position. Therefore in the same way as Cain killed Abel, historically the leaders of the nations persecuted the religions.

The Kingdom of Heaven will not appear on earth if you don't establish the nation of victory by making the nation bow down naturally centering on religion. The person who tried to do that was Jesus. If the Jewish religion and the Israelite people had become one centering on Jesus, then that would have established the Abel, type nation. (55-79)

It is correct to say that where we want to live is the heavenly nation; we want to live in the heavenly nation. Is there a border line in the heavenly nation? [No] Are there two languages in the heavenly nation? [No] Is there a difference between the races? [No] Then what is the heavenly nation? Since all the people were born from the heart of God, all humankind are brothers, brothers. Looking at it centering on God, they are all God's children, so they are all brothers, and by looking at it centering on the realm of the Kingdom of Heaven on earth then they are citizens. The people of the Kingdom of Heaven on earth, the citizens, the inhabitants.

There are three major factors in establishing a nation. To form a nation you need sovereignty. And there must be the people. And then there must be the land. Has this world become a world where God rules? [No it didn't] Also did this whole earth become our nation? Is it a nation of God? Did all the people in the world become the people of one nation? No, they didn't. You talk about the Kingdom of Heaven but the Kingdom of Heaven is formed after all these become one. Since this is not completed, there are still Cain and Abel left, and the fight is still going on. We cannot rest. We can't live. (66-281)

What is your wish? It must be finding this nation. At the time of the first Israel, the nation didn't become one and the nation was lost. Therefore only if in our age we find that lost nation again and greet the Messiah who is coming there, and not be the nation that casts him out, but rather be the nation that welcomes Him, then it will be the time when God's hope and will can be completed. The Unification Church people are the people who claim to represent that time. Understand? [Yes] Do you know it clearly? [Yes] It's the Messiah's mission to go horizontally toward the world level, it's not Messiah's mission to fight for the nation. (58-264)

heard that some high people in the Korean government first heard about the Unification Church by going abroad. That is embarrassing. Someone went to America, and one person of fame asked him, "I understand you are from Korea. Do you know the Unification Church but he said he didn't, and that embarrassed him very much. You must know it's not dark right under a lamp. In this situation we must wake up again. We must have an attitude which is not a shame to the fact that as the third Israel on the world level we have a special authority. You have inherited the spirit of Korea and the blood and soul of the Korean race, so you must eliminate the miserable situation of this people and leave a new tradition.

This is the faith of the Unification Church. Because of it, the activities of the Unification Church are absolutely needed by this people. Therefore, when we look at the sunlight coming to us, we must long for the Kingdom of Heaven of freedom. You have to long for the day when all the people, of course, but also all nature will be happy. And you must be the people who determine not to spare any effort for that day of tomorrow. If you don't, you should know that you don't have the qualification to be a member of the Unification Church.

When you hold your spoon to eat a meal, you must determine that you will cast the evil people out of this land, and when you hold your chopsticks, you must be burning with determination to get rid of the evil people. You must carve into your heart the fact that you are the hidden heroes, and secret envoys who always go forward to establish the Kingdom of Heaven of goodness, the third Israel. It's our mission as heroes of Unification to push ourselves to go the way to establish the third Israel. (21-164)

You are not here to be loved but to love. Understand? You are here to love. I, who represent heaven, must love, to be in the subjective position. If you are in a reciprocal position then you have to be loved, but isn't it the thought of the Unification Church, nowadays, and our situation to be in the subject position? Therefore, being called subject we must love.

Then loving in what place? Love from where you are standing now. Love the Unification Church members. Love the Unification Church.

Go crazy in order to love the nation. That nation should go crazy in order to love the world, not go crazy in order to love simply the nation. Then the nation develops. The world must not go crazy in order to love the world but go crazy in order to love the cosmos, and the cosmos should go crazy not in order to love the cosmos itself, but go crazy in order to love God. (59-56)

The world which that nation and that righteousness have realized is a world which is the world of love where everyone enjoys giving to each other, the world where lives of serving and sacrificing for God's Will shall shine. You should know this. Therefore that world is not like the world in which we are living these days. (3-121)

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