Unification Family Life

by Rev. Sun Myung Moon

Section 2. The Way Of The Unification Church Members (Part 2)

5. To Go The Way Of Restoration

To go the way of restoration how do you have to go? You cannot go the way of restoration thoughtlessly. To complete the purpose of the restoration that God wants, you must first establish the model for perfecting the individual. That model must be something that has surpassed all the standards. God wants a family to set up as a model, a nation to set up as a model, and a world to set up as a model through the model of the individual. This way is the way of the Will that God is pursuing with humankind along the way of the restoration. (63-153)

How does God live? God lives for the whole world. How does God love? God loves the whole world together. How can God be happy? By watching people who are happy having give and take, God is happy. That's how God lives. That is how God goes His way. So the course of restoration goes backwards. If we had not fallen, then everything would have come from here like this, but because we fell the branches are divided. So we have to kill this and use it as fertilizer, and from here we have to stick it here backwards. To develop this backwards, we must be more for the whole than for "myself." There is no way to go backwards without having an ideal to be for the whole more than for "myself." We have to be powerful as an individual, and powerful as a family, and powerful as a tribe. And then we have to go backwards and break through. (79-232)

1) The Restoration Starts From an individual

Today if you try to expand the area of the mission of restoration, there is an age of the mission of individual restoration. First you have to perfect the individual restoration. But perfecting individual restoration doesn't just end with the perfection of individual restoration. Perfecting individual restoration is done to perfect the restoration of the family. They mean the same. We have to pull out everything that is attached to the tail. If "I" have pulled out "myself" then I have to expand that and pull out my family, and pull out my tribe, and pull out my people. This is the way to expel Satan. In words, we must take them away from Satan or expel him. (68-11)

Where does the viewpoint of the Unification World start? It starts from the individual, from yourselves. But the individual is also divided. It's divided to the body and the mind, and the part that does wrong is always the body. The part that does wrong is always the body, so if you follow what the body says to do, then the world of mind gets conquered. The part that always does wrong is the body. (56-87)

If we place God as our ultimate goal, can we say, "Ah, then I should find the universe," and start from the universe? No. Then to go up to the universe, let's think about the shortest path. Where should we start from? [From the individual] The individual is the issue. Then when the individual is starting, can that individual start thoughtlessly? No. If God is here, then between God and the individual we should mark a straight line. . . This is the goal point, and this is the beginning point.

Then what is the shortest path? So however broad it is, it starts from "me," an individual. Then "my-mind" has to unite. That's why God orders our mind to "unite with the body for the world restoration." If the mind and the body don't unite, then the mind goes it's own way, and the body goes it's own way; they go separately. Then they can't go to one destination. An indecisive person cannot have success.

Therefore before you start along this long way, the first thing you have to do is to unite your body and your mind. Therefore, the first step of the way that we have to go is having the body and the mind become one. The mind goes through the way of the body. And then where do you go? What direction should you head? What is the closest direction? It's the family. You must know that in the family there are parents and spouses and children. These people must unite. This has to become one. It can be concluded that the object realm must become one. (70-12)

2) The Way of Restoration is Decided

The way of restoration is originally clearly decided. That program can't yield even a single step. Not even a single step. While knowing that, if there is anyone among you who is thinking of some strategy to be promoted, just go away. I won't get involved in that. At first I may support him, but in the end it would be him who might conclude he was used; I don't get used and then complain and go out.

But that is not done for the individual purpose of Reverend Moon of the Unification Church. It's for the world and heaven and earth. You must carry this ideal as you go on your way. You can't fulfill all the standards of individual and the standards of the family. You can't fulfill them. Could you do it in your whole life? To come up this much, it took six thousand years. You can't do in one generation that which took thousands of years mobilizing humankind by heaven and the earth. So what do you have to do? Die for the bigger world, sacrifice for the Will. Let's sacrifice for God's Will. Let's live a comfortable life after sacrificing. Live comfortably, but say "I don't want to live comfortably by myself. Father and the whole must live comfortably. This is the way of the Will. Someone who lives that way, will never be ruined even though it looks like he'll be ruined, however much he sacrifices and sacrifices again. (45-195)

3) The Formula of the Three Stages of Restoration

You must win over Satan by separating Satan from yourselves, and go into the realm of God's love. And then you must experience the heart of God who seeks to sacrifice you in order to save your neighbors and brothers and the whole world. These three stages are God's formula. (52-56)

You must remember the formula of three stages. That is: 1. after separating Satan from yourself, 2. come into the realm of God's love, and then 3. sacrifice yourself for other people. You must remember these three stages. When you study, you must study not just for yourself, but for God and to save the whole world. (52-59)

4) The Way of Restoration is a Pioneering Way

The way of the providence of restoration is a resentful way, a way of sorrow, and is a pitiable way. Also, the person who seeks goodness must go the way of sacrifice. How much hard work must heaven have already done in order to be able to lead us on such a way? Now you know this and must form a direct relationship with God.

When you try to feel God, you must know how much He is to be pitied. Pitiable God, how big would that pity need to be? Also how great would the sadness of Jesus been, Jesus, who came to the earth to save all the people with God's will? Jesus was mistreated and pitiable. Do you know how much he was mistreated and how much to be pitied? The disciples of Christ also went a pitiable way. How pitiable it was. You have to remember this. You must go this way not by thinking of your relationship with the Unification Church but your relationship with God. (13-32)

Everyone, after you joined the Unification Church, how serious have you been? Have you been serious or haven't you? How serious do you think Reverend Moon was to develop this way? You don't know that, do you? How serious the way to find the Principle was, and how much difficulty I went through in order to accomplish it. . . If a man has determined something, then he must accomplish it. In the process of accomplishing it, thousands of billions of satans, invincible satans in the spirit world were mobilized, and real visible beings which seemed to be been controlled by Satan were mobilized and attacked in full force. Thinking about the way of restoration on which I had to go through such a process, wouldn't I be at a loss for words or not? (70-30)

The course of restoration must start from the bottom. It is a process of being hit and then taking away. Being hit means becoming worthless. It means losing the value of existence at that time. But if one goes lower than his original character, Satan cannot strike. That's because heaven takes pity on one who has gone below his original character. To restore the whole universe you have to restore the blessing. The blessing is a public thing. So you have to be sacrificial offerings in the world level public standard. Reverend Moon didn't have sympathy for beggars. But from now I'm going to sympathize with their children and open a new way for them. (11-247)

You have to say, "I am trying to give the truthful life. I am trying to give hundreds of times more than what I received." Also you have to say, "Satan, since you know this, you can't make a false charge." No bad things will happen if you set up this kind of condition. You don't receive restoration. The way of restoration is pioneered. By receiving something from the satanic world, you can't accomplish the history of restoration. You must give something from heaven. What do you give when you give? You must give a truthful heart, must give a truthful personality, and must give truthful sermons. (14-12)

There is no haggling on the way of restoration. When we came to this world we came by ourselves, but when you go you can't go by yourself. You have to bring a lot of people. A human being can't live outside of society. The reason Jesus visited his disciples who betrayed him is there. We should know Jesus' sorrow, that He was able to take only one thief with Him. From the position of knowing these circumstances, we must prepare ourselves. (14-105)

It's an undeniable fact that can be seen if we look at history, that this is the way that God has come, this way of restoration is the way of destiny in which the individual must determine to sacrifice himself, and in order to bring the historical beings of the past, present and future to life, the individual has had to suffer. If we move the people and bring them up to the world level course of the fight, and place them on the world level stage, then we can quickly face all the enemies which are all over the world. If you are struck, how should you be struck? Receive all the critical scornful laughs, be ignored, and be disregarded and be treated with contempt. (151-268)

5) There is only one way of the Principle

Reverend Moon says, "I'll go." Where does he go? He finds the one way and goes. Then where do the Unification Church members go? Can you find the one way? [Yes] Can you find the way of the Principle? You have to follow. Follow. You must not say, "I'll follow, but it's night or whatever time, and I'm hungry, so I'll have a meal and then follow." If you eat that meal at night, then you get caught by the condition of Satan.

This is a problem. If you get caught by the condition that you ate at night and then came, then even if you passed, you will fail. If it would be all right to do that, then I would rather party at night and not do all these things, but why do I not sleep at night and get blood-shot eyes and act like a crazy person? To not get caught by any condition. You must know this. There is a way that the Moon fellow who founded the Unification Church should go. On that way who goes in front? God goes. And Satan follows behind.

If there is any condition, Satan tackles and hits. It's a fight to go beyond these conditions. In other words, to go over the 38th parallel, you must not step on a land mine or be destroyed by a grenade. So, to live for others, can you go any way you want? If there is a land mine, then you have to go around the land mine, not just go any way you want. There is only one way. There are not two ways to go to the realm of heaven. There is only one. If heaven sends its messenger to relate with this fallen world these days and to make a path for them go one way, then the way he builds cannot be two ways. There cannot be two ways of the Unification Church. Do you understand what this means? (15-286)

In the Unification Church, whether you do this you must go the one way, and whether you do that, you must go the one way. Even if you go around and around for a while, at the end you must go that one way. It's not wrong to say that it is life to go this one way even if it takes a thousands or tens of thousands or billions of years. The fallen descendants are all hanging from that stitch. If you can't go there while you are living here, then you can't go even if you die. You must know that clearly. Even if it takes thousands or tens of thousands of years, even if you have to go around and around, you must go. Understand? [Yes]

Without exception, since there is one way of the principle. . . There is one way and even within it you can't just go as you please. You can, not run around as you please. You must know the historical fact that the wilderness was crossed with the guidance of the pillar of clouds and the pillar of fire. God has to be in front. If there is a condition for Satan to make false accusations, then God can't be in front. You must know that. In leading the people, as long as the people are caught in a trap where Satan can make false accusations, the people can't be lead. The Israelite people stayed in the wilderness for 40 years. . . The Israelite people were the people who had to reaffirm their determination to break through, even if it was a long distance, by their determination to go through all the circumstances of thousands and ten thousands of years, by uniting into one heart centering on the absolute purpose, the restoration of Canaan, which God established.

We must know the fact that, nevertheless, when the determination of the people got weak, Satan invaded so the people couldn't go forward. So we have to walk the way of the Principle. For the 600,000 people to go, they had to go by falling into step with Moses. Understand? Someone who does it as he pleases falls behind. You must know that if one falls behind, unless the time of the wilderness comes again then there will be no way for him to go to the spirit world. That cyclically comes again. In hundreds of years or in a couple of years. You must now that grim situation correctly. I am doing this work because I know this correctly. (135-290)

6) The Seven-Year Course

Our Unification Church members must go the seven year course without any exception. In the Bible weren't there seven years of famine? We have to go through seven years of famine of the individual, seven years of famine of the family, seven years of famine of the people, seven years of famine of the nation. Now is the very time that we are going through the seven years of famine of all the levels at once, the individual level, the family level, the people level, the national level, and the world level. (12-330)

The seven years of famine, that word famine is very right. At that time it was a way that was very difficult for anyone at all to endure and live through it. What if on the very first day that you begin to go that way you are immediately persecuted. You are persecuted immediately. Nothing goes the way you want it to. Everything opposes you. So the servant's position, you may not want to be like a servant but you cannot help but be one; you are pushed to the position where you don't want to be but cannot help but be. In that way things can be finished. (93-61)

All of the believers in the Unification Church today and all of the many people who will find this belief in the future, all of them will have to go this seven-year course. It must be gone. Without doing that one cannot be connected to the heart of restoring the heavenly heart which was lost. God came that way, your ancestors came that way, Reverend Moon has come that way, and you must find your way along that way, too. If this goes to the national level, it can become shorter. Seven years can become seven months and seven months can become seven days. Before this mission is completed there remains the seven years of famine on the world level.

What is the mission you have to fulfill during this seven years? You must obtain your individual realm of dominion; you must obtain the realm of dominion of the victory on the family level; you must obtain the realm of dominion of the victory on the tribal level; and you must obtain the realm of dominion of the victory on the people's and national levels. But you who are the descendants of the fall cannot go this way alone. So God establishes the Lord and prepares such a way in the physical and spiritual worlds and has you go that way. You should know that the course of restoration is like this. (14-246)

The Unification Church members are participating in a seven-year course which is an Abel course through which Reverend Moon can determine the destiny of the people. If Reverend Moon goes east, follow to the east; if he goes to the west, follow west; whether you are a branch or a leaf, you must not fall off or break. (17-140)

"How many years have you been in the Unification Church?" "I've been in the church for 10 years." "If you've been here for 10 years, that's longer than me, what have you done? "What do you mean, what have I done. I've believed in the church." "What happened because you believed?" "What do you mean what happened. I just waited and am still the same way." Oh, you rascal! You are worse than one who doesn't believe. You have to remove the tumor. And you have to place a plaster on it. Whether you like it or not you have to reverse things. Will it do to just remain the same? No, it's not right.

Therefore, the way that the Unification Church is going is the way that the individual is going, the way towards the family, the way towards the tribe, the way towards the people, the way towards the nation, the way towards the world, the way towards heaven and earth, the way towards God's love, it's all evident like this. If it's a way that definitely must be gone, even though the world is not united, then after going into spirit world, even if it takes billions and trillions of years, it is a way that we cannot help but follow. But if you go that way after death it may take zillions of years, but if you do it while alive you can do it in seven years. Which way will you choose? While you are living? If you could go laughing and dancing while you are alive how nice that would be. But it is not like that. (57-266)

6. Our Attitude In Order To Go The Heavenly Way

1) The Way of Unification Church Members Envisioned by Reverend Moon

What kind of way is the way that the Unification Church believers have to find? It's not the place that so-called humankind is crying for, nor the place where the flag of the peace is waving in the wind. Rather it is the place that humankind hates the most. You have to go and find the place which humankind avoids the most. Go and find it, but with what appearance? You should go representing the appearance of Father who sought us for six thousand years.

We must know He is a Father who cries when we cry and who tries to comfort us when we cry. Therefore you must have a heart which cries, and even if you are in the place that makes you cry, you must be a person who holds the other people who are crying and comforts them saying, "Don't cry. You have hope in you future, so don't cry," and you must pass on to them happiness, hope, circumstances, and heart. You can inherit heaven only in that way. It means you can inherit heaven and earth.

Then you are able to rule, of course, the powers of heaven and earth and even the powers of the hell. Therefore we must go. It's a fact that this historical trend is coming in front of us; you must go with all your mind, will and devotion wherever you go. Where all the mind, will, and heart go, any problem can be solved. Everything in the world will all be solved. Other than this there are no problems. (11- 103)

Today, what do we, the Unification Church members, have to do? We must go out and pioneer. In pioneering, we must pioneer the way of individual hope, pioneer the way of individual circumstances, pioneer the way of individual heart. And in that way pioneer the way of the family, the way of the tribe, the way of the people. . . Through that the coming lord will be one stage ahead. If we go ahead, in order to support Him, if we reached the time of the people, we must be in the unified position to unite where we can accomplish the responsibility of our own tribe and by centering on the standard of God's hope. (154-127)

2) The Unification Church Members' Way is a Difficult Way

The Unification Church says, "Let's restore the world! Let's pull the world and put God in front and go! While God pulls the Unification Church and goes, let the Unification Church pull the world and go." So it's difficult. Is it an easy task or is it a hard task? [Its a hard task] How hard is that? Everyone has to say "I, at least one, must sacrifice myself, mustn't I? I myself shall die and save the world." Everyone must. The Unification Church people must. You have to be like, "I shall lead the world myself in front of God. I have to do that for the world to make them follow God even by sacrificing myself. Day or night, for my whole life, I must go out and live until I die. That kind of conclusion gets made. Understand? [Yes]

Is believing in the Unification Church an easy way or a hard way? Which one is it? [Its a hard way] How hard is it? [Very] You have to block your ears. . . If the senses of the five sensory organs are all active, then they collide. You go like a dead person even though you are alive. The phrase "He who finds his life will lose it, and he who loses his life will find it," means that. (112-93)

How am I going to lead our Unification Church members in the future? Reverend Moon, who is speaking here, will tell you frankly. The way the Unification Church goes is really hard to follow, so you must tighten your belts really tight. You have to tighten it up so much with, out caring about pride. That's the way it is. In that way, well, you are not allowed to go around with good clothes on. If you are a family then you have to start from the tips of the housekeeper's toes. You have your housekeeper do a lot, right? "Hey, bring some water!" "Yes, your majesty." You must correct all that.

A new kind of concept must appear. We have to start from the tips of the toes of those who empty out outhouses. How far should we go from there? You train yourself from there, and how far do you go? We have to go through the course of trials which can make us to go up to the top of the world. Therefore after joining here once you know things, you can't help but go. (151-264)

Do you think you would have stayed if the way the Unification Church goes were easy? I mean the ugly people like you. You must know that. (102-40)

The way to find God is a hard way. It must be hard. Right? The hard way is the way to be blessed. Trying to take responsibility for hard things is the shortcut to being God's children. Reverend Moon has also tried physical labor, has had to borrow money to live, has been beaten by groups of people, and has been treated contemptuously. I have lived in the slums, and helped beggars. But that didn't make me a cheap person. (11-216)

3) The attitude of mind to have when going the heavenly way

A person who goes the true way as a member of the Unification Church, holds on to heaven and earth, and can't let go even if one tries to let go. A person who seeks the way of being God's children can't let go even if Reverend Moon of the Unification Church gives him a hard time. Also, in order to restore this world, God can't let go of Reverend Moon. If you hold hands then hold them tight. You must hold tight and complete this. Worldly people have to do that, too. (45-194)

With clenched teeth, you have to go up to the stage where you find that you can pledge to heaven and earth, "In God's name, I love him more than anyone else," about the person you cannot love. You have to try pledge in God's name that you will reach the place where you will be able to sincerely relate with a full heart to someone whom you can't relate to. (87-291)

You came voluntarily to this way of persecution which others don't know. You don't know for sure whether this way that you have started on will lead to ruin, but then again it probably won't, so don't throw away the determination of the first day you started going this way. The determination of that day. While going this way, there will be harsh storms and thorny paths. But you must know that along this way that you are looking to and going along there are traces of the blood of heaven. The way you are going, in the end is not a way that only you will go. For you it's a way that you are going for the first time, but God has gone that way billions of times. We must know that along the way there are traces of the blood that He shed. Abraham went that way, Noah went that way, Moses went that way, Jesus went that way, and lots of disciples went that way after Jesus, but you don't want to go that way? Then you must be punished after going to heaven.

To go that way you need a heart which desires to establish the heavenly tradition. As you take a step you should feel your ancestors' blood burning; when a thorn grazes your skin you must feel that the thorn that was scratching your ancestor's skin, that the thorn was scratching my body. Someone who goes this way is an individual of a period, but he isn't a person who ends in one era. He becomes a person who has gone with Father for six thousand years.

So everyone, even if you are imprisoned while you are going this way, I hope you will be a person who sheds awestruck tears. You should pray, "The fact that I, this person, who is a descendent of sinners, unworthy and who was on the way to destruction, can be in such a place of glory like this, on this way that you have been seeking, I thank you and am awe struck. I am in grateful awe that my dirty self can even put a foot on this foundation where many martyrs have shed holy blood." (10-210)

It's not because Reverend Moon orders, but you are going the way you must go. Hence you should say, "Thank you for teaching us, Reverend Moon" (27-299)

We, the Unification Church members, must go that way voluntarily. We should go voluntarily rather than God pushing us to go. Jesus was sorrowful because his disciples weren't responsible, so let's voluntarily be responsible. If you voluntarily leave your family, voluntarily leave your church, and voluntarily go away from your nation, then that becomes the front line for the Will. (36-337)

We have to go to the gate of the castle of heaven, but how do we find this? How do we find it? So, it's hopeless and desperate. Whenever, wherever if He says go, then you must go. You must go. He made it all like this but you don't want to go? Will you go crying, or go smiling? [Smiling] Will you go with a hopeless feeling or with hope? Which one? [With hope] Will you go without wanting it? Will you go by being forced, or voluntarily? [We will go voluntarily] You answer very well! To go there you must be brave. (106-45)

4) The Secret of Going the Heavenly Way

In the way of the restoration that our Unification Church is going, what is the main concept of it? It's the way following the sacrificial offering. You must know this. What is a sacrificial offering? The Bible says, "You shall love the Lord your God with all your heart, and with all your soul, and with all your mind." What does it mean by with all your heart, and with all your soul, and with all your mind? It's asking for your life. The conclusion is simple. It's asking for your life. It's loving God by giving your life. To give your life, don't give it after being forced, but give it with so much joy you seem crazy. (48-114)

We, who have started to go the original way that humankind must go after all, we must throw away everything and go. First we have to put aside material things, and then parents and children, that is to say our families, and then we must go the way such that we even lose our nations and the world. (3-61)

You don't become Unification Church members by listening to the Principle of the Unification Church. That kind of person can't even be ranked. What do you have to do to become a Unification Church member? You must go straight. Listen to the Principle and going straight you must reach all the things that you have to restore and work your way up. What do you have to do if you hear the Principle? You have to do activities and while you obey orders you should study Reverend Moon. Without going directly through the heart of Reverend Moon, you can't find the direct way to go in front of God. (25-97)

Wherever you are you have to go this way. When you go, will you go directly or go around? [Go directly] Anyone can go the way that goes around. That kind of way, you can go just by going, and no one bothers. But the direct way is the way of crucial moments. There is no time to wait in the direct way. (27-28)

In living life and living a life of faith, Reverend Moon himself has to walk the path that he can unite with centered on a certain standard. That is the absolute standard so he has to go to a place which is as absolute and serious as that. If that standard and that direction don't match, it's obvious that the Unification Church will not last long. Therefore, in our living environment, and in a historical period, if an individual doesn't unite centered on one standard, it's always the rule that he will be eliminated.

If a person named "A" was going along centered on a certain standard, but he doesn't unite with that standard and breaks down in the middle, and there is a person who can unite with that standard in a closer position, then he must give his position to that person. In this way it gets developed. Looking at things centered on the way our Unification Church is going, there must be a way for the individual to go. There must be a way that each individual must go as an individual.

And then there will be a certain standard of the Unification Church that a family must go. If one is a Unification Church family member, then as a family member, if it is a tribe then as a tribe, there will be a standard of the way that Unification Church members must go. Moreover, if there is a society that Unification Church members must establish, then there will be a never changing standard to go as a society, and there will be a never changing standard to go as a nation which the Unification Church members are hoping to make. There must be a nation which unites with that standard. There will have to be the ideal nation that the Unification Church dreams of, that is to say, the Kingdom of Heaven on the earth.

There will have to be an absolute standard that doesn't change with history, that is firm even though history changes, an absolute standard for the individual, family, tribe, people, nation, the world. Then, today, how do we have to go the way that we have to go as a member of the Unification Church? There will be an individual standard that the individual must go, which tells how the individual must live. The family will have a standard of the family that tells how the family should live. Or if it's a nation then there will be a standard for the nation.

When the standard of that world and the standard of God agree, wouldn't that be the unity of the completion of God's will and completion of humankind's will? Thinking about this kind of problem, as a member of the Unification Church, think about whether you are living a life that is united with the individual standard, and whether you are living a life that is united with the standard of the family, or whether you are living a life that is united with the standard of the tribe, or the standard to go as the people, the standard to go as a nation, the standard to go as the world. Which standard is your life united with? This kind of problem is a important problem for a believer. (45-160)

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