The Way for a True Child

by Rev. Sun Myung Moon

Section 3. Become One

1) Overview of the History of Restoration During the 40 Years After the liberation

Today it is August 16th, one day plus forty years since Korea was liberated. When we look back at the providence for restoration, we can say that Father had to indemnify the history of 4,000 years during this forty-year period. I had to suffer in order to re-indemnify the history of 4,000 years from Jacob through Jesus up to today. If Christianity had become one with the Unification Church right after the end of World War II, the world would have become one centering upon Christianity.

Such issues have existed since the problem of Cain and Abel. Cain was born first, and was the elder brother. However, the elder brother stood on the side of Satan and the younger brother stood on the side of God. Throughout the course of history, there has been constant struggle to change this relationship.

Unless Abel restores Cain, Parents cannot appear on this earth. Even if Parents appeared, there would be no attending of Parents. Therefore, in history whose purpose is for Abel to restore Cain, indemnity had to be paid through eight stages-individual, family, tribe, people, nation, world, cosmos and God.

In order to accomplish the Will of God in this providence, Christianity which spiritually stood on Abel's side, paid the price of shedding a lot of blood and lives, and subjugated Cain in the Satanic world. The culmination of this course was at the time of World War II.

Right after World War II, there came a time when Christianity, which was the realm of Abel, controlled the whole of Cain's world for the first time. In other words it was a time when the Christian cultural sphere had the privilege of controlling the whole world.

America, centering upon the Christian cultural sphere, should have established one world at that time; however, America and Christianity did not understand God's Will. Neither America nor Christianity knew how to solve the problems of this world or change this world into the one world desired by God. It was natural that they did not know this because it was intended that the Lord at the Second Advent, sent by God's Will, would teach them.

Christianity and America were like Abel and Cain. Through Christianity and America becoming completely one, Parents could be restored. According to the Principle, Adam and Eve are restored after Cain is restored through Abel. Adam and Eve cannot be restored first. Accordingly, in God's Providence, prior to Adam and Eve appearing in the position of Parents, Cain and Abel have to restore what was reversed by error, otherwise elder-sonship remains always on the side of Satan. (August 16, 1985)

Until today Christianity has opposed the Unification Church and all the nations centered upon the Christian cultural sphere -- America and other countries -- have opposed the Unification Church. Until now many religions and individuals all joined in opposing the Unification Church and me. Under this opposition, what has the Unification Church been doing? It has been restoring through indemnity the elder-sonship. This history of 4,000 years had to be indemnified in twenty years. By reducing to four years the period from 1960 to 1981, True Father established the indemnity conditions by 1976. Yet it has been postponed until today.

If at that time the president of the United States, the Japanese prime minister and the Korean president had united centering upon the United States, then the world-wide foundation would have been established on the standard that was restored centering upon Abel's sphere. However, the American president made mistakes and the Japanese prime minister and Korean president were not able to unite. Because of this, all ended in failure.

To restore all this, I have continued the fight over twelve years in America and through four generations of American presidents: Nixon, Ford, Carter, and Reagan. Going through the four presidents, Nixon, Ford, Carter, and Reagan and on to the standard of the fortieth president I have been fighting through the course of restoration through indemnity. Yet America and Christianity, who had the mission of fulfilling the elder-sonship, stood in the position of opposing me, and so I was driven into Danbury Prison. This situation continues even now. Four years ago, after we celebrated the fortieth anniversary of the liberation, Father was liberated. This is very significant. The number 44 is the number of completion. Centering upon that number we are now going on the way of the restoration through indemnity. (August 16, 1985)

2) Realization of the Kingdom of Heaven Centered on True Parents

Who is the Abel right now in the Unification family? It is I, Father. Also from the standpoint of the Unification Church itself, Blessed families are Abel to members who have not yet been Blessed. Therefore, we are supposed to become one logically. It is an amazing fact that we all learn the same Principle and attend the same True Parents. Therefore, without Parents there would be quarrels and fights. When we look at the fact in this way, we see that right now the order is reversed. In spite of the fact that Blessed families are supposed to take the Abel position toward non-Blessed members, if the families stand on Cain's side, non-Blessed members do not oppose them. They accept the situation. That is wrong.

Next, when we look at Blessed families of the Unification Church and at Father's family, which is Abel? Father's direct children are in the Abel position to Blessed families of the Unification Church. Other members of the Unification Church must unconditionally be obedient to the Blessed families; otherwise the content from the fall in the Garden of Eden cannot be indemnified. By the same token, the Blessed families and Blessed children must be absolutely obedient to Father's direct children centering upon the True Parents. The reason for that is that the Cain - Abel problem must be solved. Therefore, before I went to prison, I told Hyo Jin all those things. The question is, centering upon Father's family, who within the Unification Church is going to accomplish all these things?

Father is now sixty-five years old; therefore, even if I may be able to establish the traditional standard to some extent within my own generation, it is still difficult to restore the whole world completely. Therefore, historic providence still remains in order to solve problems by connecting with the second generation and a third generation. God is the first generation, Adam and Eve are the second and Cain and Abel are the third. Centering upon those three generations, a four-position foundation is established. By expanding the three stages, the four-position foundation is made. Looking at the three stages -- grandparents, parents and grandchildren -- it is the Principle that three generations live together within one family. Three generations always become the basis of the family.

Within the Unification family, if the members attend me as Parent, then the position of Father's children is the position of Abel and they stand in the position of the eldest children. From here starts the sphere of the eldest son. The sphere of eldest son is established from the position centering upon the True Parents. It cannot be established without True Parents.

Up until now it has been the sphere of Abel, and by expanding or extending Abel's sphere and restoring Cain's sphere, the historic way to receive the Messiah has been followed. However, now that the Parents who have accomplished the ideal of the Second Coming have appeared and restored through indemnity everything, the sons and daughters of parents on God's side must be equipped with the standard of restoration of eldest children and second eldest children.

If we look at Father's children as the eldest children or the eldest brothers, then people who join from this world through restoration become the second eldest children. They should be obedient. All they have to do is obey them. From now on, if only you believe and follow then the sphere of the eldest son and the sphere of the second eldest son will be established. Also, if only you follow the way of the eldest sons, then not only the Blessed families of the Unification Church but the second generation as a whole, will be established as Abel's sphere automatically. This means that you are going to enter into an age in which there is no need of restoration through indemnity.

For that reason it is possible, as never had happened in the historic course of Cain and Abel, for Father's eldest sons and daughters to form the sphere of eldest son, and for second generation children of the Unification Church to form the sphere of second eldest son horizontally. This is because the indemnity has been paid on all levels, individual, family, tribe, people, nation, world, and cosmos, through to the victorious foundation of Parents.

In this way, unless the sphere of the eldest son and the sphere of the second eldest son become one horizontally, it is impossible to realize the Kingdom of Heaven on Earth. That is the Principle. No matter how loudly we speak about the Kingdom of Heaven on Earth, it is impossible to realize it unless and until the spheres of the eldest son and the second eldest son are united. They have to be connected in the relationship of blood lineage with the Parents who have achieved victory centered upon God. Otherwise, Heaven is impossible, from the Principle point of view. Do you understand what I mean? (August 16, 1985)

3) True Children Unite First

Well, from now on you have to unite completely. In my family there are currently twelve sons and daughters, and from now on these children will have twelve families and will take responsibility for twelve tribes. No matter which tribe you belong to, you have to become leaders. From now on, I am going to organize worldwide tribes, so only by your becoming one can external tribes be organized.

Within your family from now on, you should never fight or quarrel. Until now you were ignorant, so you may be forgiven for fighting, but from now, you must not fight. You have to establish such a tradition that you never fight. Prior to the time when you become twelve years old you may fight, and prior to twelve years old you were forgiven even if you made mistakes. When the twelve families become completely one I will start organization of the tribes.

When all the Blessed families become one, then all must organize tribes -- tribe so and so, tribe so and so. The names of the tribes will come out. But I cannot give names without having the victorious territory of the nation and the world.

Therefore, you should know that well and become united strongly internally and united as the Blessed families of the Unification Church, and you must lead your own fathers and mothers of your families. You must lead even the True Parents. If you become able to say, "We'll do the work which the True Parents are doing so True Parents, please take a rest," then I will become able to give all the Blessing of God, which was given by God to the world. What it means is the external world is going to collapse gradually. It must happen that the external world collapses gradually and people will come to say, "We must become like the people who inherit the tradition of the Unification Church, who have the faith of the Unification Church and who are filled with the determination of the Unification Church." Naturally the world will pay attention to us. (August 16, 1985)

4) Construction of the Fatherland starts from the Unity of Children

Until today, the True Parents, centering on Cain and Abel in the process of history, have been searching for the standard of the restoration of the elder-sonship and have prepared the worldwide indemnity-course. Therefore, it is a blessing that the authority of the eldest son and the second eldest son can be connected on the world standard, centering upon the family of True Parents. That is a blessing. How much God and the True Parents have been longing for this day! How much has humanity been waiting for this day! Because of this I gave the motto "Creation and building of the Fatherland," centering upon the three-year period. Then, from where does this creation and building of the Fatherland start? It starts from the family. Until the position of the family is established, the nation cannot become one, the world cannot become one.

Today, by starting from the family, the dawn of the creation and the building of the Fatherland begin to shine. Now is the time of the newly ripened family. Externally, the time is ripe, in such a way as to fit the environment Father has been talking about. When you become completely one and the struggles between the eldest son and the second eldest son disappear, then the ideal of the Kingdom of Heaven on Earth is going to be realized centering upon the Unification family.

Therefore such a family church must be started. Do you understand? In order for the family church to start, such a family must be established. I have been teaching that the family church is the basis of the Kingdom of Heaven and the settlement of the Kingdom of Heaven, and this has to be accomplished. (August 16, 1985)

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