The Tribal Messiah

by Rev. Sun Myung Moon

Chapter 6 - The Restoration Of Kingship And Registration In The Hometown (Part 2)

4. The Restoration Of Kingship And The Tribal Messiah

1) Time of Establishment

Originally, when Adam becomes perfect, then the father of heaven would be perfect, and when Eve becomes perfect, then the mother of heaven would be perfect, so that as they became the masters of the family, the kingship of the heavenly kingdom on the family level would be born. Therefore, Adam and Eve were to be kings on the individual level, on the family level, tribal level, people level, national level and world level. Because now the time has come when we can step beyond the national level, we can establish the kingship of the heavenly world after going beyond all the satanic kingships. This date is March 27, 1990. Consequently, the world will move according to Rev. Moon's guidance. (1990.3.27 Belvedere)

2) The Reason the Establishment of the Restoration of Kingship Is Possible

What is the first task before us? It is to stand on the side of God. What is next? Families must stand on the side of God. When this is done, the areas of the world will all become linked together centering on True Parents. According to the content necessary for restoration, first, the restoration of the realm of brothers has been completed and, second, the restoration of the realm of parents has been completed. Third, is the restoration of kingship.

Can the homelands be one? Where is the original homeland? Although the original homeland is the place of my birth, the homelands of all the tribes cannot be that land of Chung-Chu (the birthplace of Father in North Korea). They are the places where each of you was born. Do you understand? Although homelands are different and Satan has been governing over them, when God-centered parents are born in your homeland that place will become like the Garden of Eden. After that, your descendants who are born in the original garden that has not fallen will expand out towards the world. Centering on this perpendicular line, centering on my family, you will all become linked and tied together as one. You must love the vertical line more than your own family. Because True Parents represent the vertical direction, you must love them first, and then you can love your own family. If you do this, then Satan cannot conquer you. The restoration of kingship becomes possible as this becomes accomplished. (1990.3.27 Belvedere)

3) The Tribal Messiah and Kingship

The Unification Church is a religion. Religion seeks the path to eternity. The eternal God created men as the objects of His love. Eternal love wants the object of love to become better than itself. This is just like people wanting their children to become better than them. This nature comes from God's nature. Therefore, the value of man and woman is as the objects of love who can become even better than God. From this eternal love, the theory of eternity comes naturally, and we are to pave the way of eternity. We must erect the domain on the family level, tribal level, society and national level that can be welcome in the eternal world.

A true world cannot exist before a blessed family. Was there a world before Adam? The only thing that existed was the family that he was governing and attendance to God. It is the same thing. You must be rid of all the habits centering on this wicked and evil world. The restoration of the parental realm comes after having become liberated and able to sincerely inherit the original right of the eldest son with pride. The realm of parents can be restored only after passing through the realm of the eldest son, building a family and having children. The parental realm had been lost.

You are destined to damnation if you do not understand the value of the heavenly blessing that can establish your birthplace as the original hometown by restoring the parental realm centering on the tribal messiahs. I am not talking to you as though I am just some stranger speaking casually as I walk past you. I am saying these things with the authority of the head of a family and nation, and as the central being of Heaven and earth, utilizing my spiritual sensitivity.

The kingship and nation are to become connected with the tribal messiah functioning as an axis. I have already laid all the foundation for the nation and the world. I am standing on the perpendicular position, connecting the horizontal and the vertical lines. You are the individual in the formation stage, the family in the growth stage, and the tribe in the completion stage who are to make the connections centering on the four directions. Based on this, you are to center it on the national foundation. (1989.10.17 Hannam-dong House)

Your parents are in the position of fallen Adam and Eve. By making your father the head of the clan, representing the position of Adam, you as tribal messiah will fulfill your responsibility and gain the privilege to participate in the realm of direct dominion. Because the victorious condition of having indemnified the individual, family, clan and racial levels of the satanic world in this reverse order was achieved through me, you should serve me absolutely to become one with me and then become a part of Adam's family. You have to become a part of Adam's family. Do you understand?

The individual Adam has the position of God's son, and those who have become the sons should become the masters and kings of their families and kings and center of the tribe. . . . This is how it should be. Even when he enters the spirit world, Adam is supposed to be the king of the spirit world. Adam is the one who can claim the kingship. In this way, the kingship is established on the individual level, on the family level, on the tribal level, on the societal level, and on the national level. . . . All that Adam has lost, from the individual level to the world level kingship, I have won back through my accomplishment on the worldwide level. Because I have already taken it all back from the satanic world and in the spirit world, as long as you link up your family and tribe to my accomplishment, the nation and world will naturally be connected.

For this reason, the unified nation will come to exist. This is not done in the old-fashioned, primitive ways. The unified world cannot come to exist unless God and Satan come to an agreement in their conference and arrive at a single conclusion. (1989.10.3 Little Angels Performing Arts Center)

5. The Formation Of The Tribe

1) The Blessing is the Formation of the Tribe

If a radio or television station was to ask, as part of a quiz, who is the person that has been cursed most in history, people will immediately answer that it is Rev. Moon. The station will agree that this is the correct answer. For whose sake did I endure this cursing? Was it for Rev. Moon? Who was it for? Was it for the sake of the Unification Church? No. Was I enduring the cursing for the sake of Korea? No. It was for God; it was only for God.

If God says, "I will give the award of filial piety to my most filial son, Rev. Moon, even if everyone in the world does not like that," Buddha of Buddhism or Confucius of Confucianism of the past cannot object to it. Why? Because that is how it is in reality. Who is the person that has striven the most to become the filial son that God is looking for and to build the clan that God wants in this historical era? The Unification Church performed mass weddings in order to form the tribes that God wants. People in the secular world denigrate the mass weddings saying, "Oh, no, we have a wicked and worthless phenomena taking place here. Mass weddings are simply intolerable. Korea has always been the Eastern nation of rituals and manners, so how can we allow this mass wedding?" You do not how much persecution I have received. (1988.1.31 Headquarters Church)

2) Tribal Messiah and the Restoration of the Tribe

This is the time that we are crossing the 38th Parallel. When climbing over the huge Himalayan mountains, it is no use to climb the mountain right before you if you cannot ultimately conquer the highest peak. This the time that we are climbing over the highest mountain. As soon as we are able to climb over it, then big changes will take place in the nation. This cannot be conquered just anytime. If we lose the right opportunity, we cannot make it over the mountain. The same is for the leaders of Christianity. This is the time to climb over. Accordingly, since the wind is blowing now, this is the time to lay the foundation.

Why am I sending you to your hometown? You are supposed to climb over the mountain together with your parents. Do you understand? [Yes.] This is love. The unified tribe will be formed physically and spiritually only when you go to your hometown to move the people with the help of the ancestors. (1988.7.22 Hannam-dong House)

When we talk about our tribe, how many couples have I blessed so far? It's about 21,000 families. Dispatching the 21,000 families into the world is done from the position that represents the one Jesus would have had if he had attained unity with Judaism and the nation of Israel and thus had stood on a foundation to win victory. Do you understand what I am saying?

I have come back now after traveling all over the world. How far did I come? How far? To South Korea, right? Since I came all the way to South Korea, all the Unification Church members in South Korea should return to their hometowns. You are to return to your tribes.

A tree may look the same as another, but the seeds are different. Although all trees are green, their seeds are all different. Their tribes are all different. What I am saying is that there is no true seed. There is no true seed of love. Centering on your father and mother, the families of your older brother and sister must completely transform into the families of the Unification Church. This is the only way to settle down. It is not enough for them to become members of the Unification Church. The whole family has to go back to the hometown and implant its roots firmly. (1989.2.5 Headquarters Church)

Even in the ideal world of God, what does an individual seek after his or her perfection? He or she must attain the perfection of a family. What is to be done after the perfection of family? We are not promoting families as the most important final unit. The perfection of the tribe must also be undertaken. God said to become fruitful and then multiply, right? You must possess a clan. A family has to establish the tradition of a tribe. A tribe must establish the tradition of a people. (1989.2.5 Headquarters Church)

3) Tribal Messiah and the Formation of a Tribe

Haven't I laid the worldwide foundation through my words? I have been doing this day and night 24 hours a day without sleeping and eating. When you can exert yourself like that for the sake of the restoration of your clan, then your family and relatives will serve you as their ancestor of ancestors. They will donate all their assets, asking you to connect all of their wealth with the benefit of the nation.

You have to implant the root deep from the position of loving the homeland more than anyone, loving the people there more than anyone, and loving your children more than anyone. You must understand clearly that this is the mission of the tribal messiah that has been left unaccomplished. You would be wandering around aimlessly without the national and worldwide course of indemnity that I have pioneered; but now on this foundation you can return to your clan and restore it.

As you mingle with the families of the same clan, you are to become their parents. Only after linking themselves to you in the position of the parent of your family and tribe can they start out fresh to reach the national and world levels and return to the heavenly world.

When the restoration of the tribe is completed, then the era of the formation of faiths will come. Do you understand? If Korea becomes united now, new tribes will be formed in the name of God. Jesus could not form tribes centering on the twelve disciples. (1989.2.5 Headquarters Church)

4) Household of God

After you return to your hometown, you are to become the eternal ancestors by implanting the root of the foundation for your family in your hometown centering on the original love that Adam and Eve should have brought to explode throughout the world. [Amen!] Then, if you are the descendant of ten generations in the tribe, it will be reversed, and you will become the ancestor of those ten generations. Heaven and earth will be turned upside down. This is what the calamity is. Heaven and earth will become earth and Heaven. Hell is to become heaven.

I am going to come visit you sometime. When I come, how are you to serve me? Should the village welcome me or tell me not to come? [They should welcome you.] From where? [From the hometown.] The government should pave the road . . . and cover it with what? With gold. You should cover the road with gold and lead me into the house that you love the most. I will not go anywhere else. God wants to dwell in the place that your ancestors, your grandchildren, you and your parents were born. Then what would make you worry? This is the foundation that you should lay.

Originally, after you go back to your hometown, you are to build a temple in the village. You should do it with the attitude, "I will lead God to the town as He comes to the county, and I'll lead Him to my house as He comes to the town." Having assisted Him into your house, you are to show Him to the place where you were born. After that, you should create the environment in which you can serve True Parents with a level of happiness that is greater than when a son is just born and the whole village is immersed in a celebration; only after that will the descendants who live in that environment become the household of God.

Do you know what the household of Heaven is? It is becoming part of the same group. Do you want to return to your hometown? [We want to return.] When you go back, are you going to go back as a dwarf or what? Did I come back to Korea as a dwarf? What did I bring with me? Didn't Jacob bring back with him all the blessings that he had received from heaven for 21 years? What is the gift that you can take with you after having been blessed? There is nothing else. All you have to take with you is true love. Do you understand? [Yes.] What is the most precious thing among all the gifts of blessing? There is one gift which the universe and history have been longing for until today, and one cannot forget this gift forever once one receives it. This gift is called true love. (1986.6. 1. Headquarters Church)

5) One Who Is Qualified to Form a Tribe

If you do not possess a heavenly family and heavenly clan, if you cannot participate in the realm of the heavenly tribe, then you cannot enter that faith. You will be left out. (1985.8.16 East Garden)

Should the Unification Church members go back to their hometown or not? [We should return.] All of you must return. You must pack up and go back to your hometown.

Only after you return and, centering on the church, consolidate your foundation will the time come when you can pave the way and serve the new nation. Without this foundation, you cannot prepare the base to make a contribution historically and be linked to the nation and the center.

Next, if all your relatives and the people from your village join the movement centering on you and your family, then Satan cannot have dominion over Cain and Abet on the family level. He cannot do it. This is the message that you must convey clearly.

Since we have come upon such a time, in other words because it is the time of the restoration of Canaan on the family level, we must restore Canaan. Having done that you must form tribes. In this way the twelve tribes must be created in the world. Those who do not have this foundation will be ruined. You will leave and fade away. (1989.2.5 Hannam-dong House)

6. Hometown Providence And Registering In The Original Hometown

1) Registration

When I say, "You should return to your original hometown in order to register," do you know what I mean by register? When a bride marries a bridegroom, she has to enter her name in her husband's family roster. She must cross her name out of her original family roster and move it to some other place.

Everyone living on this earth has a hometown. After one is born, one is immediately registered in one's nation. Regardless of which town, district or region within the nation in which one is born, one must register under that nation. This registration becomes the proof that one is a son of the parents in that house and a citizen of that nation. As long as that nation and those parents exist, the registered child cannot be taken off the roster.

The Unification Church is a religious organization. Therefore, we must seek a nation where we can dwell as a religious organization. We do not yet have a nation that we have established or can register in. We have to seek such a nation and register in it. Why do we need religion on earth today? It is because we could not register in our original homeland. From God's point of view, these people are not the citizens of God. They are not people who have a relationship with the original homeland and are registered there.

As God sees it, the homelands that men are born in today belong to the enemy. The homeland within that kind of nation is not a place where God can have dominion and be happy. This is the problem. For this reason, we have to return to a level higher than that of the religions today.

Today, we were all born in a period in history and registered in our homeland, but that registration has nothing to do with God. We have a nation that we have registered in, but that nation has nothing to do with God. We come to the conclusion that although there are many nations like this, they all have no relationship with God and the earth itself has nothing to do with God. (1988.5.22 Headquarters Church)

2) The Advent of the Period for Registration

As the spring dawns upon the earth and the fresh green leaves of tribal messiahs sprout everywhere, the spirit world of that nation will come to our side. The time of registration centering on heaven will come. They say that twelve tribes and 144,000 will enter. Do you know what the number 144,000 signifies? The time of registration is approaching. Centering on the time of the unification of North and South Korea, we must head toward the era of registration. Your tribe must all stand in the same position in order to register as citizens of the heavenly kingdom.

I am not talking about individuals. Do you understand? The time of individual salvation will pass behind us. In the future, as long as the president of a nation joins the church and makes the pledge, the people will also become a part of the heavenly household, and as long as they perform the ceremonies that the church sets forth, they can all escape from the satanic world. (1991.8.25 Headquarters Church)

3) The Requirement for Registration

What position are the people in this world standing in? They are caught between good and evil. If they did not fall originally, they would have been good. They were supposed to be only good. They have to be born as good. However, although they received life and were born, they could not complete the principled process of growth because of the origin of their birth. You have to understand that they did not bring consummation to this matter. An imperfect work still has a long way left to go toward perfection.

Even though something is eighty percent completed, the remaining twenty percent might stand as the subject and thus negate the value of the eighty percent. As we look at it from the perspective that desires one hundred percent perfection, something that is only 95 percent perfect still cannot enter the position of perfection. Consequently, it will also fall under the desired standard.

A creation made by the absolute being, God, has to be absolutely perfect. If something has attained absolute perfection, no one can criticize or correct it. It must be absolute. For something to be treated by the absolute subject as its object, it must also possess absolute character. It makes sense theoretically only when it possesses such absolute content. This is the problem.

So, how are people born? Before registering, what must be done to be born as an absolute being? Without knowing this clearly, one cannot enter the position where one can represent absolute perfection, a position where, having won all victories, one can assert one's subjectivity before God. (1988.5.22 Headquarters Church)

In the future when the Unification Church is welcomed by the nation, then the time of registration will come. You must register. If the 36 blessed couples want to register, then they must have a better standard and a more genuine motivation in their hearts than Jesus. Otherwise, they cannot register. Under this principle, the 72 blessed couples also cannot register. Without abiding by this principle, they cannot register. Incredible things will happen. (1972.6.13 Kwang Ju Church)

After persevering on to eliminate all the sorrowful results of the fall and become victorious children who can guide all nations with love, you should worship God and True Parents in your bedroom; then the registration process will automatically come to an end. From that moment on, the Kingdom of Heaven will continue on forever. (1988.5.22 Headquarters Church)

4) Hometown Providence and Registration

In the future when our ancestors shout out from the same position as us, there must no longer be any wicked opposition forces in the southern and northern parts of Korea. In order to bring resolution to this matter, I told you to return to your hometown as part of a pacification campaign to bring about the unification of North and South Korea.

Upon your arrival in your hometown, if the patriots and heroes come and cry out that the ancestor of all patriots and heroes has come, then your ancestors, representing the angelic world and the spirit world who could not serve true ancestors of men, will also come and protect and assist you. As you indemnify all that the archangel could not fulfill, the dwelling place of God's love will be fixed upon the earth vertically and horizontally, and as a result, you will be able to inherit the position of a true ancestor and erect that firmly on this earth. The fact that this kind of time has come is unprecedented in history. You have to know that it is such a precious time; such things did not take place in the past nor will they in the future.

Why did I tell all of you to return to your hometown at this time? Since I gave you all the things that I have indemnified worldwide, you should take this foundation and seek out the original position of Adam and Eve; and after settling down you should inherit the position of an ancestor from which you can govern over all the lives which will be born for tens of thousands of years to come. You must understand that this is the time when you are bestowed with the special right to inherit such a position.

If you can shed more sweat and blood than that which the patriots and heroes have shed in your hometown, then in the spirit world, your ancestors will raise both of their hands high and praise you, saying "Our victorious ancestor has come." By making a foundation for this to take place, you are restoring through indemnity the situation in which the spirit world could not welcome Adam. This is the road that still remains before us. When this is achieved, in addition to the loud cry of acclaim from your people, God will also recognize that you have set the condition to stand in the position of parents by displaying such heart, and as a consequence your registration process will begin. (1988.5.22 Headquarters Church)

This is the last fight. Together with your family members, you have to restore the tribe. Didn't I tell you to go and live in villages? You have to enlist the support of your family members as you move and reach out. You are truly blessed people. (1988.2.24 Hannam-dong House)

Those members who have received the blessing in the Unification Church just need to introduce me as you host a party for each clan. You should proclaim who I am, saying, "He is the person who is the center of our nation and our world, and he is the ancestor of ancestors." If people do not object but agree, "You are right. That is true," then starting from that nation, the new era of registration for the heavenly kingdom will be opened.

Registration cannot be undertaken by the clan, but by the people. The reason that we are restoring tribes is that by forming the twelve tribes, we can create the sovereignty of a nation, a foundation of national sovereignty in the original homeland. Therefore, according to the amount of effort that you put in and the amount of contribution that you make in forming the tribes . . . [you can contribute to establishing the Kingdom of Heaven on earth.] We are to enter the competitive period of the Unification Church centering on the clans spread out worldwide. (1989.2.5 Headquarters Church)

When we talk about the tribal messiah in the Unification Church today, we are talking about sowing the seed of the true clan. The seeds were sown wrongly. Those blessed couples who did not take part in the mobilization will be crossed out. They cannot be registered.

We are to register in the future. When North and South Korea become united, those Unification Church families of the world, all those among the blessed families who have taken a part in the normal activities, will go beyond the tribe and be registered. (1990.1.14 Headquarters Church)

If you do not return to your hometown at this time, even blessed families will have a difficult time. Without participating in this, it is impossible to register you when we are forming tribes in the future; you have to understand this fact. Why is this so? The ones that we are supposed to save in spirit world are those who have gone to the front line. We are to save those who have passed away. (1989.2.5 Hannam-dong House)

5) Registration of the Original Hometown and the Kingdom of Heaven

When you go back to your true hometown, you are to become the head of the tribe of 10,000 nations. Do you understand? The twelve tribes are to become seventy, next 120 followers, and then form a race and a nation. This will move everyone right into the Kingdom of God just as it is. For this reason heaven is being manifested on the earth and in Heaven. Because of who? It is because of the vertical True Father, because of the True Father centered on true love, because of the horizontal True Father centered on God. Sons and daughters born on account of true love can enter Heaven because they have inherited on earth the right to participate in the same place with God. (1988.5.20 Dae Gu Church)

From now on you are to go back to your hometown and initiate the fight to expand the foundation among your relatives and create a good environment centering on yourself. There will be competitions.

Accordingly, regardless of which tribe you belong to, you should contribute toward the formation of tribes together with the root that you have implanted in your hometown. There will come a time when registration into the main roster will begin, and which of the north, south, east or west branches one belongs to will have to be determined. The question is: after registering in this world, your family members are to go to Heaven or to the original hometown? You have to know that you are going in exile. (1989.4.6 World Mission Center)

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