Earthly Life And Spirit World II

Section 2. Relationship Between People On Earth And Spirits

1. People On Earth And Spirit

This world is the world of devils. We must restore it. You don't know when you will die, right? Everybody dies. Heavenly kingdom on earth will not be established unless we prepare a foundation on the earth through which we can move between physical and spiritual worlds, beyond the limitation of death. Without the heavenly kingdom on earth, there will be no heavenly kingdom in spirit world. You should arrange things in such a way that after you go to the spiritual world, you can come back to the physical world at will. Only then can we live in the heavenly kingdom on earth, and create the heavenly kingdom in heaven.

After you go to the spiritual world, you should be able to come back. Without establishing the heavenly kingdom on earth, you cannot comeback there, however. This is not a vain thought. It just happens this way, OK? We should work on it in eternity. Ancestors, when they go to the spiritual world, are found guilty. Unable to find their way in the spiritual world, they come to the physical world and pay indemnity again. But you should not follow the same steps. If the Divine Principle is true, you are all blameworthy. What would you do? (146-223)

There is a high wall blocking the path of religion and way of the world. How can unbelievers harmonize themselves with the faithful, and how can believers find harmony among themselves in the last days? Without resolving this problem, mankind will be divided in two and fail to enter the new unified world. If the divided parts enter the unified world, this is not acceptable for the absolute God. So they cannot arrive at God's ideal world, which must be one. For this reason, the problem is not the complicated world affairs, but how I can find the self that can unify the mind and body and leap towards the goal. This problem remains, do you understand?

Considering that unification of religion and world must come from my self, the question is what the Unification Church is trying to do today. The Unification Church is not just working for religion. The Unification Church should achieve solidarity with the world, finding ways in which the religious foundation can cooperate with the social foundation, and also ways in which the world can seek the religious path, thereby bringing the two into oneness. There is a big wall here, though. In bringing religion and society together, the wall stands blocking individual, family, nation, country, world, and even spiritual world. You should know this.

So how can we demolish this wall? Where did the trouble start? Not from the world, but from the individual. What happened as a result of the individual going out of order? Mind and body came apart and pursued their own separate purposes. Then what is the problem here? It is how to converge different purposes into one, and then how to bring mind and body into one.

God and Satan are at work. God is leading the providence of salvation for the mankind, and Satan is working in opposition to God. God, on the side of goodness, is advancing daily towards the purpose of the ideal world, and Satan is opposing it and trying to turn it back. At one border line and wall, God says, "Do not go over the wall. Turn to the right.", and Satan says, "turn to the left". This is how we are divided. On the worldwide level, the rightward pursuit resulted in the Right Wing, and leftward movement the Left Wing. Now we are faced with the historical age of the Last Days for the Right Wing and Left Wing. Right and Left Wing represent the struggle of mind and body.

The question is how to bring this into one. Is it through the unity of world, country, tribe, family that the individual is united? The beginning should be made from an individual. So putting aside the world for a while, we should make a movement of uniting individuals. With religion and reality connected, we should discover the "self' that neither of them can deny.

The problem here, however, is that evil spirits are dominating the body. Evil spirits are rooted in my body, and good spirits are rooted in my mind. This way the division of materialism and idealism comes. As the time comes, sinners should confess their sins. Unity among people on earth is influenced by the confrontation of good and evil spirits. Good and evil spirits are fighting on the worldwide level, although we do not feel that we are a part of it.

2. The Position Of Spirits In The Spiritual World

Today, there are four billion people living on earth, and yet in the spiritual world there are hundreds of billions of souls. So the question is how the physical world and the subject spiritual world are connected. Are they connected through those which we consider valuable in the physical world, such as material, power structure, or knowledge? It cannot be so. It is because the other world transcends material and knowledge. It transcends time and space so that yesterday's joy can be that of today, and today's joy can be that of tomorrow.

Hence, we can see that the original world is not moved by what we need and the value of the physical human world. What is the center of value in the spiritual world? This is important. Each of the spirits belongs to societies of the spiritual world. Like the physical world, spiritual world also has families, tribes, countries, and world. Everyone, no matter who he is, will go to and live in the spiritual world. Think about it. All kinds of people are there, primitive or civilized, who have lived in human history.

If the human history has not been a history of peace, happiness, and ideal, what will happen when they go to the spiritual world? This is curious. How are they to be treated? One cannot change his lifestyle so quickly in the other world. There is a saying that the habit of a three year old continues until he turns eighty. Inborn personality is hard to change. So are spirits very different from the way we live? It cannot be so. The lifestyle on the earth is transferred to the other world. After all, those living in the spiritual world used to be souls of living individuals. So spiritual world is not so different from this world where we live. (141-268)

There are many kinds of histories in the spiritual world. But spirits cannot come here and work as they wish. They are blocked from it. Unless a bridge is built through religion, only few special people can return to the earth. Suppose that factions are created in Judaism, and the point of connection moves here and there, creating a confusion. Spirits are trying to come down from the spiritual world, but the connecting line is not straight; when different factions of Judaism make their own spiritual conditions, the line of connection moves here and there. From the spiritual world, only those who are connected through a straight line can come down for a returning resurrection. Those who are connected on the physical world will go to the spiritual world after one century. If he wants to come down, he has to follow the same principle, and yet only few special ones can come down.

This way, walls become more and more numerous in the spiritual world, and it becomes more and more complicated. Afterwards, the entire generation goes to the spiritual world, and walls become bigger and bigger. Now is a global age. Imagine how complicated it must be. Think how many times you must turn around and around in order to find this. So when the time comes, the walls must be brought down. In the spiritual world, let us create the main road, through which spirits can come down. Those who went this way cannot come here, do you understand? So this is what the Unification Church will do. (102-29)

Those who went to the spiritual world are all divided. . . . In the spiritual world there is no horizontal communication, but only certain vertical communication. (218-125)

3. Spirits Are More Numerous Than People On Earth

Ladies and gentlemen, do you know how big the spiritual world is? Have you ever imagined what the population of the spiritual world would be? According to a spiritualist, there are about 3320 spirits for each living person. (laughter) If this number is all on our side, will we win or lose the fight against the world? Do those spirits fear atomic bombs or cannons? [They do not.]

Likewise, if you do not fear bullets or atomic bombs, you will never lose. (laughter) You will surely win. You have to transcend it. When you oppose this, I will let you go. I will jump all the way to the back, and after you all go away, I will lock the door and claim the ownership. (laughter) After everyone leaves, I will lock the door. You should know that I have been fighting with such thought.

4. Wandering Spirits

Those who are more pitiful than starving people are those who deny God. For those who are starving are still not beyond the standard and will be granted a certain level in the other world, and yet those atheists have no standing because they deny spiritual world. They wander around in the spiritual world like clouds. They become wandering spirits. just as clouds gather up and produce rain, they get together and create evil influence. They all go to hell and inflict pains on the hell. Although I know all this clearly, I have to save them, and this is why I am doing this.

Next, those who die are a problem. Now, sixty thousand people in one day and twenty million people in one year die out of hunger around the world. When the parents, brothers and sisters, and children of the dying see them, their hearts are torn with pain and filled with tears. If so called True Parents do not sympathize with them and prepare for their rescue, they will be accused by their contemporaries.

So with these thoughts in mind, I am trying to pave the way of solving the problem of world hunger through fish and ocean businesses. Although we have to suffer over and over, the Unification Church wants to stay closest to the problem and find the way, and for this purpose we are making worldwide advertisements. This is why we made a TV center in Washington DC. We will also do fundraising for this.

Considering that people do not live longer than one hundred years, out of five billion people, fifty million go to the spiritual world each year -- to the hell. What can we do about this? God wants to harvest to His side what Satan has sewn, but the longer it takes. . . So far, for the last forty years, how many have gone to hell? Several billion. This is serious. When I go to the spiritual world, and they say, "When you were alive on earth, you did not do your responsibility for us, did you?" Then how am I supposed to reply to them? We should at least do it in thought. When we talk to the members at least in thought, and move on with the determination to take the responsibility for the future, they will say, "You are an amazing person. You had a concern for us." (213-355)

5. Discrimination Of Spirits Is Done By The Mind

Let me tell you one thing. No ordinary people in the world would know the taste of water which you drink after working with sweat with a serious heart. How is the taste? It cannot be even compared with cola or honey water. It has a different taste every time you drink it. Do you understand me? You should be able to discover such things; otherwise, you cannot develop spiritual sensitivity. If you can feel such things, your ears will become very sensitive and be able to hear what is being said from far away. You will be able to analyze things. Even with closed eyes, you will be able to perceive who is passing by and whether he is a good or bad person. Spiritual sense will come to you.

Without understanding this, you cannot discriminate between good and evil spirits. You should know this. You know not by seeing but through the mind. The mind's eyes are at a higher level than your physical eyes. Do you understand?

Why am I telling you this? It is because you have a long way ahead. You should know this. Do not be over-confident. This is why it says in the Bible, "Blessed are those whose hearts are poor, for they will receive all." It is the same principle; it all connects together. (96-170)

6. Value Of Life On The Earth

We know that for thousands of years countless people have been accusing Adam and Eve. Now you are becoming new ancestors. Will you be ancestors who will be accused by the descendants or ancestors of Blessing, who will be glorified? You are standing on the cross road between the two. Adam and Eve are accused because they failed to stand in the public position; surely, they would be free from accusation today if they had followed a sacrificial and more public path. You should know that you are standing in such a place. You should always be thinking that you are representing three ages.

For this reason, we should know that the spiritual world is in my hand and that your ancestors are at your mercy. When I follow, this happens. (father writes on the board) If we gather everything that is hanging here, put the two together, and lead it, they will come running. We should do the mission of past, present, and future. This is not just words but reality. So everything is in my hands; spiritual world, relatives, country, and even the task of setting the right tradition for the descendants. You should always keep this in mind. Whether you do it well or not will determine whether your ancestors and relatives will be liberated and whether your descendants can be decided as chosen people of liberation. (56-76)

God has been trying to hit the target for six thousand years, and yet without a success; after trying for tens of thousands of years, He finally hit the target. (applause) The time of the strike was when God was most tired and exhausted. At this moment, however, would God doze off or stay powerless? When God was so exhausted and sleepy, He perked up and shot again with a clear mind. After the shooting, would He fall down with fatigue? [He will be happy.] Forgetting about keeping up His reputation, God would exclaim "Wow" with joy. (cheering applause)

How amazed would spiritual world be? How amazed the angelic world be, saying, "Gee, the archangel's mistake put God in trouble, and now spiritual world has been wishing for the target to be hit for tens of thousands of years, and if this target is actually struck, what would they say? "Wow." Think about it, if things will happen like this or not.

If there is such a wonderful place, would people all over the world try to come in or not, even if the entrance fee may be ten thousand dollars? [They would.] Suppose all kinds of people have been coming in there without being able to see the moment of the strike, and finally a beggar comes in with begged and borrowed money and witnesses God striking the target. What would the beggar do? Would he start dancing there or not? [He will dance.]

Then, God would be excited and become proud. Wouldn't he say, "Oh, it is hit, it is hit. Is there anyone around?" When God sees this beggar then, would He say, "You, damn beggar", or dance around with him? So after the day of meeting, how would God walk? This way? (Father demonstrates and laughs) Would he say, "Why is this Fifth Avenue so narrow!" or "Oh, the road is quite wide"? Think about it. Would things happen like this or not? [They would.]

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