Earthly Life And Spirit World II

Section 4. The Spirit World And Ourselves

1. Our Attitude In Front Of Spirit World

To those of us who are in the pioneering age, a Korean robe is rather uncomfortable to put on. For that reason, at times you might worship God, only wearing underwear. Isn't this right? In the battlefield, it is all right, even if you are wearing a panty. When you are fighting in the battlefield, in the midst of fighting with a gun, would you care about wearing a uniform? Especially, if you are in the most fierce battle. If you might have to die, will it be necessary for you to wear many layers of clothes? What? When you are fighting, are you only wearing a panty? At least, it will keep you cool. (laughter) Will it be a crime? They might say that it violates military rules. But they cannot say no from the strategic viewpoint. (31-204)

We'd better try until death. Let us be willing to die. When we die, we should die well. Then, after death, we come back to life. But dying well is our responsibility and reviving us is God's. If God breaks His promise to revive us, God will be the one who did not execute His own word.

When I die, if God does not keep His promise to revive me, would He leave me alone, abandoned? No. He would have to pay me back some other way several hundreds times better. Such is the formula, isn't that right? I was asked to die, and I did so because He promised me that He would resurrect me. Nevertheless, if He did not keep his own word, He would have to pay me back with even a better value because of it. In such a case, for the price of my own death as an individual, I could say, "Save my own country." Or I could ask for the salvation of the world. For that purpose, God could tell me a lie and drive me to the way of death. (44-255)

When you are faced with death, you should not try to escape from it. If you are willing to transcend the death of an individual, fighting a historical death, even if you die, you will be able to be resurrected at the time of historical resurrection. For this reason, a wise person is the one who fights desperately at the risk of his or her life, when faced with death. The wise person is willing to fiercely fight back and stick out his or her neck.

If an individual is willing to go a path of indemnity at the risk of his or her own life, and a family is doing the same, that family will come to possess a palace of the world. Do you understand what I mean? (31-171)

2. Father And Us

As I am trying to make you a son or a daughter with a qualification of going to the free world without walls or barriers when you go to spirit world, how grateful you should be for it. It is possible if you live according to my words. Since there is no boundary in the spirit world, the territory of the spirit world is endless. Yet wherever you go, all the spirit people whom you come to meet would say, "When you were a leader of such and such place, I cooperated with you." They are all your friends. They become your comrades in the same era. (162-114)

If you go to the spirit world, such things will take place. Whether you like it or not, such things take place between you and me. Would it not be so? There can be many incidents where you could not resolve certain matters for this or for that reason, and thus you are accused for a certain condition, without being able to go over a borderline where Father could go. (122-19)

What is one thing that Father is concerned about? Among you, after I die, how many people will be willing to love Unification Church members, centered on the people who love God, and before Father who desired to love God so much, but who had to leave, not being able to love Him enough. How many people will be able to weep with the same heart of Father.

If all of you can do it, when I die, as you are climbing up the mountains and passing through rivers, your passion for the love of God will be able to turn upside down the origin of history, change the current of history, and magnificently expand God's territory, despite the evil environment. Then even if I become a handful of dirt in the mountains and rivers, I will praise God in joy and pray for the glory and victories of God forever. (22-108)

When you go to spirit world, even if you see me and say, "Father, didn't I see you at Chung Pa Dong church?" I will see you only with the glasses of the Principle. Do you understand? Father will see you with the glasses of the Principle with which he had been walking in his course of life. By so doing, if you are fit to that standard, you will be admitted, but if not, you will not be. (23-203)

Father is now famous. Father accomplished a lot and is now standing on the glorious foundation, but he desires to leave, after inheriting to you all of the foundation, all who were brought to me in the relationships of love. He wants to inherit what belongs to Him to you as yours. He wants to leave everything to the people who inherited the foundation that He loved all humanity, parents, and heaven with true love that resembles Him. It is an inheritance for one hundred percent.

Well, when they come to spirit world, who will they look for at once? They will look for True Parents. Then, I will bequeath all of my possessions to them as I did on the earthly plane. How amazing it is! Due to true love, since everything could be inherited from God, you must understand that with true love, True Parents want to bequeath everything to their children. It is the same for me. Centered on true love, Father was given everything, including spirit world, but He also desires to bequeath everything to His children centered on true love. Do you understand? [Yes.] Even in the spirit world, I intend to inherit such a glorious position to you one hundred percent. Eventually, you must pass through this world at once. You must be prepared for this. (147-48)

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