Earthly Life and Spirit World 1

by Rev. Sun Myung Moon

Section 2. Understanding Death (Part 5)

12. It Is Important In What Position You Died

What we should do before the one who has passed away is not be sad about his death, but be sad centered on the way of God's Will. How many sad things like this have there been in the way of God's Will? The question here is not whether the person died at a young age or an old age but in what position he died. The question is not when he died but in what position he died. (32:297)

13. Things You Find Out Clearly Only After You Die

Some people come to know about my name for the first time after their death, and they cling to me, begging me to give them life. It is I who is worried the most in that situation. Once I complete all I have to do and draw the line after praying to God, I never look back. That is why.

If their grandchild comes to the church, they start to be proud, saying, "That is good," And if you go against the Will of God and leave, they start accusing you. If you pray and get connected with the spirit world, you will know it. In the spirit world, spirits are working very hard to bring their descendants to heaven. But here, people sometimes speak badly of their ancestors and try to live selfishly.

You can find out only after you die. One grandmother appeared in the spirit world and asked to be taught the Divine Principle. If you wonder whether my words are true, you can die and find out. If you die and can come back to life it is all right, but once you die that is the end. When Rev. Moon of the Unification Church threatens, people say I threaten very nicely in a way no one else can imitate. But try and die. Do you think I have nothing else to talk about but saying these things? (22:338)

Where do you discover the highest love of God? Not in the palace. You can find the way to occupy the highest love of God in the bottom of the hell where you are dying shedding your blood. You should know this. When I was in the Communist dungeon, the spirit world witnessed to people even without my saying a word. I had disciples who were determined to offer their lives and do anything for me. If I were a criminal, there would be many ways to break out of the prison. God works with you in such situation. Do you understand?

For example, my disciples made cakes with wheat powder and hid them under their arm or in their crotch to avoid discovery during the physical examination. They brought the cakes to me during lunch time. We shared them and ate together. A piece of cake I ate at that time is priceless. You cannot even buy it with hundreds of millions of dollars in this world. You should know that. That is more valuable than your life.

Those people say they can never forget the experience at that time. I cannot forget the experience either. How much we were united at that time. I knew them and they also knew who I am. They understood at night and in daytime, and we lived in this way. If it had become necessary for them to die for me, they would have offered their heads many times.

I was the same. I was also risking my life for them. You could not go to that stage. Do you understand what I am talking about? Three years passed, and whatever your situation is, you should know that you still have a long way to go to experience the deep world of love. If you are deprived of your life and lose all you have, only then do you enter the realm of experience that enables you to say, "This is the best in the world,

Did you have that experience? You have to go on. You should know that there is still a way to go remaining. When you voluntarily go on such a path with gratitude and digest it, you can unite your spirit and body and connect with God's love. But, you stopped going and complained, saying, "I know all about the Unification Church, I think," But it is not correct.

If you cannot go on that path, you will be separated from me in the spirit world. I am in a different realm, and you say, "Oh" underneath. You can go there. You go there and see whether I told you a lie. You will know everything once you die.

If you want to know, go ahead and die immediately. You should not die, saying that is right. (Laughter.) If you die, there is no way to come back to life, so you will be in big trouble. If you find out it was true and you are not prepared, what will you do? You cannot come back. So, you have to believe and prepare. (Applause.) Am I a person who tells lies or the truth? If you want to believe, believe, and if you do not want to believe, don't. Do as you want. Do you understand? Do you believe it? Which is it? Raise your hands if you believe.

If you believe, do you have to practice it? Or don't you have to practice it? (We have to practice it.) If you experience my heart and try to digest all the facts, saying, "If you do like this, you will surely become like this," it can be realized. Do so. (91:175)

14. If You Live For Others, You Get Closer To God

If you go to the spirit world, you will find it to be a vast world, and it consists of three stages. Who will go to the top? Those who lived for others more. It is the law there. (Writing on the blackboard.) Starting from here, even if you crash in here, they will say, "OK! Welcome!" You hit here, then "OK! Welcome!" And here, again, "OK! Welcome!"

But to those who live for themselves, the opposite world will unfold. It also consists of three stages. Here, all of them reject, saying "Hub! We don't like someone like you, There are two kinds of reactions. Everyone will reject someone who lived for himself, and everyone will welcome someone who lived for others.

There is no mistake here. If this person starts going this way here, people up there wave their hands. How wonderful it is. But, here, everyone tries not to look. One's deceased wife is the same. If she is in the spirit world, you don't recognize her. It is the same with your parents. There is nothing to do with them.

Where do you do it? After one has lived on the earth, he goes into the spirit world. All those who go to the higher realm are people who lived for others. Those who go to 40 countries in the world, for example, and live for others with a heart of a mother in a family, those who have the heart of a saint to save the people of the world from evil will go to the higher place.

I think in that way. "I am one man, a general who represents sons of filial piety of the historical ages, a general of patriots and of saints.

Although everyone else who had the name of God's son failed, I was born as a victorious son," There is only one thing that will enable you to say that. What is it? It is simple. To live absolutely for others. Only those who give and forget, do for others and forget, can digest that world. That is the conclusion. It is simple. Do you understand what I am talking about? (Yes.)

You should know clearly whether you are someone who goes to the Kingdom of Heaven or to hell. These are not words I just think of and say. I am someone who knows the spirit world clearly. (He writes on the blackboard.) There are two worlds. All kinds of people live here and then go to this place. There is no one who can avoid death. You cannot avoid death. People will go somewhere after they live here. Those who live for themselves go to hell after entering that world, and those who lived for others go to the Kingdom of Heaven. These two worlds get separated at death. (203:100)

What is True Parents? I teach you here, from this foundation, greater and greater things. As you get elevated, I teach you something greater. And then what? I teach you so that you can be compatible with the Kingdom of Heaven, the eternal country. I teach you lest you have difficulty breathing when you go to the country of eternity. Do you understand? Once you enter the spirit world, you have to face away and go to a comer like a wall and stay there. If you look around, you see those who denied themselves and sacrificed. You feel like suffocating. It is a serious matter.

Who created this? Satan did. You are waiting for True Parents to come and liberate you. You wish to be liberated. To liberate you, do I have to solve this straight or in a reverse way? (129:99)

From now on, what will happen? A long line of people will form to offer their properties to heaven. It will be the longest line in the world. Do you understand what I am talking about? (Yes.)

If you come to the Unification Church, you all should become beggars who are completely broke because you offered everything. There are only mucus, tears, and blood to offer. I myself was like that. There was nothing left to offer. I offered all my life and properties. Do you understand? (Yes.) If you have a savings bank book for your sons and daughters, should you use that for them? Or should you use that for the reunification of North and South, or for the world mission? (We should use that for the world mission.) You understand it. Only if you think in that way and act on it can you participate in the Messiah's squads. Do you understand? (Yes.)

You should live for others. Live for the whole and for the bigger cause. Live for the world, for God, and to liberate mankind. You have to cause people to change to the new blood lineage through you.

Because the blood lineage was wrong, God has been powerless until now. Now we have entered the era of conversion. You have to know that a free heaven and earth are near and sow seeds of goodness. You know how you should act, don't you? You know well, don't you? (Yes.) From now on, you should become a group of the Heavenly Kingdom's citizens with eternal life, connected with the eternal Kingdom of Heaven as a tribe of the traditional Messiah! (Amen.) (203:187)

From now on, there will be competition in living for others. Why? Since those who live for others go to a higher position in the Kingdom of Heaven, if you work for that person in the high position, you can jump with him. At Cape Kennedy there is a launching pad for satellites. It is the same as satellites. You get launched from there and fly into the sky. To live for a person is the same as when God created His object. You will stand in the object position of love to that person. Don't you think so? For that purpose, follow someone and live for others.

Aren't you the same? You work for me, don't you? To work for me is to take advantage of me. Aren't you trying to occupy God by becoming my object of love and jumping? Is it true or not?

Satellites should be launched toward an objective, shouldn't they? It is the same. Satellites are a symbol of today's believers trying to jump toward the Kingdom of Heaven, crossing thousands and tens of thousands of miles.

Eventually, human beings are supposed to return to the original homeland. Is there hometown in this world? I am talking about the original homeland. When you return to the eternal homeland, if you could not prepare contents to be welcomed there you will be miserable. You understand how devastating it is not being able to join a group, don't you? I once experienced this, but I do not know when I talked to other people. (213:194)

Is there going to be the individual or not in the other world? Is there the family, or not? Up until now, there was no family. But from now on, the organization of families will start. Everyone got separated until now. Why? Because cultural and emotional backgrounds and customs are all different, everyone got separated.

What is family? Family is the place where we create a new custom and a new culture and make them habits. Since there was no family, was there society? The society of a nation could not exist. All are mixed up. Next, there was no nation and no world.

So, the religion club is now mainstream. People stay in the Buddhist realm or Christian realm. People from different countries cannot stay together, but people in the religious realm can stay together. Religious realms all sought one world and believed in one God, so they can stay together. While all religions belong to the realm of God, all nations do not belong to that realm. Isn't it so?

From the Unification Church, individual, family, tribal messiah, national messiah, and world messiah will come out. The path the individual takes leads to the family, and the path the family takes leads to the path of the tribe.

What kind of world is the spirit world? It is where people live for others centering on true love. People live not for the self but for the whole. Even on this earth, those who live 100 percent for others say, "Step on me and go on!" No matter how big America is, if there is someone who lives for the nation more than the president, everyone will welcome him even if he steps on the president and goes on. But if someone lives only for his own benefit, everyone becomes an enemy.

It is the same as in the spirit world. If someone lives for a bigger cause, he can pass along naturally. If something benefits a bigger cause, it can pass naturally. So, if someone lives for the world, he does not have to live for America. America is included in the world. Korea is the same. All the nations will be included.

What is the contents of the direction everyone can welcome, passing through the family stage? The conclusion is that it is the way of love to live for others centering on true love. This cannot be disturbed even in the satanic world on the earth. Even the satanic world has to absolutely accommodate to this. Is it so? Even evil parents and evil persons welcome someone who tries to give to them with true love. Isn't it so? It is so in the night and in the day. (215:174)

15. Judgment

Have you ever thought about receiving an order to appear before the court of judgment in the spirit world? Someday, the order will be given to appear before the court of judgment.

To manage and control that court, there has to be a judge, a prosecutor, and a defense attorney. Who are they? The judge is God, the prosecutor is Satan, and the defense attorney is Jesus. Only Jesus can become the defense attorney. (17:177)

16. Words Concerning The Epitaph

In order to engraft now, gold plate has to be used for the connection. But are yours copper plates, brass plates, or silver plates? What is your plate? You yourselves know that well. What kind of plates? A plate with patches or a single-colored plate of pure gold? (The color of pure gold.) Who answered that? As I stare at you, I know you had much concern for your family. Well? Even though you had much concern for your mother and father, was it for tribal restoration? Don't you ask your mother and father? I am telling you to restore your tribe now, but did I tell you to do that before? In my eyes, there are many things that bother me.

Although I buried those 36 couple blessed families who passed away through Seung Hwa ceremonies in Paju, some people brought tombstones and erected them without approval. I gave a strict order, "Don't create an epitaph for Heung Jin," Someone inquired, so I explained. I visited my hometown and could not erect an epitaph for my parents. Which is correct? Are my words correct, or not? We have to first solve the resentment of ancestors, and then you have the responsibility to make sons and daughters live.

Is there an epitaph for Heung Jin at his won jon, or not? (No) There is a responsibility to find the nation, and with the title of loyal vassal centered on the nation to liberate ancestors from resentment for their parents. It is principled to erase all bad epitaphs and in the same way as the declaration of victorious heaven's eternal blessing to leave the epitaph, "Our parents are ancestors of goodness," and then to take care of sons and daughters.

I go and took at the tombstones. I did not teach to do that. These people erect tombstones for deceased wives with an epitaph praising, "She went out witnessing here and there." How much is that going to be a cross once they go to the spirit world? People will point fingers at them and say, "This fellow did this without fulfilling his responsibility?" (220:149)

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