Blessing and Ideal Family Part 2

by Rev. Sun Myung Moon

6) Love Is Not Learned by Education

Do parents have to go to school in order to learn how to love their children? People know love without learning it. Man and woman didn't team how to make a baby. People don't study how the meeting of two strangers turns into the creation of a husband and a wife, much less how to create a family out of such a bond. Love is not taught nor is to be learned through school. It is not a subject for the experimental method in order to prove how it works. There have been no schools to teach love and there will be no schools to teach it in the future.

If you cannot give birth to children, you will never understand parental love. Even though you study parental love for thousands of years, you cannot understand it. But right after the birth of a child, you will know it instantly.

The human baby looks for its mother's milk and the animal baby also looks for its mother's milk. It is a natural behavior, because the power of love works there. It doesn't have to do with education or discipline.

True love is not to be inculcated by education, but is to be established naturally, because it is the heavenly law. It is a tragic result of the fall that we cannot see sincere love in human society nowadays, and we are relegated to learn true love through education and discipline.

Parental love doesn't measure how pretty or ugly the child is, and a child's respect and love toward its parents doesn't depend upon the parents' external appearance. Is there any son who denies his mother because she looks ugly? There are no parents who reject their children because they look ugly. If there are such parents and children, they are beasts born human by mistake, not human beings.

What kind of person was Jesus? From where did his reasoning come? He didn't say, "Behave well and you'll to go to the Kingdom of Heaven." Rather, he said, "I am the way, and the truth, and the life. No one comes to the Father except through me." Jesus didn't tell us to learn but to follow. Christians come to resemble Jesus by following him.

Did you have to learn that you must have love in your family! Does a father teach children the way of love? Does a mother push children to desire love? From whom did the parents learn to love children? From whom do a bride and a bridegroom learn how to love? It is mysterious that we do certain things well without learning.

You all know the existence of air, don't you? Every day you breathe air in and out, but you seldom think about it. Everybody receives the sunlight, but have you greeted the sun with the grateful heart? Have you learned how to do that?

What about drinking water? Were you taught to drink water? Nobody learned it. We didn't "learn" the most precious things.

Let's think about the precious sunlight. If the sun doesn't show up for two days, what will happen on earth? If the air goes on strike for fifteen minutes, what will happen on earth? Then we will accomplish world unity so easily. We wouldn't need the title of the Unification Church. It would be very simple to accomplish world unity in ten minutes.

Did you learn to breathe air or drink water? We are to know the way automatically. All the precious things in the world are like that. If God exists, He will be much more precious than those. How can human beings know Him? Originally, we get to know Him without learning.

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