Blessing and Ideal Family Part 2

by Rev. Sun Myung Moon

4) Education To Live For The World

Religion is the summit teaching. God's summit teaching is to educate and to love humankind. There's nothing other than that. Therefore, true parents are to teach their children something with which the whole world and God are happy.

It is not a problem to sacrifice the family for the sake of the world and God. Father went to North Korea abandoning his son. First of all, love the world and God! God's will is to save the world. The family centering upon God's will shouldn't exist for itself. The family is to live for the sake of the world. This is our way of tradition. The fact that we have to be taught to love God is sad. It is because of the fall. It is mortifying that we have to educate our children to believe in God and to protect the church. Originally, we do not have to be taught such facts. God would always dwell in our hearts and directly lead us. Your own parents don't have to be introduced to you; likewise originally there was no need to introduce God.

Morality teaches us parental love, conjugal love and children's love. Have you thought about for whom you have to love your parents? For whom do you have to love your spouse and your children?

Human beings lost the main character who is responsible for love. God talks about infinite love. He says that the thing which will remain until the final moment is love. That love is the love of God. You should know the purpose of love. Because of whom do you love? We love because of God. We must love for the sake of God. If you love for yourself, it is no secret where you will be assigned to go after death.

When feeding your baby milk, you feel the baby is very cute.

Because of whom do you feel this cuteness? You should cherish your baby as the substitute for heaven and earth. You are to love your child for the sake of the world and God. The fortune of heavenly law is moving to embrace the cosmos, transcending the world, according to God's love. If you love your children, who are born of such great fortune, just for the sake of your own well- being, you will not be accepted at all. When suckling babies, mothers should have the piercing heart to embrace them as representing heaven and earth.

Do you want to receive the Blessing? Do you want eternal life? In order to receive the Blessing and eternal life, you should be a public person. Don't love your children as yours when you educate them. You should love them as sacrificial children for the whole of humankind. When feeding babies milk, mothers are to feel as if they are the representative mothers of all humankind and they are to consider their babies as representing humankind. Parents shouldn't just cherish their own children, but they are to treat others' children as theirs. The babies fed and raised by such public-hearted mothers will be great figures. Among the descendants of such mothers will be born the great figure who has the ability to liberate the world. This is the formula.

When educating children, parents have to think how to rear their children. Who can successfully accomplish the mission for God's providence? They should think the same way when they nurse their babies.

All parents teach their children to become great figures for the nation. But now is the time when we are approaching the world level. Now is the time to teach children to be worldwide figures. Do you educate accordingly? You are supposed to. Live together with the world! Because Father knows how you feel, I have to tell you this conclusion.

Father didn't perish even in the time of disruption, so I will educate you to live together with the world. This is important. What has history been seeking? It has sought the time the world could live together. You are also to go, fight, endeavor, teach and die centering upon that time. Even if you finally die in that effort, you will be resurrected anew.

For what does goodness move? It doesn't move for myself. We are to eat for the sake of the cosmos, not just for ourselves. To get married is also for the will. Our goal should be the world. All our experiences also should be centered on the world. Such people don't look interesting, but they are very interesting people. When overcoming the 70 or 80 years of life on earth, we are to see eternity; but most human beings are not aware of that. If we know how to enter the eternal world, we will possess eternity.

Many people are running after money. For what do they earn money? They answer that they make money for their children. Then what will their children do? They are to live for the nation and the world, not just for their own survival. Otherwise their tribe will perish or will be subsumed by other tribes.

All of us are surrounded by an evil environment. We don't need an education in order to go the evil way. Anybody can go that way without receiving any education in that field. History started with an evil action, so we automatically go the evil way. That's why the purpose of education is to make people discern the good from evil by means of conscience centering upon morality.

Upon what is an education centered? Even though people have been educated centering upon the good-the conscience-how many people have led a life which matched the standard of their education? Anybody can get a high grade in doing evil without education.

The conscience always tells us to be good in an evil environment. The mind always stimulates and advises us to be good. But have you listened to what your mind tells you? When we think of such matter, we lament all the time-today, tomorrow, during the heyday of youth, the time of middle age, the time of old age. Our life ends with lament over not having become what our conscience desired. In other words, it finishes in evil. That is the inevitable conclusion. Because human beings were born from evil, they struggle in evil and pass away in evil. That has been the typical life course of human beings.

What is the relationship between you and the providence? You were born for the purpose of the whole. You were born in the middle of the providential history; that is, you were born as a public being. You should be grateful to your parents that you were born in the midst of the providence. Therefore, you are to live for your descendants, the world and the universe. Without knowing, your parents gave birth to and reared the children who represent the whole universe. Likewise you are to give birth to and rear your children according to the public way of thinking.

Great mothers teach their babies to endure any kind of difficulties in order to be righteous figures who can move the world. That's because they realize that righteousness never perishes.

Father's mother was not public. She didn't want her son to suffer. She didn't care about her son's will and ideals; she rather worried about her son's physical torture. When Father was caught by the North Korean communists and was imprisoned in their jail, she came to see Father several times; her only concern was the physical pain that Father was going through.

Father's mother wanted him to abandon the public way of life and to live with his physical parents comfortably. That's why Father had to abandon his physical parents. When I arrived in Pyongyang (from Hungnam prison) and spent 40 days, I didn't visit my home even though it was quite close to Pyongyang. If I had visited my home on my way as a refugee, my physical family could have been liberated. But because they would have obstructed Father's accomplishment of God's will, I didn't meet them at that time.

My parents and the brothers and sisters who remained in the hometown must have been killed by the communists. The communists never tolerate the family members of a so-called reactionary, but immediately massacre them. During the Retreat, Father took refuge with the church members from Pyongyang and a disciple from Hungnam prison, leaving his physical family in their hometown.

Father can abandon his physical family when they are against Father's public mission; but even though the Korean government opposed Father and sent me to the prison, Father cannot abandon the nation. This nation and the people persecute and oppose Father because they don't know Father's will and ideal. Therefore, even though they persecute me, I have to love them and teach them.

God's will is not centered upon the physical blood lineage, and it is not for us to love our own family. If we live for ourselves, we cannot save the world. In order to save the present world, we have to offer our loving children as the sacrifice. This is God's providence.

The people who can offer their children to God for the future world can draw the victorious foundation of the future into the present time. Abraham offered his son for the future world. He loved his son more than anything in the present or in the future, but because his love for humankind was greater than his love for his son, he could offer his son to God.

God dwells in such a heart. By this, entrance into the Kingdom of Heaven is determined. What sort of person can go to the Kingdom of Heaven? Selfish people cannot go there. Only people who sacrifice themselves, abandoning all their personal belongings, can go to the Kingdom of Heaven.

Then who can completely occupy God's love? They are the subjective individuals who can sacrifice their children as well as their bodies to save and love humankind.

In the providence of restoration, God never hit His enemies. He has been leading the providence by hitting the most beloved figures, who were the closest to Him. God has developed the providence in this way. This development finally aims for the Kingdom of Heaven.

The Unification Church talks about "cosmos-ism." Then what is "cosmos-ism"? It is to live together with heaven and earth. You may respond, "It sounds good but it cannot be actualized." It sounds like a dream, doesn't it?

The Unification Church pursues a world one step higher than the conventional churches. The conventional churches are linear whereas the Unification Church is spherical. Then which is greater? The Unification concept is greater. "Cosmos-ism" is greater. The Unification Church claims to live together with the cosmos. Therefore, the Unification Church has to complete the mission of three ages. We are to liberate the spirits in the spirit world, the living people in this sinful world and the descendants to come. The Unification Church came, holding the authority to liberate the three ages.

For what are you responsible? You are responsible for the spirit world, the present world, and the descendants. This is the way of restoration and of destiny that Unificationists must shoulder.

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