Blessing and Ideal Family Part 2

by Rev. Sun Myung Moon

3) True Education of Patriotism

You should teach your children to be loyal subjects in front of God's will, for the sake of the heavenly nation. If your children cry for Korea, you should teach them that we don't have our nation yet and Korea is not our true nation. You should teach this while holding their hands, in tears, telling them that there's another nation that we must attend. You should be able to feel God's concern as closely as the breath of your babies in your bosom. In this tearful position, you are to educate your children. Then the width of your education will broaden.

When educating children, parents shouldn't just teach them to love their parents. Parents should explain to their children, "I'm the loyal subject who loves this nation, a patriot. I'm not the mother of a family first, but a patriotic mother, and a loyal father." In order to teach filial piety, parents should behave as children of filial piety themselves, in front of their children. Otherwise they will fall down like the leaves in the autumn.

A father should teach his son to be as dutiful as he is and to be as loyal as he is in spite of being driven into the comer by the struggles of human history. My goal in life is to bequeath this tradition to you.

I tell you: love thirty million people with the parental love that you've received. Then the foundation of hope to subjugate the nation will be extended. Isn't that a principled way of instructing people? You are not to be a mere compatriot of thirty million people; you are to be the parent of thirty million people. Be the sons and daughters who can be the parents of thirty million people.

When parents educate their children to love and sacrifice for the nation to the degree that they sacrifice for their children, the children will endeavor to become the patriots that their parents desire them to be. Whenever such children reflect on their parents, they will think of the thirty million people of the nation. They will study to serve their nation and, when their nation suffers misery, they will feel the same agony. But standing in such a position doesn't make them patriots. They should have a foundation substantially established in such a position. That foundation becomes the point which the people will adore eternally. Otherwise, life just passes by. It is a serious matter to consider.

A teacher who is seriously devoted to bequeath the right thought to his or her disciples in a school will advise them while holding their hands and shedding tears, with the deep care for the nation's destiny, so that they will be obedient to the nation, not to the teacher. The disciples who receive such teaching will accomplish the unfulfilled will of their teacher. When teachers are totally devoted to their disciples, to the point of offering their lives, and when parents are sincerely devoted to their children, regarding the nation and the world as more precious than themselves, the disciples and the children will be the pillars of the nation.

Have you professors lived for the sake of others? Teachers should have heart springing out of their bone marrow and should shed blood and tears for their disciples. They cannot help but shed tears when standing in front of the multitude who lost the sense of looking for the original world. Myriad cells are trembling. Have you given a lecture shedding tears from a guilty conscience for the sake of the students and their descendants? Reverend Moon has walked the path of blood and tears for humankind. People thought of me as a notorious ringleader and they expected me to perish, but now those same people are asking me to be their leader anytime and open the doors of the east, west, south and north. They say that they don't need anything except Father. In such a place, the Kingdom of Heaven is to be restored. Such a philosophy hasn't existed until now.

What can we do to love the nation? Nobody educates regarding this matter. People think they love the nation by paying taxes. With this attitude, how can we learn to love the nation? Love for the nation should start from the family. Parents should teach their children to love the nation as they love their parents and their brothers and sisters. Then no other education is necessary. The children come to realize that, because they and their parents live in such a way, all American families and the president are to live in such a manner if they have a patriotic heart. Such a tradition should remain eternally, even though the U.S. State Department and Pentagon disappear.

By their unity centering upon the president through this tradition, the people can do everything. That is why we should educate our children to be loyal, risking their lives when the nation faces difficulties.

Noah, Abraham, Isaac, Jacob and the Israelites tried to restore what Adam failed to establish, but they failed. How can we restore their mistakes? Mothers shouldn't live for their own households. The reason to eat and to rear children is for the future of the nation.

Who is the patriot of a nation? It is not the person who eats well and commands. The people who keep the honor of the nation are the patriots. Such people would want to hide their miserable living condition, never eating their poor meal in front of foreigners, in order to maintain the nation's honor. We shouldn't behave lightly, jealous of one another, forgetting the honor of the nation. People who endeavor to present their nation in a more beautiful and valuable manner are patriots. The descendants of such people will also be patriots.

The feeling of joy at giving birth to a son is not the end. Parents should be concerned about how to rear him as a man of value. Parents who love their son with such a concern are the ones who know the heavenly law. If parents are just happy to give birth to a son without such concern, the starting point for the son's life is wrong. Parents should concern themselves with rearing him to be a person who is useful to the nation. If parents begin his upbringing based upon this concern, they will set the condition to begin the son's life for the sake of nation. This is very important matter.

Teach your children, "Become the people who can pray for the nation and the world instead of praying for your own children." The reason that God blessed you by giving you children is not only for your will but for God's will. When people give birth to a child through making special conditions for heaven, God will send the child as the savior of the nation. Therefore, if such parents don't educate their child to serve the nation, God will take the child away.

People cannot become patriots in one night. They receive education from their ancestors. They should experience the piercing bond of education to the bone marrow from their parents, and they should determine the purpose of their lives centering upon this education. Patriots themselves cannot be the cause or motive of their being patriotic. They definitely received an education from their ancestors, or certain stimulating inspiration from the depth of their conscience, which became the motivation of their being patriotic. When their whole life is motivated to fulfill the purpose of the initial inspiration, they finally appear as patriots.

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