Blessing and Ideal Family Part 2

by Rev. Sun Myung Moon

2) The Education of Children

In order to educate children, parents first of all should be loyal to the providence. They should stay in the position to be respected by their children so that their children will be completely obedient to them. Otherwise, the children will not want to follow them. If parents neglect directions from headquarters and yet order their children to live according to Principle, their children will laugh at them.

Everything parents do should encourage their children to go the right way of the Unification Church. Unless the parents are an example of living the principled life, they cannot educate their children to follow Principle.

I speak to you only what I first have practiced and established as a victorious foundation. If you cannot believe it, pray to God. You will see clearly if I am lying.

You should pray to God, "Please let my children follow what I do." First you establish the standard of behavior, then your children can stand in the same position. If you stand on that foundation, God will automatically lead your children in the same direction. Spirit world will accuse you of irresponsibility if you do not set the right direction for your children.

You should be able to educate your children to become like

I told Hyo Jin and In Jin, "Because your father and mother work for the nation and God's will, we cannot meet you often. So you should do the same as Father and Mother do." It is really sad for parents not to meet their children very often. Children always want to be with their parents.

Children should be filled with the thought that their parents work for God's providence in spite of all the suffering. Parents should be a good example so that the children are clear that their parents live for the sake of the whole, not for the sake of their own well-being. Children learn their parents' heart.

What should the parents do? They should teach children to love each other as their parents love each other and to love the nation as their parents love the nation. If you can teach that, no other education is needed.

You should be able to counsel your children, saying, "You should be happy to see your parents living for God's will. Your parents are different from other parents. Other parents easily separate and divorce when they encounter a little difficulty, but your parents endure and love each other in the midst of difficulty. You should be grateful to God and always have hope, following the way of your parents. God's blessing will come down where you become one with your parents and where you are loyal to God's providence." Then your children will follow your example and inherit your tradition. Your offspring will flourish eternally if you practice this truth.

When teaching your children what to do, you should give them specifics, with the details of their course, instead of vaguely telling them to be great people.

The father is to be responsible as a father, the older brother is to be responsible as an older brother, and the older sister is to be responsible as an older sister. That is, you should distinguish the way for a true man and a true woman to go following the heavenly law, so that you may qualify as heavenly subjects.

The word "father" is a dreadful word. Without "truth" you cannot feed your children. You should feed your children with your achievement of blood and something good. When they eat something wrong, their parents should guide them into the right way, praying for their blessing in tears. Parents are not to be indebted to their children. Heaven and earth should know the money that I use.

Even though parents cannot give children material benefit due to difficult living conditions, they should serve children with loving heart from their bone marrow. Then the children come to be indebted to their parents. That's why most sons of filial piety come from poor families. When the children endeavor hard not to be indebted to their parents, the parents will feet joy.

You are to follow heavenly law, embracing your children. You should never show tears to your children, even though your living condition becomes terribly difficult.

Father educated Mother not to show tears to the children. When rearing children, parents encounter many periods of suffering. Even though the tears of agony are about to burst, parents become joyful when their children try to comfort them in tears. If you cannot do that, you are unqualified to educate your children.

Your children should consider you greater than any king or queen in the world, and you should show your children how intimate you are with each other. Blessed families should set up such a tradition. You should implant into your children's bone marrow the tradition that they revere you more than anyone else in the world.

Worldly parents continuously fight in front of their children even though the children ask them to stop. You are supposed to be a good example of harmony to your children so that when they see careless secular-world parents, they feel that they have the world's greatest parents. You are to set up the heavenly family law by means of action, so that your children respect you from the bottom of their hearts. If you do this, your children will determine to follow in your footsteps.

How can we set up such a tradition? We can set up the tradition through Unification Thought. After knowing this, we should set up the family morality of being absolutely obedient to the standard of Unification Thought. When children experience this, they are naturally obedient.

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