Blessing and Ideal Family Part 2

by Rev. Sun Myung Moon

1) Family Education

What is the content of truth? Even though the content of truth is so nice, we would not trade our parents, our spouse or our children for it. What is the utmost truth of all truth? It is a parent, a husband and a wife, and children. Nothing exceeds those. Then what is the core of truth? It is love. In such a principle, what is the utmost center of truth? What do you mean by saying that God is the essence of truth, goodness, love and life? If something is truth, within it must be included love and life.

The world cannot be formed without a family. If there's something wrong with the family, the nation will perish. Therefore, family education determines the future destiny of the entire nation. When there are many families living by the public law, the nation will flourish; when there are many families living with a private standard, the nation will perish.

Children should be one, centering upon parents. The miserable accident of Cain and Abel shouldn't be repeated. Brothers and sisters should be one by being dutiful children to their parents. You should be the good example and educate your children with this standard. Until now, parents have depended upon schools for their children's education, but from now on, parents should be the first to show the good example so that children will form new families following the tradition of their parents.

You should lead an exemplary public life, to show your children the tradition and to educate them to inherit it. Human beings are originally to be educated by their parents. They are not to receive education just from the school. Especially the inheritance of the tradition cannot be taught in school. Children should offer all the education that they receive in school to their parents.

What is the growth period? It is the period in which we discipline ourselves to be the ones who can receive perfect love. Then what should we do during this period? For the sake of God's pleasure, we should go when God goes and we should come when God comes. Originally, the only human beings were Adam and Eve, so their children learned from them automatically. Formal education was not supposed to be necessary. Children are to follow and to know what their parents do and know. They are to do what their parents like. If they dream of things and behave in ways outside of what their parents do, they will be subjugated under the fallen dominion. That is why God had to say, "Don't eat the fruit."

Children find the value of all existence through their parents. Whom do the children resemble when they grow up in a family? They resemble their parents. They are to follow their parents.

Parental love shouldn't be selfish. If parents prevent their son from going the rough way, he will become an incapable man with out willpower or independent spirit in the future. To make an incompetent son is not the goal of parental love. Parents should deeply understand their son and support and encourage him in his chosen path.

It is definitely easy for parents to let their children steep whenever they want and eat whatever they want. But true parents would want to show the better way of living for their children.

Children don't complain when their parents push them to study because they know it is for their sake. The heart of true parents is to pray for their children all night, shedding tears.

Parents should make their children regard them as their most intimate friends by reading fairy tales, telling them interesting stories of their life of faith, and discussing the future of the family in a constructive way. Parents are to direct their children's faith.

Parents should be able to respect their children; they are not to scold their children in a humiliating manner.

It is difficult to correct the bad habits of human beings. As a Korean proverb says, the habit formed when one is three continues until one is 80. Therefore, we are to form sound habits, especially during adolescence. In order to let children develop the right habits, a thorough education is absolutely necessary in the early period of life. The problem is how to correct the bad habits of the older generation. By using saws, knives and axes, we can recreate all shapes and varieties of wood into the standard sizes used for construction. Likewise, by the standard of the order of love, the twisted human habits can be corrected. A brick by itself is just a brick, but it can create a house or a building. Likewise, when we correct our bad habits and unite our habits with the way of God's original love, power is produced and we can enter the orbit of God's eternal love. Therefore, we are to correct our bad habits in our lifetime and go the right way in the life of faith.

In order to set firmly your children's faith, you should connect them strongly to the church before they reach twenty. If you don't let them set up their faith between middle school and the second year of high school, they will slide into the fallen society. This is based upon statistics from our church. It is a very serious problem.

Blessed children are to follow their parents absolutely until they are twenty. Therefore, if parents make mistakes, their children will do the same.

When a husband makes mistakes, his wife should hit him, and when a wife makes mistakes, her husband should hit her. They are to follow the example of God. By being hit, we gain a good resource to educate descendants. When our life improves due to being hit with a stick, the stick will be the textbook. The people who leave such a textbook to educate their descendants are outstanding beings.

The mistakes of parents are bequeathed to the children.

We are to prepare the family law: the standard of babies' education and the regulation of the family. Parents will have nothing to say when they are accused under the law.

Because mothers in the Unification Church know the heavenly law, they should give solid family education to their daughters.

Don't leave your children in the care of others. Perhaps a mother feels so weak that she has to give another person charge of her child, and that person may love her child as if it were her first son. Then this mother will have to support that person. You should know that rearing babies is for the sake of the nation and the world.

Father's babies should be raised by the members who have set up enough heartistic conditions.

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