Blessing and Ideal Family Part 2

by Rev. Sun Myung Moon

7) Let's Sincerely Contribute to our Descendants

Even though parents are so ugly, the children will be born of heavenly fortune. How to create descendants born of heavenly fortune depends upon how much the parents are devoted to the providence. The destiny of the descendants is determined by how much the parents have been loyal to the nation, world and heaven.

The descendants coming from the family that God and the church desire must be born of good fortune. Even though the parents have gone through an enormous suffering course, the children will be born of heavenly fortune and Father's fortune.

The best blessing of all is not money nor power, but it is children born of good fortune. It is to have children who can receive God's love.

Parents should devote themselves seriously to their descendants. They should be determined to go to spirit world after blessing their children for their well being. Such a family will never perish. Such an organization will never perish. The leader who is responsible for such an organization should make a new bond with God for the bigger providential task in the future. If he works by himself, not renewing the bond with God, and fails, he won't be able to pray to God. He will be too shameful to communicate with God.

If you are the son of filial piety, you should let your parents embrace their grandchild. What kind of grandchildren should you offer? You should offer the children who will consider grandparents more important than you. You should let your children receive more blessing than you and be much closer to Heaven than you. In that way, the providence of restoration develops. If your children are worse than you, your family will perish. You should be careful about this point.

The best way to invite God's heart is to devote three generations together to God, making sincere, heartistic conditions. If you do that, God will dwell in your lineage and it will never perish.

Some of the church members may complain that Father doesn't recognize them, even though they work so hard. That's a serious matter to consider. If you work hard, Father blesses your descendants. If you want to receive the limitless blessing, you will have to be infinitely patient and leave the lesson of patience to your descendants.

Fallen men should build the church first, prior to their own house. Father obtained the church property first before building his house, and bought the site for a university for our descendants. It is not for me or for you; it is for our descendants.

Because Father loves the descendants of the Unification Church, I manage and invest in the academic, political and economic worlds and the world of the media and thought.

The Mayflower arrived in New England in early winter. It was very cold and people didn't have the food to sustain their lives, so they were dying of starvation. Their great testimony is that they planted the seeds for the next year's crops even though they were dying.

Because they had hope that God would establish a blessed nation, the kingdom of freedom, through their descendants, they planted seeds for the next generation. They could willingly go the path of death with this hope. It was possible for them to pray that their descendants be blessed while themselves going through a suffering course because of their faith in God and their heart of love toward God.

We are the pioneers of goodness. The first step of a pioneer is sacred, so the process and the result should also be sacred. You should be a tree on fertile soil (not a tree among hard rocks) when you sprout and blossom from the rotted seed. If you cannot reap what you sowed in your generation, you should have the hope to reap it through your descendants. The person with such heart, who fights for the future happiness, is fearsome; and the multitude which is willing to sacrifice for the future victory with such heart is fearsome. Such a nation will dominate the world in the 21st century, the 30th century and the 50th century.

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