Blessing and Ideal Family Part 2

by Rev. Sun Myung Moon

3) Let's Be Parents Who Bequeath Good Tradition

Be the Parents who live in the tradition. If a certain tradition is set in England, the people live and relate to one another within the tradition. Within the tradition, they love and feel joy. In general, the place for the establishment of tradition is the intersection of life and death. In other words, tradition is established in the place of suffering and agony. Speaking in detail, the tradition of a nation is established when it survives through a life and death crisis.

A tradition is to be set up in a difficult place, one that is difficult for the whole, not for the individual. In order for children to inherit their parents' mental and material assets, they should understand their parents' suffering and they should be able to overcome a situation more difficult than that faced by their parents. The true heirs do not waste the legacy of the parents; they utilize the legacy for the betterment of the whole. This is a reasonable conclusion.

True parents will endeavor hard to bequeath the tradition of love. This rings true to both Orientals and Occidentals. All parents, regardless of race, want to set up a universal tradition of love. All people want to enjoy a happy and peaceful life within the perfect and harmonized unity of a family.

The fact that everybody wants such a life shows that this tradition is fundamental. Because only tradition can be connected to the future, it is a natural morality of parents that once they realize the significance of the tradition, they want to bequeath it to their children no matter what the sacrifice.

The problem is how to implant the parents' thought into the growing children as a tradition. Heavenly Father's serious problem has been how to take your children out of the satanic world, and now the education of your children in the satanic world is your problem. You have to undertake such a double cross.

Father worries not about leaving behind the name of the Unification Church, but rather about how to leave the people who inherited Father's tradition. That's why I have been educating continually about the importance of the tradition.

What do you mean by living well? My well-being does not matter. We have to educate the descendants. We have to leave a good example to them. So far we all have walked a miserable path, the course of the wilderness. As refugees we didn't have a place to stay, but from now on we have to settle down and in order to settle down, we must win a victory. Unless we win as did the Israelites when they were driving out the seven tribes of Canaan, we cannot settle down. We are to get a victory through fighting centering upon the nation.

Always consider how you will respond to your children when they ask you, "Mother, what did you do at that time? Did you witness or were you running away?" Will you answer with pride or with a shameful heart? It is a good education to let your children visit your old mission ' area where you witnessed. Educate your children with a scrapbook, and especially let them know the main point: Father.

In the near future your children will ask you, "What did you do at that time, mom and dad?" Then you will be able to take them to your old witnessing area and explain, "At that time, I sat here holding you and father sat there. We were spreading God's Will, begging rice from that house. That's why we are blessed this much now. The positive house at that time lives like this, and the negative house lives like that."

Your children should acknowledge you as parents who can overcome whatever seems difficult and who live beyond the constraints of time, environment and poverty. You should also set up the family tradition that your children can be mobilized under any circumstances by your order, with your children able to say, "Because this is the way my parents have gone, I can do it." You should make your children follow your example of a husband and wife serving their parents, and you should establish clearly the standard for the education of your descendants.

The hurt that you got while working for the providence is a great lesson for you and your descendants.

The little money that you saved with your whole heart is something that you will never exchange even for the universe; love dwells there. A wife cannot think of something else when she uses the money. You are to be the beings worthy of your descendants' praise. They will not help but be stimulated by the recognition that their parents have lived for the sake of the Will with God's heart.

You should be able to order your children to be like you. It is not shameful at all that you didn't eat enough and you wore terrible clothes while witnessing. That becomes a priceless educational resource for your descendants.

When getting out of Hungnam prison, I didn't want to bring out anything except the labor clothes, which got dirty and smelly with the compulsory labor and the chemicals. They were patched again and again. Finally they were patches and I had to be careful not to break them apart.

Those clothes are an invaluable souvenir. I couldn't throw them away, so I put them inside a quilt. The only asset that I brought out when escaping North Korea was one ragged bundle. I went from Hungnam to Pyongyang with it. I asked a certain member to keep those rags, but he lost them during the course of refugee life.

If I had those clothes, I wouldn't have to explain my life at that time. I feel stifled thinking of having lost such a precious treasure. It cannot be exchanged for the whole world. We may never inspire some people even if we speak for trillions of years, but such a treasure can inspire all people immediately. You should collect many materials relating to your public, providential experiences.

Suffering is wonderful; therefore, you should set up the tradition of which all your offspring will be proud.

You are to set up a bone-marrow-like tradition which will serve as educational resources in your descendants' society. Such a tradition will educate without words. Realizing this, you should understand the precious value of the present moment and make a sincere effort.

The big problem is how your three generations can live with Father. If three generations together earn merit, they will be the meritorious subjects of the spirit world.

So from now on, you should devote yourself sincerely to educate your children with such thought.

Father is nearly sixty years old now. The tradition is to remain even if I die. Father's idea is to make you live more passionately than him and to make you soldiers moving forward. It is parental love and responsibility to transfer the tradition to the children even through letting them suffer. That's why Father forces you to go the sacrificial way.

What is the way of God's will? It is the way to save the tribe by sacrificing individuals, and to save the nation by sacrificing tribes. The way of the will is to save the whole world by sacrificing Korea on the altar of God, and to save our ancestors' spirit bodies in the spirit world by sacrificing the world. We know that the purpose underlying the sad fallen history is to liberate God by sacrificing the spirit world and physical world. We are given a mission in this context, so we should march forward at the risk of our lives.

We shouldn't just go; we should go forward creating the tradition. What kind of tradition should remain? We should leave the tradition of suffering to love humankind, scattering blood and tears.

Next what should we leave? We should leave the content of education for descendants. Finally we should leave good offspring and go to the spirit world. That's why you should know that your children are not for you but for the future world.

When you leave tradition and righteous descendants who are stronger and bolder than you, your nation will never perish even though her fortune arrives at the time to perish. New benefactors will appear at the time of crisis and a new victorious flag will be unfurled when collapse was imminent.

This tradition should make not only Koreans but all humankind joyful. If we cannot do it, there will be no offering to Heavenly Father.

Even though a husband and a wife die, they should leave the heavenly law. For what does a family exist? Even though it exists for the children, first of all it should serve God and the nation. That is the way for the betterment of your children. In that order, your children can live in the realm of the fortune of God, the world and the nation. Therefore, your blessed children should be objective to the fortune of God, the world and the nation, and not put their own fortune in the subject position.

You should be the family living for the world and eternity, not for the sake of just one generation. Your family is supposed to invoke God's help, gathering the heart of all humankind, and is supposed to live in partnership with heaven and earth and humankind. If you become such a family, God will protect you from trouble and misfortune. God will leave your family as the mainstream family seed.

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