Blessing and Ideal Family Part 2

by Rev. Sun Myung Moon

2) The Obligation of True Children

You must return parental love. When raising up children, parents feed children even though they continuously starve, squeezing the hungry stomach, biting the tongue to overcome the hunger. They love their child at such a cost in order to teach their children to do the same thing for their parents. When parents go the suffering course first, the children can follow the same suffering course to comfort the parents; the parents' suffering becomes an investment. When you restore such heart to comfort your parents, your children will also follow your steps. And when you have such children, you will remain as good kin. People who center upon themselves and neglect parents cannot be considered dutiful sons and daughters.

Then who is the son of filial piety? When a son can do the same to his children as his parents did to him, he becomes the son of filial piety. That is also connected to heaven. Even though parents tried to raise their children up with a wholehearted effort, if the children don't appreciate them, the family will perish. When a reciprocal base is established between the parents and the children, God can dwell in that family and build the Kingdom of Heaven.

Then what child can remain in the Kingdom of Heaven? The one who repays the debt of parental love. When your parents are getting senile, you should serve them with the same care they had when they took care of your stools and urine in your childhood. That's the way to be a dutiful son.

What should you do for your parents? You should be a dutiful son and a loyal subject of your nation because your parents led the nation and the world. You are to be a praiseworthy family member among the true brothers before being a dutiful son, and you are to be a dutiful son before being a loyal subject of a nation. The title "family member" signifies the right to praise one's brothers and sisters. Isn't that true?

What is a dutiful son? Before getting married, you cannot be a true child of filial piety. When you serve your parents with your love plus your spouse's love, you can become a true and dutiful son or daughter. The individual cannot be a loyal subject in the Unification Church. When you are a couple with a family, you can become a loyal subject. That is why in order for you to set up an altar as a loyal subject, you have to give birth to a dutiful son.

There must appear the child who can willingly do the work parents desire and who is determined to be responsible to do even more than the parents desire. Then the solid foundation to inherit God's providential secret can be established on earth.

Satan ignores his own mistakes and only knows others mistakes, but God cannot open His mouth when He makes mistakes. So you should always say, "I'm sorry. That was my fault." You are not to protest or provoke your parents. You should control yourself. As much as you endure, God will be with you.

When the children try very hard not to be indebted to their parents, the parents feel joy.

You should not be indebted to your father and mother.

Even though you hear words of praise from your parents, it is really stupid to behave centering upon those words. Parents use words of praise in order to make you come closer to the loving heart that parents desire.

Parents gave life to children. Children also should sacrifice their lives for their parents. Life comes from love, so it is a logical conclusion that you should go forward sacrificing your life for the sake of the essential love. This is not a contradiction.

If children grow up in the tradition of love, they cannot be indifferent when their parents want to divorce. They can never be indifferent. Good children will claim, "I'm your child, the union of both of you. You should make any kind of compromise for me. Please be the great parents. I need you." We should remind young people of the parental responsibility not to divorce; because of the children, parents don't have the right to divorce.

Because of love toward children, parents don't have any right even to think of divorce. Young people in this country should develop an anti-divorce movement.

Unification Church members should restore divorced parents centering upon God's love.

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