Blessing and Ideal Family Part 2

by Rev. Sun Myung Moon

8) The Way for the Descendants to Receive Blessing

What is the Kingdom of Heaven? Our family should be the place where passing beggars want to sleep, dogs want to enter, birds want to make their nest, and people even want to have a bowel movement. Such a place is the Kingdom of Heaven. How are our blessed families? If you cannot be a good example, at least you shouldn't be the bothersome ones of your village.

When you make such a family Kingdom, you will flourish and God will be with you. Why? Because the place where God's love dwells attracts all living things, and it is the peaceful Sabbath nest for all existing beings.

When a miserable person visits your house, how do you ladies respond? You should feel dutiful to show hospitality by giving him or her outer clothes and even underclothes if he or she doesn't have clothes. Then your descendants will wear proper clothes. Your descendants will flourish because you treated strangers well.

There is a family precept inherited for a long time in Father's family. It is not to let guests pass my house with hunger. On a cold winter morning when our grandfather heard a beggar supplicating, "I've come to beg breakfast," he would give all that was on his breakfast table to the beggar. And he would start scolding our grandmother, saying, "Imagine that you are a beggar. How difficult it is to beg rice in front of a stranger's house on a cold winter day! Even though rice doesn't cost so much, it must be really hard to beg for it." Father heard those words several times.

It is hard to maintain life, but it is given by God. We should understand the beggar's heart to preserve his life. He does not want to die because he doesn't want to be undutiful to God. If human beings cannot understand a fellow human being's suffering, who will understand it?

When grandfather scolded grandmother for not serving the beggar quickly enough, she would protested by asking, "Who is more precious, your wife or a strange beggar?" When thinking of the offspring, a beggar is more precious.

Our grandfather did so and our father also did so. That was the law of the Moon family. We had to give rice to a beggar before he spoke more than three phrases. If mother didn't give rice to the beggar, father himself would serve the beggar with his own food. Then my mother, whose character was like a man, would fight with my father.

If a wife doesn't serve guests well, the head of a family, the husband, is responsible. When a husband doesn't serve well, he'll be punished, but when a wife doesn't do so, her husband is to correct her. You shouldn't say to a beggar, "What are you doing with your young body?" You should say, giving even a little change, "This is very little, but please receive thousands of blessings from this." If there's a very miserable man who doesn't eat properly in a village, you should do whatever work is possible, even all night, to buy him rice. If you do that, your descendants will stand in the most blessed place to be praised through thousands of generations. When a poor person gives birth to a baby and is starving, you should even sell your cow to help the family. In God's sight, everybody is a brother and a sister.

The President of the Korean Unification Church should give warm hospitality to foreign members when they visit Korea. If you pretend not to know them and sleep with your legs straight, your legs will rot. Even though you lead a starving life, you should want to share with villagers when you get even one bowl of rice. Then the villagers will pray for your blessing. When you starve because of serving others, somebody will secretly bring a bag of rice to your kitchen. If you develop such a personality, you'll never perish.

You should live for the sake of heaven because heaven lives for the sake of your betterment, and you are to serve members as Father serves you. With respect to this standard, there are many who are like thieves. If you become the scary person who eats what is heaven's and robs church members, your descendants will perish for seven generations. Have you become a person who is indebted to others, or a person to whom others are indebted? If you've become a person who can make others indebted to you, you will surely develop yourself, because God will cooperate with you.

You should establish the four position foundation even at the time of death.

The problem is: onto whom will you hold when you die? What is the ideal of creation? What is the purpose of creation? Speaking in the human-centered view, it is to complete the four position foundation. Is there any rule or principle of death? What are the rules number one, two and three of death? Who will protect you at the most intimate distance during the time of your death? Who has the closest bond with you? Who will cry for you at the time of death? (Your children, spouse and parents.) Then whose tears will be the greatest in degree? (Your parent's tears.) Tears are relative. There are vertical and horizontal tears. Parents' tears flow from the utmost peak.

Upon what will you center when you die? Would you like to die forgetting love or embracing it? Whose love do you want to embrace at the moment of death? You should first of all embrace parental love, and then conjugal love and children's love. The principle of the four position foundation also applies to death.

Whom do people call first when they die? They call God. To call God at the most difficult place is the utmost truth for individuals. For people who truly call God at death, the door of forgiveness will open. Why is that so? Because the principle of death is like that.

When you die holding on to the principle of death, there will be a way for you to sacrifice. That's why everybody calls God at their death. This is the most truthful lesson. It is common that people speak the truth when they die. I don't know who taught that, but anyway it is a really good teaching. It is the truth of truths.

According to heavenly law, at death you are to call parents first and then your husband or wife. After calling your spouse, you are to call your children. You shouldn't let only your children come, preventing your spouse from coming at death. In the satanic world children have had priority over one's spouse. That's because Eve was the key figure of the fall. But in the restored world parents should come first, then the spouse and finally the children. That's the ideal.

Therefore, the four position foundation should be ready at death. People who died without establishing the four position foundation cannot properly go the way of death. That's why certain spirits come and go even after death.

After knowing all of this principle, to whom are you going to hold at death? (God.) Next? (True Parents.) You were born of God and you are to die through Him so that you can live eternally with Him in the spirit world. You were born through Him and you are to be concluded through Him. To live under this principle is the way of loyalty and filial piety. You are to be evaluated in conclusion as a responsible human being when you die, who fulfilled the way of loyalty and filial piety. Life is to be lived this way.

What you have to consider now is what kind of will you are going to leave to your child at your death. What will you express as your dying wishes? Can parents ask children to do what they haven't done? Such parents are the ones who want to take advantage of their children. Therefore, when you leave a will to your children, you should be able to say, "I've lived a life with nothing of which to be ashamed, so please live as I have." Then God will eternally protect your will. Do you have confidence to leave such a will? This is a serious problem.

The legacy of your family shouldn't be your material assets or the education you provided your children. It should be something done in family unity for the sake of the nation and the world.

Be careful that your tomb not be stepped on by your children. If there were Adam and Eve's tomb, I would be the first one to dig it up.

What will you leave your growing child? The greatest legacy is to be able to say, "I have nothing to leave you except a life lived for the sake of the nation and the world." Things such as wealth or a doctorate are not important at all. You should leave a will saying something like, "Live for the world. Even though you were born in Korea, you are universal. So live for heaven and earth as well as for the world." This is "cosmos-ism." You have such a wonderful ideology and you've heard it and realized the significance of it, so you shouldn't be worthless, small-minded people.

The legacy of your family should be museum pieces for the world. Even though David S. C. Kim has been the president of the Seminary for a long time, he shouldn't leave relics for the school but should leave them for the world.

The world in which you live centering upon yourself is not your treasure. Your treasure is only what you received in the public dimension.

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