Blessing and Ideal Family Part 2

by Rev. Sun Myung Moon

7) The Collective Life of the Blessed Families

The Unification Church teaches "parents" in the place of God and the historically unfortunate saints. If you have such parents, God is not needed and saints are not needed. We don't lack anything when we have parents. By becoming one with your brothers and sisters after completely restoring parents, new family members and a new family can start. Therefore, you should create the trinity.

All of you have spiritual parents. The spiritual parents have three spiritual children. You cannot stand in the face of God's will if you cannot be one with them. Do you know the trinity of your spiritual parents? Did you become one with them? If not, you are a fake. Because you didn't create such a bond, you should create it centering upon Father's family. Become one with the people representing the three brothers in Father's family and make a brotherly bond with Father's children in the Cain and Abel relationship. Is there anyone who cannot do that?

You wear warm clothes whenever you feel cold, and you eat whenever you feel hungry, but have you wondered if Father's children are hungry? There's a formula course for Father to pass through before he can live with his children. just serve for three years, absolutely serve!

You live centering upon yourselves like satanic babies. That's a serious problem. There are a group of people who think, "We have nothing to do with God or Father or Regional Leaders; we are now just suffering." Is there anyone here who thinks like that?

You should apply the Principle to everything. You are to start by relating things to the principled foundation. To create a loving relationship with brothers, you need such a foundation. "Family members" mean "brothers." Jesus hasn't received parental love, a brother's love or the love of relatives.

Because you have family members, you should make an atmosphere for brothers to give and receive love and live for one another. You should become such exemplary members. You should become a man or woman whom all Unification Church members can worship. Have you become such a person? All different kinds of people gather in this church, so there will be ones who sell the name "members." If such people receive the Blessing, they will sell the name "family." There are a group who are arrogant due to the Blessing that they received. Father didn't suffer until now to create families of such low dimension.

The family is the basic unit representing the whole. The mistake of a family links to the mistake of the whole; so while an individual mistake can be tolerated, the mistake of a family cannot be tolerated. The heart to turn individual joy into joy for the whole should prevail.

When you establish concern, subjectivity and hope for the whole instead of for the individual, you will harmonize with the bigger dimension. The family exists to save the whole; therefore, a family is like a power transmission line. You should be able to harmonize with the whole through the family. So the trinity should live in one house. It is the time to reorganize the family structure.

Even though you received persecution and were driven out of society because of the Unification Church, you received better friends and brothers. In other words, you are given brothers who don't have the same physical blood lineage through the Blessing.

The relatives in the Unification Church are the blessed families.

Twelve families should create a united form or structure. You should miss one another and want to communicate.

From now on Father wants to hold family workshops. In entering modern life, Father wants to buy a plot of land which can accommodate 100 houses and build an apartment house for workshops to train people to live together. You have to think seriously how your actual life can unite the internal and external standards which God wants your family to establish.

It is Principle that when a blessed family is united like an ironclad bastion, it will stand as the central nation which only God can subjugate, and will begin to move the world anew with its fortune.

The blessed families are to create one vertical ground with a strong bond of blood and flesh. They should be able to say to each other, "I cannot exist without you and you cannot exist without me." So the families with Unificationism try to make God's glorious ground in complete unity. Each family willingly wants to be the fertilizer for that field. Such a fertile ground of life is an object of pride.

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