Blessing and Ideal Family Part 2

by Rev. Sun Myung Moon

6) Life Centering Upon the Trinity

The trinity is made with three men or three women in our church. We create a trinity to make the representative form of Adam's three sons and three daughters-in-law to serve the Lord.

When these three people cannot become one, there is the possibility for more destruction. Especially the three men should be united, spiritually and physically.

The foundation of the trinity shouldn't be limited to the present but should transcend time and make one subjective form. Otherwise you'll be ashamed of standing in front of the Lord of the Second Coming. If the three people in oneness make a principled stepping stone, in other words if the trinity is absolutely determined not to change, God will accomplish His will. In order to prepare this foundation, Father organized trinities.

The fall means the disunity of three brothers. That's why the Kingdom of Heaven cannot be established unless three brothers in unity manage one household according to the principle of restoration.

If the members of a trinity cannot make mental unity, they cannot go to the Kingdom of Heaven. The ideology of the Unification Church starts from here. The three who cannot be united mentally cannot register in the Kingdom of Heaven and cannot even look around it. And centering upon the oneness of the three, the minds of twelve people should be united into one.

You cannot go the way of faith alone. You need a like-minded friend in faith. More than three people should be one. That's why a trinity is needed. The subject of human character, God, also wants the triple standard. God cannot teach human beings directly when they make mistakes. He cannot teach us vertically. But if three people become one, when one makes a mistake and the other two don't, He can instruct the mistaken one about what he did wrong. That's the reason God sent Jesus and the Holy Spirit.

Grace comes quickly when more than three people pray in the mountains. After prayer the three should discuss with one another. If they discuss with others outside the trinity, Satan will invade.

When there's a beautiful unity of the three in a true sense and people surrounding them become envious of them, God's will automatically multiplies. The new bud will blossom when there's unity among the three, even without God's help.

Three people together can do anything, even in the outside world. Eight members should move together in our church. When a leader, leader's wife, three men and three women are one in a church, nothing can destroy it. This is an iron rule. Because everyone has the mission to prepare this restored form, Father organized trinities.

In order to set up a four position foundation, a form centering upon the horizontal foundation should be ready: people, church, material and a family should be one in the social environment.

That's why the trinity is organized. The mission of the trinity is to be a good example in the family and in the church, and to be responsible for the economy. The trinity should be completely one. When there's a crack in the trinity, the ideology of the Kingdom of Heaven is destroyed.

Then what should the trinity do from now on? One representative family should be selected in each trinity. The selected family is an absolute heavenly family of which God dreams. It represents Father's family to the extent that other families should be absolutely obedient to this family; such a tradition should be established. And the families in a trinity should sincerely devote themselves in leading the church more than church leaders. The family also should be more frugal than others in dealing with material. Thus, our ideology aims toward the systematic formation of a social system and economic structure.

The time will come to select a representative family. When selecting one family in a region, a four position foundation should be established centering upon this family. We are to go forward centering upon the four position foundation which can enable us to live together eternally.

Right there, the Kingdom of Heaven on earth is to take place. That's the principled world. History developed in order to establish such a Kingdom of Heaven on earth. It is understandable that communists considered their party the absolute center, because everything develops through one center. Communists live or die according to party orders.

You are to fulfill your mission and responsibility centering upon the same principle in your given area. After receiving the Blessing, you have to prepare to become a central family in front of your descendants and heaven and earth.

You are to go forward with the conviction to establish a solid foundation to take responsibility as normal practice, in front of God, through your family. If you can do that, you will not deviate from the living regulation centering upon the Principle.

Father organized trinities. It was not centered upon the families themselves, but centered upon Father. In fact, it is good to form a trinity with your spiritual children. Centering upon Father, internally you form a father-son relationship. This is what Father thought of when making trinities.

Blessed families should live by the organization of their trinity. When a son is born in one family, a four position foundation is established. If one of your trinity families doesn't have a son, you should be able to send your son to this family. But when the family finally gives birth to a son, you can bring your son back.

If one family in a trinity cannot give birth to a child, the other families should give a child to the family.

When one husband dies, the trinity should be responsible for the household of his family. From now on, we are to manage three households together; we are not to live alone. When the time comes, three households should be run together.

Consider Father's words as life itself. Be absolutely obedient. Originally the trinity should live together more than three years. The trinity should feel the same even if they exchange their babies. If you feel troubled about this, you will fail. Don't worry if a husband of one family in the trinity dies. In that case, the remaining two families should be responsible.

When Satan recognizes the condition that I loved Cain as much as I loved Abel, then he will go away. When rearing the babies of your trinity partners, you should be two or three times more devoted than with your own babies. If the trinity cannot make oneness, how can we create world unity? Three nations should be one. You have to love the world more than you love the Lord. Father received persecution from three nations, three ages and three sovereignties. The trinity is one brother. Therefore, when the three families become one, they can hold ceremonies instead of Father. If you neglect the trinity and just focus on your family's well-being, you will perish. You shouldn't represent Father just in His name; rather you should represent Father in His responsibility and heart.

Originally one family of a trinity is to be responsible for three households, and the remaining two families are to witness.

The Unification Church uses the noun "family member" (Korean: shik ku). We are all brothers centering upon the trinity. You should repent that you haven't fulfilled this.

Trinities should live together with deep feeling. The families in a trinity in turn should take responsibility for the trinity household one year out of every three. Without establishing the Kingdom of Heaven of the family, we cannot enter the Kingdom of Heaven. You are in the position of the Messiah who can save the whole family.

Even though three couples gave birth to children, they should be able to rear them as one couple. When you can do so, heartistic unification is possible. Father's heart, Adam's heart and Jesus' heart should be one. If the trinity cannot become like that, you will not be able to stand in the Kingdom of Heaven.

Three families shouldn't fight one another, each centering upon their own children. If that occurs, all should repent. You should be able to move twelve directions while living in one place.

Blessed families in a trinity should get in touch with one another at least once every three to four weeks. You should live centering upon the four position foundation.

One family in a trinity should be in charge during one season; each family in turn should be the responsible center to lead three families' living. In case of building a house, the house should be able to accommodate three families. The trinity is absolutely necessary.

You should be a good example in church and on the economic stage, centering upon the trinity. You should never be dominated by money. The nation which is dominated by money perishes. And when a family deceives the nation in order to fulfill an individual's greed, the family also will perish.

Women are capricious, aren't they? It is the right time for them to be really fickle now. Women want to live only with their spouses, right? Unless we destroy this standard, world unity is impossible. You have to understand this point.

The reason that a clan cannot live together is because of the women. The daughter-in-law who doesn't like her parents-in-law will be a miserable mother-in-law. This creates mutual sadness. To solve this, everything should be reversed.

The three wives of a trinity should be one, so Father disciplines you right now to become one. From now on, twelve families should live together in one house; and then 120 families or 1,200 families should live in one house. You shouldn't fight at all even though you live in the same village. When fighting takes place, a tribal conference should be held to punish the ones who fight. Such a time will come.

Father has disciplined you on a family level. From now on an apartment will come into being to train you on the family level. I'm talking about the modem dwelling, the apartment building. We will make a house which can accommodate more than seven families, so that people can experience collective life and modem life for several months. Such disciplining, residential apartments will come about. Do you understand?

All of you should graduate from such a training school. Three generations are to live together in the apartment. They are to eat and study together. The eight members of the family are to enter the Kingdom of Heaven centering upon the parents. Can a family having less than eight members enter the Kingdom of Heaven?

How many people are there when you add parents and the trinity? (Eight people.) Without setting up the foundation for these eight family members to become one, you cannot enter the Kingdom of Heaven. This is Principle, isn't it? If that's the Principle, we should live according to it.

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