Blessing and Ideal Family Part 2

by Rev. Sun Myung Moon

5) Life of Faith of Blessed Families

How many blessed families come earlier than service time and help prepare on Sundays? When the sermon is about to start, after singing all the holy songs, they enter church. How can we call such people followers of God's will? No matter how well they make excuses, they are living a private life, not a public life. We expect no content from such people. You have to make a new resolution for "thorough public life" and "exemplary private life" through this meeting.

Therefore, all the blessed families should come to service earlier than the starting time and make a grace-filled atmosphere for the many types of people who will attend the service. That makes the heartistic foundation for the Regional Leader or minister who will give the sermon, and the speaker will be stimulated by the attitude of the members yearning to listen. The number of such active members determines the development of the church.

And it is so precious to keep the public anniversaries or Holy Days of the church. If you don't consider them as your very life, you will flunk the Blessing.

You shouldn't expect your children to grow well when you don't even keep morning Pledge Service and Sunday Service. Therefore, you should establish the four position foundation centering upon Father. In order to set up descendants, parents should do well.

Let's stand in the straight line with God even at Pledge Service. That moment is truly serious. You should repent if you are late even one second. Prepare holy candies and give them to the children.

Sunday is the day to give the members what you planned and what you saved during the week. It is the day to give something joyful to the members. And on Sundays, you are to share specially prepared food with other families and praise your spouse.

Blessed families should educate their children how to offer the Sabbath day to God by showing them an exemplary life: for example, preparing for Sunday Service from the break of day. But in reality they do whatever they want to do. They don't pray, don't make special offerings, don't study Principle and don't witness in the name of a life of living faith. If the Sunday Service starts at 10:30, they should leave for the church at 9:30 or 10:00. Instead of doing so, they leave home late and attend service from the middle. Such a family will be accused. No matter how much they educate their children, it won't influence them at all.

Parents should be a good example. They should show their children the practical life of faith-prayer life and family service on a more serious level than conventional church members. And they should make children realize the importance of Pledge time. Holding Pledge Service is not enough; they should educate their children centering upon God's will.

At 5 a.m. on the first day of the month, each blessed family is supposed to bow and pledge toward the Headquarters with a joyful atmosphere. You are to bow and pledge at 5 a.m. on Sundays; at that time you are to report all the contents of your life during the week. Sundays should be the joyful day that you long to have come quickly.

The quickest way to set up the family tradition is to do it when Father is alive. Originally you are supposed to shower every morning, bow and pledge to Father. Without setting up such a tradition, your descendants will perish.

One old blessed man died and his son seemed to feel sorry. The son realized that he never bought even a bowl of noodles for his father when he was alive. The son realized this immediately upon the father's death. It is fallen man's habit to have great regret after someone's death.

Father felt so much emotion after attending the funeral. How will you do when Father goes to spirit world?

When looking in the mirror, you should ask, "How much do these eyes shed tears of longing to see Parents? How much does this mouth shout for Parents' liberation and the accomplishment of the Will? How much do these hands shed blood working hard for Parents' nation? Have I worked on the foundation which Parents desire until my body collapsed r' When you can repent, realizing that it creates resentment not to have done so, and then determine to look for such a way, you are happy. Happiness lies in trying to go this way and in making the heartistic. bond with God. Nobody can subjugate such a person. Only the parents can move, inspire and make such a person happy. And there is nobody except the son who can make the parents happy. The hope of the parents doesn't lie in themselves, but in their son.

In farming, it is the morality of heaven and earth to think, "I'll offer the product to my parents." In love, everything becomes joyful and harmonized; and without love everything becomes unhappy and a dreary wilderness. Isn't that true? The problem lies here. You need to have a heart burning to know anything concerning True Parents and the church, such that you come earliest whenever the church leaders give reports.

You'll get a perfect score if you can show all of your heart to Heavenly Father and the True Parents even when you eat, drink, sit, stand or do any such mundane things. Knowledge or scholarly achievements don't guarantee you a perfect score. Maybe degrees such as a Ph.D. or Master's are needed for the fight, but you don't live by them. Can you justify your life saying to God, "I have a doctorate"? It is not needed. How can we pull God's love? The only way to move God is to devote yourself with absolute seriousness. You must think of True Parents first, whatever you encounter.

When something good happens, a person of filial piety thinks of his parents first. To think of husband or wife first is a fallen custom. Without buying something precious for parents, you cannot buy anything for your wife. Many of the 36 Couples should feel guilty. Before buying new clothes for your wife, you should buy clothes for your parents. A wife cannot ask her husband to buy certain clothes that she likes without buying for the parents first. Before buying himself clothes, a husband should buy for his parents first and then for his wife. The same rule applies to eating. You are to prepare a meal first to eat together with your parents.

The Kingdom of Heaven is not a difficult place; it is a place where we serve God and True Parents and where we receive and give love. Parents want children to love each other. If you have the title of a son of filial piety, but fight with your brothers at the same time, the title is worthless. That's why parents prefer you to love your brothers. People who love brothers and sisters more than they love their parents can eternally live inside the boundary of the Kingdom of Heaven. People who cannot love their brothers more than they do their parents are out of the dominion. By knowing this fact, members should be one.

People who are always prepared to welcome brothers and sisters, waiting for them from morning to night, will be blessed. Since they know that their parents cannot visit all houses, they wait for the heavenly brothers and sisters every day with a heart yearning to serve parents. Long ago there was a similar custom in Korea. Families of the classical scholar rank kept a special room for visitors. Such a custom can be seen only in Korea. Thus a heavenly regulation was shown symbolically in the historical background of the satanic world.

But you may worry whether or not somebody is going to visit you. Do you want guests to visit your house or not? (Yes.) How would you feel if Father visited your house everyday for three months? You would be tired of me. I have so many things to mention. What do you think? Is Father stifled or not knowing exactly how you feel? You don't know your status at all. That's why Father should educate you about such a matter.

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