Blessing and Ideal Family Part 2

by Rev. Sun Myung Moon

4) The Providential Life of Blessed Families

The couple should know that they are the elements necessary to accomplish the will of the whole and God's will. If the blessed families live for the benefit and well-being of themselves, not for God's will, their children will be miserable.

Trying to follow the will of God with the motive of fulfilling your own desire doesn't make you go forward but rather makes you go backward. There are so many examples of this. You cannot mix your individual desires into God's will. If a husband and wife live for their own benefit and desire even after the Blessing, they are merely a reappearance of the fallen Adam and Eve. The fall starts from greed. If the Blessing is established in order that it surrender to your subjectivity, the Blessing is not fair.

For what did you come to this mountain peak? If you came here to be successful by listening to the words, you will perish. But if you are here to become a plus to your village, nation, world and heaven by listening to the words, you came to the right place. Even though Father appreciates you if you are here just to enjoy seeing him, this will flow away pretty soon. So you should set up a clear standard to do any sort of work if it benefits God.

If a husband and wife set up the foundation of thorough heartistic oneness, inheriting God's ideology, future descendants will praise you eternally. The standard of such praise shouldn't remain in one nation, but it should be the heartistic pivotal point which can be pursued by the whole world. In order to set up such a standard, your family should start with the determination to overcome any difficult environment.

What road have you walked? If you have been busy taking care of your sons and daughters, you won't be able to meet God in the spirit world. God lost all the created world by losing human beings. Therefore, even though you live with your sons and daughters, your mind should always live to love God and to accomplish God's will. If their parents died through persecution while trying to accomplish God's will, the sons and daughters will be proud of their parents' life.

You should know that the more miserable the place you enter, the closer God is with you. Sometimes when I opened my eyes, a light was radiating in the sky. When God is with us, such phenomena take place. What a beautiful panorama! There are so many handsome men and beautiful women in the world, but they are nothing compared to such a scene. Such beauty can be seen only in the world of dreams. The place where beauty can be expressed completely is the ideal world-the Kingdom of Heaven we all desire. If a person like Mr. Park here saw such a phenomenon, he would forget to breathe out after once breathing in, keeping his mouth ajar in deep wonderment.

When we silently sacrifice everything for the sake of God, He will protect us. God surely will be at our side.

Your family should be the family of love, and you are to become the public husband and wife or parents centering upon God's love. Don't be the personal husband and wife or parents centering upon yourselves. Usually there is no public husband and wife, no public parents and no public sons and daughters in America. They are not walking the way of public love; instead they are walking the way of private love, in which the love of husband and wife, parents and children is centered upon themselves. Such love destroys the nation and the world.

When you become the center of the world after loving and sacrificing for the sake of the world, you automatically will be able to launch your individual love. Then God will love you.

A great person doesn't only manage the household for his or her own family or nation; he is the one who manages the household for the world. And who could be a person greater than that? The greatest is the one who is willing to manage God's household.

In this respect, saints do not dream centering on the human household; they are the dreamers whose center is God's household. The founders of the religions, Jesus, Confucius, Buddha and Mohammed, realized God as the essence of the household of a dimension higher and more ideal than the human one. That's why they longed for the ideal.

You were called to the providence and received the Blessing, That's due to God's enormous love; that was not founded upon your will. You've gained life for free, due to God's unconditional love. Therefore, all of you are heartistically indebted to God. Even though God doesn't ask you to pay the heartistic debt, you have to participate in His situation and follow His will if you wish to regard yourselves as His children. Interests or consequences cannot intervene in the parent/child relationship. Only love exists between them. Children don't work to pay their debt to their parents; rather they participate in their parents' work because the parents' matters are the children's matters.

We have to reflect upon how much we blessed families have participated in Heavenly Father's concerns. If blessed families think Father's concerns have nothing to do with them, who will inherit Father's work?

If you found Heavenly Father by joining the Unification Church and by meeting Father, you have to be grateful. It was not easy at all to establish the Blessing in the course of the providence. It is not practiced like certain memorial celebrations or annual ceremonies. If you know the value of the Blessing, you should be able to inherit Father's concerns and heart.

A son born of a great father is responsible to succeed with everything of his father's.

Everyone stands upon the same central point, but the horizontal expansion differs, from the family level to the tribal, national or worldwide levels. Father and you stand upon the same central point. The center cannot be two. While Father has the worldwide mission, you have the individual, family, tribal or national mission. By making effort you can extend your level to the broader dimension.

What is your situation after receiving the Blessing? The world to which you have to go is the world to which Father has to go. The nation to which Father has to go is the nation to which his son has to go, isn't it? Likewise, the glory that Father will enjoy is the glory that his child will enjoy. Then how much have you researched what Father is doing? Have you read Unification News and Today's World all night to find out what is happening to Father and his family? How many pages do you read when you receive those? You have read many worthless books linking to Satan, and carried on worthless research on satanic matters, but how much have you researched about Father? You do not have confidence.

You should know clearly whether or not you have lived for God's will. There are people watching how the blessed families will become compared with non-blessed families. When a baby calls, "Father," God doesn't hear it as one baby's voice, but He hears it as the voice of all babies.

God gives us grace after the trial. When Father looks at my white hair, I feel sad at realizing that I haven't done enough by the time of reaching this age. If Father shed tears ten times, you have to shed tears at least once. The blood, sweat and tears shed at the place where we meet Father are different from the blood, sweat and tears shed by any other people in history. Let us shed tears by meeting and embracing Father in the nation for which Father has been searching.

You shouldn't be the husband and the wife that you were when you didn't know the Principle. If there's a way to receive grace and to inherit God, you should go forward, interested in the greater value of the ideal even if you lose all of your assets. You'll be punished right away if you hide some of your assets in a comer. That is like theft. Thieves who steal another's materials are to be punished. It is a most frightening thing. It is a crime.

Your family shouldn't just exist for your own family but for three million people; and your body is not yours but is the one to go upward by representing three million people. In order to go this way, first of all you should leave everything to do with material things up to God. That is what Father did.

The things that I possess are not mine but belong to God and the universe. All things of the universe are to be resurrected, and you have to raise your children not as your own but with the view that they belong to God and the universe. A husband and wife are not limited to being each other's private possessions; they represent heaven and earth.

Don't just make effort for your own family, but undertake great endeavors for the nation. Because I treat you as people of character, you think I am the teacher of the Unification Church only; but I'm not teaching one church alone. Wait ten years; you'll see what I mean.

Blessed families are precious. You should start in the same position as Adam and Eve in the Garden of Eden. You should start without even clothes, like Adam and Eve, but you have clothes. Did Adam and Eve wear clothes in the Garden of Eden? They hid themselves with nothing but leaves. They didn't have a house. In this respect, blessed families nowadays cannot say that they are suffering. Our blessed families all have houses and clothes.

It is a greater blessing to leave descendants who are determined and proud to gain providential victories by the trillions than to sing joyful songs of blessing. If you came to the Unification Church for your well-being, pack up right away and leave. Such self-centered motivation destroys you. If you are worried about your children and your wife, God's dispensation will not be accomplished. It will perish.

Did you join the Unification Church to eat three meals a day? You are not suffering for your entire life in this church just for the sake of eating three meals a day. If your initial determination to save the nation and live for righteousness was not a lie, you shouldn't hesitate to do anything. Don't forget that you will turn into a pillar of salt if you hesitate due to attachment to the past.

Do you think Father created the Unification Church and endured all the persecution and accusations just so that he could have enough to eat? When I look back upon my life, there was not a single day when I ate enough and slept comfortably. In order not to forget the hunger that others were experiencing, I intentionally starved myself and suffered. I couldn't allow my stomach to be filled and myself to indulge in a comfortable life.

The people who died while trying to fill their own stomach cannot go to Kingdom of Heaven. If I eat enough and sleep well, I will be indebted to all Unification Church members in the world. Such a life is sin.

What's going to happen if you live for yourself? You will lose the world, nation and tribe. Can the people who live for themselves have a family? No, they cannot have a public family. They will completely perish because they won't have the nation and tribe. Where is the place for that multitude to go? It is hell. There are many Unification Church members who will go to hell. That's why you shouldn't live for yourself. You should pray about this matter. It is not time for you to live for your individual self, but to live for the whole.

When you lead a thrifty life even though you have a lot to eat, and work hard for the world even though you can survive comfortably without working, God will feel sympathy and love for you.

For example, let's say a wife suffers greatly for her husband. When they finally achieve the purpose of the suffering and the husband occupies a glorious position, he will want to give credit to his wife for the achievement.

When a desirable purpose is accomplished by a family through the cooperation of all the family members, the father will want to praise his children and give them the credit, and he will want to stay in that position eternally. Likewise, when there are sons and daughters centering upon God's will, God wants to praise them, give them the credit and stay with them eternally.

Some of you may desire to ask me to help pay your children's school tuition, but Father is thinking of the third-world countries where people are dying of starvation. That's why I prefer not to wear neckties, or long underwear in winter. The people who are determined to liberate their brothers and sisters, and are willing to be the next to die in order to do so, cannot die even if they want to.

In the Old Testament age, materials were offered, and in the New Testament age, the son was sacrificed. In the Completed Testament age, parents go the way of sacrifice.

Your responsibility is so heavy. You were chosen earlier than others and received Father's love and education. If you cannot fulfill your responsibility, you'll be accused throughout history. In order not to be accused by your descendants, you'd better fulfill your given responsibility. Don't reject suffering; go forward to establish the tradition by fulfilling your responsibility. You should be the ancestors whom your descendants will praise throughout history, with their heads down in view of your heavenly results.

When the parents make serious effort not to be separated from the heavenly way, the children will never be disobedient.

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