Blessing and Ideal Family Part 2

by Rev. Sun Myung Moon

3) The Life of Husband and Wife in a Blessed Family

Blessed families should renounce the conventional concept of living. The ideal couple that God originally desired was to return glory to God, but instead the fallen couple returned sadness to God. There is the disloyalty of the archangel as well as the irresponsibility of Adam and Eve. The archangel first was supposed to set up the condition of loyalty and filial piety to God, but he failed to do so. Therefore, the restoration providence is to set up the conditions of loyalty, filial piety and virtuous love.

Even though we as fallen people try setting up such conditions of love, we cannot reach the original standard because the enemy interferes with our loyalty, filial piety and virtue. It's easy for us to speak and think of being loyal to the nation, dutiful to our parents and faithful to our spouses, but the original loyalty, filial piety and virtuous love are different from what we imagine. That's why we need the central point.

Because God has been setting up the heartistic center of loyalty, filial piety and virtue in love, all religion and morality must follow this standard. All religious people and Jesus have been trying to establish the family for the purpose of setting up the condition of loyalty, filial piety and virtue in love. God established the nation of Israel in order to look for such a family. Jesus could have made Satan surrender if he first had set up the morality of loyalty, filial piety, and virtue in love, and then had become the priest to expand such conditions. When children mature, they are to replace God's doctrine with His substance.

Blessed families shouldn't fall behind anyone in establishing loyalty, filial piety and virtue in love. Loyalty, filial piety and virtue in love start from the family. To be blessed is to inherit Father's wishes. In history there have been families of loyalty and filial piety in front of God, but there has been no family of virtue in love. We cannot set up the condition of virtue in love until God's Day comes and Satan's accusation is overcome.

Men gathering here should love their wives more than any other husbands do in the world. Women also should love their husbands more than any other wives do in the world. That is the morality of love that the parents of the blessed families should keep.

Blessed couples are to enter the Kingdom of Heaven when they accomplish horizontal love centering upon the foundation of vertical love.

When a husband or a wife can love his or her object as the representative of Heaven, earth and all humankind, that family can represent all blessed families.

The main thought of the Unification Church is, "Our family doesn't exist for the sake of our family." It is conventional wisdom that women are to follow their husbands, but that doesn't work in the Unification Church. The way of the virtuous women is to live for the nation, abandoning husband and family members if they are centered on the family alone.

Set up the family tradition. Follow the way centering upon the one who stands straight in front of God.

What kind of family is the exemplary family? When a family doesn't fulfill its mission, the whole family will be caught up and the ancestors in the spirit world will not be able to cooperate.

When a family sets up the tradition as the substance of Jesus and the Holy Spirit, the national and worldwide tradition can be established.

We shouldn't be sad when one of a couple who worked for the providence dies early.

The blessed couples shouldn't lament, even if their husband or wife dies early. They shouldn't remarry; otherwise, they will be caught up by heavenly law in the spirit world. They must report in front of God and follow what God directs them to do. But nowadays there are many who are not doing so. What will be the result? It doesn't appear on earth, but you'll know when you go to the spirit world. Such a person will stand in a position worse than Satan.

Father knows all of your past experiences. If you ask me, I can tell you right away what happened in your past. Would the bride and the bridegroom ask each other's past? Or would you forget your past? Because Father decides to forget your past, you also should forget your past.

Blessed men should be completely one with Father. Then there is no connection with sin. You as Father's incarnation should start your life in the subjective position; and the object, your wife, should be one with the subject and absolutely obedient.

When you blessed couples start a family, the husband should lead a public life (life of service) and the wife should be in charge of the family life (the domestic life). Will you be a representative and exemplary family? "Moonies" are reflective, "Sunnies" are luminary, and "Kingies" are comprehensive. Therefore, you should be Kingies, the comprehensive family. The ideal should be actualized through God and human beings.

A person who is in debt cannot flourish. A family member who likes to be indebted to others in the family will be isolated. It is the principle of human life that if the family members are indebted to someone else in the family more than to the parents, the parents will give all the authority and power to that someone else. Wives should not be indebted to their husbands; neither husbands to wives. The eternal peaceful world comes from the family in which no one wants to be indebted to another.

When you work in an agricultural community, you are not to work alone. A husband and a wife together are to report the day's schedule to God before going out to work and they are to report to God after work and then eat dinner. You should know how strict is the God-centered standard of life.

There are regulations of family life for women and men respectively. Blessed families are to systemize their lives with such great heavenly regulations; otherwise, they will be in trouble.

Give for the sake of family, nation and world; this is the principle of three objects. In walking, men are to step right foot first and women are to step left foot first. Men are supposed to sit in the East and women in the West. There is always a certain order to do anything-the order of setting the table or the order of hanging clothes.

Man is to look down upon woman from above, and woman is to look up to man from below. Woman shouldn't look upstream at flowing water, but should look downstream. A woman looking upstream is the type who will be good at playing with love.

Woman is to prepare the place for man to sit. When using a wardrobe, man is to use the right or upper side and woman the left or lower side. Woman shouldn't put her skirt or underwear on the man's upper clothes. The woman's clothes shouldn't be on the man's clothes.

The wife of a leader shouldn't nag her husband when he is about to leave for work in the morning. The disturbing ripple effect from his heart created by his wife's nagging will disturb the world and make it unclean. Woman should nag at night and then all the problems should be solved overnight. A man should launch his battle plan every morning; the wife of such a husband should wake up early and serve him well.

Women always should be beautiful even if it requires using make-up and perfume. A wife should not be indebted to her husband in emotional life, and she should always concern herself with her husband's body and clothes. When a husband looks tired after working, she should prepare water to wash his face, and toothpaste and toothbrush to brush his teeth, and she should be able to wash his feet and comb his hair.

A woman's smile is the flower of the family. In order to establish a harmonious family, the woman should be a first class actress in both comedy and tragedy. She should completely melt her husband all the time, whether he is joyful or sad.

Woman should change her clothes and wash her hair at least once every three days. And always smile. A smile is a mental flower. Always keep your flowers in bloom and give off a sweet smell!

Woman should test the object's response to her hairstyle and make-up. Think of it as a hobby to alter your external appearance if you cannot make the object joyful and attract him to you. Mobilize all the artistic senses like a symphony. You may research woman's physiology by looking at magazines or explain to him about literature after reading several books. Make your husband live inside the width of your skirt like a baby.

Once a man and a woman meet at all, they should be together holding each other's hands regardless of going the way of death or life. As long as you have to go together, be smart and stylish.

After getting married, you cannot act in whatever way you want. Where must you go after marriage? You are to take charge of God's love. Human beings are born separately as man and woman because of love. Love is to be fruitful by means of a husband and a wife becoming one.

You are the divided substantial bodies coming from God's dual characteristics. In order for divided beings to become a harmonized union, they should took for God's love.

In order to encounter God's love, man and woman should be one in love. Unless man and woman become one, there is no way to meet God's love. Meeting God's love compels us to stay in the same position as God. Staying in the same position as God means standing in front of God.

When you become one centering upon God's love, on the foundation of complete oneness in conjugal love, you are not only to reach God's position but are to possess all of God's belongings. The power of love is such an amazing force. You are to inherit the right of possessing all of God's property, and at the same time He allows you to participate in His authority.

If you focused on loving each other neglecting God's will, you should feel shameful in front of God. This is the life of blessed families. If you lead your family looking after your own happiness, your family will never develop. So, if something good happens in your family, it should be related to the nation, world and Heaven. The joy of the family should become the pride of the nation, world and Heaven.

When they embrace and love their children, blessed parents should know clearly the purpose for which their children were born. They were born because of God; they were born through the affinity of God. Even though you may have a secret talk with your precious husband or your precious wife, you did not meet your spouse by your own decision. You met in the presence of heavenly law. God intervened to create your meeting. So you should understand that the more you become miserable, the more God becomes miserable.

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