Blessing and Ideal Family Part 2

by Rev. Sun Myung Moon

2) The Family Life of Blessed Families

Pledge of the Families:

We families, the center of the cosmos, brothers and sisters vertically connected and flesh and blood of the True Parents before the new heaven, pledge and swear before the True Parents to become worthy of possessing the glory of victors by maintaining our positions in responsible activities and by observing the family laws and traditions decreed by heaven. This I pledge.

Because original human beings are born through the bond represented by the content of the "Pledge of the Families," they are to live and die within this Pledge. We should be able to read this Pledge without any guilt.

We have been living and speaking carelessly, but now we should establish regulations in our families. Parents shouldn't beat their children due to anger or speak secular words of condemnation to them. Now, everybody should be one. Words, attitudes and way of life should be one, centering upon God.

The Blessing doesn't have any meaning in one generation itself. It is no more than one man and one woman living together. Then, what is the providential content of an individual's Blessing? It is not enough for the blessed families to live according to their original minds, but they should establish a four position foundation centering upon God. Because human history started from the fall centering upon Satan, it should be restored centering upon God. It is inevitable for fallen man.

In order for the head family to thrive, the family members are to accept and conscientiously practice the family rules and etiquette. But people with an attitude such as, "Those rules have nothing to do with me," cannot be the offspring of the head family. Such a one cannot be the heir of the head family even if he is born as its eldest son.

How to maintain the pure blood lineage coming from God is the challenge. It is significant to keep the pure blood lineage in an unchangeable condition, not as blood which has the possibility to fall. We must care sincerely about this. It is very difficult to become pure in this fallen world; the first human beings fell even though they were in the unstained Garden of Eden. Various problems are involved here. The blessed parents born in the fallen world, in spite of their suffering, should make an unstained environment for their blessed children. It is Father's thought to prepare such an environment as quickly as possible for the second generation, no matter what sacrifices are entailed. We have to hurry.

In order for you Americans to be liberated from the sinful world, you shouldn't have the concept that you are American citizens. Instead of thinking that you are American or Korean, you should have the concept that "I'm God's person, the object of Heaven." You should dedicate your life as if you are sharpening a dagger to cut cruelly the sinful nature which permeates the customs and habits of the fallen world, including the language, clothes, shoes and women's cosmetics. This dedicated life can liberate the sinful world. There's no way to subjugate the sinful world unless we get victory over the secular history, habits and bad customs which pervade the environment.

You will have to be liberated from such bad environmental conditions if you want to become a true person, restore a true nation and to go to the Kingdom of Heaven.

Your family shouldn't become secularized and slaves of habit. You shouldn't think, "Things will be better in the future even though it's terrible now." You are to be perfect now; the present is the problem. When the past and the present are perfect, the future will be perfect. Not having a perfect day in the Garden of Eden is the evidence which corroborates the fall. The place where the past, the present and the future can be united into one is the ideal.

You should be able to offer "the Present." God's desire is to set up the eternal stepping stone on earth. This is the historical synthetic point.

If you lead one year with the standard of sincerity which you felt on God's Day, your daily life will be influenced. And if you lead the family tradition with such a sincere heart, your offspring will never diminish.

The reason for the destruction of the Israelites after they entered Canaan is that they become routinized and their mental focus settled on the life of eating and luxury. The Israelites who became wealthy even married the Gentiles. They were after power and fond of knowledge. They perished because they assimilated the ready-made Canaanite culture and sold the spirit of the chosen ones to the Gentiles.

Don't become a slave to bad habits. Habits are the worst illness. If you lead a habitual life after marriage while rearing your children, habits become part of your body. You will no longer find time for prayer or special heartistic offerings in such an environment. There is no time for prayer when the children make noise right beside you.

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