Blessing and Ideal Family Part 2

by Rev. Sun Myung Moon

6) The Value of Blessed Children Blessed Children Surpass Their Parents

By Cain killing Abel, history went the wrong way, so all humankind became Satan's children -- the children of a servant. Human beings were supposed to be princes and princesses, but they became the children of the servant. How much was God stifled? Jesus, the Messiah, in place of the original Adam, came as a luminary, one with God and God's love in spirit and body. Therefore, all men and women in the satanic realm can be attracted to the Lord, treasuring the day of His coming. That's why history is the history of indemnity. No other explanation is necessary.

Without going through the indemnity course, you cannot go in front of God, but the blessed children can go forward without any condition. Their quality is totally different from yours. You were born centered on the root of the fallen world and were engrafted to be the harvested fruit. Your root still remains in the fallen world. But your children are the new fruit centered upon God. To bear children rooted in God and True Parents is more exalted than Mary's bearing the Messiah. The blessed children born of you are better than Jesus, for whom God prepared 4,000 years. Did Jesus' mother and father receive the Blessing and bear him? Your children are born of the Blessing from the True Parents.

Blessed children are born under heavenly fortune, so they will surpass you in quality. Because they have the heavenly fortune, you shouldn't speak impolitely to them, even though they are younger than you.

The children of the Unification Church are to be born with fortune of heaven and earth.

Blessed children are the precious beings who can shine more than you, so don't beat them. Even if you and your spouse are fighting, smile in front of your children.

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