Blessing and Ideal Family Part 2

by Rev. Sun Myung Moon

5) Why Do We Have to Give Birth to Children?

The love of your father and mother precedes your existence. There should be a relative relationship prior to your birth. Life is to be connected to the environment of love. This happens in the place of greatest yearning, not in a place of hatred. The position of true husband and wife is established when they become one through love. So the love, the life, and the ideal of the husband are the wife's, and the love, the life, and the ideal of the wife are the husband's. A child is to be conceived in such a unified place.

Sons and daughters are the realized body, the body in which the parental love is invested. They are the extended body of the life of their parents and the actualized body of the ideal of their parents.

Parents consider children to be the substance of their love, the extended body of their life, the realized body of their ideal and their second selves. The more parents look at their children, the more lovable they become, and vibrant with life, and the more they appear to be ideal objects.

The achievement of a couple's creativity through conjugal love is the child.

What is the purpose of the love between man and woman? Where does their desiring love bear fruit? Love surely wants a certain result which can be connected to the whole; that is the child. A couple doesn't want to finish their love within themselves. The accomplishment of the purpose of love is the child. So unless the purpose of love is accomplished, their ultimate desire is not fulfilled no matter how much they love each other. A child is the universal representative of parents.

A baby is the love of a husband and wife itself. The human being called "I" is a participant of parents' love and the substance -- the fruit -- which is the maturation of the parents' love.

A child, as the substantial body to certify the parents' invisible love, is an inter-link to accelerate and mature the conjugal love of parents. Parents are to strengthen their limitless conjugal love through children. This dynamic love relationship is extended to the love for the nation, world and universe as well as the love for an individual, family and tribe, and it is finally to be connected to God.

When a couple becomes closer and closer to each other through their horizontal love, power comes to move vertically. Therefore, when a husband and a wife are in completely pure love, God definitely comes down there. In other words, when a husband and wife are horizontally in love, God's vertical love meets them at the ninety degree contact point. And on the opposite side of God's love, the children as another kind of love appear.

Therefore the being called "I" is the participant in his parents' love. "I" am the participant in my parents' pure love. Why did I participate? In order to participate in God's vertical love -- the essence of love. Life is born right there.

The most glorious new morning for God is the moment when He can put on the flesh; and the next is the moment when He can have the people (a husband and a wife) to love; and the next is the moment when He can love grandsons and granddaughters more than His sons and daughters.

How did God teach Adam the joyous feeling that He had when He created him? God had to teach Adam this joy by letting Adam and Eve give birth to their sons and daughters. Do you understand? Our Hyo Jin still doesn't know parental love; but when he has a baby, he will understand the love of parents. He will come to understand how much his parents loved him when they were rearing him. That's why the day in which your sons and daughters marry is the glorious day, and then the day in which your children give birth to their children is the glorious day.

In the process of creation, where does completion take place? The creation reaches completion in Adam's sons and daughters, not in Adam. The completion of the purpose of creation originates when Adam accomplishes his four position foundation.

It is the ideal of the principle of creation that God's sons and daughters are to go through formation, growth and completion standards of dominion. The age of completion finally opens when God's married children give birth to their children.

Why do we need children? In order to know God's love we need children. You have to know parental love and how to attend and serve your parents. You have to know your spouse's love and how to attend and serve your spouse. You should also know children's love and how to serve your children. You shouldn't just give orders to your children, but you should be able to serve and understand them. Then you can understand God's love. Without children, you are incomplete and you cannot understand God's love. Without children, you don't know how much God loves human beings, who are His children.

Also without being a husband, you don't know what a wife is; and without being a wife, you don't know what a husband is. Children don't know parental love until they become parents. Therefore, without having children, you cannot be true parents.

Are you all right without children? Without a child, you are destined to perish. Nothing will remain. A child is an incarnation and successor of its parents. Therefore, people want children after marriage.

Parents want to have children because they want to hand over all of their love to their children. The parents' substance remains in their descendants. That's why we need descendants.

Love is eternal. Because love is the utmost desire of human beings, we want to inherit it no matter what. By leaving your love on earth, you are able to stand in front of God with dignity in the spirit world. The family is the place provided for completing such love. To go to the Kingdom of Heaven through the family means to establish the domain of oneness in love.

Human beings should follow the principle of the universe. In spring you should sow seeds -- in summer they flourish, in autumn they bear fruit, and in winter you should arrange everything and implant anew the origin of life into your heart. When the spring returns, the implanted internal seed will be sown again. This means that you should give birth to children. Do you understand? You should rear your children to be the way you are.

Why do you feel sad when you don't have children? It is because you cannot form a circle. We get to know the utmost love by watching a bird feeding its babies; likewise, when you give birth to children and have the experience of rearing them, you are able to confirm love. In the Orient, people like children more than they like adults. They politely respect adults and pour out their utmost love to children. By rearing sons and daughters, you come to realize how much your parents loved you.

Human beings should have the experience of bringing up children. Then they can possess parental love and children's love. Western people don't seem to do that; they are avoiding bearing and bringing up children. Because they think children could be troublesome in the time of divorce, they are hesitating to have children.

But when a human being doesn't establish the four position foundation, he or she cannot understand God's heart and therefore cannot go to the Kingdom of Heaven. Many Americans think they don't need children. But if they would deepen their conjugal love by rearing children, there would be less divorce. They live in false love instead of true love by leaving out children, and repeatedly divorce. The ethics of American society are declining due to this bad trend.

Jesus is the bridegroom and we are the bride. Then what do the bridegroom and bride want to do? Of course, they want to get married to each other. Then what are they going to do in marriage? They want to establish a family and bear children. If they don't have children, they cannot be considered a family. Without giving birth to children, they start to split. After bearing children, a family is to certainly be established. Even though a groom hates his bride so much that he wants to divorce, if she gives birth to a child, the groom cannot do anything. With no way out, he has to live with the bride. Therefore, children are absolutely necessary to establish a family.

I talked about birth control in Barrytown. What do you think about birth control? If the people of Jacob's era had practiced birth control, Joseph wouldn't have come into being. If God prepared a man who had the scientific ability to enable people to see God through television, but due to birth control he were not born, that generation would have no excuse in front of the spirit world and humanity. Heavenly sons and daughters should live more happily than anyone else, and should bear more children than people in the satanic realm. Maybe twelve children will be average for you. Continuously give birth to children. Unification Church members cannot practice birth control. You should bear more than ten children. I will feed them all.

Do you want to give birth to a son first or a daughter first? First son or first daughter? (First son is better.) How did you learn that? Without being taught by anyone, we know that. When a wife gives birth to a son first, the husband is so happy that he drools. It is no problem to demand that the couple who just had a first son treat us to a great meal. Korean custom is very good in this area. Beyond the basic desire to give birth to a child at all, man and woman alike prefer that the first be a son.

Man and woman should establish the four position foundation with love. In order to establish the four position foundation, you should be a good husband and a good wife. Then you will be able to give birth to a baby whom God and the universe like. Good sons and daughters pour out power upon the center of love, and the universe likes that. Unification Church men and women should give birth to such children. That is what God expects and what Father craves. He expects us to give birth to sons and daughters who love God, nature and humanity. Such children should be able to go anywhere, centering upon love.

Problems shouldn't be vague and obscure. How much have you loved your husband? You should think that your husband represents the world. If you give birth to a child within this principle, your child also will be great. So by examining the children, we can estimate the parents' faith. The Unification Church manifests each person's fortune according to the truth.

The quality of children is determined by how much you work for God's will. It is best for a child to be conceived at the point of the parents' heartistic oneness and biological oneness.

Is a baby whose parent is very knowledgeable born filled with knowledge? Or is it born resembling its parents' bone structure? What do babies resemble? If parents have good ancestors, even though they are very ignorant, they will give birth to good sons and daughters. But evil children will be born of evil-hearted parents in spite of their intelligence.

Whose children will be born great among the blessed families? When parents in oneness with the Principle tradition cross over the national boundaries to seek for noble love and determine to leave the bond of sacrificial true love, there will be born a child with heavenly wisdom and the capacity to inherit the authority of the great Will. Even though the parents wrap this baby in swaddling clothes due to the poverty of the household, the child will be the one who can control the economy or become the president who unites the world with righteous authority.

You will be able to give birth to great children if you have the conviction, "If I cannot do enough, I will bear a child who can work more than I for Father. As a person who is commemorating God's Day, I must give birth to such a child."

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