Blessing and Ideal Family Part 2

by Rev. Sun Myung Moon

4) The Family Is the Ultimate Standard

God created man in His image and man is trying to develop the world into his image. Why do people want to be successful in life? It is because the world resembles a person. It is an iron rule of Principle that man in the subject position deals with the world in the object position. That is why everybody wants to be successful in society, and has motivation which concludes with the nation and the world.

Everything is divided from one mass and it is to be combined again into one huge mass. This is the law of development. One is divided into parts and the parts are to be united and then the union is to be split again into parts and they are to form a bigger mass. Everything is to enter a world bigger than itself.

Centering upon the family, we should accomplish "Cosmos-ism." The cosmos is the totality of heaven and earth. Heaven and earth are like mind and body in a man. Mind and body should become one. One object is needed for one subject; likewise, one woman is needed for one man. The union of a man and woman is a family.

There is earth when there is heaven; when there are heaven and earth, there should be something symbolizing them, namely man and woman. The heartistic standard for those to be spherically one is the family. The family is the absolute standard for the world of purpose and it can pass through any process. There, the foundation for the new history, new world and new cosmos is to be established.

"Cosmos-ism" is an ideology to make mind-body unity, to establish the family as the essence of love, and to connect this idea to the spirit world and physical world. The Chinese character for ju in chun-ju (Korean: cosmos) means house. That's why Father is using the term Chun-ju jui which means "Cosmos-ism" in Korean. Cosmos is the combination of the invisible world and the visible world. How does this relate to us? We need a family. If you cannot become one on the family level, "Cosmos-ism" will have nothing to do with you. The family is the ultimate standard to complete the ideal of which Cosmos-ism teaches. If you cannot be happy in a family, you will be unhappy in the spirit world as well as in the physical world.

The family is the horizontal foundation of the abridged form of the world. The nation and the world start from a family. What is the family? The family is the horizontally abridged form of the world and it is the relative center in front of the absolute center. Then what am "I"? "I" am the stepping stone for the absolute center.

The world has always resembled a family, no matter what kind of world it has been. The ideal world is to be established centering upon the four position foundation of a family.

Then what is the purpose of creation? It is to accomplish the God-centered four position foundation. Above all, human beings are to establish the four position foundation; that's why everybody has a family.

Man is to resemble God; the society centering upon man resembles man centering upon God. By establishing the Unification Church in the world, Father has been creating such an environment. The people of the world know this principle, but they don't actualize it. Actualizing such a principle surely will change the world into the ideal. When the whole world completely resembles one human being, it becomes the ideal world. There, we transcend nationality.

What are the most important moments in human life? The time of birth, the time of marriage and the time of death are the most important moments of one's life. How are we supposed to be born? We are supposed to be born centering upon heartistic affinity. Next we get married, in order to establish the four position foundation. When we establish this as a universal pattern on earth, God's will and human desire will be accomplished. A family is to be established in order to equip the world with the content and form that the universal law directs.

A family is a small nation, world and cosmos in the soil of society. Therefore, if we leave home we cannot do anything. The Unification Church is great because it believes in and teaches of such a family.

Where does the Kingdom of Heaven begin? It begins from the family. Then which doctrine do we support? We support "Family-ism." The "Cosmos-ism" that we advocate means "Heavenly House-ism." Now the meaning of the cosmos becomes clear.

The sixty-six books of the Bible are just talking about the desire for the ideal family. What do all men desire? They desire to receive ideal wives. Men who don't agree with this are not men. And the common wish of all women is to meet ideal husbands.

A woman with a bachelor's degree or doctorate also needs an ideal husband. The root of happiness for a woman is to meet an ideal husband to love, and then to give birth to children.

Unificationism is implanted in the family, so nobody can root it out. The family is the ideal of the Unification Church. It starts with a family and it also concludes with a family. Because happiness lies in the family, Unificationism has systemized it and is displaying its limitless cosmic value. That's why Unificationism is acknowledged. When everybody bows down and loves this ideology, the world will become one automatically.

In order to show the moral law of the universe and to leave the core content for establishing tradition through your families, you should begin with a grand inauguration.

You should love each other and should be prepared to be a fortunate couple in the position of each other's brother and sister, so that God can restore the principle of love of the three generations -- love as brothers, as a couple, and as children. When the three generations become completely one in your family, you will be able to give and take God's love. "Cosmos-ism," about which the Unification Church is talking, is an effort to realize God's ideal of creation centering upon families.

To establish one family where God's love can blossom centering upon three generations of human love is the long-cherished wish of the world, humankind and the future. This is the precious and beautiful conjugal love which appears as a new flower spreading its fragrance across history in line with the universal law.

This world is composed of a man and a woman. The thing that can bind the two is love. A husband and wife didn't come into being naturally. They are connected by tradition to their parents. The family can make human beings inherit the traditional standard for the unity of man and woman. Everything is to be caught up by father and mother in a family. This world is to gather together in the relative domain of man and woman. A family is the place where the whole of humankind rallies. Therefore, to become one with our parents is to be in relationship with the original subject. The person who wants to completely love and obey his or her parents is connected to God.

Then what are parents? They are the beings existing the closest to you; they are the resultant beings of the Absolute, who is related to the dominion of love and the absolute ideal, and they are the beings who can make a definite relationship with you. Then what am "I"? "I" am the substantial resultant being who can rally all humankind in front of "my" parents.

The family is the starting point to realize God's ideal and to actualize human happiness. It is the place in which you are done with human work and in which God sees the completion of creation.

The dominant cause of happiness or resentment is expanded to the nation and the world centering upon your house.

God's desire starts from the family and ends with the family, but we haven't established a family that is pleasing to God. The more we try to be closer to the purpose, the more our present family situation rather leads us to unhappiness and destruction.

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