Blessing and Ideal Family Part 2

by Rev. Sun Myung Moon

2) In The Family Three Time Periods Are Connected

The family is the entity which can embrace history, the present epoch and the future. What is the culminating point for which God has been searching throughout 6,000 years of history? It is the family -- the family in which everything is connected and bound together in love. Every existing entity will be under the control of this family. Creating such a family was the original mission of Adam and Eve.

God didn't want to finish the work of creation with just an individual man Adam and an individual woman Eve. He dreamed of a new union of the two as a family. This was the first motivation for creating man and woman. Therefore, unless your family life is filled with God's love on earth, you cannot enter the Kingdom of Heaven. We are able to overcome the world by creating such a sound family. A movement which emphasizes the family appears in the new historical age. The Unification Church came into being to present such a movement. You should be completely one with God by attending Him in your family. And in the position of subject, you are to be one with your horizontal surroundings. The blessed families are to do this.

In order to form a family domain of love, you should be absolute. Parents can represent history, a husband and wife can represent the present epoch, and children can represent the future. Parents, husband and wife, and children, in unity, representing the cosmos, should be able to say to their descendants, "Follow our example of love." If you can establish an original home of mind through which heavenly love can flow, that place will be remembered by heaven and earth. When a perfect subject is determined, a perfect object naturally comes into being.

Becoming one with parents is the meeting of history and present reality. You are able to love the past by loving your parents, to love the present by loving your object, and to love the future by loving your children. Therefore, you can experience the love of three time periods. The concentrated body of these three kinds of love is the family.

To love your parents is to connect the past history into the present and to pave the road on which God can arrive. That's why you must love your parents. In order to connect the historical figures with you and in order to make oneness of the past and the present, you have to love your parents. To love children is to connect the present with the future. Unificationism is the thought which makes people praise such love eternally. This is the way of the Unification Church, and nobody can block us.

What is the minimum standard by which the past, present and future can be connected? It is the family. The family is the abridged form of the world. There, the past, the present and the future are connected. In other words, grandfather, father and son exist together in one family. When your father is lifted up to the grandfather's position, you are to take the father's position and have children. Grandfather, father and yourself -- the three generations -- should be one. That is to say that the past, the present and the future should be one. Such a family will be able to maintain a site of happiness even in the middle of the world's greatest earthquake. When the father is joyful, the whole family is joyful. When the wife is joyful, the whole family is joyful. When a child is joyful, the whole family is joyful. A family is the place where the whole universe can be happy simultaneously.

An age will come in which you will have to raise the beacon of revolution, so we have to prepare the foundation which can exceed the present age. How shall we prepare it? We have to prepare centering upon the ideal love of the family. We take it as the absolute. The family cannot be revolutionized by any social system in any historical age.

The ideal family which we claim, centering upon God, will be the family which can represent history, the present epoch and the future.

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